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Top 11 Best Laundry Detergents to Keep Colors from fading reviews 2023

Regarding color clothes fading issue, following was my real experience before I found the solution to choose one of best laundry detergents for colors.

I love buying new clothes, but the thing I hate the most is ‘how fast they start to fade out’. I had recently bought a new red shirt, and it only took just a few washes before it started turning pink. Maybe some of us can afford to buy a new pair of trousers or shirts again, after just wearing 2-3 times. But, this is not the case for all.

We all know, with time, things and clothes fade out it is an irreversible process. But after 2-3 washes every fabric starts to look like worn through the deserts.

So after days of research and thinking, I found out the real culprits. In starting, I had different thinking about this clothes color fading out the issue. But, now I have found the real solution. To keep the clothes from fading you need to choose a different detergent.

List of Top 11 Best Laundry Detergents for dark clothes products reviews in 2023

In this post, I am going to share Best Laundry Detergent to Keep Colors from Fading. These detergents are made to keep the colors bright. And with the use of these detergents, your new shirt or pair of trousers is not going to fade out easily. Without further delay, let’s get started.

  • Help Protect Your Dark Clothes
  • Won’t Cause Fading*
  • Won’t Cause Stretching*
  • Won’t Cause Shrinking*
  • For The Darks
  • For Hot & Cold Water
  • For Regular & He Washer

If you have been facing the dye transferring to other clothes, and looking for a powerful cleaner that offers cleansing with care, have hands-on latest Woolite dark laundry detergent. The detergent catches the loose dye particles due to the washing process so that the dye particles do not mix with other clothes to ruin their color. The top of the list detergent for darks has been there in the international market for years. It has known to protect the colors from fading out and giving the finest texture.

The best laundry detergent for colors comes integrated with Woolite patented ‘Color Renew‘ technology which prevents the dark clothes from fading out while removing the pilling from the clothes. In that process, the actual color of the cloth stays intact, your dark stays dark and at the cost of just $10 per bottle.

The bottle filled with the detergent can help you wash 30 loads of laundry without fading out the color. So, gets hands-on detergent and get vibrant clothes for the long haul.

What we like:

  • Best for dark clothes
  • Cleansing with care
  • Signature color Renew technology
  • Help cleans 30 loads in one bottle

Our verdict:

Dark clothes often fade the color out easily. To keep the dark clothes colors fading, we need something that is particularly made for the purpose. Luckily, there is a detergent that is made to help you cleans clothes with utmost care.

The formula features an active ingredient that catches the loose dye, resulting in the loose dye does not mix with other clothes. And its color renew patented technique prevents the fiber fading while smoothly removing the pilling.

  • Clean Clothes, Less Waste
  • Proven Performance
  • Created By Doctors
  • Safe & Effective Plant-Powered Formula
  • No Harsh Chemicals
  • Made In The Usa

If you are looking for a detergent that does not only keeps the color from fading but also make your darker clothes cleaner than ever, than have hands-on Puracy Natural Liquid Laundry Detergent. This latest formula comes with four enzymes that keep your dark and black clothes from fading.

This is a mineral-based detergent mixes with zinc ricinolate removes the adamant stains, dirt, fading of color, and sweat odor from the clothes.

Not just for adult clothes, the best detergent also can be used as a baby detergent. Experts studied the formula of this detergent, and consume the best laundry detergents for colors for a whole one month before rating this one of the safest detergents for baby clothes.

Furthermore, for patients suffering from skin problems or are sensitive to chemicals products, do not worry the product does not mix even one tad of toxic chemicals. It is free from Sulfates and patients suffering from skin issues can easily get it on board to clean their dark clothes.

