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How to Tell Fake Golden Goose Sneakers?

It would not feel right when you spend your hard-earned money on Golden Goose Sneakers then you find out it is fake. You would want to return it to the seller but you find out you can’t contact the person anymore. Thus, it would be better to prevent that from happening. Just when you thought you purchased the shoe of your dreams, you find out you got scammed. There are a lot of people who take advantage of shoe enthusiasts that they make their own shoes. Do you know how to tell fake Golden Goose Sneakers? Believe it or not, there are a lot of fake ones out there. Good thing, it is not that hard to do as we run down in various ways:

Very Low Price

When a Sneakers’ price is too low from golden goose outlet online shop, you must feel strange about that. It should be competitively priced because Golden Goose uses high-quality materials to make its shoes. Thus, if it is cheap then it must be second-rate. You should never fall for that strategy. They may tell you the shoe is real but it is cheap because it was slightly used. Those reasons are never true so better believe in your guts that the shoe is fake. Whoever the manufacturer is used cheap materials to make the shoes. Unfortunately, the shoes will last as long as your feelings about it. Of course, you can’t expect them to give a warranty. They will tell you the shoes are already cheap. There is a reason why real Golden Goose Sneakers are a great investment. They last a long time and you won’t have to worry about buying another one for quite some time. The same can’t be said for fake Golden Goose Sneakers though. There are some that get damaged after soaking it in the rain. Now, that’s bad news since that is supposed to be one of its purposes.

Makes Strange Noises

The Golden Goose Sneakers are not supposed to make any sounds since they are brand new. Of course, the same can’t be said if they are fake. They will make lots of noises every time you walk them until you are so annoyed. It would be better to avoid hearing these noises altogether by investing in real Golden Goose Sneakers. You may need to spend a lot of money on those items but it is going to be worth it because you won’t hear a single sound. There may come a time when people around you will get mad at you because of the noise your sneakers make. Some people may complain that you woke them up and that is never a good feeling. 

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Made in Other Countries

Perhaps, the most obvious sign that a Golden Goose Sneaker is fake is when you see that it is not made in Italy. If you don’t see a sign that says “Made in Italy” then kindly ask the salesperson where it was made in. If the person says the shoes were made in China or Taiwan then you know they are fake. Golden Goose is known for making everything in Italy. They also get the materials in Italy and nowhere else. Besides, it is one of the reasons why a lot of shoe enthusiasts adore their products. Therefore, they would never change that habit since they don’t want to tarnish their reputation. Since Golden Goose is a local company, they should be loyal to their own country. They would not even think of getting supplies in other countries even if labor there is cheaper. 

Painful Inside

The first thing that comes to mind when someone talks about Golden Goose Sneakers is that they are comfortable. Thus, when you feel the slightest bit of pain while wearing them then you are not dealing with authentic Golden Goose Sneakers. Don’t ignore this pain you are experiencing while wearing the sneakers. The pain can lead to blisters on your foot and that will never look good. Even if you put protection on your foot while wearing the sneakers, you will notice you will still feel the pain. It would be better to not choose these sneakers as they would nothing but a major liability in your closet. Yes, in any case, it would be best to choose authentic products from your trusted manufacturers. Don’t wait until the time that the doctor will prescribe you a bunch of painkillers to take. In fact, the pain may get so bad that you may have a hard time walking.

Strange Look of Golden Goose Logo

You know it is fake when the Golden Goose logo looks strange. If it was Golden Goose that made the sneakers, the last thing they want to happen is for their logo to look bad. It is even possible the logo is placed somewhere where you can’t see it. There is even a possibility that the logo can easily be removed. If it was Golden Goose that was responsible for the sneakers, they would make sure the logo can’t be removed no matter what happens. Yes, they are aware the shoes will be abused so they will do everything in their power that the logo is stuck there as long as the shoe is alive. Also, they would want to make it as good as possible so when other people see how good the shoe is, they will know right away that it is from Golden Goose.

Now that you know how to tell fake Golden Goose Sneakers, you must avoid these things as much as possible. You must only settle for the real ones so you won’t waste your money. It would be alright to spend a lot of money on an authentic one compared to spending a few for a fake one. Since Golden Goose Sneakers are durable, they are worth every penny you spend for them. They look good too so you will feel proud about showing them off to your friends. The sneakers can also be used for different purposes not just walking so it is like an all in one shoe.