Top 9 Best Under the counter Microwaves [reviews] buying guide 2021

Best Under the counter Microwaves [reviews] buying guide

Best Under the counter Microwaves: We are not denying the importance of microwaves? In today’s busy schedule no one has enough time to follow through long cooking processes or cook food on a daily basis.

 We cook food as per our leisure and store them in the fridge. And when needed get them out of the fridge put them in a microwave and enjoy warm food. The importance of a microwave is double for someone living alone for a job or business and do not find enough time to cook food very often.

But having a microwave is the only best thing. No, microwaves occupy too much space out of the already small space of the kitchen. I have seen many traditional sized microwaves are bulky in size and come in a bigger casing.

Those microwaves bring no much good for the singles or those families living in small space. For the families with limited counter space, there is a need for compact small in size microwave that fits their small under-counter space.

So, to help you get out of the problem, we have decided to come up with a detailed guide. The guide is going to help you find the best under the counter microwave for small spaces.

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In this guide, we will review the top 10 best under counter microwaves and in the later section explain how we picked those microwaves along with making newbies learn what makes microwaves standout. So, without further wasting your time, let’s get started.


Our picks of Top 9 Best under the counter microwaves products review in 2021

The list is curated after an hour’s long research. We tried to find out the best products which are top-rated and most followed under an affordable price range. These microwaves occupy less space and share a thin profile to help users get their favorite settings as per their needs.

  • Fully-Featured Countertop Microwave Oven
  • Sensor For Easy Cooking
  • Custom Defrost & 1 Lb. Auto Defrost
  • Soften/Melt Function
  • Easy-To-Clean Cavity
  • Energy-Saving Eco Mode
Capacity1.2 Cu.ft
ColorStainless Steel
Power1100 Watts
Compact size(W*D*H)20.5 x 17.1 x 12.8 inch
Preset Recipes12
Sensor Cooking
Sound On/Off Option
Turntable(Diameter)12.4 inch

If you can spend a few tad more than average and want to have hands-on an advance designed under cabinet microwave, look no further. You have landed on the right product from a reputed brand that has been earning praises due to its impressive performance for a long time in the niche.

The under the cabinet microwave is one of the powerful gear in the kitchen every family needs. The cooking tool comes equipped with every feature to help ease your cooking process. The microwave oven can cook almost any food that comes to your mind due to its unmatched cooking power.

The Best Under the counter Microwaves come with the sensors. The sensors provide users the right information about the type of food being cooked and help users optimize heating as per the food item. That’s why you can cook ranging from Pizza, Potatoes, to fresh vegetables and prepare beverages.

The Toshiba designed under the counter Microwave comes with a good capacity for cooking food. It offers 1.2 cubic feet capacity that fits the needs of an average family of 3-4 members. With the microwave on board, you would not have to cook in the batches, get the required food cooked or reheated in one time.

The under counter microwave ovens that fit under the cabinet also comes with the right amount of cooking power. It is power-friendly and consumes only 1100 watts of cooking power. It has around 10 power settings to help users get the right amount of power to cook the desired food.

There are many advanced features that many even premium range microwaves lack but this comes adorned with. Such as it comes with power-saving mode feature, sound on or off mode feature, LED control, display, glass turntable, sensors, and much more in the row. It comes with sensors that detect the heat level and adjust the cooking power accordingly.

What we like:

  • Sensors
  • LED controls
  • Big cooking and reheating capacity
  • Energy Friendly
  • Silent mode

Our verdict:

If you are after a stunning look, advance features Microwave oven that fits your cooking needs, have a hand on Toshiba designed under the counter microwave.

The Microwave offers 1.2 cubic feet of cooking and reheating capacity and comes equipped with advanced features such as sensors, silent or sound mode, power-saving large LED panels, and much more in the row. The Microwave oven comes at a price, so if you can afford the price and want to enjoy the advanced feature gets your hands on the product right now.