What we like:

  • Superfast washing formula
  • Recommended for allergic patients
  • Safe for baby clothes washing
  • Zero toxic or chemical usage

Our verdict:

It is really very difficult to find a detergent that suits the needs of a wide variety of consumers. This detergent though owns the specialty in keeping the colors fading, but it can be used for allergic patients with allergies to chemicals, baby clothes washing, and get cleaner and clearer results for dark and black clothes. The detergent is made of using four enzymes which g0t the power to knock off hardest stains, sweat odor, and removes piles from the dark clothes.
  • Perwoll Renew & Repair
  • 24 Loads
  • 1.44L Total
  • Packaging May Vary

Perwoll is known as one of the finest brands in the world of detergents and chemicals. The brand has been there for years, and the world knows the level of quality it adheres to its products. Perwoll black is now known as Perwoll Blak and darks. The product is an ideal detergent for colored clothes. It mixes a special formula that enhances the beauty and shine of colored clothes with every wash. The detergent is going to keep your colored clothes from fading and help you wear your red shirt as a red for a long time.

It protects the very texture of the clothes and with safety and care removes the hardest stains, residue from colored clothes. The detergents create a layer of protection around the clothes and save its shine from fading out.

Moreover, the detergent does not include any color additives which are famous for damaging the colors of colored clothes. The detergent is very safe and ideal for every kind of fabric to wash with.

The best laundry detergents for colors are ideal for HE Washing machines. You might have been using some detergent that leaves a residue which leads to smell and odor in the clothes. The detergent never leaves the residues and upon washing using the detergent you will get a delicate fragrance after washing.

What we like:

  • Cleans with safety
  • Protects colored clothes from fading
  • Protects the very texture of the clothes
  • You get a delicate fragrance

Our verdict:

If you have been using some cheap detergents and are worried about the smell and odor of the residues, get hands-on this detergent. It is taken as one of the finest detergents for colored clothes and helps you get cleaner, shiner, and clearer results without damaging the very texture of the fabric. One bottle is enough for 20 loads of washing, so it would not be that expensive for the laundry.
  • Keeps Clothes White And Bright
  • Removes Tough Odors With A Long-Lasting Scent
  • Restores Whites & Protects Colors
  • Superior Whitening & Brighting
  • Pre-Measured Dosing

If you want to restore the color of your bright white shirt and are looking for the option to get the best cleansing result as well, get hands-on all Powercore Pacs Laundry and detergent. The detergent mixes some special elements that help it to restore the colors to the original and add extra brightness.

This only detergent in powder and liquid form comes in the combined power of powder and liquid and offers some impressive results that others cannot.

The detergent is not only restored the original color of the clothes but offers boosted cleanliness results for bright and white clothes. With the detergent onboard, you are assured that your new clothes will not fade out.

The best laundry detergents for colors can be used in any type of washing machine, due to its unique formula it dissolves in any water temperature and cleans every fabric without damaging the very soul of the cloth.

The one bottle of the detergent is enough for 18 loads of the washing. That means, for the entire week’s laundry, just one bottle would be enough to help you get things sorted out.

What we like:

  • It dissolves in every water temperature
  • Perfect for HE washing machines
  • 18 Loads of washing
  • Protects clothes colors from fading
  • Restore the clothes’ original color

Our verdict:

White clothes fads out quickly. And if it is happening with you, and you are worried why your new white shirt is looking dingy or faded, you are not alone. Most of us face the issue, and the solution to this is none other than but the detergent. This detergent shares a unique formula that helps you to restore the color of white and colored clothes and also protects them from fading out. Add this detergent; one bottle will get 18 loads of washing done.
  • Small Bottle Big Clean
  • Less Added Water, Less Plastic
  • Fights Stains
  • Biobased Stain-Fighting Power
  • Made For Sensitive Skin
  • 0% Dyes Artificial Brighteners Fragrances

If you have been looking for a biodegradable detergent that helps you cleans your clothes as well as keep the colors from fading, you have reached the right product.

The detergent shares a triple enzyme formula that helps it kick out the hardest stains without getting help from the harsh chemicals or sulfates. So, in other words, you get the results of harsh chemicals in the form of clearer, cleaner, and brighter clothes without actually using the harsh chemicals.

