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Top 10 Best 3 Wheel Bikes for Seniors [Utimate Buying Guide] Reviews, FAQS 2021

Best 3 Wheel Bikes for Seniors: In the older age, seniors need some little support to make motion easier outdoor. The 3 wheel bikes for seniors are the best product to help them with these mobility problems.

3-wheel bikes are also known by various names, such as Tricycles or adult bikes or non-motorized human-powered or gravity-powered vehicles. These bikes are more secure on the floor than 2-wheel bikes and offer less precision to use.

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The best 3-wheel bike for seniors is a product that is really easy to operate, easy to get on and off, and convenient. The next advantage of the senior bike is that you can use it outside for some fresh air!

Buying the right 3-wheel bike is not an easy task because, in the market, you will discover hundreds of options. But to help you pick the ideal bike for seniors, we have done some research and made a list of the 10 best 3-wheel bikes for seniors. In this article, we also add a complete buying guide that helps while buying the 3-wheel bikes from both online or offline markets.

Our Picks of Top 10 Best 3 Wheel Bikes for Seniors Product Reviews in 2021

1.Schwinn Meridian Adult 26-Inch 3-Wheel Bike

Schwinn Meridian Adult 26-Inch 3-Wheel Bike

The Schwinn Meridian Adult bike is a popular 3-wheeled bike in this list that provides a comfortable journey around the city or in your area. The aluminum frame features a very low stand-over height, making it easy to get off and on. It comes in various colors. It allows users to sit upright with handlebars, which are also adjustable.

The back folding basket offers lots of space for packages, such as bags, supermarkets, accessories, and much more. It also includes a wider saddle, which makes the chair extra comfortable.

It is not designed for difficult paths such as hills because it is a single pace bike. It is constructed for riding on relatively flat surfaces. Schwinn Meridian adult 3-wheel bike comes with a lightweight and very low stand across the aluminum framework. They maintain your ride smooth, and they help you absorb shock from utilizing broken trails.

On the other hand, the wheels are hand-held, which could be problematic for older with hand fatigue. The saddle comes with a spring and cushioning system, which increases the relaxation while driving the Schwinn Meridian bike.

Overall, it is a top choice among three-wheel bikes for seniors. This bike provides you a long time of dependable service as a result of this limited lifetime guarantee.

  • The seat is very comfortable and adjustable
  • Fast braking system
  • New step-through design
  • Best for Heavy weight people
  • The assembling of this bike is a bit difficult for new user

2.Mobo Triton Pro 3-Wheel Bike

Mobo Triton Pro 3-Wheel Bike

The Mobo Triton Pro is a recumbent 3-wheel bike ideal for comfortable exercise rides or a quick visit to the shop. The ergonomic Adirondack chair provides cushioned rear support and extra comfort that allows you to ride for more time. It has Dual-joystick steering that provides smooth mobility with simple hand motions.

It comes with a flexible framework, which makes it perfect for 4 feet two inches tall to 6 feet 3 inches tall riders. The peddle is far forwards compared to the typical bikes. The backrest offers a massive surface that makes your spine more comfortable. The gravity of the user is quite low, so that seniors with inadequate balance ability may use it.

This Mobo Triton is perfect for horizontal or gently sloping surface but not a good option for hills or certain terrain. The flexible framework in the Mobo Triton comes with a steel structure. The front-wheel remains free, providing one of the additional balance you require for an aggressive ride.

Overall, if you are looking for the best recumbent bike for tall seniors, it is the best option on this list. It includes a security flag to provide greater visibility. The Dual-joystick steering and recumbent style allow you to move faster.

  • Large seat for comfortable support
  • Strong built with steel frame
  • Seat is adjustable
  • Lever style steering
  • Only for less than 5.2-inch height

3.Schwinn Meridian Adult 24-Inch 3-Wheel Bike

Schwinn Meridian Adult 24-Inch 3-Wheel Bike

It is another most famous 3-wheel bikes for seniors out of Schwinn. The comes Schwinn 24″ Wheel Meridian bike comes with a very low step-through framework that is useful for people who have a short height. You can also adjust the elevation of hand brakes to wind up the most comfortable position.