  • 1. 6 Cu. Ft. Capacity. 1000 Watts
  • Auto And Time Defrost
  • Turntable On/Off
  • Two-Speed, 300-Cfm Venting System
  • Removes Smoke, Steam And Odors
Item Weight61.9 pounds
Dimensions15.25 x 29.88 x 16.5 inches
Energy Use1000 Watts
Capacity1.6 Cubic Feet
Installation TypeEasy Mount
ColorStainless Steel
Voltage120 Volts

If you are after a stunning looking and performing Microwave under a really affordable price range have hands on this Microwave oven. The microwave oven is considered a great option for larger families as it offers spacious space for cooking and reheating. It shares a big 1.6 cubic feet capacity and weight ranges at 63 pounds.

Its depth falls at 30-inches and it comes adorned with many tops of the line advanced features. It is the performance and integration of the advanced features that make this under the counter microwave one-stop-shop.

The top of the line features includes a full proof venting system, auto and time defrost option and improved convenience controls.

The under counter microwave ovens are made of stainless steel, that’s why it lasts longer than the average microwave. The Best Under the counter Microwaves come with one year-long any damage warranty, so any damage in the features or performance will lead you to demand a replacement.

You would be more than satisfied with the performance of the microwave oven. Especially, if you love to cook fresh food on a daily basis, the microwave is the option for you. It comes with the latest and improved controls to help convenient your cooking process.

It comes with a glass door, and there are a few complaints about the breaking or not so long performance of that glass door. Although the breaking of the glass door can be covered in a warranty of one year, still it is a glaring downside.

It is quiet in operations; it comes with a cooling fan which is not that noisy compare to the other fans.

What we like:

  • Big cooking capacity
  • Stainless steel made
  • Auto and time defrost
  • Advance cooking controls

Our verdict:

All in all, for the lovers of fresh meals, the option is a great pick. It comes with advanced cooking controls that help you cook food faster than ever before. The body is made of stainless steel, it shares a glass door to make you have a view of the cooking and reheating content. It is a big microwave, for the larger families’ needs. All in all, it is quite compare to others, but we cannot call it completely silent due to its cooling fan.

  • 850-Watt
  • Over-The-Range Convection Microwave Browns
  • Bakes, Broils, Crisps, And Roasts
  • 2-Color, 7-Digit, Interactive Display
  • Smart And Easy Sensor Settings
  • 1.1-Cubic-Foot
  • Stainless-Steel Interior With Light
  • 13-Inch Turntable Provides Even Heating
  • Built-In Exhaust System
  • Hood Light, Powerful Fan
Item Weight72 pounds
Product Dimensions29.93 x 16.34 x 15.28 inches
Item model numberR1874T
Energy Use850 Watts
Capacity1.1 Cubic Feet
Installation TypeOver-the-Range
Burner typeConvection

If you are looking for a multifunctional gorgeous looking under cabinet Microwave under an affordable price range, look no further you have reached upon the right product. It is a stunning looking stainless steel made powerful microwave oven that can be used as a hood and a microwave. The features come along with the microwave makes an ideal option for regular home cooking rather than using a regular oven and stove.

It comes with 13-inches ceramic turntable that makes it to ensure even heating throughout the microwave to help the users get a superior reheating and cooking experience.

The Best Under the counter Microwaves share 1.1 cubic feet capacity that enables it to fits the needs of singles or 2-3 members of the family. For larger families, you might have to look for other options as using the microwave for cooking for a party will make you cook in batches.

The under counter microwave oven comes with eight preset cooking settings. That means for novices, these settings are there to cook their desired delicious dishes without any prior cooking experience. You can prepare popcorn, cook, reheat, and do other cooking things using these preset settings.

Its interactive big digital display enables the users to behold the right conditions and status of their food. They get to know the current temperature, power, time, and other status required for their food.

What we like:

  • Improved sensor settings
  • Interactive digital display
  • 8 Preset settings
  • 12 Preset convection programs
  • Even heating

Our verdict:

It is a multi-functional under counter microwave that enables the users to cook different delicious dishes without any prior cooking experience. It comes with arrays of useful features to help users boost their cooking process and enjoy improved results. It has to share impressive and smart sensor settings to get the right power onboard after analyzing heat and smoke. It shares interactive display, 8 preset settings, and much more in the row.

