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Best Full Suspension Mountain Bikes Under 1200 USD 2021

Mountain biking is an elite choice of entertainment. Not everyone has the taste and adventure guts for such an activity. The Mountain View, away from the usual traffic and horns, is another level. It provides an amazing combination of natural views and race-usually missed in day to day biking.

It has been a widely appreciated and enjoyed hobby. With technological advancement, the field has grown bigger and better, as newer technologies have been incorporated to enhance the experience and fun.

The fun on a full-suspension bike is no doubt above the sky. It is excellent for rocky paths. Full suspension mountain bikes are designed to give a smooth experience as they have both front and rear suspension forks to absorb all the air and ground friction.

You must be wondering what full suspension bikes are anyway? Unlike Hard-tail bikes, these are a bit expensive but more comfortable. Suitable for a bumpy path, the fun is doubled on a full-suspension bike. These bikes provide stability, grip, and control even at high speeds and technical terrain.

If you are a bike lover, you are on the right page. And if you are not a fan of mountain biking, you definitely are going to be as soon you check out the amazing bikes that are today available in the market. So buckle up your helmets as you are on a rocky journey to explore some hand-picked affordable and convenient choices in the Best full suspension mountain bike under 1200.

List of Best Full Suspension Mountain Bikes Under 1200 USD Product Reviews 2021

1.CYZMONI Mountain Folding Bike Full Suspension

CYZMONI Mountain Folding Bike Full Suspension
Size24 inches

A handsome aluminum frame with full suspension Forks, which costs just $1098 and is only 24 inches in size, is, of course, an excellent choice for beginners.

The material is lightweight yet firm. Speed is way better than other bikes of the same price. A special streamlined design to reduce the stopping effect of wind or air friction. The lightweight material helps with speed and gives an ultra-speed.

The biker fully enjoys the riding experience. The feel on handles is good.  Speed is adjustable and updated.

The brakes are mechanical and hence is safe and controllable at all trails. The tires are unique to other bike tires as they provide safety from skidding and puncturing on wet and rocky tracks.  The gear shift and sudden turns are well handled by these tires.

The bike is fold-able and portable to long distances. The folding and unfolding experience is simple, does not take much time, and is convenient. The bike does not heat up easily, and if it does, then it cools down quickly without affecting the working or the biker.

It has a regular and cozy seat. The flat pedals give a good pedaling experience without tiring the biker. The overall experience is not tiresome and is fully entertaining and fun.

To sum up, it is an aggressive, loaded, and affordable package ideal for all bikers and especially for trips with family and friends. It is a must-have for bikers who are low on budget and looking for a quality experience.


  • Suitable for all tracks
  • Portable
  • Smooth


  • Less advanced

2.NZ-Children’s bicycles Full Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike

NZ-Children's bicycles Full Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike
BrandNZ-Children’s bicycles

An aluminum full suspension frame bike, which has both front and back forks for extra absorption. Extremely good riding experience, which gives no chance of discomfort. It has a 27-speed Shimano trigger and a Shimano derailleur to give a smooth ride along with smooth gear change.

The rim size is 26 inches and weighs around 18kg only. It supports all bikers with maximum heights of 185 cm. hence it is good for tall and short bikers equally.

The stopping power of the bike is great due to the V brakes. The tires are strong and safe from frequent punctures. Overall, the structure is quite responsive and gives a comfortable yet exciting ride.

Finally, the bike is low maintenance along with being low on budget. The speed is 21M. It gives a masculine and sporty look. It is extremely comfortable due to its very high shock and vibration absorption capacity.

The ping road ride and off-road section systems show that the bike is user friendly and gives to exertion or tiredness.


  • Durable
  • Wide gear range
  • Works in all conditions


  • Heavy

3.KKLTDI Dual Disc Brake Full Suspension Mountain Bicycle

KKLTDI Dual Disc Brake Full Suspension Mountain Bicycle
Frame MaterialCarbon steel
Brake StyleDisc
Number of Speeds21

A unisex bike of new 2020 model with high carbon and steel frame. It has a maximum weight-bearing capacity of 200kg: a comfortable pedal and seat experience for different heightened bikers.

Double disc brakes are an added feature to ensure safety and security. It is ideal for all trails. The handle bar is very firm and non-slippery to have a good grip. It is low on budget and ideal for all beginner and professional bikers.

It comes 95% assembled. It gives a comfortable ride on all trails, be it a rocky one or across the country.

The carbon steel material is a plus point along with its height of 165cm. It has good control by brakes and tires, which ensures safety on rocky as well as wet and muddy tracks.


  • 3617 number in best mountain bikes
  • Short and long distances
  • Easy to assemble


  • Heavy


In a nutshell, the full-suspension bikes are all about having most of the fun but not at the cost of comfort. These bikes are the first choice of any mountain biker, but due to higher prices, these have been out of reach in the past. But now, these bikes are being designed in ways that the low budget bikers can reach it easily without having any budget issue.

Surely, the below 1200 range provides a good full suspension bike and gives a big room for improvement and desired updates. A well-maintained full suspension bike takes the completely biking experience to the next level of excitement and comfort.

The Best full suspension mountain bike under 1200 mentioned here are especially chosen as these are going to be the future of ‘full’ mountain biking.

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