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Top 10 Best Booster Seats for eating with your baby at dinner Table [reviews] buying Guide 2020

There are very few things as entertaining and exciting as beholding your kid learning to eat solid food. From their first bit after withdrawn of mother’s milk to the messes they create during self-feeding, everything is an adventure in itself. 

When they pass one year old, their enthusiasm for the high chairs begins to fade out. They really do not like eating away from the rest of the family. They want to be included in the family dinner and for that; they sometimes knowingly spread the mess.

So, to get that sorted out and make your little baby take part in the family’s dining, you need to buy a booster seat for eating with your baby at the dinner table. But many parents do not like the idea of buying a booster seat for eating because they think the high chair is serving the purpose rightly. But, booster seats are more compact, easy to clean, easy to set-up, and closer to the dining table. They fit into a full-size chair and help baby self-feed in a better way compare to the high chair.

Best booster seat for the table:

It is really overwhelming to buy a booster seat these days. Myriad options are thrown upon us, and it becomes near to impossible for a new parent to pick which one suits their baby needs the best. So, to help you find a perfect booster seat for eating for the baby we have come up with a separate guide. The guide will review top products available on the market right now, and in the end, section will make you learn things to look in a booster seat. Without a further delay, let’s get started and see the top products available.

1) Fisher-Price Healthy Care Booster Seat

Fisher-Price Healthy Care Booster Seat

If you are looking for a long time investment in baby booster seat then look no further your option is quite evident. The Fisher-Price designed baby booster seat for the table grows with your baby and helps you enjoy the features for a long time. It is a full functional booster seat but you can place it on flood while your baby is eating. It converts into a high chair due to its three adjustable trays. Use it as a normal boosting seat and transition it into a high seat, no problem in baby boosting seat transitioning into a high seat.

The booster seat offers full proof security from insects and germs. It comes with a Snap-On lid that prevents your baby from dangerous insects and germs. The Snap-On lid is detachable and dishwasher safe. So, clean it up without going through a big hiccup, an added bonus for the moms around the globe.

The booster comes with secure straps that attach it onto any chair. It also has to share a cup holder that prevents your baby from spreading any Spill.

Some buyers mentioned that the straps should have been sturdier; they are in fact comfortable and help you to strap the booster onto any chair. There are no other negative remarks or disadvantages witnessed about the booster seat, so get hands on it to have your little bundle of joys around you while dining.

What we like:

  • Straps fit most sizes of the chair
  • It grows with your baby
  • Trays are dishwasher safe
  • Cup holder

Our verdict:

The Fisher-Price innovatively designed the finest piece of the booster seat. It is a booster seat that transitioned into a high chair easily. It comes with three adjustable trays, trays are dishwasher safe. Its straps attach to most of the sizes of the chair, so overall a good option to help you get the job done.

2) OXO Tot Nest Booster Seat with Straps

OXO Tot Nest Booster Seat with Straps

If you are looking for a booster seat for eating for your baby we have got another great option. The option is comfortable; it ensures your baby gets ultimate comfort during the dinning time. With the chair onboard, you ensure that there are no slipping feet or falling down happens. It offers you ultimate security from insects and germs; they do not get onto your baby’s feet. It has to share a soft seat so that your baby enjoys dining time within great comfort. So, if comfort is your main concern, the OXO TOT Nest Booster seat stands out in the crowd.

The innovatively designed booster seat comes with a three-point harness. That ensures the movability of the baby safer and secure. It is no doubt a sturdy construction; it lasts long and grows with your kid.

The seat is comfortable no doubt, but extensive use of the seat may cause condensation or sweating. So, it should not be used as a high-chair, as your baby would not love seating into it for a long time.

What we like:

  • It is easy to clean
  • Ultimate comfortable
  • High backrest
  • Easy to adjust
  • Three-point harness

Our verdict:

As long as the comfort, secure, and safe movability is concerned, the innovatively designed booster seat stands out in the crowd. It comes with a three-point harness for easier movability. It is going to last longer than other premium range booster, in other words, it grows with your baby. So, it is a one-time investment, get hands onto it and you are not going to regret the decision.

3) Ingenuity SmartClean Toddler Booster Seat

Ingenuity SmartClean Toddler Booster Seat

We should give our kids the freedom to eat themselves even though the result of that could be lots of messes. Parents tolerate and adore the process of eating and learning. So, if your baby is sitting by himself at the age of six and ready to be fitted on a booster seat leaving high-seat, get the Ingenuity designed smart clean booster seat.

