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Apartment Community – Our Lady of the Snows Shrine

About Apartmentcommunity

The Apartment Community of Our Lady of the Snows has provided carefree, purposeful retirement living for people of all faiths for more than 35 years.Once you choose to live here, you need never worry about moving again.We have excellent assisted living and skilled nursing care on-site to meet your needs for life.

As a ministry of the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate, we live out their spirit and values on our campus at the National Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows – the perfect setting for those who wish to deepen their faith and rekindle their hopes. We are the only retirement community located on the grounds of a national Catholic shrine.

The peace and security enjoyed by our residents is hard to find elsewhere. From our private location and our bond with the Oblates, you’ll experience a sense of assurance and confidence. The many services we offer – more than other facilities – support your independence and free you to pursue that which makes your life meaningful. Our lifestyle is well within your reach: We offer a variety of truly affordable retirement plans, all without entry fees.

Retirement living means something different for everyone. Life at the Apartment Community means having the resources and the people around you to make retirement exactly what you want it to be. Would you like to know more about the possibilities?

Convincing Your Spouse: Is It Time to Move? Navigating the Pros and Cons Together

Moving can be a significant decision that affects not only you, but also your spouse and family. When you feel it’s time to relocate, it’s essential to bring your spouse along in the decision-making process. In this article, we explore ways to discuss, evaluate, and decide on a move together.

Weighing the Pros and Cons

Better job opportunitiesLeaving familiar surroundings
Closer proximity to familyNew expenses (moving, housing)
Change of pace/scenerySeparation from friends
Improved lifestyle/amenitiesDisruption to children’s education

Open Communication

Discuss your thoughts and reasons for desiring a move with your spouse. Encourage them to share their opinions, apprehensions, and expectations. Active listening and respectful dialogue establish a strong foundation for collaboration.

Location Research

Investigate potential cities or towns based on shared priorities, including cost of living, career options, schools, healthcare facilities, cultural activities, and recreation. Present your findings to your spouse, allowing them to contribute to the selection process.

  • Cost of Living Index – Compare prices of housing, groceries, utilities, transportation, and healthcare
  • Job Market Analysis – Examine employment rates, industry trends, and salary ranges
  • Education System Evaluation – Review school district ratings, class sizes, extracurricular offerings, and special needs resources
  • Healthcare Accessibility – Identify hospitals, clinics, and specialists nearby
  • Quality of Life Assessment – Analyze crime statistics, traffic conditions, climate data, and leisure options

Visiting Potential Locations

Schedule trips to top contenders, exploring neighborhoods, dining at local eateries, and experiencing everyday life. Firsthand exposure often solidifies decisions and generates enthusiasm.

During the Visit

  • Attend community events or festivals
  • Speak with locals about their experiences
  • Investigate real estate options and rental availability
  • Drive around different areas, noting commute times and access to amenities

Overcoming Fears and Anxieties

Recognize and address concerns voiced by your spouse. Provide reassurance and assistance throughout the transition.

Common Worries

  • Financial stability
  • Career prospects
  • Social isolation
  • Children’s adjustment
  • Leaving behind cherished places and relationships

The Benefits of Starting Fresh

Highlight the advantages of embarking on a new journey, such as personal development, forming new friendships, and discovering novel interests.


Deciding to move is a considerable commitment that impacts the entire household. By engaging in open discussions, conducting thorough research, visiting prospective locations, addressing concerns, and emphasizing the rewards of change, couples can arrive at a mutual understanding and agreement regarding their next steps. Remember, teamwork and compromise pave the way for successful transitions.


There are so many activities going on here to fill your days – giving you the opportunity to try new and different things! You can be as involved as you like, or just take advantage of quiet time in your apartment! People here are so friendly that all the new folks you meet will quickly seem like old friends!

Take a look at the opportunities available to you, if you choose!

• Activities scheduled for every day
• Trips and tours to local and regional attractions
• Monthly cocktail parties
• Coffee hours weekly
• Holiday parties and dances
• Musicians and entertainers
• Movie nights on-site
• Card and game nights
• Birthday bingo
• Resident rhythm band
• Line dancing club
• Computer classes
• Low vision support group
• Bible study weekly
• Shopping
• Exercises, both chair exercises and tai chi
• Arts and crafts group
• Volunteer opportunities on and off-site
• Book Club

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