This 24-inch bike is a very lightweight bike on the market. It is made with high-quality aluminum and steel that is perfect for everyday usage. It includes a cushioned basket that offers a great advantage to the lifestyles of their older.

It has super-low stands to the floor that give anglers for a safe ride. Many users like it because of its supreme quality structure and good shape. It has a significant springer chair, which is also customizable.

The big reverted back handlebars are very useful in long rides. These handlebars also are flexible in the height of 37 to 40 inches. The spokes have steel-making, which is very durable. The basket permits you to carry a couple of essentials to get a thrilling period with nature. After using the basket, fold it down for a glossy appearance.

  • The low step-through frame makes it perfect for short people
  • The handlebars are also adjustable
  • Very lightweight and durable
  • Large foldable basket at the back
  • Available in an only single color

4.Komodo Cycling 6-Speed Adult Tricycle

Komodo Cycling 6-Speed Adult Tricycle

If you are looking for a professional 3 wheel bike, then the Komodo 6-speed adult bike is a good option on this list. According to its name, it comes with 6 distinct heights rates. This three-wheel bike for most seniors includes a SHIMANO RS45 shifter along with also SHIMANO TY-21 derailleur to guarantee you a smooth and comfortable riding experience.

The saddle includes a backrest that relieves some back pain. The basket in the trunk is a good area to store personal goods. It includes an ultra-low step-through design in which people can mount and off in simple steps. It comes with a 240 pounds weight limitation.

The wheels are 2-4 inches wide, which means it is convenient for riders. The saddle utilizes a comfortable cloth which provides good balance and proper position. Additionally, the handlebars also wide to help with quick navigation.

The leading metal brake and the back grips are made with steel structure. This bike is available in five exciting colors. The reflectors use a single back wheel and front wheel. Additionally, this aspect contributes to some visibility for other drivers who may easily see the signs you’re going.

If you are looking for a professional 3 wheel bike, then it is the best choice. It comes with a soft and comfortable seat. The Shimano steering system allows you to change its speed on different levels.

  • Offer 6 different levels of speed
  • Come with an ultra-low step-through design
  • Made with a strong steel frame
  • Available in 5 colors
  • Only for less than 240 lbs weight people

5.Raleigh Bike Tristar 3-Speed

Raleigh Bike Tristar 3-Speed

The Raleigh Tristar Bike is another great option in this list that comes with a unique design. It has a trendy brake lever that locks set up to prevent it from moving as you’re becoming on/off. The Raleigh is compact, which means you can easily store it outside the doorway. This 3-speed bike includes a comfortable seat to get a smooth and fun ride.

It has an adjusting chair; the 3-wheel bike is perfectly assembled and uncomplicated to mount and ride. The wheels on the handlebars, as well as at the pedals, are very convenient. It includes a Sturmey-archer 3-wheel internal geared hub that means less maintenance.in addition, it comes with a lifetime warranty to the frame of the bike.

The bike includes a steel step-through framework that makes it perfectly suited for anyone, which can be limited in mobility, such as seniors and older. It gives a perfect ride adventure for seniors on account of this impact moderation. 

It comes with a back rack that is useful to keep as much as 45 pounds storage. This basket makes the bike a workable choice to ride around town to secure exercise and grab markets. The bike includes a 24-inch wheel at the front and 20-inch wheels at the back, which provides a well-balanced ride.

  • Lifetime warranty for the frame
  • Comfortable seat with soft saddle
  • Carry almost 45 pounds weight in basket
  • Easy to clean material
  • Hard to use in the uphill area

6.Mantis Tri-Rad Folding Adult Tricycle

Mantis Tri-Rad Folding Adult Tricycle

If you are looking for the best folding style 3 wheel bike, the Mantis Tri-Rad is a perfect option. It has a low-profile framework with railroad brakes. This framework makes mounting and dismounting around the Mantis Tri-Rad quite simple.

It has one-speed unit hydraulic rim brakes. It comes with a broad, flexible chair; you can customize it for the sitting style. It is a fantastic bike for seniors because it has one rate so that it is used on flat terrain, at which rate fluctuations are not needed.

