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Top 16 Best Toys and Gift Ideas for 6-Year-Old Boys [reviews] 2020

Six years old kid is an entirely different person than five years old. Now, when he turns six, he has been enrolled in school, introduced to new friends, inhabitant in a new environment. One year back, you were his entire universe, his life revolves around you. Now, when he turns six, he is a doctor, engineer, sportsman, and a little reader in itself, he has his own universe now. The toys he plays with should entirely be different, to inspire him more, to learn him improve the new talent.

At the age of six, he has already been introduced to basic education; reading, counting and writing. He should be gifted with the toys that help him learn more while getting entertained.

In this blog post, we are going to collect the best toys and gifts for six years old boys. These toys have been chosen after the hour’s long research.

Best Toys and Gift ideas for six years old boy:

1) Crayola Light up Tracing Pad

Crayola Light up Tracing Pad

The first toy that you are going to gift a six years old boy should be something that catches his attention. It should be something that helps him gather fun along with learning. The Crayola designed to light up the tracing pad helps your kid learn drawing. The pad comes with 100 traceable images, with LED lights that illuminate the board. Your kid will be tracing those images by following the illuminated lines and learn to draw new things. It comes with more than 100 traceable images so that every time the boy should have something new to catch on.

The LED light the pad comes with illuminating the board and makes the drawing fun in dark. The best thing is, if all images have been traced, new images template can be downloaded to help fun never goes.

With the purchase, you get one graphite pencil, 12 colored pencils, 10 tracing sheets, 10 blank sheets; the only thing you need to buy separately is 3 AAA batteries. The batteries are not included in the package; you will have to get them separately.

Before adding this product on our list, I was checking previous customer’s feedback. They were more than love with this product; it is such an intuitive product that by just following the little illuminated lines, kids learn to draw even complex drawing.

What we like:

  • Helps kids learn to draw
  • LED illuminated board’
  • More than 100 images
  • The new template can be downloaded

Our verdict:

Six years old boy should be gifted something that challenges his skills. This pad helps him learn to draw complex images with fun. He will be just following the glowing lines over the board, and without knowing drawing something amazing. This gift really improves his drawing, more than 100 images are given, new can be downloaded to make the fun never comes to an end.

2) Mattel Games ROCK ‘EM SOCK ‘EM ROBOTS Game

Mattel Games ROCK 'EM SOCK 'EM ROBOTS Game

If you see your kid is more into sports and loves to indulge in sports, get him something that helps him to boost his sportsman skills. This Mattel Games Rock EM SOCK ‘EM ROBOTS Game is going to help him a lot. The robots have been there in the toy industry for over 40-years. It is one of the most favorite hard-hitting fun games for children across the globe.

In this game, kids control their robots, using the joysticks and open punches on each other’s robust. The more speed you punches, the higher scores you rack up. In other words, the speedier your thumb functions, the higher chances of you winning the battle. Be the first to block-off your component and you are the best boxer.

The toy is made of durable plastic; kids can enjoy again and again and tirelessly play for hours.

What we like:

  • Best toys for boys
  • Two-player GAME
  • Made of durable plastic
  • Easier assembly
  • Can play repeatedly

Our verdict:

For young boys, indulge in sports, the punching or boxing game is going to amaze a lot. The game introduces the little brands with the boxing game, where they would be controlling two boxers in the ring. Two boxers controlled by the little boys, give them a feeling of playing a real match. They learn how to block off opponents, and shot them down. The speedier their thumps function, the higher scores they can win.

3) The Original Stomp Rocket Stunt Planes

The Original Stomp Rocket Stunt Planes

The stunt planes toy is one of my personal favorite gifts for a six years old kid. The reason is, it gives the feeling of flying an actual plane. The kids have to set up the entire setup, the adjustable launch stand, and then by jumping running or stomping they launch their stunt planes. Their ride is a sight to behold; it gives a feeling of satisfaction, responsibility, and help them learn teamwork.

This stomp rocket stunt plane gift comes with three-set of planes that perform amazing stunts. The planes are designed seamlessly, they offer stunt by following the different patterns as per their launching. The launching is made by the adjustable stand, which changes the path of the planes.

What we like:

  • Three sets of planes
  • Adjustable stand
  • Amazing stunt by planes
  • 100-percent kid-powered

Our verdict:

Gift your kid with these amazing aeronautical engineered base designed three sets of planes that change their ride with respect to the process of their launch. The launch is controlled by launching stands which are adjusted by kids themselves. Three sets of planes follow every time a different pathway and help kids beholds a sight to behold.