The fragrance-free detergent is hypoallergenic. It leaves no residue that result in the form of bad odors. It is good for users who are facing skin sensitivity issues. They can use this detergent, as it uses no toxic chemicals or surfaces, you would be facing no sensitivity issue at all.

Many mothers recommended this formula due to its soft and delicate cleansing results. The best laundry detergents for colors are safe for the babies and results in a softer fabric with all stains and debris kicked out.

The formula is safe for any type of machine; you can get the recommended settings on, and get your colored clothes protected from fading out.

What we like:

  • Good for allergic people
  • You can use it any machine type
  • Consume it at any water temperature
  • Good for babies
  • No sulfate or harsh chemicals

Our verdict:

Little toddlers get messy very quickly. For mothers of little kids, it becomes hard to choose a detergent to keep their clothes clean, smooth without using any harsh chemicals. This formula shares Triple enzymes, without using any sulfate or chemicals and offers cleaner and safer results. It protects their clothes from fading out and renders superior cleansing results.
  • Preserves Color
  • For Everyday Laundry
  • The Ultimate Clean Laundry Scent
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Highly Concentrated Formula

It may look expensive that one bottle of detergent costs 20 dollars? Yes, it may be true if it is an average detergent, which is not in the case of dark detergents. This detergent can wash up 64 loads of laundry. So, if you calculate the cost per wash, the things go nearer to other detergents. Now, let me tell you how this detergent is better than others and which type of users should think of using this.

For the users who complain of sweat smells or bad residue smells out of their clothes even after iteration of washing, this formula is a hands-down option.

The formula mixes many different types of fragrance to improve the results. It comes mixed with lily of the valley, Jasmin, sandalwood, and citrus to offers you pleasant fragrance out of the cleansed out clothes.

Not just for fragrance, the detergent is also best at removing stubborn stains, due to its stain-fighting enzymes formulation. It keeps your original colors intact, and add an extra layer of brightness to make clothes look shiners.

What we like:

  • Pleasant fragrance
  • Wash up 64 loads of laundry
  • Knocks off stubborn clothes
  • Unique construction with stain-fighting enzymes

Our verdict:

For the users who face the problem of fading out colors of colored clothes, detergent-like this is a real savor. The best laundry detergents for colors help to prevent the fading and another wearing general issue. The extra fragrance it adds is something very amazing for the users who sweat a lot. It removes the hardest stains due to its unique stain-fighting formulation.
  • Cheer Keeps Colors Bright
  • Fights Fading & Pilling
  • Helps Your Clothes Stay Colorful

If you are a large family, and the laundry load for the entire week is more than others, and looking for an affordable option to keep the colors from fading, you have found the right product. The liquid detergent helps you cleans out laundry without spending a big budget. One bottle of the liquid detergent costs around 20 dollars and helps you clean out around 40 loads of laundry.

It comes at a cheaper price, which does not mean the quality would be poorer. It is a great option to wash colored clothes and keeping their colors from fading.

It is an effective option, smells good, and adds a great bang for your buck.

The liquid detergent is designed for HE machines but still, it works fine with no HE machines. I have been reading comments of many users, some of them used this in no HE machines, they were more than satisfied with the performance.

It is formulated using unique stains fighting agents, which helps it remove the hardest stains easily without harming the very texture of the clothes or fading the color out.

What we like:

  • Affordable option
  • Wash up 40 loads in one bottle
  • Fights against hardest stains
  • Protects the colors of the clothes

Our verdict:

Detergent which comes at an affordable price more than often does not offer superior cleansing results. I have used and experienced many detergents at the cheaper price range, I was not happy with the results unless I had a hand on this Cheer designed HE liquid detergent. Its results are satisfactory, it helps keeps the colors of colored clothes, and help you knock off the hardest stains and debris without harming the texture of the clothes. So, you are going to get a great bang of your buck, impressive results at a cheaper price range.
  • Prevents Fading In Dark And Bright Fabrics
  • Cleans And Preserves Cotton, Linen, Blends, And Synthetics
  • Creates A Luxurious Laundry Experience
  • Made With Only Plant-Based, Biodegradable Ingredients
  • Up To 64 Washes

It is another detergent from the Dark Detergents. Yes, if got money and looking for a premium range detergent to take care of your expensive clothes, get hands-on this The Laundress dark agent’s classic detergent.

