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Top 10 Best electric bike conversion kits [reviews] buying Guide 2023

Electric bikes are taking the bike-industry by storms. Every biker is whispering about them. Those who can afford a big money, they get to buy these bikes and enjoy exploring towns, new terrains, and us them for commuting or transportation.

Those who can’t, get their traditional bikes out, and with a tiny bit of struggle and manual work, reach to their destinations.

We got a solution for the bikers who cannot pay for expensive electric bikes: electric bikes conversion kits.

Yes, you heard it right!

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Electric bike conversion kits are a hands-down solution to turn a traditional bike into an electric bike. You just take your traditional bike and replace the front or rear wheel with a power wheel. Or if you do not feel comfortable in replacing the wheel, attach a drive unit to the bottom bracket of your bike.

In this way, you transition a traditional bike into an e-bike by spending a quarter the amount that you have to spend on buying a new electric bike.

List of Top 10 Best Electric bike conversion kits to buy 2023:

E-bikes are also being taken as a mode of commuting. You can ride on an electric bike and reach your destination faster than a car. As riding a car, you have to face many hindrances and obstacles, riding a bike can make you take a shorter narrow path to reach the destination.

1) BAFANG BBS02B Electric Bike Conversion Kit

BAFANG BBS02B Electric Bike Conversion Kit

BAFANG is one of the biggest names when it comes to e-bikes conversion. It is one of the trustworthy names that focus on affordability and quality. The brand kick started in 2014 and focuses solely on converting bikes into e-bikes without costing arms and legs.

It is an American brand, located in Los Angeles and has grown an immense name around the globe.

This brand is working very hard in providing greener solutions for transportation and commuting. You get to see their e-bikes ranking the top of the biggest shopping portals, making e-bikes more accessible.

They work with a large number of bike shops, small and large in the United States, and making their dream of getting a simple and clean source of commuting. Their e-bike conversion rates and cost are comparatively low because they do not participate in any type of rebranding.

The brand offers a versatile conversion option. It comes with 2 different conversion kits; 75w and 100w.

When you choose the best motor for the conversion, now you get the option to choose several other things within the kit. You can get your favorite settings of conversion kits as per your needs.

You can choose your desired type of battery, chargers, and LCD display.  You can choose your favorite parts, as per your budget and get things simpler than others who come up with a package at a strict price.

Their cost of the conversion kit is comparatively lesser and offers smoother conversion experience as per the user’s choice.

What we like:

  • The versatile option of motor
  • A ranked brand
  • Affordable price range
  • Choose parts as per your own settings

Our verdict:

A conversion kit includes half of the dozen parts. It is possible that in a package, you might not like all includes parts. This brand offers you to choose your desired setting of the conversion kit and get things rolled under your budget. It is a trustworthy brand, knows the issues, and offers the right solutions. You can rely on them; they are working solely for greener energy solutions for transportation.

2) TongSheng Mid Central Motor Conversion e-bike Kit

TongSheng Mid Central Motor Conversion e-bike Kit

If you are looking for an affordable option to convert your traditional bike into an electric bike, look no further. You have reached the right product; this product comes in hands at an affordable price range and makes the users get a smoother conversion with accessibility.

It is a Chinese company, one of the first companies that specialized in e-bikes and even to the day one of the biggest suppliers of e-bikes parts.

They craft a variety of e-bikes parts and offers them individually and a complete package. Users get to choose what suits them the best under their price range.

With the mentioned brand, you can choose the motors ranging from 250W to 500W, as per your desire and budget range. The same goes for the batteries; 36v and 48v.

I am not claiming the brand offers super functionality and power in conversion; it is one of the accessible and affordable options. E biker community loves because of its good performance and easier accessibility.

It offers easy to use display, and the tools come with the package offers more value to the kits. When we put our first reviewed kit, BAFANG, and this, we came to the conclusion that this option is affordable but not as powerful as later.

Under the current package, at the given price, you get to see 350w motor that installs to the bottom brackets. Yes, to get it installed, you will have to remove the current cranks as it comes with cranks and chainring.

What we like:

  • Bigger LCD to follow up Mileage
  • 24 miles in one changing
  • Offers different top speed
  • Compatible to the standard bike frame

Our verdict:

The conversion kit is not as powerful as BAGAN, but comes in hands at a cheaper price and offers the power that an average rider would require. It reaches a maximum speed of 14-29 mph riding up 24 miles. It comes with a bigger LCD screen that follows up on the mileage, battery, and other things.

