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Adva Cms – The Cutting Edge Rails Cms Plattform

About Adva CMS

Adva-cms is a cutting edge open source application platform based on Ruby on Rails and Rails Engines. Different from others, adva-cms lives in vendor directory and keeps your main app directory clean and dandy. So you can reclaim app directory and use it only for your own application files. adva-cms makes it extensible: you can only pick those engines/features you really need for your application and omit the rest. All engines are designed to work together seamlessly, so the whole platform feels much more consistent for similar but separate Rails applications.

Adva-cms 0.3.0

This month, we’ve added a new role based access control (RBAC) library, so you can now set global roles for users.

We’ve also enhanced added the following enhancements:

* improve adva_comments and assets decoupling from adva_cms
* Permalinks unique by section [Alan Gutierrez]
* Documentation: git_tips.txt [priit.mx.ee]
* Add newsletter breadcrumb when browsing issues/subscriptions

and the following changes:

* location of projection-CSS changed.

Have fun!

adva-cms is an open source cms platform based on Ruby on Rails and Rails Engines.

Adva-cms 0.2.4: Tiny but oh, so awesome!

This month we have a tiny bug fix release with a couple of nice features. We fixed some bugs related to postgresql and we added optimistic locking to the articles and wikipages on the backend. Also this release introduces relative symlinks for assets! So when you deploy to your production server you do not need to worry about having your local paths on asset symlinks, awesome. Oh, and we also have an alternate admin layout that should fix the nasty IE 7 bugs!

What changed?

  • Have you edited an article and asked other user to proof read it? After corrections you add something little and save, just to realize that you overwrote the changes your proof reader did. Well, no more! We now have optimistic locking for articles and for wikipages. If somebody changes the content, then you have to have the most updated version of the content to be able to update it, awesome.
  • Have you ever had an urge to create couple of dozen of categories for your single article? We haven’t. And we thought it would be pretty awesome if you would not do it either. So whenever you are on single article mode, you cannot create categories on that section.
  • Did you ever strain your mouse finger when you wanted to create a new section and have it published? We did. So, whenever you create a new section, it is published by default! Awesome.
  • It is know issue that adva-cms does not work very well with IE browsers. We have now an alternative layout that should fix layout problems when you are using IE 7. If you want to try it out you can just copy admin_alternate.html.erb from engines/adva_cms/app/views/layouts/admin_alternate.html.erb to your app/views/layouts directory and rename it as admin.html.erb. If you decide to do so, we would be happy to hear any feedback about it! You can write your feedback to our mailing-list or you can contact us at irc too! Oh, and if you were wondering something twisted, here is the answer: No, we do not support any earlier versions of IE. IE fix was contributed by Galen King, thanks!
  • Ever frustrated about your local paths showing on the symlinked adva engines at your production machine? Now assets have relative symlinks and you can deploy to your production server without worries that the symlink paths would be incorrect! That’s also awesome.
  • Fixed sql count query on tags and taggins with postgresql. Contributed by Joseph Ridgway, thanks!
  • Fixed translation scopes for extensible form builder
  • Fixed db migration file to play nice with postgresql
  • Fixed optimistic locking with postgresql

Plans for the future

  • Revisiting RBAC. This one is currently on development and it will be released on one of the following releases!
  • Revisiting i18n keys
  • Namespacing adva-cms to prevent name clashes with your app
  • And much more!

Support and contribution

We are still more than happy to receive any new translations of adva-cms from you guys! Also you can contribute to our guide!

For any questions regarding adva-cms please drop by in #adva-cms @ irc.freenode.net or send an email to our mailing-list. We are happy to help you!

Adva-cms2 0.0.7, The Bond, adva-Bond release

Okay, there is no adva-Bond engine…yet, and adva-cms2 does continue to serve us well. This sprint there are more substantial changes to help us further develop our latest client projects and other not yet public engines. Here’s the summary:

  • Improve support for ordering in controllers and cucumber steps (should be moved to models).
  • Move csrf_meta_tag to base layout.
  • Fix dependency to patched Arel version in simple_nested_set.
  • Allow nested tags in step_definition for: when i follow “foo” the the row where [header] is “bar”
  • Fix adva:engine generator to use resources (plural) in generated routes.rb
  • Fix tables_differ_messages
  • Fix “in no particular order” step
  • Fix timezonify transformation to not break when given date is blank or ‘-’
  • Reorganize test/test_helper.rb and features/env.rb files so that the engine generator works better for engines outside of the adva-cms2 repository
  • Extend common cucumber step to allow negation
  • Refactor common cucumber step for better failure message
  • Add an assert_html assertion (same thing as assert_select but the generated html can be passed manually)

That’s it! Until next time.

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