All in all, it is a next-generation microwave oven, take tiny space, and offers impressive functionalities to boost your cooking process.

  • Advent Mw912bwdk Black Built-In Microwave Oven With Wide Trim Kit Pmwtrim
  • One Touch Electronic Controls With Digital Display
  • Clock And Timer
  • 0.9 Cu.Ft. Capacity With 900 Watts
  • 10 Adjustable Power Levels Let You Boil, Reheat, Defrost
  • 6 Pre-Programmed One-Touch Digital Cook Seetings
  • Glass Turntable Rotates Foods To Provide Even Cooking
  • Ul/Cul Listed
Item Weight38 pounds
Product Dimensions19 x 14 x 11 inches
Item model numberMW912BWDK
Energy Use900 Watts
Capacity0.9 Cubic Feet
Installation TypeBuilt-In
Voltage110 Volts
Material TypeGlass

If you are looking for a versatile under the counter microwave to fits your cooking and reheating needs, look no further. Advent has something out of the box to offer in its black built-in microwave oven. The option makes a microwave option for more than one place.

It comes with a wide trim kit that makes it an option for more than homes. It fits in a recreational vehicle, camper, motor home, hostel kitchen, and much more in the row. Due to its wide trim kit design, the microwave saves lots of space and provides powerful ventilation what most of the top of the line microwave misses.

It comes with good capacity. With 0.9 cubic feet cooking capacity you get the food cooked and reheated for as many as 2-3 persons. The capacity might not fit the needs of a larger home still good for someone always on the go or living in the motor.

The under counter microwave oven comes with 10 power settings and helps you boil, defrost, reheat, and more options. You can get the desired food cook in no time, even when you are not experienced in cooking something.

The Best Under the counter Microwaves are great for novices, it is easy to install, easy to use, and comes with a bright display to help users behold what’s going on inside.

What we like:

  • Wide trim kit’
  • Perfect for vehicles and small spaces
  • Simple installation
  • Ten power cooking
  • One-touch cooking

Our verdict:

If you are looking for one to go cooking options, this microwave is good to pick. The microwave due to its unique construction makes options for various spaces. It fits in smaller spaces easily and offers seamless functionalities for more than one space. It offers good cooking capacity and comes with a simple to understand and follow controls. With ten power cooking settings, you can get different types of food cooked following the menus.

  • One-Touch Options
  • Sensor Cooking
  • Cooktop Led Lighting
  • Spacewise Rack
  • Extra-Large Glass Turntable
  • Effortless Clean Interior
Item Weight54 pounds
Dimensions15.03 x 29.87 x 16.4 inches
Energy Use1000 Watts
Capacity1.7 Cubic Feet
Installation TypeOver-the-Range
Material TypeStainless Steel

If you are looking for a microwave for a larger family with a plethora of cooking options, do not pass Frigidaire designed over the range microwave.

The microwave oven offers 1.7 cubic feet cooking capacity and offers seamless cooking and reheating process to help novices and experienced to enjoy one-touch cooking controls.

With the Microwave onboard, users do not have to take the guesswork rather get the presetting for defrosting, reheating, and preparation of some unknown foods.

The smart-looking under the counter microwave comes with 1000 watts cooking power to help you enjoy smooth cooking without wasting so much energy.

The Best Under the counter Microwaves has to share three auto defrost options and five snack options. Its 13.5 inches Turntable helps you enjoy smooth cooking with even heat and power distribution. It’s easy to use larger control panels to help you have the latest status of your food preparation and reheating.

The stunning looking microwave comes with an in-built fan to emit out odor and let the users enjoy the very taste of their food. The product is made of stainless steel and shares dishwasher safe grease filter and charcoal filter, you can easily put them in the dishwasher to clean them up without any big issue.

The Best Under the counter Microwave has to share a child lock feature and integrates interior LED lights to illuminate the interior surrounding. So, your kid would not be able to get access to the food being cooked or reheating.