The most important feature of this e-bike is that it is compatible with the majority of the standard bikes. It is an accessible, convenient, and versatile option to go at a cheaper price range.

3) AW E-Bike Conversion Kit

AW E-Bike Conversion Kit

AW is another big name in the biking niche. The brand is one of the few names who had started making e-bike parts, and right now one of the biggest e-bikes parts suppliers around the world. This AW e-bike conversion kit by AW comes with an extensive range of features and benefits.

This brand manufactures one of the most powerful motors for conversion traditional bikes into e-bikes, for improved performance. It is a kit that includes a cutting-edge designed LCD display to help users to have an eye over the latest operations. You get to see the mileage, speed, battery, power, and other things while during.

It comes with a pedal assistance system that lets the users use pedals as well when you are riding your e-bike on the way.

The e-bike conversion kit comes with a front power wheel with a dual-mode controller. This feature helps users to enjoy the performance for a long time without witnessing any halt.

It includes a 6600d oxford carrying bag that helps users in carrying the stuff in a secure manner. You use that carrying bag as storage of important tools and other things.

What we like:

  • Powerful motor
  • Innovative LCD display
  • The special pedal assistance system
  • Dual-mode controller front wheel

Our verdict:

If you are looking for a high-performing conversion kit to decorate your traditional bike, get your hands on this kit. This kit includes so many impressive ranges of features to help users experience a smoother undisturbed ride. It has to share a potent motor, innovative LCD display, special pedal assistance system, and dual-mode controller front wheel. The conversion kit offers an enhanced lifespan and makes you get things rolled easily.

4) Voilamart Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit

Voilamart Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit

If you are looking for a durable Bicycle conversion kit that goes with you for a long time without maintenance, get hands-on Voilmart designed Electric bike conversion kit.

While coming up to this guide, I had to read through so many brands and their products as well as the buyer’s review. I was amazed to learn that with so many brands people were not satisfied. There are dozens of brands of electric bike conversion kits with which people are not happy. Some are less durable, and others just let people hit maintenance regularly.

This kit though offers smooth durable performance, a different option than offers. It is designed for road bikes and comes adorned with an extensive range of features and functions to help users.

It comes with a brushless and gearless motor. Another amazing, worth-mentioning feature of this conversion kit is its weight limit. It offers 551 pounds weight limit and offers healthy people a smoother riding experience. It is compatible with all types of bikes, without any issue.

It is no doubt an innovative and modern designed product. It comes with a cutting-edge LCD system to help you have an eye over the battery, power speed, and other settings.

The kit also comes with components for full conversion, to help users save their hard-earned money for other things. It is without a shadow of a doubt a superb consideration under an affordable price range.

What we like:

  • Impressive front-wheel design
  • Ideal speed
  • Affordable price range
  • Ideal weight limit

Our verdict:

It is no doubt a reliable option for relatively healthier persons. It offers 551 pounds weight limit, offers a 750 W power limit, and has to share a unique powered rear wheel to helps users enjoy smooth seamless riding experience without any hiccup.

It is a powerful option, cutting-edge designed LCD display to help people have an eye over the latest stats. Compatible for all types of bikes, innovative pedal assistance settings and components for full conversion make it a stands out option at an affordable price range.

5) BAFANG 8FUN BBS03 MidDrive E-Bike Kit

BAFANG 8FUN BBS03 MidDrive E-Bike Kit

If I ask you the most power performing E-bike conversion type, what would your answer be? If you are a serious biker, you would know it is Mid-drive.  And I would like to add-up to the sentence, BAFANG probably is the most popular brand that produces a mid-drive electric bike conversion kit.

Mid-drive BBS03 is one of the best-performing e-bike conversion kits that renders an immense amount of mower that makes it an ideal option for the trail, road, and even for the cargo bike use.

This conversion kit comes with a motor of 250w power and mounts on a frame with a bottom bracket of wide between 68-73 mm. For 100 mm bottom bracket bikes, unfortunately, that’s not the option to convert them into an electric bike.

The output power of the e-bike falls at 1000W and speed ranges at 28mph. Both the power and speed options are on par, great for the average users to hit for exploring the surrounding.

One of the most amazing features of this bike is that it comes with a color LCD display that offers an extensive range of information such as speed, power, battery, and many more others in the row.  By using the LCD display, users can change their speed, add an odometer, check battery level, and above all choose one of the pedal-assist levels.

The range of mileage depends on the type of riding you are using. For a cargo bike, you will not get as much range riding on flat roads.