The Mantis bike allows you to get a vertical position with an appropriate grip on your handlebars. It also has a carrying basket at the back that is useful for carrying a few shopping items or equipment. The Mantis lasting bike is available in 2 sizes (16in or even 20in wheels). 

The seat is easy to lift and lower as necessary to accommodate adults and kids of varying heights. It is a very lightweight and simple to fold and unfold option on this list. The riding position offers more comfortable and also provides users a feeling of independence and confidence.

  • Come with a very fast braking system
  • Large and adjustable seat
  • Include 20-inch wheels
  • Easy to store
  • Only for less than 275-lb weight people

7.Kent Alameda Adult Tricycle 

Kent Alameda Adult Tricycle

The Kent Alameda Adult bike is another good option for seniors. It comes with an exemplary balance modification for seniors or older people who have balancing dilemmas. It has a 16-inch framework with a large basket connected to the back and offers a lot of space for storage.

It has a low step-through with a minimal aluminum framework, which means this bike bottom is also designed for seniors. It is made with a Potent Steel Plate with Low Measure through Design. The design of Kent Westport bike comes with a folding mechanism that saves your space in your garage or storeroom.

Kent Adult Alameda Folding Tricycle includes a brilliant stable 3 wheels that provide a smooth and comfortable ride. It offers complete relaxation with suspension, a broad chair, and flexible upright handlebars. The bike assembling is a bit difficult, which means you need a professional to assemble this bike.

  • Include large basket for storage
  • Comfortable seat for long rides
  • Foldable frame and design
  • Strongly built with aluminum frame
  • Only 1-speed limitation

8.EW-29 Electric Power 3 Wheel Trike

EW-29 Electric Power 3 Wheel Trike

EW-29 Electric bike is an innovative 3-wheel bike for seniors that offer different automatic functioning with manual options too. You can ride this bike at around 15mph speeds. That is fairly fast as compared to other 3 wheel bikes for seniors. 

It has a powered motor with a 500-watt direct-drive rail engine and four 12V ion batteries. You can use it for 20 kilometers on a single charge. The hands pedal can help you to raise the rate mechanically. It prevents you from making use of gear or perhaps even a clutch procedure. 

Also, the front chair is very comfortable to accommodate bikers with as much as 400 lbs. Additionally, the seat is flexible from 32 to 35 inches. The steering is also customizable in the height of 38 to 42 inches. This feature allows most users to feel more comfortable in the EW-29.

This bike includes a non-step-through style, which ensures great comfort. The front V-brake and the back brake deliver a quick response. Due to front and rear suspensions, you won’t feel any push on the highway. If you’re searching for an electric 3-wheel bike for seniors, then the EW-29 is a significant option.

  • Include 12V lead-acid batteries
  • Automatically system for speed
  • Adjustable from 32 to 35 inches
  • LED light indicator for battery
  • Price is very high as compared to other models

9.Ridgeyard Speed 3 Wheel Bike

Ridgeyard Speed 3 Wheel Bike

If your budget is under 250$, then the Ridgeyard 3-Wheel Adult bike is an excellent option that offers supreme quality. It includes a 6-speed gear-shift that means you have the ability to make utilize this bike comfortably around town. This bike includes a complete adjustability function that makes it comfortable for almost any rider.

The handlebars are fully flexible and comfortable. The saddle is more cushioned and contains suspension absorption to rides on difficult terrain. Additionally, it will come with a folding basket, which makes it an excellent alternative for those who desire a bike to go shopping.

The thicker framework offers exceptional construction and very superior characteristics, ensuring it is a wonderful choice for anyone seeking to safely. This bike provides extreme equilibrium that means when you use this bike; it offers a smooth ride. Also, it includes good gripping dust and brakes fenders that help to make your tires stay sterile.

Overall, if you are looking for a bike that offers both sturdiness, elegance, and endurance, this is a great option. Additionally, it is useful for both gents and ladies. The saddle is very comfortable because the spring is built under the saddle.