Your kid can start learning solid food using this chair. It comes in modern slat and neutral flit design to fit any house interior.

The booster seat is designed to have messes and spillages in mind. It makes spillages and cleaning a breeze for parents due to its latest design.

The booster seat comes with detachable foam as many kids do not like sitting on the foam chair anymore, due to their long experience of sitting on high-seat. If things get messy, cleaning it up would not be an issue, cleaning would be just a wipe away.

Aside from the ease of cleaning, comfort is another thing that you should pay special focus to. It comes with padded seating, which means your kid is going to enjoy a comfortable seating experience with ample support.

Its three-point harness lets the movability easier. The harness gives you peace of mind, as you would not have to worry that your kid is going to fall down, it keeps your baby safe.

The booster seat serves more than one purpose. You can use it as a booster eats to work at the dining table as well as take it on the trips as well. It is foldable, would not halt any issue, just three pounds of weight makes it easier to carry around.

What we like:

  • Three-point harness
  • Comfortable
  • Convenient to carry around
  • Easy to clean
  • Detachable foam

Our verdict:

If you are looking for a versatile option in a booster seat for eating, you get the right product. The booster seat serves more than one purpose and helps you to carry it around to use anywhere. It is easy to carry, easy to clean, easy to assemble. Cleaning the messes would be just one wipe away, the removable foam helps you to have more than one seating option for your baby. It is a safer option to go with prevents your baby from insects and germs due to its secure fitting.

4) Bumbo Multi Booster Seat and High Chair

Bumbo Multi Booster Seat and High Chair

Bumbo is a known name in the field of baby care product manufacturing. The brand is there for years now and earns a big reputation in the niche. Yes, its products are high price compare to the other brands but their products deserve that price due to high-quality construction and longevity.

This seat is a new and improved version of the original Bumbo Multi-seat. The seat serves multi-purpose due to its sleek and innovative design. It has to share a multifunctional seat that transitions into a hair chair and converts into a booster seat for eating. The seat can also be used as a Bumbo Floor seat to make you feed your baby on the floor.

The feeding booster seat option offers you a clean feeding process. The feeding seat comes with a tray that store on the back. You get that tray open and feed your baby like never before, and store that back.

It comes with secure retractable chair straps that are stored on the side of the chair. The straps are safe, keep your active baby safe and secure even when he insisted not on eating tomatoes.

The seat comes with foam installed to render a comfortable eating experience. The foam can be removed to accommodate the baby when he grows.

What we like:

  • Feeding tray
  • The tray stores on the back
  • Multi-functional chair
  • Retractable safe chair straps

Our verdict:

It is a hands-down option for the parents looking for a multifunctional chair. The chair is used as a floor seat, booster seat, and a feeding seat. The feeding tray is a great add-on. It stores on the back and offers a convenient feeding experience. Yes, it is a bit pricey and comes in hands at a good price. It is a nice option if you can afford the price and look for a multi-functional booster chair.

5) Summer Deluxe Comfort Folding Booster

Summer Deluxe Comfort Folding Booster

If you are running short of money and looking for a sturdy option in the best booster seat for eating with your baby at the dinner table, look no further, you have landed on the right product. The summer Deluxe Folding booster chair acts as a 2 in 1 chair. It transitions into a booster seat and serves the purpose as an infant feeding seat or high chair you can say. The baby booster seat grows with your baby in toddler year and helps them to take their place in the dinner table when times come.

The seat starts as an infant feeding seat or high chair and offers to feed detachable tray. You can feed your infant without causing him to spread any mess or spill. It comes with a three-point harness to help you keep the baby safe and secure.

When the baby grows, it converts into a booster seat letting your baby take his place at the dinner table. It comes with sturdy straps that let you attach it onto the chair safely.

The chair has to share machine washable content. You can remove the cover anytime and get it cleaned up. The chair is easy to assemble and fold and easy to transport as well.

The star of the show feature of the booster seat is none other than its price point. It comes in hands at really a small price compared to the others and shares an extensive range of features.

What we like:

  • 2 in 1 seat
  • Easy to fold and transport
  • Cheap price range
  • Machine washable content

Our verdict:

It is a hands-down option for someone looking for a sturdy booster seat at a cheap price range. It is a 2 in 1 seat that alters into an infant feeding seat to a baby booster for eating. It is made of high-quality content and shares very little weight. It folds quite seamlessly and helps users to transport it without going through any big hiccup.