What we like:

  • Larger cooking capacity
  • More than 30 cooking options
  • Easy reheating using one-touch
  • Three autos defrost options
  • Interior LED

Our verdict:

For the users who love to experience cooking new meals, the options make a great pick. It comes with 30 cooking options to help you cook your desired food without facing any trouble. It shares three defrost options and five snack options for instant snack preparation. It comes with a larger control panel to help you learn the latest status of the food. Its child lock feature, buzzer feature, larger turntable, and dishwasher safe grease and charcoal feature make it a good-to-go option for the price mentioned.

  • Pre-Programmed Buttons For Popcorn, Potato, Pizza, Frozen Vegetable, Beverage And Dinner Plate
  • 900 Watts With 10 Power Settings
  • Clock And Kitchen Timer, 30 Seconds Express Cooking
  • Large Led Digital Display
  • Easy-To-Read Control Panel
  • Child Safety Lock
  • Push-Button Door Release For Easy Access
  • Ul Approved
Model InfoEM925AB9
Item Weight30.2 pounds
Product Dimensions19.1 x 14.8 x 11.5 inches
Capacity0.9 Cubic Feet
Installation TypeCountertop
Part NumberEM925AB9
ColorStainless Steel
Voltage110120 Volts
Wattage900 watts
Material TypeStainless Steel

Black and Decker are one of the esteemed names in the world of electronics as well as kitchen appliances. The brand is there for around one century and has earned a huge reputation in the field. Its products are long-lasting and performance-wise unmatched.

Black and Decker designed digital Microwave with 0.9 cubic feet capacity is another next big thing. The product shares a slim design and fits in your tiny under the counter cabinet. It has to share a professional design and comes in stainless steel construction. With its spacious interior, you are going to enjoy the smooth cooking and reheating process.

It comes with several pre-programmed cooking settings and offers instant cooking with 900 watts of power cooking. The Best Under the counter Microwaves share ten power settings and makes the users get a seamless cooking experience with the right power cooking settings.

The Best Under counter Microwave comes adorned with large LED panels to help users behold the current status of their food. Easy to read larger control panel offers many advantages to a novice user.

The product comes in a one-year-long warranty, any damage to the product will help you to ask for a replacement.

What we like:

  • One year-long warranty
  • Push-button option to open the lid
  • Larger control panel
  • Simple instructions
  • Several pre-settings
  • 10 Power settings

Our verdict:

Black and Decker digital Microwave oven is no doubt a sleek and modern looking microwave for any kitchen. It is easy to clean, easy to use, simple to operate, and above all ease down your cooking process. It fits your small space due to smaller footprints and offers unexpected cooking results in the shortest duration of time.

  • Interior Led Lighting
  • Automatic Sensor Cooking
  • Auto Reheat Options
  • Full Width Door
Weight59 pounds
Dimensions16.19 x 23.88 x 17 inches
Capacity1.4 Cubic Feet
Installation TypeOver-the-Range
Oven Cooking ModeSpeed (Microwave)
ColorStainless Steel
Voltage120 Volts
DefrostAuto Defrost
Material TypeStainless Steel

Frigidaire is one of the biggest names in electronics as well as kitchen appliance manufacturing. Without adding this brand microwave for cabinets, the list could not have been completed.

This particular product makes an ideal option for larger families cooking. It comes with four cubic feet of cooking capacity, even for a party meal cooking, you will not have to repeatedly cook food in batches. Just cook your meal in one go and serve your guests.

It is a stylish and space-saving well-thought-out design. The Best Under counter Microwave is among one of the most functional microwave ovens for larger families due to its full-width door for easy access to the content.

It comes with countless preset cooking settings. For instance, you get popcorn ready within 30-seconds with just one tap of the button. It also comes with 8 power cooking settings using the sensor option. Its automatic reacting and cooking sensors adjust the power as per the heat and temperature.

It also shares a kitchen timer and clock, the timer setting is well-used due to larger control panel.

What we like:

  • 8 pre-set power settings
  • Larger families
  • Kitchen timer
  • Elegant design
  • Two-speed ventilation

Our verdict:

For larger families and party food cooking, the elegant looking Frigidaire microwave makes an ideal option. It comes with eight pre-setting power settings and shares many advances features to fits the needs of modern-day users. It shares an elegant design and is made of stainless steel to offer a lifelong cooking performance. It is no doubt a good-to-go option for lots of cooking and reheating.