It is the finest gears you can have hands-on, as long as you got the right sense to use them. Choose the appropriate gear while riding your bike.

Do not use it roughly; do not set the motor power off at a high gear, as the motor has to work very hard, to drain more power, putting the strain on chainrings.

This kit includes everything that a normal user would want to enjoy a smooth ride, except battery. You will have to buy a battery separately, and the charges are not included in the package.

The installation and putting it off is a bit easier. You would not have to hire special assistance or an expert, just use the crank puller and wrench to remove the existing cranks.

What we like:

  • An efficient kit
  • 1000W output power
  • Speed 28mph
  • 9 level of pedal assistance

Our verdict:

It is one of the best known electric bike conversion kits you can have hands-on. This comes in hands at an affordable price and offered by a known brand. Power output is great; 1000W.  Its speed limit is great, enough for regular commuting. With 9 pedal assistance, you get the right settings to set-off.

The kit comes with an LCD display that offers great information options. You can view the speed limit, battery level, pedal assistance, and other various things.

6) AW Rear Wheel E-Bike Conversion Kit

AW Rear Wheel E-Bike Conversion Kit

AW’s other option to power rear wheel is a great option to go with. It offers 1000W motor that offers immense power to get things going, but surprisingly it is quieter than the power it renders.

The option comes with a thumb throttle control, to help control the speed whether the pedal assist is on or off. It comes with the levels as well to help customize the electric mode.

The best rear wheel replacement for traditional bikes come with an LCD display to help show power, battery, time, speed, mileage, and gear settings. By using the LCD display you can set the speed right, get right pedal settings, and other controls.

It also has to share a pedal assistance system that helps you to get the exercise you need to do, to help you go farther and faster.

Especially, if it is hill-climbs, pedal assists for different ride duration and distance.

The LED indicator lights help to see the battery life remaining. The option is great customization for road use. Although the power matches the off-road riding, others include such as tire, wheels, and other things that do not support the off-road.

What we like:

  • LED controller lights
  • 1000W output power
  • Colored LCD display
  • Thumb throttle control

Our verdict:

If you are looking for a powerful option to electrify your rear-wheel this is the option to go with. The kit output power falls at 1000W which is way greater than the traditional conversion kit. It comes with a thumb throttle control for pedal assisting. The LCD option is great to help you have an eye over different controls. The manual pedal assistance is also great, to help you pedal when hill climbing or doing exercise. 

7) Pinty FT1010

Pinty FT1010

If you are looking for an easy to use and install a motor that replaces your wheel and give juice to travel-through long-distance, gets hands-on Pinty FT1010 conversion kit. The kit is easy to install and helps gets your wheel electrified without spending too much of the time.

Pinty makes front and rear wheels motors. This model is for front-wheel and fits 26-inches wheel with a fork an axle between 0.39” and 0.55”.

With 48V motor that pours 1000 watts power, you get the required power to get things running. The thumb throttle controls 4 levels of power and makes things easier for the users.

Its hub is compatible with disc brake rotors, so users can install desired brakes to slow the fast speeds. The speed limit of the e-bike falls between 20-30 mph and helps you to reach the destination faster than ever before.

This conversion kit makes an ideal option for road tracks. To get it lied on off-road tracks, you will have to require much more power than this motor offers. So, have it running on roads, and use the peal assist mechanism for off-road.

The only drawback of this conversion kit is it does not include a battery. Yes, you will have to buy the battery separately, but it comes with a battery bag to help it be stored and carried.

As per the company’s claims, the kit installs within an hour. You can install the kit without external assistance; get it assembled without having expertise onboard, just following the manual that comes with it.

What we like:

  • Motor power 1000W
  • Four levels of power controlled by a thumb throttle
  • Hub is compatible with disc brake
  • Speed limit 20-30

Our verdict:

If you are hunting for an electric bike conversion kit that installs easily without costing arms and legs, get hands on it. It is a powerful option that helps you touch 30mph speed. Its hub is compatible with other brakes, so for avid bikers that love to install their desired brake system, it helps a lot.

The kit does not include a battery, and it is not a good option for off-road tracks. So, think about what you require before placing an order.

8) JAXPETY  Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit

JAXPETY  Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit

If you are looking for a reliable and powerful option that stays for a longer time with you, get hands-on the Jaxpety designed electric conversion kit. It is relatively a new brand, and very few products are there to witness. But, many conversion experts were found praising this brand and say it performs really impressively. The brand strives to deliver amazing products that function correctly without putting any strain.

