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[20 Tips] How to Cool A Grow Tent Effectively in 2023

Grow tent gets sudden heat rise due to multiple reasons. We need to learn about how and what turns to grow a tent into a heat buildup. Sometimes, ventilation goes wrong, and heat traps in the tent.

HVAC isn’t making up to par probably caused by the surroundings’ hotness. If the surroundings are hotter, the cooling system will have to do more to cope with it.

Sometimes, there are multiple sources of heat within the tent that could raise the heat level in the grow tent due to the least ability to cool agents to neutralize it. Lacking proper insulation might also be the reason behind the possible detrimental situation in the tent.

These are all possible reasons behind the uncontrollable condition of heat in grow tent. Heating control is necessarily needed to be controlled because heat will keep building up and it could be detrimental for plants.

If the heat growth is slower then it will impact plants through stunted growth and water consumption would be increased. To avoid any probable damages, the system needs to be cooled down. Here are some efficient methods to keep grow tents cool and feasible for plants.

List of Top 20 tips to let you know How to Cool a Grow Tent Effectively in 2021

Air Conditioning

This is the simplest and easily accessible method to turn temperature feasible in grow tent. If your setup is smaller then a small air conditioner would be good to accommodate but if it is bigger then an industrial-grade cooling system would be needed and air conditioning should be bigger.

Air Conditioning

This is the easiest way to avoid overheating in grow tents and a probable solution to keep the temperature low. Electricity usage might get higher because consumption and long-term usage will be heavily burdened to render tent cool.

Carbon Dioxide Use

The use of Carbon Dioxide will garner multiple benefits for plants. Carbon Dioxide is the basic unit for plants. When plants are near carbon dioxide, they grow properly.

The temperature of plants also gets lower due to carbon dioxide. Hot and bright light growers should prefer to use carbon dioxide because it pairs up better in those situations to lower temperatures. But the use of carbon dioxide could also be tricky.

So, the grower should be having a better understanding to use carbon dioxide in grow tents because PPM level stability is necessary for tents to avoid levels too high or too lower.

Inline and Exhaust Fans

Inlet and exhaust fans are the conventional and most feasible solutions to render grow tents cooler. They ensure that air is pushed inside and pushed outside. Fans solution ensures movement of hot air and constant flow of fresh air in the tent.

Inline and Exhaust Fans

All the hot air accumulated inside the tent exhausted outside and inside grows cooler. A well-managed and set scenario of inlet and exhaust fans is enough to ensure coolness inside grow tent. Grow tent also remains intact from damages caused by hot air.

Grow Lights Heat Vents

Heat vents ascertain grow light to come out of the mainframe of lights. As the hot air is lighter in weight and rises upward, heat vents are placed in such a way to disperse outside. Grow lights with proper heat vents can do an amazing job to arrange hot air dispersing outside.

Grow Lights Heat Vents

Grow lights with a compact body and no heat outlets should be avoided. Heat can build up inside grow tent and could be detrimental for plants. Grow lights with vents on all sides should be preferred.

Ventilated Glass Panels

Ventilated glass panels will ensure to provide more vents to expel hot air from grow tents. LED grow lights are probably built to offer vents on glass panels. This would be of extra advantage to ensure the exit of hot air.

Vents on glass panels also promote the longevity of LED grow lights because life span will be increased due to avoidance and vexation of heart damage.

Water Cooled Lighting Systems

A water cool lighting system is rarely used and seen. These are great to keep grow tents cool. Grow lights are one of the basic units of rendering inside of grow tents hot.

Water Cooled Lighting Systems

When the water-cooled lighting system is used, the heat of grow lights is controlled, and ultimately temperature gets lower. Water lighting systems are also better than air cooling systems to control temperature.

Clip-On Fan

This is one of the best grow tent accessories to purchase and tends to offer multiple benefits. These are extremely lightweight devices and can also be clipped on grow bars.

Fans encourage decreasing temperature and steady breeze inside tents because the breeze is a great natural source to lower temperature and plants’ branches get stronger.