  • 1.8 Cu. Ft. Capacity
  • 14.2 Inch Glass Turntable And Ceramic Enamel Interior
  • 400 Cfm Ventilation System With Simple Clean Filter
  • Halogen Cooktop Light
  • Sensor Cooking With 1000 Watts
  • Auto Defrost, Auto Cook
  • Sensor Reheat And Two-Stage Programmable Cooking
Model InfoME18H704SFS/AA
Item Weight56 pounds
Product Dimensions29.87 x 15.56 x 17.06 inches
Capacity1.8 Cubic Feet
Installation TypeOver-the-Range
Form FactorBuilt-In
ColorStainless Steel
Voltage120 Volts
Wattage1000 watts
DefrostAuto Defrost
Material TypeStainless Steel

For Samsung products one thing is certain, they always look good. The same goes for Samsung designed Microwave Oven. The oven makes this list not because it looks good but because of its top of the line features and subtle cooking and reheating performance. We did not expect this level of performance from this microwave as experts do not find Samsung a good option in Kitchen products manufacturing. But, when we actually beheld its performance, it has made its marks.

The product has to share a long list of features some are even lacking in a premium range of microwave ovens. The top feature worth mentioning is its ventilation system. The microwave comes with an impressive ventilation system that functions quietly and quickly and emits the fumes, bad odor, unwanted smells, and steams out of the kitchen so that you get the very taste of the food cooked inside an oven. The Best Under counter Microwaves also come with an auto-defrost feature that helps users to get hands-on frozen foods and quickly cook them.

The product also comes with a Kitchen timer that keeps track of the cooking progress. The buzzer system of the appliance alerts you when the food is prepared or reheated and you have not opened the door.

What we like:

  • Affordable price range
  • Impressive display
  • Stainless steel made
  • Lightweight
  • Elegant looking

Our verdict:

If you really want to add decor to your home and after a smart-looking microwave under an affordable price range, Samsung has something to impress you. One of the best looking under the counter microwave has a range of features to stun you. It comes to an innovatively designed ventilation system to help you emit out the fumes and bad odor out of the kitchen to help you get the right taste of the food. It comes with a bright display to help you behold the things going on inside the door. It comes in an elegant looking color and has to share a vibrant look. The easy to install a microwave has a range of innovative functions to ease down your cooking as well as reheating.

  • 1.8 Cu. Ft. Capacity
  • 14.2 Inch Glass Turntable And Ceramic Enamel Interior
  • 400 Cfm Ventilation System With Simple Clean Filter
  • Halogen Cooktop Light
  • Sensor Cooking With 1000 Watts
  • Auto Defrost, Auto Cook
  • Sensor Reheat And Two-Stage Programmable Cooking

If you love preparing meals but due to a busy lifestyle cannot, the microwave is going to add a new life to your cooking. The under cabinet microwave shares 1.6 ft space and it is sufficient enough to cook a large number of foods for 3-4 members family. Other than cooking meals, the microwave helps you to reheat, boil, and defrost food with ten cooking levels. The best under counter microwave has to share the 1000 watts cooking power to help users quickly cook their delicious foods.

The Magic Chef d designed Microwave comes with six pre-programmed auto cook menus to help the users quickly cook food even when they are novice cooker. The microwave is designed for the novices and helps them quickly cook delicious foods without watching any cooking youtube videos 0r any external assistance.

The Best Under counter Microwaves come with auto defrost feature, the feature helps the users to get the correct level of power automatically without facing through a big process.

Other than cooking, the stunning looking microwave is designed for reheating the leftovers. Its 1.6 cubic feet capacity is enough for the small casserole dishes, plates, and glass turntable to make sure you get reheating and cooking evenly.

Under the counter, Microwave comes with a hood light that provides illumination above your range to help you watch the cooking as well as the reheating process. It also comes with two fan settings to help your ideal amount of ventilation.