4) ZOOB RacerZ Car Designer

4) ZOOB RacerZ Car Designer

When it comes to the most interesting toys for boys, cars always take a hot spot. Boys love to drive cars, and the latest models of vehicles always lure their attention in teenagers as well. If you present a gift of ZOOB Racer Car designer, he will be more than happy. This gift helps your kid design its own design by using the 76-piece toy kit. They enjoy creating replaces of the four unique car models with 3 Zoobmobile cars and a 12 wheeled transporter.

The gift is going to make an ideal option for making them creative problem-solving. The kit comes with a guide and offers limitless possibilities to craft anything of your imagination.

Let your kids unleash the power of their imagination and create anything from monsters to motorcades. Try to make them learn the guidelines given in the first place, when they learn how to connect different parts, let them be creative and craft something out of the box.

What we like:

  • It helps them be creative
  • 76-different toys parts
  • Durable rubber toys
  • Easy to connect

Our verdict:

At the age of six, kids are adventurous like never before. They are creative, love to solve problems based on creative thinking, and above all, they love to make something out of their imagination. The kit is going to unleash their power of imagination and let them be creative in designing new models of cars or anything they like.

5) Newisland Big League Blaster Gun

 Newisland Big League Blaster Gun

Other than beautiful cars, planes, and bikes kids are also interested in guns. So, gifting them with something that helps them shoot and make them a better hunter. This Newisland Big league blaster gun is made of splash-proof plastic that lets the kid’s shots dart in the range of 30-feet. They can shoot colorful darts in the range of 30-feet and help improved concentration. It makes them be the focus, as shooting learn them to be focused and concentrated. The blaster gun makes an ideal option for kids up to six years old.

The blaster guns are also available in Captain America colors what makes them be a superhero and help them participate in dramas and plays. The blaster guns help kids shoot darts on a smooth surface. Kids can seek different targets and shoot them. They can also invite their friends for a competition and gather some fun accompanied by their little fellows.

What we like:

  • Make kids learn concentration
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to load
  • Comes in Captain America Colors
  • Does not require batteries

Our verdict:

For little bundles of joys, guns always amuse. The blaster guns can make them fulfill their wishes of shooting guns. These guns help them shoot blasters of different colors and target different things. Kids can shoot in the range of 30-feets on smooth surfaces as well.

6) Donkit Darts Magnetic Dart Board

Donkit Darts Magnetic Dart Board

If you want your little bundle of joys to be competitive and engage in competitive games, gift him with something like Donkit Darts Magnetic dartboard.

Actually, parents worry about their kids while presenting them with something akin to these because due to sharp edge darts they can injure themselves or harm pets, or least to say ruin walls.

But, that’s not the case of this Magnetic dartboard. The darts come with a strong magnet, that every time your kid throws the darts it sticks to the magnetic board.

The weight of the magnet within the dart is amazing and keeps the dart flying straight to the path until stick to the board. Kids get them every target stick to the board without being so much perfect.

The darts are made of mesh doing it, which makes them easier gliding when thrown out. They come in different colors as well to help kids recognize their shot on the dartboard.

The dart-throwing for six years kid makes them learn new things. They learn how to socialize, being precise, targeted by simply throwing the darts. The dartboards make the kids accumulate unlimited entertainment with adults around as well.

What we like:

  • No sharp metal darts
  • Magnet darts stick always to the board
  • It is easy to change
  • Ideal sized dartboard

Our verdict:

Dartboard game helps kids learn how to throw an arrow. Sharp metal darts are dangerous to little kids as they unknowingly can harm others and get injured themselves as well. These darts tip is made of magnet, which helps them to always stick to the dartboard. The darts are designed in a way that they glide precisely towards the dartboard and stick to the board without injuring anyone.

So, get hands-on this dartboard game present and gift your six years old boy with something that is going to help them learn socializing, competitive, and throwing arrows.

7) Original Walkaroo Steel Stilts

Original Walkaroo Steel Stilts

Kids love to experience and spread fun, especially six years old when they just enrolled in schools and get to learn new fun. At that time, it is really special to gift them with something out of the box, the kinds of stilts.

These stilts made of Original shares impressive construction. Stainless steel made stilts are very ergonomic and make the kids look taller than their actual heights. These tilts delight your boy he learns to run and maintain balance. At the age when their heights are small, they feel the pride in being taller, just a foot high.

So, let your little birds spread their wings and feel their own independence. These tilts share an ergonomic design and accommodate kids of the height from 54-inches to 78 inches.

What we like:

  • Sturdy construction
  • Helps your little birds to feel taller
  • Robber bottom for enhanced stability
  • Can use indoors  and outdoors

Our verdict:

Little boys at the age of six need innovative toys to make them different and feel pride. These stilts designed by original shares an ergonomic design and share a sturdy construction. They come with an adjustable handle, rubber food, and good grips for great balance.