Clip-On Fan

Few bucks are enough to ensure clip-on fans at your service are in great value addition to cool grow tents. Small insects and pests also stay away from plants. For better growth and survival of plants, clip-on fan investment is worthy.


Timer setting is something that needs to be perfected over the time period. Once you are experienced enough to use grow lights for temperature reduction, you will be mastering to lower temperature.

Plants are also needed darkness equally as lightness. Effective timers can ensure to create a helpful cycle of coolness and warmness. This will benefit by reducing the time length of hotness and plants will keep getting timely coolness.

grow tent timers

If your grow light setups aren’t really cooperative, you can set an alarm on your cellphone to manually process to the best feasible way.

Effective Circulation

Good air circulation is a positive approach to cool down the internal temperature of grow tents. Grow tent will not be needed any extra approach to a lower temperature.

Effective circulation offers an abundance of growth output to enable a lower temperature process. A carbon filter will necessarily be needed to avoid a bitter smell.

Night-Time Light

This is a simple efficient activity. Temperature is probably lower at night than day. Grow lights use at night will compensate the situation accordingly that inside temperature is lower as the outside is bearing the same situation.

This will avoid extra push on inside and outside temperature. Control inside grow tents get better and reversal of light in day-night could be rendering effective way to control temperature.

Relocation of Tent

Excessive heat exposure can be avoided by replacing tents from one place to another place on the temperature level. Grow tent in the basements could be great because it could be near to air vents if you have employed central air conditioning.

Placing near an open window could also be rewarding. Cool seasonal climates would be more advantageous when placed at open windows. Ducting routes will also be easily allowed.

Switch from HPS / HID Grow Lights to LED Grow Lights

HPS and CMH lights run heavy on hot lights. On the other hand, LED lights are cooler and keep the temperature inside grow tent quite maintained. LED lights also come with vents that help to cool inside any grow tent.

Relocate Hydroponic Equipment

If the growing process is done hydroponically, then filtration, pumps, and other electronic equipment can be relocated. Relocation of these extra types of equipment can be done by using extension cords or extended pipes.

Relocate Hydroponic Equipment

Considering them out of tents as much as possible will be beneficial to reduce the temperature of grow tent. All methods are having their own builds to serve the purpose. This is an art or science to decrease the temperature inside tents.

Optimization of Ducting

This could be a turning point to lower the temperature inside grow tents but maximum growers avoid this method and experience optimized hot temperature inside grown tents.

For every 90 degrees value, a clear calculation is that fan has to perform 5% harder than it usually performs. Briefly, excessive use of bends and turns in ducts will automatically render fans less effective.

It results in poor air travel inside and outside the grow tent and the temperature will ultimately be increased. So, the grower needs to ensure that the duct is having the least bends and turns. It will perform efficiently for both intake and exhaust ducting.

Avoidance of Low Humidity

Humidity Level and temperature are having a direct connection with each other. The relation would be frequently there when the location is confined.

As the humidity level lowers, the temperature will get higher. If the humidity level is lower, it might result in higher temperatures within grow tent.

Avoidance of Low Humidity

Ideally, 60% humidity is best for growing plants and 40% for grown plants. So, raising the humidity level is essentially important to support the growth of plants.

Perfect Structure

Issue of temperature would be solved if you purchase structure of grows tent by yourself. Start using grow tent by growing a lower number of crops. The overcrowded growing strategy of crops won’t be ideal.

We know carbon dioxide is of extreme importance for plants’ growth but when you grow a crowd of crops, some plants produce high levels of oxygen. This will have resulted in a higher temperature level. Small pots can also be employed when planting.

The humidity level will be controlled due to the least evaporation. Plants will remain healthy and overheating would be reduced. The purpose of all that process is to ensure that the internal temperature of the grow tent is feasible for the plants and doesn’t create any chaos by raising the temperature.

Light Mover

Light is the biggest source of temperature. When lights are on, the temperature value will probably end the uprising. To overcome temperature due to lights, light movers are used to dispersing light in the area.

This will stop the accumulation of light and heat in one place. A greatly built light mover will spread an equal amount of light throughout the place and you won’t be facing hotness growing in the tent. 

Lighting resources will also be handled by a light mover. You won’t be needed any extra lighting to enlighten grow tent.