The results of the detergents are superior. It is good at what it promises; keeps the colors from fading. It also promises to remove the hardest stains of grease, chocolates, coffee, and others without harming the texture of the fabric. The detergent is good for everyday laundry because it preserves the colors of the clothes, and do not let the colored clothes blend.

The only issue I am concerned about the detergent is its smell. It smells almost sour, and many users just do not like the smell. Though there are people who love this smell, I think it is just a different taste. So, if you do not like the sour smell, do not get the detergent onboard, you are not going to like it.

What we like:

  • Preserve colors of dark clothes
  • Prevent blending
  • Eco friendly
  • Add an extra layer of brightness

Our verdict:

This best laundry detergent for colors is an expensive range detergent from Darks Detergents. The detergent comes at a premium range price butt worth that price due to its superior washing results. It mixes biodegradable ingredients to help you have harsh chemical-free cleaning results. The sour smell it comes mixed with can be an issue for a wide variety of people. Some may like it but most do not.
  • Better Cleaning For Your Money
  • 6X Cleaning Power
  • Built-In Pre-Treater
  • Helps Tackle Tough, Set-In Odors
  • Designed To Attack Even 14-Day-Old Stains

Ultra-Tide is one of the biggest names in the detergent world. The brand has been there for years and offering amazing results for a long time. The reason why its detergent is more powerful than others is its 1/3 concentrated formula. The formula helps the detergent to offer performance-oriented results and enjoy user’s cleaner, neater, and clearer cleaning results.

Its 1/3 concentrated formula helps the detergent clean out dirt and stains easily out of the colored and white clothes without fading the color. Previously, the brand was making products with no concentrated detergents, but now they updated themselves and offering superior results.

The latest concentrated formula gives color protection, restoration without harming the texture of the clothes. With the detergent, your color is more than safe, and it also prevents blends by adding a layer around the clothing.

With the Tide, you enjoy clearer and brighter cleansing results with using 1/3 of the quantity of the detergent. It easily cleans using any type of washing machine.

The formula is formulated exclusively for the HE washing machine. Though, many users commented about using it in a non-HE machine but still, you go as per the manufacturers recommending.

What we like:

  • 1/3 concentration
  • Effective cleansing results
  • No residue
  • Requires less amount
  • 63 loads of washing

Our verdict:

If you want to get more jobs done using a small amount of detergent, the latest Tide formulated detergent is a hands-down option. The formula shares 1/3 concentration which leads to superior cleansing results without harming the texture of the fabric. The formula is made for the HE washing machine but can be used in no HE washing machine at any water temperature. The formula gives preservation of the colored clothes, prevents colors fading, and knocks off the hardest stains without damaging the clothes.
  • Cheer Keeps Colors Bright
  • Fights Fading & Pilling
  • Helps Your Clothes Stay Colorful

If you are looking for a laundry bar soap to clean out white as well as bright colored clothes, the Zote White Laundry bar soap is a good option to go. The soap is considered one of the most effective bars for hand-washing, one can use it for regular cleaning of colored clothes to protect the color of the clothes.

It is not just used to preserve the color of white and colored clothes but helps remove the stains out. You will see no sign of stains of the hardest stains after washing.

The bar helps to restore the color of your white clothes. If you see the bright white color has gone diminished, and you do not like that at all, get the soap to add a new layer of bright white.

The best thing about this soap is its formulation. It is made using eco-friendly elements that are safe to use for babies as well as those allergenic to toxic chemicals. And after washing the clothes, a delicate fragrance of citrus floral will add icing on the cake.