8) Walkie Talkies for Kids

Walkie Talkies for Kids

Kids at the age of six love to emulate the heroes or leading characters they watch on TVs and movies. Kids often love superheroes and more then often they try superheroes costumes luring. If your kid is hooked to army based video games or more solid movies, then he knows the importance of walkie talkie. For soldiers walkie talkie is a big deal, it made them communicate at a really larger distance. So, talking on a walkie talkie may look amusing for them, so gift them a real walkie talkie, I am pretty sure it is going to be their best birthday gift.

This walkie take comes with 22 channels and covers long miles around 3-miles distance play. They would be able to switch different channels to get amusement, more than that the auto squelch function lets them filter the background noise.

The walkie talkie comes with a built flashlight and helps them illuminate the environment at night. It is designed for little kids; little hands can hold this walkie talkie without facing any big issue.

What we like:

  • 22 channels
  • Designed for little hands
  • Sturdy made
  • Covers 3-miles distance

Our verdict:

For little kids walkie talkie is more than fun. They emulate army characters and feel more like soldiers. This walkie talkie adds a true army color to their play and lets them go deeper into their game. The walkie talkie is designed for the little hands, and it covers around 3-miles distance with 22 channels.

9) Robot For Kids

Robot For Kids

I do not think any other gift idea for little boys can compete with this Robot for boys. Just imagine the happiness on the face of your little kids with this gift. It is an RC Robot that walks, talks, dances, and even fires foam discs. The gift idea is going to make their friends envy, and make your son stands out in the crowd, as rarely anyone is aware of this kind of gift idea for birthdays.

The robot comes at a price but the price worths every penny due to its good range of features and programming functions. It is controlled using a remote, but when your kid is tired of using the remote, you can program it as per your choice.

This is the finest little machine, best for the kids. This little gift is going to sing a song for your kids, run like a dog is chasing him, and more than that shot foam bullets at everyone.

What we like:

  • Sturdy made
  • Innovative gift idea
  • Shoot foam bullet
  • Can be programmed

Our verdict:

For little boys, the gift should be something that their friends do not possess. The gift that makes them stands out, unique, and better. And if that’s the criterion, robot for boys is going to be a great pick. The option is something unique, very few of us known about it. And this thing sings a song, shoots bullets, controlled using a remote, and programmed as well.

10) Kids Toys Hover Soccer Ball Set

Kids Toys Hover Soccer Ball Set

Soccer is the kid’s most loved game. Not only the kids but toddlers love to kick a football and try to put that in goal. So, for kids, they would not be able to kick a real football, this Kids toys hover soccer ball set can serve the purpose. This hover soccer set for boys will turn a smooth surface into a great sports field and your son and his friends get to indulge in a friendly match. This set actually combines soccer and hockey game and come with a puck toy in place of football.

This set is going to offer an unlimited amount of fun and let them play indoor or outdoor as long as the surface is smooth. It is a great gift as it would not occupy much of your space, can get the game kick started in a tiny section of the home. They can even take this set while traveling and amuse from playing hockey and football.

What we like:

  • Takes little space
  • Soccer and hockey hybrid set
  • A puck illuminated ball
  • Non-toxic plastic construction
  • Puck has soft foam bumpers

Our verdict:

For kids up to the age of six, this is the best outdoor as well indoor gift. It let them indulge in a real game rather video game. It comes with an illuminated puck ball and let kids hit the ball like a real without getting themselves hurt. The setup takes a little space and turns a smooth surface into a ground anywhere. Its puck is soft and has soft bumpers to stop it.

11) Hot Wheels Crashing Action with the Criss Cross Crash Track Set

Hot Wheels Crashing Action with the Criss Cross Crash Track Set

Cars’ racing was something I always adored when I was a kid. Though, the car designed at that time was not so amazing compare to those available today. But, the amusement of having those little cars was over the roof. We try to sleep with those car toys, and love to put them on races.

But this hot wheels crashing action car comes with lots of amusement and excitement of running cars. This hot wheels track four loops for car racing. The loop comes with multiple crashing zones for added excitement. These motorized wheels run on the loops and kids get the amusement of which car goes the distance and make many loops before crashing.

The only drawback that I could see it that it is loudly. So, do not try to play using this set near your mama’s bedroom, the sanest advice.

What we like:

  • Worth watching a car race
  • Lots of funs
  • Motorized running cars
  • Crash excitement

Our verdict:

Kids love car racing, and these motorized cars running on elevated loops are going to help them gather real fun. Kids along with their friends will love to behold the scene of running motor propelled cars and guessing which cars will go at which distance before crashing. So, let them gather the fun of racing cars, and buy them this as a gift.