To take the impurities out, the microwave comes adorned with a replaceable charcoal filter. The filter takes the impurities and other things out of the air to make you have the very smell of the food. It also comes with a safety lock to prevent accidental and unsupervised operations in the oven.

What we like:

  • Turntable
  • Affordable price
  • Impressive cooking and reheating power
  • Durable
  • Cooks fast and finely

Our verdict:

If you are a novice living out of the home for the first time and need something to cook and reheat the food, Magic Chef has something out of the box to offer. The innovatively designed microwave oven comes with 1000 W cooking power and helps you cook and reheat the food evenly. It also comes with a ventilation system, illuminance, and mechanism to take the impurities out of the air to make you have the right small of the food. All in all, the Magic Chef designed Microwave fills the bills for the singles as well as a family of 3-4 members as it is spacious enough to cook and reheat a large quantity of the food.

What to look for when buying the best under counter Microwaves?

What to look when buying an under the counter Microwave

Buying home appliances, especially when you are a novice with no prior experience is tricky. The hunt becomes double tricky when you are going to buy a microwave for a tight space to fit in. In our case, we are going to buy it for under the counter. So, it requires a special look-out of the features, besides looking at the overall performance of the Microwave.

Let’s have a detailed discussion of what is important for under the cabinet Microwave.


As we are going to buy an under the counter microwave due to tight available space on the kitchen countertop, so size becomes imperative to have special look-out at. First, measure the available space under the cabinet where you are planning to install the Microwave. And after that before buying a microwave, check its specs and buy one that fits in the available space.


The capacity of a microwave depends on the number of people in a family. You can buy a microwave with as little as 0.5 cubic feet capacity and as much as 4 cubic feet. So, count the number of people you use to cook food for or planning to use for, and then go with a microwave as per the required capacity.

Cooking Power:

The cooking power of a microwave oven determines how fast or efficient your microwave would be in cooking and reheating food. The higher watts, the more efficient and powerful the Microwave will be.

And also have a special check for the power levels. It means that, either the appliance comes with the power control option. As some foods need to be cooked at lower temperatures and vice versa. Check the power option before giving a final shot to a product.

Child Lock Feature:

The Child lock feature is important if you have kids at home. The use of Microwave oven could lead to accidental damage without lock feature as kids love to explore things. So, even when for the homes with no kids around, the feature is good to have a look for because unsupervised functioning could lead to damages.

Best Under Counter Microwaves FAQs

Best Under Counter Microwaves FAQs

Which type of Microwave do you need?

The type of Microwave you need depends on the type of use you want to get for the microwave. For reheating food, or preparing snacks and popcorn, there would entirely a different microwave.

If you are planning to use Microwave in place of Oven, then an advanced form of Microwave is required. For making popcorn, or reheating leftovers, a different less powerful with less onboard features will get the job done.

Can a microwave oven be installed under the counter?

There is no doubt that this is to facilitate the placement of microwaves under the counter without taking up additional space.

How much space do I need around the microwave oven?

Ideally, there should be a three-inch gap between the microwave oven and the area to be installed to ensure proper ventilation.

What is the difference between a top microwave oven and a built-in microwave oven?

The top microwave can be simply installed on the top of the kitchen, while the counter microwave can be hidden where it is to be installed. The built-in microwave oven is specially designed and can be placed on the counter or below.

Can convection microwave replace the oven in the kitchenette?

Absolute! Compared with conventional ovens, it saves space and consumes less power.

What are the benefits of microwave under the counter?

It also saves your time and space! According to the various functions of the microwave oven, you can also cook a variety of foods.

Bottom Line:

We have reviewed the top best under counter microwaves. These models have been chosen after hours-long research. We tried hard to find those models which not only offer superior cooking and reheating performance but stand out in aesthetics and price-wise. These models feature top of the line features and offer seamless performance. The microwaves are in most cases, updated design and versions with updated features. Most of the previous, traditional ovens are coming with an amazing range of features to lure the audience.

Read through these Microwaves, check their specs, features, and price. I am pretty confident that these options will make you find a product that suits your needs.

If you find this guide useful and think that the post has added value, and has helped you in choosing and learning about the best Microwave, please share this guide with others.

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