What we like:

  • Affordable price
  • Restore the white colors
  • Keeps the colors from fading
  • Eco friendly

Our verdict:

White color clothes lose their charm due to fading out the color. To preserve the color and to restore the faded white into brighter white, you need to have a zote soap bar. The soap is made of eco-friendly products; the delicate fragrance after washing is going to make your day.
  • Restores Up To Three Shades Of White
  • No Needs A Wash, Needs A Rescue
  • Safe On Colored Clothing
  • Add Tide Rescue To Any Detergent
  • Designed For Regular And He Washing Machines

Tide is one of the biggest names in the world of detergents. The brand has been there for years now. We have mentioned how popular the brand is due to its superior results. It is another product from the brand, offers excellent washing and color restoration results.

I have seen and used dozens of detergents, the ordinary detergents not only removes the colors of the clothes but do not offer superior washing results.

This detergent not only restores the faded clothes but add colors in just one wash. Your faded white shirt will look brighter than before in just one wash.

The active enzymes formula fights against the colors fading and helps you enjoy your new clothes for a longer time. With the formula onboard, your red will remain red for a long time without turning into pink.

The formula is great for any colored clothes. It leaves no residue and its formula breaks down the hardest stains accumulate on your clothes and without damaging the texture of the fiber helps you gain the smoother and no sign of stain results.

Moreover, the detergent got no issue using other detergents. You can use this many other detergents with no side effects or harmful results. It is compatible with liquid, powder, soaps, and other colored detergents.

The detergent is useful with any type of washing machine. Get the top-rated detergent onboard and use it with zero limitations.

What we like:

  • Restores colors
  • Eliminates hardest stains
  • Remove dullness and rigidness
  • Compatible with any detergent
  • 27 loads of washing

Our verdict:

Getting a faded shirt color to restore is something not many detergents can do. Luckily, we have a Tide detergent that is known to restore the colors and help users preserve the original colors of the clothes. Not just restoring and preservation, but also eliminate the hardest types of stains in one wash. The detergent is compatible with any other type of colored detergent and can be used in any type of washing machine. Just one wash with the tide urgent, you will see three shades of colors restored.

Best tips to keep color from fading:

The use of detergent to keep the color from fading is paramount. But there are a few things you should pay special focus to along with using the right detergent. We are going to pen down the most important points to prevent your colored clothes from fading.

Turns clothes inside out:

It is one of the finest ways to protect the very texture of your clothes, especially new clothes. In the washing process, your clothes smash against the washing machine’s interior to knock the hardest stains out. Which causes friction that leads to colors fading of new clothes? Inside out prevents friction which helps in getting the original color restored.

Right settings:

The right settings of the washing machines are important to prevent your clothes from fading. If your clothes are lightly soiled, it would be more than ideal not to use an extra clean wash.

One more thing, do not use a washer with agitators. Agitators are hard-on clothes and are rough on the fabrics. So, get the right settings, read the instructions carefully before cleaning your clothes.

Avoid dryers and sunlight:

Dryers are the biggest reason for colored clothes fading. So, try hard not to use dryers if you want to prevent colors from fading. The same happens when you put your clothes on the drying line in sunlight. So, try hang-dry your clothes inside.

Spot cleaning:

If your clothes are not very dirty, do not wash them using a washing machine, rather spot-dry them. Spot the stains and clean them off rather than putting a whole cloth in a washing machine.

Too much of detergent:

Yes, using too much detergent to clean off hard stains is one of the reasons for dark clothes getting added. Try to use as little as you can or at least read the instruction on the detergent packaging and follow them.

Liquid detergents:

If your clothes are lightly soiled, and it is mentioned in the description of the packaging of your clothes, to use liquid detergents, then you should use liquid detergents only to wash them off. The reason is, liquid detergents are better than powder in terms of color fading issue.