12) Boys Outdoor Explorer Set

Boys Outdoor Explorer Set

Little kids are adventures. They love to explore things, they try new things such as hiking, discovering, and exploring. So, would not it be a good idea if your little bundle of joy is exploring using real tools? Present your little bundle of joy with this explorer set and let them explore the nearest possible thing.

This little explorer set includes everything that Indian Jones had needed while discovering a mysterious backyard. This backpack comes with a magnifying glass, binoculars, compass, flashlight, and much more. So, get these things and embark on adventures journey and explore anything you wish.

What we like:

  • Best gift for kid love to explore
  • Includes magnifying glasses, binoculars
  • Comes with a flashlight to make the explored area illuminated

Our verdict:

If you see your little baby love to explore things, give him this gift and he will be more than happy. Kids are explored in their true nature and love to explore surroundings. This little backpack includes everything that a baby would ever require to get the things explored.

13) VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX

If you see your kid is not engaging in real games rather love to spend time playing video games, there is something that he is going to love and make them indulge in real games as well. It is Vtech designed smartwatch. The smartwatch is something that shares an amazing range of features and helps kids by just playing video games to stay active.

This smartwatch shares amazing captivating games. In these games, there are some areas where kids have to be active and this actress is checked by motion sensors. So, in this way, by playing a video game, your kid is engaging in real action.

The smartwatch shares rugged construction and its casing withstand roughness and toughness. So, get this little device and let your kids be engaged and learn something new.

What we like:

  • Help in real action
  • Withstand roughness
  • Rugged construction
  • It keeps kids occupied on car rides

Our verdict:

This smartwatch for six years old boys is something innovative and they will love it due to its super functionality and games. This kid-friendly smartwatch version is made tough and helps kids engage in real action. It also helps them to occupy on car rides. So, make your little kids active and inspire him to play some real games.

14) Nintendo Switch Lite

Nintendo Switch Lite

If you are looking for a gaming gift for your six years old boy, this gift is going to make his day. The gift without costing arms and legs makes your son be really happy due to its gaming nature. Yes, this portable Nintendo Switch lit comes with downloadable Nintendo games and help them utilize Switch game cartridges. The switch is going to make your little bundlers of joys play some real game without occupying a TV, unlike real Nintendo switch. The switch is for single player, and let the little kids learn how to play some real games.

What we like:

  • Portable gaming device
  • Downloadable Nintendo games
  • It would not dock real tv
  • For single players

Our verdict:

For kids up to the age of six, this gaming gift is going to change their life. This gift is going to make them taste the real game using a little device. The smart-looking portable Nintendo switch let them download some real game and utilize some cartridges.

15) Razor A2 Kick Scooter

Razor A2 Kick Scooter

Kids love to ride on wheels. This new set of wheels for the kids up to six years old is going to help them gather lots of amusements. The lightweight, sturdy constructed, easy to move, a razor made scooter is one of the famous and demanding birthday gifts for the kids of all ages.

It comes with integrated features to help them gather more fun. It shares a wheelie bar in the back for real fun and comes with a big shock absorber for smooth rides.

This little wheel supports weight in the range of 143 pounds, good for fat kids as well.

The razor scooter is easy to fold and storage. It encourages little kids to go out, socialize with other kids, and have some fun outside home.

What we like:

  • It helps kids go out
  • It is made of quality material
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to fold and storage
  • Comes integrated with a wheelie bar in the back

Our verdict:

For little kids, wheels amuse them a lot. This razor designed kick scooter is going to make their day. It is a good scooter with a wheelie bar on the back and a shock absorber wheels on the front to help you race with others in utter smoothness.

16) Dinosaur 3D Puzzle

Dinosaur 3D Puzzle

For little kids, zoo is something that they visualize in their dreams. They love to see animals and kinder Garden is their favorite place to visit on their birthdays. Why not gift your six years old baby with a Dinosaur 3D puzzle that walks and emits terrifying found that is going to delight them from the core of their heart.

The 3D design of the dinosaur is going to help kids to learn abstract art and handles space and dimensions. It makes them learn to think differently and visualize 3d objects.

What we like:

  • Abstract thinking learning
  • Made of wood
  • Great terrifying sound
  • Sound initialize with clapping

Our verdict:

The wooden 3d dinosaur is made of eco-friendly wood. It is going to make your kid learns the 3D objects and promotes abstract thinking. This also helps them engage with other kids and its walking mechanism is what going to amuse them a lot.

Bottom Line:

Kids at the age of six are a different human being compare to one year back. They now are engaging with other kids, socializing, and learning new things. It becomes hard to control them and make them unlearn bad things or language. So, it is ideal to present boys with the gift they love to exhibit in front of their friends. The gift should be innovative, it should make them pride and what makes them engage with other kids. We have given you the ideas for the best gifts for six years old body. You have a bird’s eye view of these gifts and think about what can be the best option for your boy.