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Top 5 best bathtubs of 2020 for baby

When it comes to babies, parents are always trying their best to take care of the babies and to keep them safe in the best ways possible. The food of the babies, their clothes, their nap time, their play time and everything has to be properly scheduled and bath time is one of the most important components of the hygiene of the babies and it also makes them relaxed. Finding a bath tub for bath time can be difficult with so many options available so we have picked out the five best bath tube of 2020 for babies so that you don’t have trouble in finding the best one. Your warm and fuzzy little cutie needs a baby bathtub, so let’s have a detailed look at them.

Without any further wait, let’s move on to the best bathtubs of 2020 for baby:

1.The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn to Toddler Tub, Teal

The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn to Toddler Tub, Teal

Whether you are looking for a blue bathtub or pink, this bathtub by the first years is available in two colors. It is greatly known for its ergonomic design and how comfortable it is for the baby and the parent. It even comes with an infant hammock so that it can hold the baby easily without causing any discomfort. The toddlers have enough space to play and have fun during bath time. If you are looking for a bathtub for your baby that is cute, comfy and functional then you should invest money into this.

Technical Details:

Product Dimensions: 29 x 15.2 x 9 inches

Item Weight: 2.35 pounds

Major Features:

  1. One-piece design: This bath tub is a one-piece design so that it is transitioning between stages easy.
  2. Adjustable newborn sling: The adjustable newborn sling comes with it to provide safety and support.
  3. Drain Plug: The drain plug is easy for water drainage.
  4. Non-slip pads: The bath tub consists of non-slip pads that resist the slipping of the tub.
  • Attractive appearance
  • Can be used for infants, toddlers, and even newborns
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes with non-slip pads
  • Some people might find the sling uncomfortable and uneasy

2.PRIMO EuroBath, Pearl White

PRIMO EuroBath, Pearl White

The next bathtub that we have is the PRIMO eurobath bath tub for babies, it is available in three colors. One is blue, one is pink and another one is white. It is quite popular because of its safety support forearm and legs. You will be able to comfortably clean up your baby with it. The coolest thing is that it is the largest baby bath tun available, it even comes with compartments for shampoo, sponges and toys. It also drains easily, so we highly recommend this baby bathtub because of the convenience and ease that it provides to the parents.

Technical Details:

Product Dimensions: 36 x 21 x 10 inches

Item Weight: 3.5 pounds

Major Features:

  1. Unique anatomical shape: The unique anatomical shape of this bath tub comes with safety supports for the forearms and legs of the baby.
  2. Two bathing positions: This bath tub is great for babies of 0-24 months of age because of its two bathing positions.
  3. Compartments: This baby bathtub comes with two compartments in which you can keep the shampoo and baby toys.
  • BPA free and lead free
  • Prevents slipping
  • Easy to drain and clean
  • Largest baby bath tub
  • It ensures safety however; it doesn’t have much room to play

3. Fisher-Price Rainforest Bath Center

Fisher-Price Rainforest Bath Center

Next up we have the Fisher price bathtub for babies. It is a super cute design itself, you baby would love the bath time because of its design and also, it comes with cute little accessories such as a squeeze bottle and whale scoop which can be used for gentle rinsing. The best part of this whole baby bathtub is the “sit-me-up’ support. Sometimes, the babies may like the bath while siting up so you can even do that with the help of this bathtub. Looking for a super cute bathtub? Well this one is a great choice.

Technical Details:

Product Dimensions: 17.8 x 9.8 x 30.5 inches

Item Weight: 4.55 pounds

Major Features:

  1. Convertible bath center: It is a four-stage convertible bath center so it is great for infants and toddlers both.
  2. Mesh sling: The mesh sling is great for infants; the parents can comfortably clean up new born babies.
  3. Baby stopper: The baby stopper prevents the babies from slipping while they are in water.
  4. Sit-me-up support: The babies can have a shower while they are sitting up.
  • Provides room to the babies so that they can play
  • Makes bath time less stressful
  • Easy to drain and dry
  • It can be easily stored as well
  • If the sit-me-up support or the baby support is not placed properly, it may end up injuring the toes of the baby.

4.Angelcare Baby Bath Support, Aqua

Angelcare Baby Bath Support, Aqua

If you have been looking for a super handy yet functional bathtub for your baby then this one by angelcare is great. It is made with mesh material which is why it is easy to drain and it can be used directly in the bathtub. It has an ergonomic design, designed for the baby’s comfort and safety. It is even easy to store because of the loop that it has, with the loop you can hang it up on the shower. It is highly recommended for people who want a simple yet safe bathtub for babies.