Icebox Intake

Icebox intake is also a good process to cool grow tent but this will need extra hard work. This is the best solution. This process will need constant replenishment. You can also create your icebox intake.

Good Insulation

Insulation is used to trap heat in the tent but there is no issue with it if the ventilation is of par level. Insulation should be regarded as a solution to lower the temperature of the tent.

If the tent is exposed to the variable condition of temperature then the insulation method is an efficient approach for keeping grow tent cool. 

Water Chillers

Air Conditioning, Carbon dioxide, and other methods might be hefty to employ and expensive. Water chillers can make up for those expensive methods to sort out the higher temperature of grow tent.

Water chillers are electric devices that work through absorbing moist vapors and render coolness and a chilled environment. The water-cooled chillers and the air-cooled chillers are two methods that could be employed and later one is cheaper but less effective.

Water Chillers

We will also suggest water chillers. Water reservoir and evaporating system come with it to lower the temperature of surroundings. We know lower humidity means higher temperatures in grow tents.

These devices keep the humidity level higher. With waters-based chillers, the chance of decreasing humidity levels goes down to a minimum level.


Keeping grow tent cool is important for fruitful results. We can see from our guide that there are multiple solutions. There is no perfect solution for lowering the temperature of grow tent.

Every solution also confers some incline for another way to render the best service. This wouldn’t be wrong to say that lowering the temperature of grow tent is more an art or science. If the easier method is not veritably employing to serve a purpose, then go for methods like dry ice.

Carbon dioxide is a byproduct of dry ice and we know about the importance of carbon dioxide for plants. Ice will act to cool the temperature of grow tent. It might not be easy to employ but it could be worthy of garnering effective results.

Lastly, we will suggest you find a match-make and find the best feasible solution through our guide. Employing the best and suitable method will bear fruitful, healthy, and quantitative results. Keep your hopes high for the best results.

How to use a facial cleansing brush? – Easy and simple steps you should know

Having a proper skincare routine is really important. And if you are not cleaning your face properly, you will end up with pimples and blemishes. But how would you clean the brush without having a proper facial cleansing brush?

And even if you have a facial cleansing brush, do you know how to use it properly? If not, let’s talk about how you can clean the face with a facial cleansing brush.

How to use a facial cleansing brush

Below we have a few steps that you should follow if you wonder what the right way to use the facial cleansing brush is.

Choose the facial cleaning brush

There are several different options available in the market for the official cleaning brush. Keep in mind that you cannot use Brush for any skin type or any complexion. If you have pimples, you must make sure that you are getting the facial cleaning brush with soft bristols.

Choose the facial cleaning brush

And if you have smooth and dry skin having a normal facial cleaning brush can do the work. Keeping in mind that if you have Eczema or any other kind of skin disease, you shouldn’t use a facial cleansing brush on your face.

Whenever you are planning to purchase a facial cleaning brush, it is better to examine your skin type and consult a Dermatologist before you make a Final Decision. Try not to experiment a lot with your skin, especially when your skin is acne-prone and has hyperpigmentation. It is important to find out the facial cleansing brush that is meant for your skin.

Remove the makeup

Before you use the facial cleansing brush, you must remove all the makeup. Clean the makeup from the eyes and the face. You must use a soft cotton pad to remove the makeup, so your skin is not rough or does not have Rash. Remove the lipstick as well as the foundation. Make sure the process is done gently. Now you can move onto the next step free using the facial cleanser.

Remove the makeup

Now is the time that you use a facial cleaner brush

Once you have watched and removed the makeup from your face, you will have to use the facial cleaner brush. Apply some facial cleaner that is not Harsh in nature on the facial cleaner brush.

Now is the time that you use a facial cleaner brush

Use warm water to soak the brush and the cleaner. Now gently use the facial cleaner brush on your skin. You can either use the facial cleanser on the face and gently move the brush on your skin in concentric circles.

You can continue doing that for a few seconds and make sure you do it clockwise and anticlockwise. Cover all the areas of your face and try to massage your face with a facial cleanser brush gently.