This product is the latest venture by this brand, and as per my view, it is a great success. This product boasts great praise of a range of people even after a few days of its last. This is given a road-legal kit name that operates stunning via brushless gearless hub motor.

The best thing about this product is its construction. It is made of aluminum material that renders on par sturdiness and power to offers smooth performance for a long time. The aluminum alloy without putting too much of weight outpour impressive performance.

The same material is used in the kit controller to make sure the same quality is maintained.

The other features include steel spoke, nylon tires and alloy rims to render smooth efficiency. The only drawback is the battery comes separate, you do not see it included in the package. And one more, it is expensive and costs arms and legs.

What we like:

  • Brushless gearless hub motor
  • Immense power output
  • Aluminum alloy
  • Powerful controller

Our verdict:

It is no doubt an expensive venture to have hands-on. But, the price worth every penny as you gets a superb range of performance for a long time. It is made of aluminum alloy, to ensure quality and performance. Its power-cut button and battery level display makes it worth purchase.

9) iMortor Wireless Electric bike conversion Kit

iMortor Wireless Electric bike conversion Kit

If you want to enjoy an innovative cutting-edge designed electric bike conversion kit, then let’s get started with the iMorotor Wireless e-bike conversion kit.

This wireless e-bike conversion kit is a breeze to install and use. You just have to put the wheel, install the app and you are off and running. It does not come with an LCD or pedal sensors and brake switches. You might think of it as difficult to control a thing because it lacks the above-mentioned features that are considered the must-have in the traditional e-bike conversion kit. It comes with the application control, senses everything rightly, and lets you know when to apply the brakes.

The bike offers stunning battery backup. Once charges, it goes as long as 40 kilometers easily. When the battery is dead, and you are on manual pedaling, you will not have to put too much effort into what you use to put in a traditional bike. It sails smoothly, yes when inclining; you might have to put some more effort to get reached on the other side.

It comes with a maximum speed of 40km/H and the maximum weight limit falls at 369 pounds. You can take it for regular commuting, and without sweating get reached to the designation.

You can cut off 15-minutes of your commute easily by switching to the high powered mode.

It is way better than other kits and offers arrays of innovative features to make your riding experience better and faster.

What we like:

  • Wireless connectivity
  • Accurate sensors
  • Superb speed
  • Magnificent battery backup

Our verdict:

If you want to experience something new, off than regular e-bike conversion kits, this is the option. It offers stunning riding experience, offers an amazing 40KM/H speed range, and helps cover as much as 40KM in a single charging. It is easy to install, just get the front-wheel installed and you are off the road. Get your bike controls using the mobile application, see the notification over there, and control what you want.

10) JAXPETY 36V 500W Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit

JAXPETY 36V 500W Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit

It is another Jaxpety product that deals with not only the tire frame but the whole wheel with tire. It comes integrated with such an amazing range of features that bikers have given it a unique ‘road-legal-kit’ name. It offers optimal speed while running on the bike with features to climb the hill without any big issue.

It comes with 36V 500 W motor with brushless and gearless features to help users get a smooth going performance.

You get top-notch security features, such as its brake levelers cut-off the power supply to help get smoother and instant braking. With the features onboard, you do not have to struggle in braking and stopping the bicycle, just use the braking features and enjoy smooth seamless braking. In this way, your motor does not have to spend too much of power in stopping the overall system.

The best electric conversion kit comes with crank speed sensors. These features allow users to enjoy manual pedaling, to let you do your exercise.

The motor is made of sturdiest material. It shares an aluminum alloy construction to render sufficient power supply. The aluminum alloy is one of the sturdiest materials, and items made with it offer extended lifespan.

The other features the package comes included is alloy rim, nylon tire, stainless steel spokes to ensure smoother performance.

To ensure proper power efficiency, the brand also integrates rare-earth metals that render optimum conversion experience.

The only drawback again is it does not include a battery. The battery has to be purchased separately; the price of the battery is not included in the package.

What we like:

  • Brushless gearless hub motor
  • Sturdy aluminum metal construction
  • 500w Power output
  • Super smooth brake lever
  • Crank speed sensors

Our verdict:

JAXPETY is one of the leading names in producing cycle parts. We have included one more product of the brand in our list above. This ensures that how popular the brand is. This is a 36v 500 W brushless gearless hub motor that is made with aluminum alloy to ensure on par sturdiness.