7) Chicco Pocket Snack Booster Seat

Chicco Pocket Snack Booster Seat

Security and safety are some of the most important attributes we look into a baby booster for eating. We pay special focus to this feature for a reason. If a product gives extra importance to this attribute and makes the seat extra stable, we always weigh that more than others. So, if security and safety are your main concern, and you are looking for an extra stable option we have the right product to present before you. Chicco Pocket Snack Booster seat adorns with the highest grade security and safety for your little bundle of joys.

The seat comes with four fold-out metal legs that offer extra miles of sturdiness with non-slippery features. The metal legs further incorporate rubber feet that work fine with the straps and prevent the system from going on unwanted drives. It would not go anywhere unless you want it to go. It is a great booster chair for kids up to 50 pounds. It comes removable and washable trays that help you to serve your baby food at three different positions or you can say at different stages. It grows with your baby and helps them enjoy dinners at the table.

What we like:

  • Non-slipper rubber feet
  • Metal constructed rubber legs
  • Removable washable trays
  • Easy to clean up

Our verdict:

It is one of the sturdiest options in a booster seat for eating. The seat serves its purpose and offers extra features to help you offer a secure and safe environment for your baby. Its legs are made of metal legs with rubber feet that prevent unnecessary movements. It grows with your baby and helps you fit-in the chair for a long time.

7) OXO Tot Perch Booster Seat with Straps

OXO Tot Perch Booster Seat with Straps

If you love the comfort and design of OXO Booster seat but are not comfortable going on without straps, get hands-on OXO Tot Perch Booster seat with straps. It comes with adjustable straps that let you enjoy dining with your little bundle of joys without letting him spill or spread the mess. When your little baby gets more independent and learns the table manners, you can unhook the straps and let him be. The booster seat is recommended for the kids up to 15 months old. It is made of high-quality material and renders ultimate comfort akin to the OXO booster seat.

It has to share one-click fold for easier portability and integrated handles make you carry it on trips as well. Its cushion is thick, comfortable and your baby would love sitting on it for long hours. The cushion is removable, so when your baby grows, get it removed to give him more space.

The booster seat lies on the chairs quite securely without passing any skidding. Its feeds do not show any skidding so you will have peace of mind when your baby is eating with you at the dining table.

What we like:

  • Thick cushion
  • Removable straps
  • One-click fold
  • No skidding feed

Our verdict:

The booster seat is more useable if your kid has gone independent and learns table manners. Although it comes with the straps for the babies up to five months old, these straps would not be secure. Yes, for the babies up to one year old, the straps are good to go. It comes with thick cushioning that helps your baby to have a comfortable eating experience without any disturbance.

8) Graco Swivi Seat 3-in-1 Booster

Graco Swivi Seat 3-in-1 Booster

If you are looking for a multifunctional booster seat that could also be altered into infant feeding seats, get your hands on Graco Swivi Booster seat. That’s something; you might not have used or listened to before. It shares an innovative design, get it on board when you need an infant high chair of baby feeding seat and it goes along with you even when your infant turns toddlers to be able to take its place at the dining table.

It can also be used in the infant cradle recline and an infant booster. So, use it as a booster seat when your baby is ready and remove those trays.

Its infant baby features support baby weight up to forty pounds and its toddler boost features support weight around 50 pounds.

The infant feeding chair that turns into baby booster comes in hands at a high price. But, it is the only product you need to buy after buying this; you will not have any need to buy any other chair.

It comes with thick padding, the pads are removable and machine washable. Its tray is also removable and dishwasher safe. The trays get detachable using just one hand; it’s a lifesaver when your hands are controlling your baby.

The star of the show feature of this chair is none other it’s a swivel that turns like a bar stool. By using this feature, your baby can turn from one parent to the other and witness your cooking food in the kitchen.

What we like:

  • 3 in 1 functionality
  • Removable tray
  • Thick padding
  • Machine washable pads
  • Dishwasher safe tray
  • The recline has a five-point harness

Our verdict:

If you can afford a big price and hunt for a multi-functional baby booster, get your hands on this product. The product comes at a big price but its features worth the price. It comes with removable trays, which is removable with one hand. The paddings are thick and can be removed for machine washing. It comes with three to five harness points to hold in your little baby. It is a good-to-go option if you need a package that integrates high-end features.