  • 6-speed gear shift option
  • Fully adjustable handlebars
  • Folding basket
  • Design with steel TIG welded frame
  • Only available in 1 color

10.Merax 26 Inch 3 Wheel Bike

Merax 26 Inch 3 Wheel Bike

If you are looking for a Seniors bike that is also perfect for physical exercises, then the Merax 26 inches is a good choice. The handlebars are corrected as an individual fit. The cushioned saddle provides extra relaxation. The springs installed at the chair will absorb shocks away in terrain bumpiness; therefore, no discomfort is experienced throughout the riding.

The single-speed design enables you to have a smooth ride with no glitches. The brake system is very reliable and responsive. It has a super-low stand-over aluminum framework. Merax Tricycle can be an ideal picnic partner because it has a Big Back Basket to take your goods.

The vertical riding posture and spring cruiser saddle along with wide handlebars offer a comfortable ride. It has big wheels with trendy full wrap fenders that keep you dry and clean. Merax Tricycle Bike has lightweight metal rims with stainless steel for a smooth ride. It is ideal for riding around town to carry a lot of grocery products.

  • Include Adjustable handlebars
  • Lightweight alloy rims
  • Come with 1 Year Warranty
  • Large basket
  • Only for less than 300 pound weight person

Types of 3 Wheel Bikes for Seniors

Types of 3 Wheel Bike for Seniors

According to research, 40 percent of the elderly suffer from some type of disability, with mobility issues being the most common. There are many types of adult bikes, and all are designed for separate problems to ensure a fit for everyone. These are some most common types of 3 wheel bikes.

1.Upright 3-Wheeled Seniors Bikes

The Upright Three-Wheeled Seniors Bikes has an open frame or diamond frame; while traveling, the old man stays upright, almost like the two-wheeled bikes; it makes them more comfortable than normal bikes. These bikes have the highest gravity center and tend to turn over easily in holes or sloping surfaces.

2.Recumbent Bike

The Recumbent 3-wheeled bikes come with a unique design; it has two wheels at the back and one wheel at the front. It has a comfortable chair-like seat, a low center of gravity, and great engine power. These would be the safest and most secure for many seniors, but they come with higher prices. 

3.Tandem trikes

Tandem trikes are the best option for two people and look like the recumbent design. They carry more weight due to their reinforced frames and allow each of the bikers to pedal at different speeds. These bikes are suitable for elders who wish to travel with their wife or husband.

4.Electric trikes

The electric trikes come with batteries and compact electric motors that rotate the tire, forcing the bike to cooperate without pedaling it. The trikes are very useful for those seniors who are not able to pedal.

5.Folding Trikes

These bikes are useful if you have small storage or live in a small apartment where space is a problem. This design makes them transportation friendly since it is possible to park it in your car trunk, bus, or even on a train.

6.Tricycle Rickshaw

These types of 3-wheel bikes are largely used for transport. They have the normal front steering wheel, two back wheels, and canopy-covered passenger space. These are not common among seniors and are used in some countries for public transportation.

7.Heavy Duty Trikes

This 3-wheeled bike is best for heavy users who want to carry bigger loads. They are definitely significantly bigger than standard adult trikes and use larger wheels, exactly like bicycles for obese people.

8.Drift trikes

The drift trikes 3-wheel is specially built to easily navigate corners and around obstacles. It comes with slick rear wheels that enable them to float while being counter-steered around corners.

9.Fat Trikes

The Fat Trikes are built to deal with the roughest terrains and will roll over sand and snow. It smoothly works on the rough trail safely and quickly, providing your elderly comparative more freedom to cycle everywhere. Generally speaking, these bikes have robust alternatives, including excellent suspensions, wider wheel types, and high-quality components.

Buying Guide: How to Choose Best 3 Wheel Bikes for Seniors

Buying Guide: How to Choose Best 3 Wheel Bikes for Seniors

3-wheel bikes are excellent for older people who face mobility problems in old ages. These are available in different designs and versions, so choosing the right bike is challenging, but we highlight a few important factors that you must want to look at when doing your research.


Before purchasing a bike for seniors, it will be important to check the senior bike’s dimensions to be sure that it fits your size. To do this, make sure that the maximum height of the frame does not exceed the size of the legs so that you can pedal without being hampered. Also, be aware of the maximum load the bike can withstand to match your measurements well, especially if you are very tall.

