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Tips for craft show 2020

One of my favorite memories? Participate in the craft fair. Whether it is a women’s fair, a book fair, or a handicraft fair, I like it very much. I like to participate in the fair for several reasons, that is, without my husband and children leaving the house.

Bahaha! I also like winding and browsing, spending time to appreciate and buy other handicrafts, and get new ideas for my home.

I went back to the supplier fair. When I was a kid, I attended countless fairs and helped my mother at her mother’s booth. I will help set craft show canopy up.

Watch this video “Top 10 Craft Show Tips + A Craft Show Planner For You!”(13 mins 45 seconds)

I will give her a booth when she has a rest in the bathroom. I understand the importance of dealing with other suppliers at a slow time. If you plan to participate in your first handicrafts fair as a supplier, you will definitely have to do or not to set up booths and how to interact with customers (and other suppliers)!

Tips for a successful craft fair

When paying the entrance fee for the Craft Fair, the obvious goal is to sell your goods and compensate for your costs (and then some). However, you also want people to remember you and your name so they can find you on your Facebook page, your website, or Etsy, etc. It feels like a boss.

1. Good presentation is important-but don’t overdo it!

I really emphasize my presentation at previous fairs-this is a tip article for every handicraft fair on the Internet! I hope it looks as amazing as the real storefront!

Maybe you will reach the point where it is feasible. But when I could have sold actual things, I wasted a lot of time worrying. My best suggestion? Make great things and make sure people can see it!

Is the sound simplified? Ok! But I saw a lot of stalls with baskets, boxes, stacked small things, and things on them… unless you are right in front of them, you will not see them!

And if people have to browse all items to see them, it will be a serious problem. Most people are walkers. They will go through the booth to check them, but will they work harder?

At least some vertical displays. Your bestseller should be visible in the aisle! For crocheted hats, I put them on the hat rack and large pendant display rack. This is a draw.

Then, when they are close, your other items are easy to see on the table etc. If you have something smaller that is a variation of one thing and you want to put them in a basket, I think that’s good. I suggest you have a display item that is easy to see so that they know what they are looking for in the basket.

In addition to your display, you also want people to see the price! Many people don’t want to ask…but want to know! I used these tags and they are perfect.

2.Guys, happy face!

I am introverted. I like people, but small doses do work for me. Usually, my attendance at a church party on Sunday will make me a whole week. Therefore, when I prepare to participate in the handicraft fair, I will mentally wear my cheerful game face.

You need help, participation, smartness, fun, demeanor…I think I am (ha!), but you have to stay long all day long. Prepare for crazy comments, rude comments, incredibly sweet comments, and some cheek injuries.

Because you must have that kind of smile! Just like you sell products, you are also selling you! If this is natural for you, that would be great! If you just pretend like me, until you succeed.

And it’s not as difficult as I said. You are selling what you love and love! Remember this, it makes it a lot easier. Today, you are the salesman (female) first, then the manufacturer.


The demo is everything! Buyers’ first impressions will be multiple times. When setting up, please consider how your booth will show passers-by. You want to offer a variety of products at various price points without overcrowding your table.

This is not an episode of product, but you definitely want to use all available space-including vertical space.

Take a tablecloth (Walmart’s cheap tablet can also be used) to hang on the table, add depth and “shelf” with wooden crates, add charm with an old opened suitcase, invest in a model, change the old photo frame to chicken binding The metal wire on the back is used for hanging items (with mini-drying), etc… The more attractive your booth (and not overcrowded), the better.

4.Mirror, mirror, on the wall

Provide a mirror! I can’t tell you how many times I have left if I have personally witnessed a product that I may have purchased. Try to use a frame instead of a hand-held mirror to prepare a mirror of the right size (full length if possible).

Of course, if it is not possible to use a large mirror, then holding a mirror is better than nothing, but again-display is everything. If you don’t have a cute decorative mirror yet, please watch the sale at Hobby Lobby, Michael’s or Joann’s (or use a coupon!), and then pick one!

5.Promote your business

I cannot overemphasize the importance of having business cards in multiple places. When packing purchased items, put a stack in front of the table and put one in the bag. If they do not shop, you can also give them a business card from the convenient Dandy stack.

There are many places to find cheap business cards online. Make sure to include finding your location online and how to contact you. Craft fair tips and tricks

6.All prices

As a customer, I don’t want to ask for prices. In fact, most of the time I don’t ask, but go directly. Don’t do this to your customers or yourself!

Want a better pricing method? Use your business card as your price tag (but some are also available in the stack). Create a small hole to pierce and fasten your item.

Think of it this way: if someone likes your job enough to pay you, then they will automatically get a business card and then delete it (and hope to hide it in a wallet, wallet, etc.). For me, this is better than just throwing the card into the bag and then throwing it away.

7.Don’t control yourself

Available but not impatient. My main craft is always crocheting, so I must bring yarn and hooks and crochet while standing in the booth. (I try not to sit, because I may fall when I am bored), which allows me to attend and ask questions, but does not make shoppers feel too face-saving. In addition, I am creating more products!

In addition, interaction with customers is key. When I shop, I want to be alone, but I also want to know if I have any questions about supplier accessibility (can you use other colors? etc.).

However, when I was on the other side of the table, my approach was different. Make eye contact, smile and say hello, and read each other’s reactions. Their body language will tell you if they want to have a further conversation or just shop.

Love life

It should be (and often is) fun to sell at a handicraft fair. You will meet new friends, see new places, and hope to make money.

However, handicraft exhibitions can also be frustrating. Despite the best preparations, you never know how much money you will make or whether you will make money.

It is important to understand that the performance may be a bomb. Therefore, it is hopeful that the information in this article will help you guide you in the right direction.