9) Summer SecureSeat Chair & Hook-On Booster

Summer SecureSeat Chair & Hook-On Booster

It is not just a booster seat that you can attach onto a chair at the dining table. It gives you options such as you can secure the booster to a kitchen or dining table or secure it on a countertop. You can choose the option with or without a dishwasher safe tray, with different price ranges. It also comes with a comfortable thick seat cushion that is removable and machine washable. In the case of spills and messes, you can easily remove the seating and machine wash. Or if your baby is grown up to one year old, and he needs more space, by removing the padding you can give him more space into the seat.

The seat is also helpful when you are traveling. It comes with the features that let you attach the seat with the table in the restaurant. It is easy to fold and transport. It is a great booster for most of the families and it fills the bills with more than one option offers.

I really loved its design as well. The neutral, modern color gamut works for girls and boys and blends with most of the decors at home.

What we like:

  • Good for traveling
  • Attaches with table easily
  • Machine washable padding
  • Thick comfortable padding
  • It secures on the countertops as well

Our verdict:

If you travel a lot and need a booster to help your baby joins you dinning at more than one location, get your hands on this product. It comes relatively cheaper price range and the specs at this price deems downright steal. It secures onto the countertops as well as attaches to most of the tables.

10) The First Years On-The-Go Booster Seat

The First Years On-The-Go Booster Seat

If you are a parent that loves to travel and roam around the world, you need an on the go booster seat. The booster seat that you could carry along easily, and the one which helps you to attach the booster to any table in the restaurant. If that’s your criterion for a booster seat for eating for baby, that’s the right option to go with.

Whether you are on a trip and want to eat in an open field, or have reached a restaurant to enjoy the dinner, the seat serves the purpose. You can carry the booster seat and connect it to any dining table without going through any big hiccup.

It is actually an inflatable seat. It will take a tiny space out of your bag or you can put it up in a big size diaper bag. When you want to use it, just get it out and open the air valve and it will convert into a full-size booster seat.

It shares four inches tall height and offers a three-point harness to keep your baby in the place. It also has to share a bottom strap and back strap to secure the seat onto the chair. When your baby is done with the eating, just deflate it and zip it up in the carrying case. It is a breeze to carry along; you would not even feel having a booster seat.

What we like:

  • Inflatable design
  • Three-point harness
  • Straps to attach to the tables
  • It straps onto any size table easily
  • Easy to carry along

Our verdict:

For parents to love exploring the beauty of the world or those who have to remain on the go for the business, the booster option is the hands-down products. It comes with the features that support traveling; it attaches to most of the table and comes with all security nuts and bolts. It shares an inflatable design, which makes it easy to store and carry around. So, if you are the one who travels a lot, get hands-on this product.

What to look for when buying a booster seat for eating with your baby at dinner table?

Buying a booster seat for a baby is more like buying a high chair. You cannot just pick any product without evaluating them. There are several factors that come into play when buying the best option. In this tiny section, we will try to make you learn the top things that make a baby booster stand out.

Safety Features:

Safety features are the most important attribute every parent would love to look into it when buying a booster for their little bundle of joys. It is important because without safety features you never know what happens next to your baby. So look that at least the booster seat has one strap, but I would personally recommend at least three straps.

As long as the safety harness is concerned, look 3 to five safety harness to keep the booster seat in place onto the chair tightly.

And also look that the tray cannot be removed. Because you would not like your baby pinching his cute fingers or spread a mess out of the food you served to him.

Adjustable back:

If you are buying a booster seat for a small baby to sit in, look for an adjustable back option. The back of the booster seat should be adjusted to recline to offer you the ultimate support. The recline back serves a great purpose and offers support from infants to toddlers.


Even if you do not like traveling, at one point you have to travel along with your baby. And if that’s the case, look for a chair that is easy to fold and portable. It should easily fold down and fit into a tiny space. Its weight should not be cumbersome to carry around.

Easy to clean:

For little babies do not buy booster which is difficult to clean. Look for the attributes which can be removed and washed easily. You know babies are messy they love to spread mess and most of the time even when they are strapped in, they just throw the food out and smile. So, look for an option that is easy to clean.

Bottom Line:

We have reviewed our top Best Booster Seats for eating with your baby at dinner Table. These products are from top brands and are rated the best. With the products on the list, after purchasing, I do not think you will have to regret the decision. But, even if these baby booster seats come equipped with the top safety and security features, do not leave your baby unattended while eating solid food. And also check all security and safety measures before putting your baby into them. Because using this product without proper tests can lead to accident injuries.

Although baby booster seats are less prone to injury to your baby compare to a high chair still be around with your baby when he is eating solid.

We can hope that this guide will help you to pick the right product. And if you find this guide helpful please share this guide with others so that we could engage with the potential readers like you.