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Best Folding Electric Bike With Suspension Reviews 2021

Best Folding Electric Bike With Suspension: We are living in the future. In every aspect of life, technology is making our lives better day by day. The focus of technological advancement is to not only make our lives comfortable but also thrive to contribute to an eco-friendly environment. These advancements also extended their work in producing efficient means of transportation. One of the most significant inventions in means of transportation is foldable electric bikes.

Foldable electric bikes are becoming the go-to choice of people who want to make their daily commute faster and maintain social distance amidst the global pandemic. It not only reduces fossil fuel consumption and co friendly. It is a preferable transport for people who wish to stay healthy and would like to play their part in reducing air pollution.

What are the benefits of using foldable electric bikes that make it preferable as compare to scoters or simple cycles? These bikes are battery powered so; the peddling is assisted. This can reduce pressure on the thighs, thus avoiding muscle fatigue. So, if you are going for longer rides or hilly areas, the battery power enables a smooth and comfortable ride. One of the remarkable things is its foldable feature, so you do not have to worry about the parking space; you can even fold it up inside your desk.

Are you thinking of buying or upgrading your bike to the best foldable electric bike? Well, you do not have to worry about it because we have compiled a list of the top 3 foldable electric bikes that will make your job much more comfortable.

Our Top Picks of Best Folding Electric Bike With Suspension Product Reviews 2021

1.Eahora Electric Bicycle Full Suspension

Eahora Electric Bicycle Full Suspension
Motor750W High speed brushless rear Motor
Speed15 mph
Mileage60 to 80 miles 
Load Capacity330LBS
Wheel Size20 Inches
Brake StyleDisc

If you are looking for an electric bike with a long commute with no compromise on the safety of the ride, then the Eahora X7 750W e-bike is the best choice for you. It comes with front and rear hydraulic brakes, which give the rider strong stopping power.

The battery is 48V 10.4A with high-density lithium cells. The battery can be removed and recharged at home or office. A fully charged battery covers over 50 miles per charge, so it is most suitable for long rides.

The highlighting feature of this bike is it is a smooth and comfortable ride. It has full suspension (front with alloy and lockout and Alloy &Hydraulic at rear) and 20 in*40 fat tires, which ensures a smooth ride even if the roads are wet or there is a sand beach or hilly area.

It also comes with a smart cruise control system. By Keeping a speed for 8sunder electric mode, cruise control is activated, which automatically controls the speed of the bike (15 mph). ItsPower Regeneration allows your bike to have 60 to 80 miles of mileage, which maximizes the efficiency of the ECO system and also extends the lifetime of the battery and motor.  It is also equipped with a smart LED screen and an electronic anti-theft lock.


  • Comfortable ride
  • Efficient security
  • It is very Durable
  • Fully automatic.


  • Small battery

 2.Foldable E-Bike Front & Rear Dual Suspension

Foldable E-Bike Front & Rear Dual Suspension
Motor400 W
Speed20 mph
Mileage25 miles
Load Capacity220 lbs
Size48V 10.4Ah
Frame MaterialAluminum
Wheel Size20 Inches
Brake StyleDisc
Number of Speeds7

G550 dual-suspension e-bike is the preferable option if you are looking for a bike for your day-to-day or long commutes. It has three working modes, is pedal assist mode, full-electric mode, and normal cycling mode. This provides the rider to opt for different options that suit him better. Its body is an aluminum alloy frame, which gives the rider an alight feel while riding the bike.  It has a rear suspension, which provides a smooth and stable ride on uneven surfaces.

It is also equipped with front and back mechanical brakes and a 7-speed transmission system, which makes the ride fast and safe. It is effortless to assemble as 90% of the parts arrive assembled.  Additional accessories include an LCD display in order to track down the speed or distance or battery capacity it can bear load thrice its weight so, suitable for heavyweight rider.

It has a 48V lithium battery removable battery, and its charging speed is relatively fast as compared to the other options available (4-7 hours).

It comes with a 2-year warranty of frame and 6months for the battery.



  • Easy to use
  • It comes in three riding modes
  • Suitable for long commutes.
  • Suitable for heavyweight riders


  • Not suitable for fast speed

3.26 Inch Folding Mountain Bike

26 Inch Folding Mountain Bike

It is a 26-inch folding mountain bike designed with a quick-release clamp that effortlessly aids in the folding of the bike. This feature makes it very portable, and you may carry it anywhere in a car or store it safely at your home. It is easily able to withstand a 150 Kg rider. It is suitable for both males and females. It caters to a variety of age groups, whether it be teens or adults.

It is made of a rigid, durable material despite it is easily foldable. It is a stable and durable cruising bike. It provides a smooth ride on roads, tracks, or mountains, making it very versatile.

The tires are made using magnesium with 26-inch rims. It has 27 speeds, and the gear changing is very smooth, especially in a hilly area, ultimately making your ride more enjoyable.

It has dual disc brakes along with a quick release making the brakes efficient, giving you the proper protection you deserve while you are enjoying your ride.


  • Efficient dual disk Brakes.
  • Lightweight wheels.
  • Good quality durable frame.
  • Advanced suspension.


  • Has difficulty in assembling.


Conclusively, all the options are useful depending upon the affordability and use. All the foldable suspension e-bikes are suitable for people who are looking for a comfortable, fast, and efficient ride without getting in worry about having a driving license or parking space.

It is suitable for new riders who lack stamina or even people with poor riding skills as it comes with the automatic feature. Furthermore, they can be easily folded and carried along wherever you go. It is a popular choice for those people who are also concerned about sustaining non-renewable resources and contributing towards a pollution-free environment.

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