Technical Details:

Product Dimensions: 23 x 13.2 x 8. Inches

Item Weight: 1.5 pounds

Major Features:

  1. Soft Mesh: This bathtub is manufactured with soft mesh which allows easy drainage of water.
  2. Soft bottom lip: This baby bathtub can be directly placed in the bathtub so it can be accessed easily.
  • Easy to store
  • Comes with a built-in hook so it can be stored conveniently
  • It is durable and lightweight
  • Maintains its shape over time
  • It doesn’t have space for the baby to play around

5.Skip Hop Moby Three-Stage Baby And Toddler Bath Tub , Grey

Skip Hop Moby Three-Stage Baby And Toddler Bath Tub , Grey

Lastly, we have the skip hop moby three stage bath tub, it available in two colors one is grey and the other one is blue. It is great for infants and toddlers both. A mesh sling comes with this bathtub so the parents can bathe the baby easily without any struggle. It has a cute shape which makes it attractive. If you are looking for a bathtub that is safe and comfortable to use then you should definitely try this one.

Technical Details:

Product Dimensions: 27.5 x 1 x 11.5

Item Weight: 3 pounds

Major Features:

  1. Non-slip interior: This baby bathtub prevents the baby from slipping while bathing.
  2. Three stages: As the baby grows, the need of the bathtub changes, so the bathtub can be adjusted according to the need of the baby.
  3. Mesh smart sling: The sling makes sure that the baby is able to bathe easily without any discomfort.
  • Cute design
  • Available in two colors
  • Can be adjusted according to the age of the baby
  • Durable
  • The size is not very big

We are quite certain that by looking the detailed descriptions of these products, you will be able to find one that suits your need the most. However, to help you find the best of the best bath tubs, lets go through the buying consideration.

Buying Considerations:


The first thing that comes to mind when you are in the process of buying something is the price. Similarly, we want you to consider the price first and this is because, there are different bathtubs for babies and each of them has a different price. So, before you are finally making the decision, make sure to check out the price and know what you are specifically looking for.

Safety support

The next important thing that has to be considered is the safety support of the bathtub for babies. Bathing your baby can be stressful because you are constantly worried about your baby and you have to be super careful during the whole process. However, if you have a baby bathtub that provides safety support to the legs or the forearms of the baby, or if it comes with a mesh sling, then you will have a little peace of mind and the bathing process will become less stressful.

Non-slip base and interior

To ensure even more safety of the baby, make sure that you get your hands on a baby bathtub which has a non-slip base and non-slip interior. This will prevent your baby from slipping while bathing. Slipping can cause accidents and injuries so to avoid any accidents, a non-slip base is very important.

 Transitioning between stages

There are bathtubs which are only designed for infants, then there are bathtubs which are good for toddlers. It can be very stressful and hefty on the pocket to spend money bathtubs while the baby is growing. So, get yourself a baby bathtub that transitions between stages so that you can use a single baby bathtub for a good two years while your baby is growing. The infants can be bathed on the mesh sling, the baby stopper can also be used while the baby is growing. For a toddler, the sit me up support can be used and the baby can play in the water as well.


Then comes the durability, you have to make sure that the bathtub is made with materials that are strong and are able to deal with water exposure. If the tub will be made with high quality materials then it will for sure last you for quite a while and then you can use it for your other babies too. A broken or a not properly functional baby bathtub is of no use to you so make sure that you have a look the features and functioning before you buy.

Easy storage

When it comes to babies, there is so much stuff that you need to take care of them and the space becomes occupied. So, you need a bathtub that can be stored easily and somewhere where it is easily accessible. Most of the baby bathtubs comes with a loop on top so you can hang them somewhere in the bathroom. Also, if you have any other space where you can store the bathtub then you can do that as well.

Easy drainage

The next thing is easy drainage, sometimes the baby bathing process is easy but cleaning the baby bathtub is so difficult and time consuming because the soap and shampoo sticks to it. So, you need to have a bathtub that has a drain hole or a mesh base so that the soapy water can be easily drained and then you can easily dry the bathtub. You surely don’t want dirty water stagnant in the tub.

Color options and design

Lastly, the color and design totally depend upon your personal preference. There are quite a few bathtubs available in various colors and designs. There are super adorable ones, which come in cute shapes and colors. This is completely your choice and your liking. You can get your hands on the color and design that you like the most as there are many options available.


The aim of this article was to give you brief yet knowledgeable information about the baby bathtubs that are available for you to purchase. There are so many of them and each one of them has distinct features and distinct functioning. So, this article consists of the 5 best ones so that you know which ones are worthy of investment. We hope that this article will help you in comparing and contrasting different baby bathtubs with their pros and cons and you will be able to make a final decision. We wish you a very best of luck! Let’s get bathing with your warm and fuzzy little one.