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Top 10 Best Bass Guitars Under 1000 Reviews [Buying Guide] 2021

While searching for the best bass guitars under 1000, you may have several options to choose from. If you are a music enthusiast, then choosing the right bass can be difficult for you.

To add bounce to the composition and to make it soulful, good bass is required. If you are tired of going through several models in the market and still unable to find the right one for you, then you have landed on the right page.

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Here we are providing an ultimate guide to all our readers searching for the best options. The bass will speak words to you and add soul to the music.

Our Picks of Top 10 Best Bass Guitars Under 1000 USD Product Reviews in 2021

1.Fender Deluxe Active Precision Bass Special, Maple Fingerboard, 3 Color Sunburst

Fender Deluxe Active Precision Bass Special, Maple Fingerboard, 3 Color Sunburst

The association of fender from the music industry is centuries old and, there is nothing so beautiful than this timeless beauty. The powerful sound and easy string adjustment are what a musician want.

Asymmetrical Neck

To add versatility and style to composition, this elegant bass has an asymmetrical neck with a deluxe gig bag. The playability time and smooth finish is premium due to this feature. No matter what playing style you want to adopt, it’s appropriate and supportive for every playing style.

Hi-Mass Bridge

This timeless beauty gives a perfect modern look to your personality due to clean finishing. From the sharp attach to the mid-range, it can resonate with any tone you want to play. The hi-mass bridge is suitable for attack and sustainability when playing.

Genuine Tone

The main concern of every musician is to get the genuine tone out of the bass. Fender Deluxe active precision bass Bass Guitar gives you the essence of music and provides authentic sound from the quietest chord to the loudest.

  • Trendy asymmetrical neck
  • Deluxe gig bag
  • 4-saddled HiMass bridge
  • Creates genuine music
  • Hardware needs to upgrade

2.G&L Tribute JB2 4-String Electric Bass 3-Color Sunburst Maple Fretboard

G&L Tribute JB2 4-String Electric Bass 3-Color Sunburst Maple Fretboard

Gagon was an R&D engineer who was working in another company when he got the task of exploring why early bolt-on basses are special. G&L Tribute JB2 4-string electric bass is one of the premium models that can improve sound range and quality exceptionally.

C-Shape Neck

This bass has a c-shape neck with a maple fingerboard medium to make you comfortable while playing. The lightweight and compact body are easy to handle. For quick and aggressive playing, no model is better than this one.

Medium Jumbo Frets

To play the bass comfortably, you must have all the features that make you energize when performing. The medium jumbo frets are responsible for player precision and to bring uniformity in the music. There is no need to keep adjusting the frets in the middle of a session.

Intelligent Mash-up

This beautiful best bass under 1000 has a beautiful mash-up. To control the master volume, blend, and other technical specifications, you may need this feature. Your music will not only be soulful but energizes the soul of listeners. It will give you a mixture of old and new tones simultaneously

  • C-shape neck
  • Medium 24 jumbo frets
  • Brilliant mash-up
  • Conventional open-back keys
  • The bridge needs improvement

3.Sterling by Music Man StingRay Ray4 Bass Guitar in Black

Sterling by Music Man StingRay Ray4 Bass Guitar in Black

How good it would be if you will get a warm and aggressive tone in one model? Sterling by music man is the one for you. The elegant piece appearance is stylish to complete the look and available in black finish. Playability and sound play an important role in enhancing the skills of a musician.

Maple Neck

To reduce the fatigue of a musician and to eliminate the pressure, this bass has a maple neck. This one-piece maple neck allows users to play with comfort and perform with positive energy. This feature is vital for balancing the bass on a body.

Humbucker Pickup

The pickup of the bass is responsible for refining the sound. The custom-designed 9v powered Active Preamp passes sound to make composition perfect.

3+1 Tuning Key

This 3+1 tuning key arrangement makes adjustment of sound way too simple. Straight string pull is possible now due to this feature for enhancing the music experience on stage.

  • 3+1 tuning key
  • Maple neck
  • Humbucker pickup
  • Active electronics
  • Adjustments need time before playing.

4.Ibanez 4 String Bass Guitar, Right, Walnut Flat (GSRM20BWNF)

Ibanez 4 String Bass Guitar, Right, Walnut Flat (GSRM20BWNF)

The precision and warm tone is the identification of a bass that provides smooth playability. Ibanez 4 string bass is an iconic and beautiful instrument to give respect to the music. The enhanced body and bold sound are ideal for musicians who are looking for something outstanding bass in their hands.

Classic Appearance

While picking any bass, we always look for a shape that looks easy and stylish. The classic look of the bass with the Mahogany finish is outstanding in appearance. The compact and light-weight body of the bass is easy to carry when performing for hours.

Slim Maple Neck

The Slim maple neck of the Ibanez 4 string bass guitar is exceptional and makes it easy to handle. There will be no pressure on your neck and hands, and also it gives a stylish appearance to the instrument.

