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10 Tips to Buy outdoor dog houses for hot and cold weather

Are you looking for an outdoor doghouse?

If so, you will come across numerous options. The problem is that choosing among such dog houses is no easy task. You have to select one which is suitable for hot and cold weather. Once you do so, it will become easier for you to buy the best outdoor dog houses.

To help you choose between the various options, I will share a few tips that will help you pick the right outdoor doghouse.

Our Top 10 Tips for you to buy the right outdoor dog houses for hot and cold weather

1. Choose the appropriate size

The first thing which you need to look at is the size of the doghouse. You might be thinking, how can the dog house’s size shield the dog from the weather?

If the doghouse is too small, the dog will have to reside partially in the doghouse and partly outside. In that case, the dog will not be insulated from the weather outside. To avoid this problem, it is good to buy an outdoor doghouse a little bigger than your dog. Only, in that case, the dog can comfortably remain inside.

2. Go with a material which can handle weather

When you’re buying a doghouse, it is also essential to look at the doghouse’s construction quality. The construction quality of the doghouse will determine whether it can resist the weather or not.

Most of the dog houses are made from wood or plastic. While wood can handle any weather, but it cannot handle moisture or water. This feature becomes important when you live in a area with heavy monsoons.

Plastic, on the other hand, can handle any weather. Plastic can be water-resistant. The materials matter a lot when you are buying a doghouse.

Once you do so, making the buying decision will be easier for you.

3. Opt for dog house with the insulated floor:

The floor of the doghouse plays a vital role when it comes to weather resistance. Ideally, you should choose a doghouse that has an insulated base.

The insulated floor has multiple advantages. These include:

• The insulated floor ensures that you will not have to worry about the ground temperature at all.

• The insulated floor has multiple layers. The multiple layers increase the lifespan.

• The insulated floor ensures that the dog is at a comfortable height of the ground. The dog can rest easily due to the same.

The primary advantage, however, is that you will not have to worry about the ground temperature. Whether the ground is cold or hot, the dog will always be comfortable.

Owing to this very reason, you have to choose a doghouse which has an insulated floor.

4. Pick a well-ventilated dog house:

Ventilation is integral for outdoor dog houses. The lack of ventilation can cause discomfort to your dog. It might affect the breathing of the dog.

Moreover, in hot weather, the ventilation comes in handy. It will keep the body temperature of your dog on the cooler side. When that happens, your dog will be more comfortable.

Moreover, a well-ventilated doghouse also means that you will not have to worry about stale air being present inside the doghouse.

Most ventilation slots are such that you can close them in the winter season. In the winter season, that will protect your dog against the cold weather outside.

Thus, when you’re buying outdoor dog houses, you should choose one with a high number of ventilation slots.

5. Make sure the roof is weather-resistant:

The roof is the part of the doghouse, which will shield the dog from the weather outside. The quality of the roof matters a lot. Not only that, the shape of the roof matters as well. We will cover all these details below.

• Sloping roofs:

The advantage of sloping roofs is that the amount of space that your dog gets inside the doghouse is on the higher side. Moreover, in the monsoons, the water will slide off easily. On the downside, however, sloping roofs require more maintenance. Not only that, at the corners, the size is reduced.

• Flat roofs:

The advantage of flat roofs is the sturdiness. Flats roofs have a longer lifespan. On the downside, the flat roofs can get heated during the summer.

You might be thinking if both the roofs have their advantages and disadvantages, which one should you choose?

The answer to this is the weather in your area. If the monsoons are heavy, go with a sloping roof. If the summer season is intense, you can go with the flat roof one.

However, irrespective of the type of roofing you’re going with, you have to ensure that it is leakproof and fade resistant. If it can handle UV rays as well, that is a plus.

In a nutshell, you have to choose the doghouse after looking at the type of roof on offer.

6. Removable roof is the best option:

Another feature which you should look for an outdoor doghouse is the removable roof. The advantage of a removable roof is that maintenance is easy. Not only that, in pleasant weather, you can provide more space for your dog.

The removable roof also means that ventilation will not be a problem.

In case you want to clean the doghouse, then a removable roof comes in handy.

As you can see, the advantages of a removable roof in outdoor doghouse are plenty. Owing to this reason, this feature is a must when you’re buying one for hot and cold weather.

7. Complete coverage:

The level of coverage matters a lot. The floor area plays a important role in that case. To protect the dog from the weather outside, the coverage area should be maximum. It should not consist of any features which reduce the coverage area of the outdoor doghouse. Only, in that case, you can your dog will be comfortable in any weather.

8. Quick to dry design:

Showers, as well as drizzles, are common globally. If the doghouse does not dry up quickly, the temperature of the doghouse will reduce. In that case, your dog will also face the chilly weather.

Instead of buying such a doghouse, it is good to buy one that is quick to try.

Not only that, if the house is not quick to dry, it might accumulate water spots. Water accumulation can lead to a lot of problems like:

• Water accumulation can lead to leakage. In that case, the dog will once again be exposed to water.

• Water accumulation can also reduce the structural integrity of the outdoor dog house. In that case, once again, it will be tough for you to continue with the same doghouse.

In a nutshell, you cannot afford to have an outdoor doghouse, which is not quick to dry.

There are a few properties of quick to dry dog houses. These include:

• There should be no spots for water accumulation.

• There should either be proper channels or the dog house’s design should be such that water does not stay in one place.

• Moreover, no gaps should be there in the design of the dog house. In that case, the water will roll-off.

These 3 features ensure that the dog house you are buying can protect your dog in hot and cold weather.

9. Take into account the monsoons:

Monsoons are one of the main problems when you’re buying weather-resistant outdoor doghouses. However, if you make the buying decision carefully, you can still purchase an outdoor monsoon-resistant doghouse. The tips which will help you buy a monsoon resistant dog house include:

• The best way to buy monsoon resistant dog out is to have one which has channels for water sliding off. If it consists of such channels, you will not have to worry about drainage.

• In the monsoons, the raised floor of the dog house also helps a lot. It ensures that even if there is some water accumulation around the doghouse, it will not get through.

• The weather in the monsoon season can get hot and humid. This is where the ventilation slots can come in handy.

• In the monsoons, the weather can get chilly as well. When that happens, the option to close the ventilation slots can keep your dog comfortable.

If the outdoor doghouse has these 4 features, it can handle hot, cold, and rainy weather.

10. Choose one with one or two entry/exit points:

If you’re buying a bigger doghouse, there might be multiple entries and exit points. The problem with the same is that multiple entry/exit points reduce the weather resistance. You have to ideally choose an outdoor doghouse which has just one or two entry and exit points. Doing so, provides weather protection to your dog.

The larger doghouses might seem aesthetically appealing and more comfortable, but the multiple entries and exit points certainly make it challenging to provide weather protection to your dog.

So, when you’re buying outdoor dog houses for hot and cold weather, it is essential to follow these 10 tips. Providing protection and comfort to your dog becomes easy as per these tips. Moreover, it will help you choose a doghouse in an instant. You will not have to worry about going through hundreds of options, either.

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