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Early Pregnancy Symptoms

If you are expecting a pregnancy, you may experience changes in your body and experience symptoms of early pregnancy. Many women ignore some of the symptoms they feel after conceiving and cannot determine if they are pregnant or not. That is why it is very important to record every change in the body that you are observing to confirm your pregnancy. Many symptoms occur even before conception, but then check the intensity of these symptoms. Follow and inform your doctor in detail. The early stage of pregnancy brings a series of symptoms to all women.

However, not all pregnant women experience the same type of symptoms at an early stage with the same tendency. Your symptoms may not match the symptoms experienced by one of your friends. Therefore, if you forgot any of the symptoms of pregnancy felt by one of your close friends, that does not mean you have any complications. We strive to share our knowledge about pregnancy symptoms that are likely to appear at the beginning of the trimester, which indicates that you are pregnant. Below are some of the symptoms of early pregnancy.

Signs of pregnancy

Every early sign of pregnancy indicates pregnancy. On the other hand, the strange symptoms of pregnancy and unexpected changes in the symptoms of pregnancy may indicate some complications. In this case, do not delay just consult your doctor immediately. It is possible to determine which symptoms are normal and which are not, only if we have a clear idea about the signs of pregnancy. Read our guide on early pregnancy symptoms for information on the appearance of signs of pregnancy. Our information will help you prepare better for pregnancy. So let’s start with the first signs of pregnancy:

Missed periods

Many women feel dizzy and anxious when the dates coincide. The missing period, according to most people and pregnant women, is a clear sign of pregnancy. However, the missing period may also be due to other factors, such as some medications or side effects of treatment, stress, etc. Therefore, you should immediately consult a doctor when the period is delayed, whether it is an early symptom of pregnancy or not. .

Uterine bleeding

Immediately after conception, you may notice slight bleeding that, according to medical experts, is known as implant bleeding. Because the fertilized egg is implanted in the uterine wall, a vaginal spot may appear, which are normal pregnancy symptoms. Below are the signs and symptoms of early pregnancy.

Abdominal cramps

Many pregnant women complain of abdominal pain and uterine contractions that they experience in the period before becoming pregnant. It is also considered a strong indicator of pregnancy.

Tender, Swollen Breasts

If you have sore, inflamed and tender breasts, take them seriously and tell your doctor or perform a pregnancy test at home. Some women experience this every month before the onset of menstruation!

Morning sickness

This is another very common early symptom of pregnancy. Morning sickness is often felt as nausea in the morning and at any time of the day. You may also feel an increased sensitivity to taste and smell due to this nausea in early pregnancy. However, you must distinguish between indigestion and morning sickness.

If you have experienced all the pregnancy symptoms described above, take a home pregnancy kit and undergo a test; If you have any doubtful results, contact your doctor immediately.