Once you are satisfied with the facial that you got from the facial cleaner brush and the lather is produced from the face wash, you can now wash your face. This facial cleaner brush will help you remove the Residue makeup that was trapped in the face’s pores.

A few other steps

use a facial cleansing brush steps
  1. Keep the gentle pressure on your face when you are using the facial cleaner brush. Circulate the facial cleaner brush in a circular motion for 20 to 30 seconds on each side of your face. Try not to use the facial cleanser brush around your eyes because of the delicate skin.
  1. Whenever you are using the facial cleaner brush, try not to hold the brush at one point only. You must keep moving the brush and continue the motion of the facial cleanser brush. When the brush is in motion, the blood will be circulating in the face will stop, and it will also be removing all the tough makeup that has been trapped in your face.
  1. Now is the time that you remove the larger and the face wash from your skin with warm water. You must make sure that you are removing the makeup properly and cleaning the face.

Use moisturizer

After you have properly use the facial cleaner brush, now is the time that you wash your face and bad it dry properly. After drying your face, apply moisturizer on your face properly. It will help in hydrating your skin and also keeping your skin fresh and plump.

Use moisturizer

If you have acne-prone skin, try to consult a Dermatologist before using the facial cleaner brush on your face. And even if you are using a brush on your face that is acne-prone, try not to apply many moisturizers to irritate the skin. Use it in minimal quantity to make sure that your skin is hydrated and not irritated. For oily skin, moisturizer is not the best choice.

Wash the facial cleaner brush

Once you have used the facial cleaner brush on your face, you can now watch it often keep it back. Try to wash it properly with lukewarm water whenever you use it on your face. If you keep it back without properly washing it, the bacteria will grow in the brush.

Wash the facial cleaner brush

And with the growth of bacteria, your skin will also be affected badly. So you must take care of cleaning the brush properly so that the bacteria from the brush does not transfer to your skin.

These were the few simple steps you need to follow whenever you plan to use the facial cleaner brush. Try to find out the option that has soft crystals and can be easy to use. Some of the facial cleaner brushes come in a package with the facial cleanser as well.

Try to find out a mild facial cleanser that does not irritate your skin. Also, examine your skin properly before you finally start using the facial cleaner brush on your face. If you are not careful properly, it can irritate your skin really badly and lead to the further spread of the bacteria.

30 Best Names That Mean Electric

Names That Mean Electric: Electric is all about excitement and you may want to fill the life of your newborn with all the excitement and fun. Electricity is associated with lighting thunder and storms. Here we are with some of the names that can reflect these qualities. These names will bring blessing to your kid’s life, and they can always shine bright like a diamond in the dark hours when you need them the most.

List of 30 Best Names That Mean Electric in 2021

Ashni- Ashni is a Hindu origin word and has a beautiful meaning. This name is suitable for a girl, and the meaning is lighting.

Asterope- It’s a unisex name and of Greek origin. It means lighting and suitable for both genders.

Adhira- It’s another beautiful name for your baby girl who will shine bright in the future. The meaning of Adhira is divine white lighting. The word is driven from Sanskrit origin.

Adad- The name is derived from the Akkadian, and Adad was Assyrian-Babylonian God of storm and thunder. The personality reflects strong traits on a baby.

Adraksh- It’s an Indian name and suitable for the boy. The meaning of Adraksh is lighting that is indirectly associated with electricity. It’s a beautiful name to bless the life of a baby.

Anitan- This is a Filipino name and suitable for the male gender. The name of the Anitan is the guardian of lightning. The name can reflect versatility and multi-talent.

Anoushka- It’s an Oriya originated name and an elegant name for a girl. The name reflects spiritualism and destiny. The meaning of Anoushka is lightning and electricity. It’s a modern name that gives delicate look to the personality.

Barak- Barak is a Hebrew name and suitable for the boy. The meaning of Barak is lighting. The name can also be spelled as Baraq and, it’s all about speed.

Bronte- Bronte is a suitable name for both a boy and a girl. The name is also from the Greek culture, and it means thunder that is often associated with electricity.

Donner- The name is derived from the German language, and it means thunder. It’s a name for a boy and suitable for an electric meaning.