Optimum Performance

The dynamic P-pickup of this bass provides optimum performance and durability to the instrument. The sound out of this bass is genuine and exceptional. It’s a classic instrument that can support vital music notes throughout the session without a wrong turn.

  • Slim maple neck
  • P-pickup
  • Compact lightweight body
  • Jatoba fretboard with dot inlay
  • The body of the bass is heavy.

5.Schecter OMEN-4 4-String Bass Guitar, Walnut Satin

Schecter OMEN-4 4-String Bass Guitar, Walnut Satin

For the promising performance and modern features, the Schecter omen-4, 4-string bass guitar should be your first choice. Schecter is a reputable name that always brings excellent and exceptional instruments to you. The comfortable body of a bass keeps you energized during the performance.

Premium Construction

The neck of this best bass under 1000 is maple and adds stability when holding it. The basswood construction of this elegant instrument adds value and beauty to the appearance. The body is of flame top to keep it scratch-free. The shape of the bass is good enough to hold it in a sitting position when performing.

Bridge Pick-up Controlled

With the help of a toggle switch, you can go through different modes like active/passive, master volume, neck pick-up, bass-mid-treble boost cut, and master tone for passive. The playability and sound of the instrument are up to the mark and create genuine sound.

Rosewood Frets

It has rosewood frets with a graph tech black tusq nut. To play extra notes that require higher frets; this feature will support the composition. The best thing about this bass is it doesn’t compromise on the sound quality.

  • Basswood premium construction
  • Rosewood frets
  • Bridge pick-up controlled
  • Quilted maple top
  • Quality control settings are complex

6.Fender Aerodyne Jazz Electric Bass Guitar

Fender Aerodyne Jazz Electric Bass Guitar

Fender aerodyne jazz electric Bass Guitar is one of the favorite models of music lovers who need something outclass in their hands to play. The beautiful design and powerful performance make it suitable for all the professionals out there. To achieve the music superiority goal, this is the best bass under 1000 you are looking for.

Premium Hardware

Synthetic material is used in the construction of bass nuts to give them stability and pro finishing. The bridge system of the Fender aerodyne jazz electric Bass Guitar is outstanding and provides power to the string. If the bridge system is not durable, the instrument will wear down soon.


This elegant musical instrumental offering middle pickups. This pickup is responsible for creating warm noise out of the bass and keeps lower tones comfortable.

Maple Neck

The maple neck with rosewood fingerboard makes bass durable and enhances life. This elegant piece of bass is all about music success and energizing composition. The durability and reliability of bass are determined by the neck.

  • Maple neck with rosewood fingerboard
  • Middle pickups
  • Cream-bound carved top
  • Smoked chrome bridge
  • It has no gig bag

7.Ibanez 4-String Bass Guitar, Right Handed, Metallic Purple (GSRM20MPL)

Ibanez 4-String Bass Guitar, Right Handed, Metallic Purple

 While exploring music instruments, we always look for the durability and maximum reliability to use for a long time. Ibanez 4-string bass GSRM20MPL is the best musical instrument that can provide protection and quality sound to the audience. It’s a best-selling model that represents high-quality sound and technology.

The Appearance

The look of bass is of great importance and especially when you are performing in front of thousands. The material of this beautiful bass is Mahogany with funky colors on the board. This 28.6” neck makes the guitar easy to carry in hands without feeling pressure on the body.

Smart Bridge

The smart bridge of an Ibanez 4-string bass GSRM20MPL is responsible for creating strong bass for your music. The bridge of the bass provides power to the strings and plays music.

Clear Tones

The clear tones of bass give soul to all your music and composition. No matter what setup you are trying on the guitar, it supports all.

  • Mahogany body
  • 4 neck hard maple
  • Medium frets
  • Rosewood fingerboard
  • The quality of sound needs to upgrade

8.Yamaha BB434 BB-Series Bass Guitar, Black

Yamaha BB434 BB-Series Bass Guitar, Black

 When you want to achieve something in the music industry, you must have the right instrument. Yamaha BB434 BB-series bass guitar has high-quality features and is constructed from high-quality wood. The style of bass is electrical, and body wood is Mahogany.

Lightweight Neck

The material of a neck is constructed in an Alder material. 6-bolt miter neck joint makes the vibration of strings promising and loud to create a warm sound. The lightweight and trendy necks are easy to hold even when you are in a sitting position.

Custom Wound Pickups

The pickups of his beautiful string bass guitar are custom. For warm, and clear tones, pickups should be able to perform with precision.


When searching for the kind of musical instrument that can provide controls, then choose Yamaha BB434 BB-series bass guitar. The bass is offering a convertible bridge and saddle. You can sharpen or soften the tone as you want.