Comfort 0f Use

It is perhaps the most important factor while buying a 3 wheel bike for adults. The notable difference it has with the classic bike is that it gives you balance. Therefore, if you are no longer able to ride a two-wheeled bicycle, this type of locomotion will then be an opportunity for you to enjoy cycling.

Also, most adult bikes tend to have a comfortable seat to let you cover long miles without straining your back. In this regard, opt for padded saddles, which will offer you a better seat quality.

The provision of speeds is also a guarantee of comfort as this system will allow you to cross any terrain without requiring great efforts on your part. In general, it is best not to choose an adult bike that drops below 5 gears. If you want to cover long journeys with the least effort, you can also turn to an electric model. The latter will also cost you more, and you will have to remember to recharge your battery after each use.

Finally, note that some models of 3 wheel bikes are foldable. This feature will allow you to store it without cluttering your garage and lets you put it more easily in your car’s trunk.


If you want your purchase to last over time, you must first look at the quality of the material chosen for the manufacture of the adult bike. As you saw in our comparison, we can very well find models mounted from high strength steel. These are the best choice as they guarantee you a use over several years.

Frame Material

The frame material is another important factor that we need to consider before buying the 3 wheel bikes designed. Aluminum is the most used material for the frame. The aluminum framework style is more strong; however, also light compared to stainless steel. They are also simple to fold. If you want a heavy bike, then the stainless steel frame is a good option.

Gears and Speeds

The gears and speed of the bike is another important factor because all the bikes come with different gear and speeds. The gears and speeds are very useful in the bike handling on difficult terrain.

The bike that comes with the multiple speeds has a shifter lever that helps you to switch gears while travelling. If you want a bike for flat or level area surface, then the one-speed bike is a good choice. However, if you want fast speed bike or looking for varied terrain, then select a bike that comes with numerous speeds.

If you want a 3-wheel bike for long rides, then try to find the maximum speeds because you don’t know about the road while travelling.

Comfortable seat

The back and body of the senior is our priority whiling choosing the 3-wheel bike. The conventional bikes come with an extensive, cushioned saddle seat. These are more comfortable as compared to the normal bike seat.

But if these seats feel painful then check some other choices. The cushioned sling seats are better for those people who have balance problems.


The handlebars are also an important part of your bike because in your bike these are also responsible for the relaxation. There are 3 Kinds of handlebars within senior bikes all have their own benefits and flaws.

The mostly used conventional handlebars work nicely in every bike; these are a good option for those who have good upper body strength and range of flexibility.

Sensitive Brakes

The brakes of a 3-wheel bike are the same as the standard two-wheel bike. It comes with the Disc style brakes that work by rotating the pedals at a reverse direction.

Additionally, some models also come with the hand brakes that attached into the handlebars. These work with a wire to utilize the brakes and also useful for quick brakes. Before buying the bike, always check that the brakes offer high sensitivity.

Other Features

3 wheel bikes for seniors, fun on three wheels
  • Basket: A 3-bike that comes with a carrying basket is also a good option. Because you can carry your daily goods while traveling in the supermarket, these types of bikes are the most user-friendly option.
  • Assembly: Many 3-wheel bikes come with its part, and you need to assemble it before using it. If the bike comes with a difficult assembly option, then this will make a huge problem while constructing them. Before buying the always choose those models that come with an easy Assembly option or with the complete user manual.
  • Price: The price is also a significant factor that determines what sort of 3-wheel bike you get. If your budget is low, then try to buy a simple Senior bike or if your budget is good they go with the electric tricycles.
  • Storage: You will discover the number of these 3-wheel bikes that are wide and use more space for storing. If you lived in an apartment, then the folding bike is a good option that also saves your space.
  • Replacement parts: Before buying any bike, always first always search for its spares parts. If the future if the bike faces any problem with its parts, you can easily buy its replacement components from the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions of 3 Wheel Bikes for Seniors


In this article, we select 10 Best 3 Wheel Bikes for Seniors and review. I cover almost everything about all the products and also guide about 3 wheel bike types. In the 2nd section of the article, we add a detailed buying guide to help you while buying the 3 wheel bike from both online or offline markets. If you like this article, then share it with those friends who plan to buy a new 3-wheel bike for seniors.

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