Elecktra- Elektra is the name that may redirect you to the meaning of electricity. It’s a Greek origin word, and the meaning of Elektra is amber or incandescent.

Foudre- It’s a French origin word and a beautiful name for the boy. The meaning of Foudre is lighting. Lighting is another meaning for electricity and thunder.

Hadad- Hadad is a name suitable for the male gender, and it’s derived from Hebrew origin. The meaning of Hadad is thunder and electric. He was also the name of the Akkadian god of rain and storm.

Kaminari- It’s a Japanese origin word that means thunder. The meaning of the name will give you the same quality as electric, and you will love the reflection of a name.

Kutsa- It may feel like a female name, but it’s appropriate for both genders. It’s an Indian name, and it means lighting. People like to choose this name mostly for the girls.

Levina- This is a beautiful name when searching for a baby girl. It’s a Latin origin word, and it means lighting thunderbolt. Levina gives a modern-day feeling to the baby.

Lyn- Lyn is a Norwegian word, and it means lighting. It’s a beautiful name for a baby girl.

Munja- Munja is a unisex name and of Croatian origin. In the Croatian language, Munja means lightning bolt. Most of the time, this name is suitable for a boy.

Mellan- It’s an Irish name and a decent name for the boy. The name has multiple meanings. The first meaning is lightning, while the second meaning is electric.

Perun- Perun is a Slavic origin name, and in Slavic mythology, the name is associated with the god of lighting.  The meaning of a name is thunder and electric.

Ramiel– It’s a name of Hebrew origin and has multiple meanings. The main meaning of the Ramiel is the thunder of god and, the other meaning is electrifying.

Raiden- It’s a Japanese name and suitable for the boy. The main meaning of the Raiden is a god of lightning and thunder. The other meaning of the name is electric.

Shant- The name is of Armenian origin and an elegant name for the boy. The meaning of Shant is lightning. The name reflects a practical and realistic approach to positivity.

Shakhina- It’s the name of the girl and originated from Indian culture. The meaning of the Shakhina is lightning and electricity. The name reflects positive energy and determination.

Thor- The name is often associated with the popular superhero that means the god of thunder, lightning, and storms. The name is driven from Scandinavian origin and suitable for the boy.

Trueno- The word has come from the Spanish language and is associated with electricity. The main meaning of the name is lightning and electric. It’s a unisex name.

Tarit- It’s a suitable name for a boy and originated from the Oriya language. The main meaning of the Tarit is lightning and electricity.

Varisha- Varisha is a Muslim name and leaves elegant qualities on the personality of a kid. It’s a delicate name for the girl, and the meaning is lightning. The name reflects spiritualism and brightness.

Vidhut- Vidhut is a name for the girl and came from the Oriya culture. The main meaning of the name is electricity. The other meaning of the name is entertainer and expression.

Vidyul- It’s a decent name for the female gender and originated from the Oriya. The meaning of Vidyul is electricity. The name reflects active status among people, and they create happening situations.


Electricity means energy and determination. It’s also associated with speed, and you will love the reflection on the personality. If you want your baby to be energizing and full of life, choose any of the names we listed above and focus on the meaning. There will always be excitement and adventure in their life that they can enjoy.

29 Best Names That Mean Deer

Names that Mean Deer: Deer are associated with beauty and gentleness. We all want our kids to be gentle, down earth, and soft-spoken to all the people around them. We want them to be remembered due to their behavior and gentleness.

If you want them to be gentle and soft like a deer, choose a name that can reflect all those qualities. We have listed some of the names that mean deer, and it can reflect innocence on their faces.

Our Picks of 29 Best Names that Means Deer in 2021

Afra- It is one of the best names you can choose for the baby for reflecting the innocent qualities. The name is driven from Hebrew origin, and the meaning is young deer.

Ayala- It’s an elegant name for the female who is delicate and soft in behavior. The name is also of Hebrew origin, and the meaning of the name is female deer or doe.

Ahou- The name is Persian and belongs to the female gender. The meaning of the Ahou is deer. The other meaning of the name is helper and artistic. The name will also give a sense of compassion to the personality of the baby.