To ensure motor safety, its brakes include power cut, which cut off the supply of power to the motor to make instant braking functioned.

It is a great product; even larger guys can get going using this. Its weight limits are great, hill climbing with manual peddling is also impressive.

How to buy an electric bike conversion kit?

Electric bikes are getting lots of fame these days. These are being used for commuting, transportation, and hobbyist for exploring the surroundings.

The only reason for them being impressive in performance is their rechargeable big batteries. These batteries ushered them to gain smooth performance without spending arms and legs.

Converting your traditional bike into an electric bike is amazing. You can transition your old looking traditional bike into an electric bike that runs using battery power.

It is a great way to get things smoother, without spending arms and legs.

A simple electric buy can cost you big money. And converting an old traditional bike into an electric bike will cost you a quarter of the price of a new bike. You can convert them with a less to minimal effort.

To convert them into electric bikes there are two ways. One is that you buy each part separately, and get them installed to make things working.

The other way is to buy a complete package or a conversion kit. The kits are designed especially for transitioning purposes. They fit the needs of the users who want to turn their traditional bikes into electric ones. So, the second one would require less expertise and without going through a long process, you can make things working.

In the section to come, we are going to reveal the secrets or tips that will make or break your electric bike conversion kit decision. Read it carefully, and act upon as per mentioning.

Types of electric bike conversion kits

  1. Bike wheels
  2. Mid-drive
  3. Friction drive
  4. Concealed
  5. Bike wheels:

This is the most used and followed electric bike conversion kit. Here, the bike front or back wheel is replaced by powered wheels. This electric bike conversion is easier, and most audience love to opt for this type of conversion.

Mid-drive conversion:

This is the second most followed type of conversion. Here the battery and motor are mounted to the frame; the motor is attached to the bottom bracket.

Friction Drive:

In this type of conversion, the moto and roller stay on the rear wheel. This method consumes the friction to push the wheel forward. This is not much followed the method, you would rarely witness this type in conversions


It is the most expensive method of conversion. Here the fact of a bike being a motorized piece is hidden. The motor and battery come fitted under the seat tube.

Other features to look into a bike conversion kit:


Power is one of the biggest and most important features to look into a conversion kit. We see motors with 250W, 500W, and 750W power which means, your motor is going to pour this much of wattage. More Watts means more power and more prices.


Your conversion kit should be durable. It means, it should be made of quality material that stays longer with you. The higher the level of quality of the product is made, the longer it will offer performance.


Speed is another important aspect to give a special look. This determines how faster you will be going after you get ignited. The speed of your bike should be fast enough to substitute the car. So, to get this done, you need to have a conversion kit that is super-fast and helps in going faster.

Battery Versatility:

The versatility of the battery decides the overall quality of your conversion kit. It determines how good your kit is going to be. If your battery can take power from more than one source, it is good as at some point you will have to juice up the battery with the available source. It helps you to find the alternative quickly.

Ease of use:

You desired to buy an electric bike conversion kit just because you are an expert, and want something that is easy to use. No one likes a product that is difficult to install and frustrating in operation. So, try to buy a nice conversion kit that does not frustrate you out during installation.

Not just installation but when you want to dismantle it, it gets removed easily. So, give special attention to how easier the kit is installing.


E-bike conversion kits are noisy. It is hard to grab a kit that is silent and function mutely. It is unsettling to start a motorized bike in public and catches unwanted attention. So, it is especially advised to buy a bike that is silent and offers a smooth, seamless riding experience.

Battery Power:

Battery power is an important aspect to give a special look. You should buy a bike that comes with enough battery power to take you up the destination.

Bikes usually need 12v battery but most of the options we reviewed come with 24V to 72V.

The higher voltages are better as they help in getting the right speed and make you reach the destination faster.

For usual city drive and commuting, a 24V battery is more than enough. But, if you love to explore mounts and tough terrains, go ahead and grab a 48V battery.

Batteries higher than 48V are expensive and most of the experts recommend not buying more than that, as it will be a waste of money.

Final thoughts:

Transitioning a traditional bike into an electric bike is an amazing experience. But, the hunt of buying the tools and gears that help in converting a bike into an e-bike can make or break your whole experience. Try to go deep and read through most single details before buying a kit. Try to read through as much feedback as you can, and buy a kit upon getting fully satisfied.

We can hope this guide helped you steer in the right direction. We can hope this guide will make you buy a product as per your needs and desires. Read through the buying guide section and try to gauge your products on the mentioned threshold.

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