FAQS For best laundry detergent for colors to keep colored clothes from fading

{“@context”:”https://schema.org”,”@type”:”FAQPage”,”@id”:”https://www.ponfish.com/best-laundry-detergent/”,”mainEntity”:[{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”<strong>HOW TO WASH BLACK CLOTHES?</strong>”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”The best way to wash black clothes is to wash less, especially black denim. After a few washes, we all felt disappointed by the sudden fading and dullness of our new black jeans or favorite blacktop. Thankfully, you can do something to make black clothes clean and beautiful.<br><br>Turn the black clothes (especially jeans) over, then wash them, and keep them in this state while drying.<br><br>Be sure to wash your black clothes in cold water – 30°C will do.<br><br>Use good liquid detergent for colored clothing such as Persil Colour. Make sure to use the correct dosage, because too much detergent will leave visible streaks on dark clothes.<br><br>If you can avoid any color bleeding disasters, try a full black cleaning.<br><br>Wash black clothes as soon as possible. The agitation of washing will fade the black denim, so a short cycle is best.<br><br>Do not dry black clothes in the laundry room or similar rooms, but dry them on the clothesline outside, because the sun may fade the clothes.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”<strong>How do I keep my colored clothes from fading?</strong>”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”Flip clothes from inside to outside to reduce friction that causes exterior fading. In addition to softer fabrics, wash heavier fabrics and open all zippers to reduce friction.<br><br>Wash with cold water to keep the fiber closed and trap the dye inside. Warm water will open the fibers and free the dye.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”<strong>How do you keep colors in the bright laundry?</strong>”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”Several common household items will prevent fading when washing dishes.<br><br>Using a small amount of vinegar in the washing liquid will help keep the color bright.<br><br>The combination of Epsom salt and water in the load will help prevent color fading.<br><br>Before washing clothes with a color-safe stain remover, fix all spots and stains.<br><br>The dryer is where most clothes fade. Use the dryer only when necessary.<br><br>The high temperature of the dryer will cause the fabric to fade over time.<br><br>When using the dryer, make sure to set it to the lowest heat setting.<br><br>The best alternative to using a dryer is line drying to protect the color.<br><br>If you use dry lines, set the lines in the shade so that the colors do not fade in the sun.<br><br>For black clothes, it will be helpful if the clothes are turned inside out before washing to prevent fading.<br><br>Clean the washing machine frequently to prevent scaling or rust.<br><br>In addition, removing the lint trap of the dryer before each cycle can prevent the color from darkening.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”<strong>What is the difference between Liquid detergents and powered detergents?</strong>”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”Liquid detergents are generally better at removing and cleaning grease stains, while powder detergents are better at removing dirt, dirt, and other ground dirt.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”<strong>Can laundry be washed in cold water?</strong>”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”In order to obtain good cleaning performance, any detergent must be at least 550. This means that in winter, people need to add some hot water to the cleaning solution to reach the right temperature for excellent cleaning.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”<strong>Are detergents with Bleach safe for usage on colored clothes?</strong>”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”Detergent powders using oxygen-based bleach can be used safely on colored clothes because they will not affect the color or finish of the fabric. Oxygen bleach also helps remove stubborn stains.”}}]}

Bottom Line:

A clean and tidy environment inspires us to fully dedicate ourselves to the job in hands. The same goes for when you wear clean, washed out clothes. In contraction, dirty clothes lead to demotivation and you lost interest in anything.

So, we should prefer washing and wear washed out clothes for a good and better start. Inspirational speakers often pay special attention to clean environments as well as washed-out neat clothes to inspire us towards our objective.

We have reviewed top detergents for colored clothes as well as detergents to keep the colored clothes fading. These best laundry detergents for colors are the best option available right-on, and you can rely on them to keep your clothes free from germs and bacterial. They protect the texture of the fabrics and remove sweat odor by adding fragrance. So, have a bird’s eye view and look at what suits you the most.