Aidziam- This is a name suitable for the baby girl and belongs to the Armenian culture. The meaning of Aidziam is young deer. The name reflects bright ideas and achievements.

Breandan- It’s a beautiful name for a baby boy, and the meaning of Breandan is a little deer. The name is originated from the Irish culture, and it reflects free thinking.

Bucky- Bucky is an English name and quite popular for the male gender. The meaning of Bucky is male deer, and it’s also the symbol of infinity.

Chuchip- The name is originated from the Native-American culture. It’s a boyish name, and the meaning of Chuchip is deer spirit. The name also reflects bravery and acceptance of challenges.

Daimine- It’s an Irish name and suitable for the male gender. The meaning of Daimine is the deer or an ox. The other meaning of the Daimine is masculine and creativity.

Davina- It’s an Irish name and an elegant name for a baby girl. The meaning of the Davina is little deer. The other meaning of Davina is beloved and friend.

Derwan- This is a beautiful name for a boy and from the English language. The meaning of the Derwan is a friend of the deer. The name reflects a strong balance in the personality.

Derwin- It’s the name of the English boy. The name has multiple meanings, but the main one is a friend of the deer. The other meaning of Derwin is a gifted friend.

Dyani- Dyani is the name of the girl and from the Native-American culture. The meaning of the Dyani is deer. The other meaning of the Dyani is infinity and patient.

Elaine- It’s a suitable name for the girl and driven from Welsh origin. The meaning of the Elaine is young deer.

Enakshi- This is a delicate Marathi name and gives elegant look to the girl. The meaning of Enakshi is Deer-eyed or the one who has eyes like a deer.

Faunia- This is a Latin-originated word and a name for the female. The meaning of Faunia is young deer. The name also reflects the wisdom and psychic explorations.

Feenat- It’s another beautiful name and suitable for the female gender. The name is originated from the Irish, and the meaning is deer. This elegant name also reflects artistic and creative skills.

Harinakshi- This is a Marathi name and belongs to the girl. The meaning of Harinakshi is the one with eyes like a deer. It’s a beautiful name for a baby who has big eyes.

Harini- Harini is a Gujarati name and suitable for the female gender. The meaning of the Harini is deer. It’s a soulful name for a girl that reflects leadership qualities.

Harley- This is an Indian name and suitable for a baby boy. The name has multiple meanings, and the main one is a meadow of the hare.

Harvinder- It’s an Indian name and suitable for a baby boy. The name is quite popular in Punjab, and the meaning of Harvinder is deer. People with this name have the potential of inspiring others.

Kurangi- The name is Oriya originated and a beautiful name for a girl. It’s a simple name with a single meaning of deer. The name is elegant and reflects cuteness.

Kwang- For a Thai girl, there is no better name than Kwang. The meaning of Kwang is deer. The other meaning of the name is a peacemaker.

Mayanki- It’s a popular name in Indian culture and belongs to girls. The meaning of the name is deer marked. The name reflects inspiration and excellent teaching abilities.

Mrugi- Mrugi is an Indian name and an elegant name for a baby girl. The meaning of Mrugi is beautiful deer. The other meaning of a name is the one who attracts success easily.

Oisin– It’s an Irish name and belongs to a boy. The meaning of Oisin is a small deer. It reflects the beauty and softness of a personality.

Priyaka– It’s an Indian name and suitable for the male gender. The name has multiple meanings, but the main one is deer. The meaning of Priyaka is a loving person.

Raleigh- This is an Indian boy’s name, and the meaning is deer meadow. The name also reflects potential and excellent balance in a personality.

Sarang- Sarang is a name driven from the Oriya culture and suitable for a boy. The meaning of Sarang is spotted, dear. It also reflects comfort and devotion.

Shadin- Shadin is a Muslim name and suitable for a boy. The meaning of Shadin is fawn and young deer. The name reflects achievements and accomplishments.


We all want our kids to look like innocent deer that can reflect innocence from the face. The deer is a beautiful animal and popular because of its attractive eyes. The name we listed above are suitable for both genders and leave a positive impact on the personality. These elegant and modern names will give royalty to the person.