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Days of My Life — Michael Park

About Michael Park

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007: Quantum Of Solace

I’ve never been a fan of the 007 franchise, and “Quantum Of Solace” is no exception. As always, he’s a charming womanizer, or, in my opinion, an insouciant chauvinistic pig. I’m very prejudicial about men like that, because it reminds me of someone. I just don’t like the character. As for its plot, I’d have to say it was mediocre.

I rate it C-.

My Thoughts on Afterlife

Instead of believing in Heaven and Hell like a good Catholic should, I believe in karma and reincarnation as they do in Buddhism. Instead of believing in the Bible, I’ve more faith in science and historical evidences/facts. But I do believe in God… whichever form God may be in. And I believe that all religions have some truths in what they teach. I chose Catholicism because of that; they don’t belittle other religions. Besides, Catholicism and Buddhism are similar in many ways — especially in that they respect all religions.

With that said, I believe there’s a dimension that we go to when we leave our physical bodies. The “bright light” that people see when they face death, I believe, is the doorway to that dimension which is similar to what they call purgatory. Rather than a place between Heaven and Hell, that’s where we wait to be reborn, and we can also be reunited with our beloved ones there if we want since time is relative — meaning that a century in our dimension could be only a second there. As for reincarnation, I believe it’s based on our karmic scores; i.e., if you have only 5 out of, say, 100, your choices are limited to insects. Your score gets reset is your next life. However, if you take your own life before you repay all your debts, you have to relive your life exactly up to that point where you ended it prematurely.

Science shows that our brains operate using electricity, so I think it would be safe to say that we transform into pure energy which is what people see as “bright light” and as such, we would be able to form ourselves into anything while we are in that state. This would be why ghosts appear differently in every culture; basically, they “shapeshift” into what they are accustomed to when they were alive.

If we believe there’s nothing after this life, our lives would be meaningless and our society would be chaotic with no moralities.

What do you think about afterlife?

Google PageRank Increase

I don’t know when it happened, but my PageRank jumped to 4 from 0.  This domain is only around 2 months old, so I guess the contents helped.  I’ve also sponsored a few contests with EntreCard credits which earned me lots of backlinks.  This increase means that I can get back into PayPerPost thing again.

However, I’m now receiving Unemployment Benefits, so I don’t want to do anything that could jeopardize my eligibility. There also was something that greatly discouraged me from earning money… which has something to do with this entry. It reminded me of my reality once again, and it stripped me off all the motivation of everything.

I’m sure I’ll get it back soon… I sure hope so. For now, I don’t see the light at the end of this tunnel called life.

Settings Change and MRI

I had another appointment with my neurologist this afternoon for a routine adjustment. He increased the voltage by only .1 on both sides since I’m seeing him more frequently now. In fact, I’m going back in about 5 weeks.

Something very strange happened that never occurred before. While he was working on the implant in my right chest plate which has electrodes going to the right hemisphere of my brain, I was feeling the effects on the opposite hemisphere. He couldn’t explain why.

By the way, he wants me to take an MRI to see if those electrodes are in the right places; i.e., in certain parts of the basal ganglia. If they are not, I may have to go through another brain operation. This will be good for me since I haven’t gotten any major improvements from prior operations over 5 years ago.

Weapon of Mass Destruction

No, this isn’t about George Bush or Saddam Hussein. This is only about a dream. So don’t track me down, FBI. 

In this dream, I was living in a high-rise with my parents. It was around 8PM during Summer as we had our windows wide opened, and I was on the floor watching TV. And suddenly, I heard a loud noise coming from the sky. I looked up, and at first, it appeared to a stealth plane since it was afar. A few moments after, however, it looked like a gigantic black missile with three fins protruding from the two-third length of its body. Something told me it was a nuke.

Before it hit the ground, I thanked my mother for raising me this far, and I think the ol’ man was standing on the veranda smoking his last one. It hit a few miles away. I’d see the flames rushing towards us as it engulfed everything in its path, and I’d actually feel its heat intensifying as it got closer. Yet, I wasn’t afraid of it; in fact, I was mesmerized by its destructive power.

Miraculously, the blast stopped right in front of of the building as if there’s some kind of force field, though our bodies were screaming from the pain. However, another one exploded moments after, and the hungry beast was even faster this time.

Right before it was ready to devour me, I awoke to my reality. Or maybe I was devoured and sent to this hell we call reality.

Unable to Install Printer: Operation Could Not Be Completed

Quite suddenly,  Windows XP coulld not communicate with my trusted old HP LaserJet 5P printer, which I bought over 12 years ago.  I  was stumped as I never had any problems like this before.  To rule out hardware failure, I printed a test page from the printer itself, and it printed it out fine.  Since Windows did detect it, it’s not the cable, either.  Obviously, it was the driver; however, when I tried re-installing it, I kept getting an error saying “Unable to Install Printer: Operation Could Not Be Completed.”  I gave up as it was getting close to midnight.

As soon as I awoke this morning, I googled it and found the answer which solved my problem: REMOVE ALL PRINTER AND FAX DRIVERS.  To do this, follow the instructions below:

  1. Open the Printers (Printers and Faxes on Windows XP) folder
  2. delete all of the printers
  3. click FileServer Properties
  4. select the Drivers tab
  5. for each entry:
    1. select the entry
    2. click Remove

For further information, visit here. Apparently, Windows gets “confused” if there are too many drivers installed.

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