  • Custom wound pickup
  • Convertible bridge
  • 6-bolt miter neck joint
  • Alderwood top material
  • Frets are a bit low to perform

9.Yamaha BB434M BB-Series Bass Guitar

Yamaha BB434M BB-Series Bass Guitar

 Yamaha launched this beautiful piece of art to achieve goals in the music industry. From appearance to performance, everything about this instrument is up to the mark. When you want to create history again, this is the right guitar to choose for moving forward.

Trendy Design

The trendy design of the bass is suitable for every passionate musician who wants to create a masterpiece. The look is appropriate to the personality of a rock star with flexible handling. You will not feel uncomfortable at all while holding it in your arms for a long time.

5-Piece Neck

The 5-piece neck system is responsible for tuning the sound and for enhancing music quality. The versatility of a guitar is up to the mark and powerful to create the right tone to produce suitable music. You can experiment with different music types without compromising on sound quality.

Convertible Bridge and Saddle

The convertible bridge and saddle transfer vibrations to the strings and reduce stress on the body. You can also adjust the saddle in two different ways for precision and perfect tone.

  • 5-piece neck
  • Alder body
  • Custom wound pickups
  • Convertible Bridge and saddle
  • It may feel a bit overweight.

10.Yamaha 4 String Bass Guitar, Right Handed

Yamaha 4 String Bass Guitar, Right Handed

 As a performer, when you are all set to perform on a stage, you need an instrument that energizes every inch of your body. Yamaha 4 string TRBX174EWTBL bass has a maple neck that creates a smooth sound for a user. For having precision from a bass, Yamaha bass is the right solution for all your music needs. It’s the best bass under 1000.

Color Finish

The exotic wood body of the bass is to provide a modern look to an instrument. The appearance of bass is suitable for a person who wants to have a complete rock star appearance.

Pure Vintage Bridge

The vintage-style bridge is exceptional when it comes to creating a groove on a stage. The c-shape maple neck of an instrument gives new look to the overall personality and makes it easy to carry when performing for an audience.

Great Sound

Due to high playability pickup, it can produce outstanding sound. By adjusting volumes and knobs, you can have the right amount of volume.

  • Exotic wood body
  • Modern C-shape maple neck
  • Vintage bridge
  • Standard open-gear
  • Active/passive switch is hard to control.

Buying Guide For Best Bass Guitars Under 1000

To help you pick the right model for composing exceptional music, we are here with an ultimate guide.


The size of a bass matters a lot when you are planning to buy it for professional purposes. If choosing a heavy instrument and unable to pick it up, there is no benefit to the investment. To determine the size of the bass, you need to check the scale or a string length. Another thing to consider before buying the best bass under 1000 is to know about its anatomy. Once you understand the importance of every part, you will pick the model comfortable to play in front of an audience.

Number of Strings

If you are playing bass professionally for many years, then you must understand the importance of several strings. Usually, people like to choose conventional 4-string bass that is easy to handle and comfortable playing in practice sessions. While experimenting with some of the different setups, 5-string bass is also required to create the extra note. To expand your creativity, you first need to evaluate your requirement and then visit the store. Once you are cleared about the requirements, it will be easier to choose the right one. To pull-off tricks, you may need 6-string bass too.

Fretted or Fretless

If you are just starting with an instrument, never forget to consider the fret or fretless option. The fretted instrument is suitable for beginners because they can find the right string while playing. The fretted bass divides chromatic scale with perfection. On the other hand, fretless bass is usually smooth and suitable for expert musicians. The fretless bass produces a soothing and warm sound as compared to the fretted one, but it requires practice and appropriate finger positioning to play. When you get a complete command of fretted one, you can move on to the fretless bass.

Passive and Active Pickups

As a musician, you must understand the difference between passive and active pickups. Passive pickups are appropriate for beginners and create warm sound out of an instrument. When it comes to an adjustment, passive pickup gives less control on music settings.

Active pickups are modern and produce bright sounds while playing. To make active pickup work, you may have to change the battery when performance is affecting. Active pickup provides complete control on an instrument and other settings.


When exploring the best bass under 1000, look out for the precision of an instrument. Music is all about smoothness and warm tones, while investing in any bass, check precision. If your guitar can’t deliver soothing sound to an audience, there is no point in playing it. From the body design to precision, everything should be on point to play with accuracy.

FAQs For Best Bass Guitars Under 1000

Final Thoughts

It’s not easy to choose an appropriate best bass under 1000 when looking for all the features on one platform. Through our guide, you can pick the right bass from a wide range to enhance creativity. Learning to play some instrument is a daunting task in itself, but if you have the best model, it can support every tone you create.

Ensure that you are picking a model that worth your investment and energizes you when performing for people. Before playing bass, learn to tune it and follow rules that are vital to enhancing strings life. Music is all about calming your soul, and playing an instrument adds satisfaction to the whole experience.

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