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Best Lightweight Electric Bike Under $1000 Reviews 2021

Are you searching for the best lightweight electric bikes under $1000? If yes, “BINGO”, you’ve landed at the right platform.

Nowadays, electric bikes are in trend and have gained huge popularity across the mainstream markets. By using electric bikes, you can easily travel with your kids or carry your grocery without any hassle. E-bikes make your traveling experience more exciting and thrilling. However, with the increase in demand, it is becoming more challenging to look out for reliable yet cost-effective e-bikes. Fret not; we are here to help you out.

In this article, we have rounded up the top 3 electric bikes under $1000. Moreover, we have also mentioned buying guide which will help you to choose the one that best fulfils your demands. Scroll down and read this magnificent article.

Our Top Picks of Best Lightweight Electric Bike Under $1000 Product Reviews 2021

1.  ANCHEER 250W/500W Electric Bike

ANCHEER 250W/500W Electric Bike
Speed20 mph
Mileageup to 40 miles 
Net Weight23kg/50lbs
Load Capacity150kg/330lbs
ColorDynamic Red Line
Wheel Size26 Inches
Brake StyleDisc
Number of Speeds21


There is no exception to say that ANCHEER has been producing one of the finest quality products in the market, and E-bikes are among one of them. ANCHEER 250w/500w electric bike is also known as a phenomenal mountain bike, and you can purchase it under $1000.

This bike has equipped with three different working models – normal bike, assisted bike, and the e-bike, which means you can easily travel anywhere without any trouble.

As the motor placed in this bike is of high power – 500W, you can easily climb to the high mountains or can travel from longer distances without being getting strained or clammy.

You can easily travel at a distance of 20-40 miles per hour and can ride at a speed of 20mph which means you can reach at your destination more rapidly and swiftly. This e-bike comes with a 12.5 AH, 36V removable lithium battery, and you can charge the battery without any difficulty.

The ANCHEER E-bike is made up of a strong aluminium alloy frame and provides absurd durability and stability. Moreover, its wheel size is about 26-inch and weighs around 330 lbs.


  • Long durable battery and a sturdy motor.
  • Strong and resilient frames and easy to assemble.
  • It is equipped with three cycling modes.


  • Some people complain the seat is not that much comfortable.

2.NAKTO 26-inch 250W Electric Bike – Best Cargo Bike

NAKTO 26-inch 250W Electric Bike
Speed18-25 MPH
Net Weight40-57Lbs/50-70Lbs(with battery)
Load Capacity250-300Lbs
Frame MaterialCarbon Steel
Wheel Size26 Feet
Brake StyleLinear Pull
Number of Speeds6
SuspensionRear, Front


Another legit company which is making the best E-bikes in terms of speed, performance, and durability under $1000 is NAKTO these days.

The NAKTO 26-inch 250W e-bike has equipped with two working modes – e-bike, and assisted bike. This e-bike is designed to easily climb up on the high mountains, rough surfaces, bumpy roads, and you can strike at your destination without making immense efforts.

In terms of speed and power, this e-bike has equipped with a 250W hub motor, and you can travel at a speed of 18/25 MPH speed limit. Moreover, you can ride at a distance of 18-25 miles per hour.

Another amazing feature of this e-bike is front V-brake, rear expansion brake, and speed transmission system which will aid you to set the speed according to your desires. Moreover, it has a 36V 10 AH removable lithium battery and has equipped with a battery charger. After travelling 30-45 km, you need to charge the battery, and the duration would be in between 4 to 6 hours.


  • NAKTO e-bike is really comfy and has a flexible saddle height option which means you can adjust according to your desire.
  • Makes your journey exciting and unforgettable.
  • Offers strong longevity and durability due to high-strength carbon steel frame. 


  • Heavier in weight.

3.  ECOTRIC – 26 Inch Electric Bike

ECOTRIC – 26 Inch Electric Bike
Item weight58 LBS
Load capacity260LBS
Frame materialAluminum
Brake styledisc brake
BatteryLithium battery: 36V 12AH
Speed32KM/H (20 mph/h)
Mileage19 miles
Wheels26 inch
Fork iron Front fork suspension
DisplayLCD Display Panel 


If you’re looking for the finest and durable electric bike under $1000, then you can also check out the ECOTRIC – 26-inch electric bike. This astounding e-bike is more than an ordinary bicycle, and you’ll feel more enthralling and contented for choosing this bike for your commute.

This e-bike has equipped with the fat 26×4 inch tires by which you can easily ride on the cranky roads or over the sand, or even the top of the mountain without any trouble. This powerful e-bike comes with a lithium battery and has a 500w motor which means you can travel at a distance of 20 mph/ 32 kph.

Also, in ECOTRIC e-bike you will get the solid disc brakes, and the 7-speed Shimano drivetrain which gives your journey an extra kick, and you can travel for longer routes.


  • Max. Load capacity is 260 lbs. and weighs around 58 lbs.
  • Powerful disc brakes and thick tires.
  • 90% pre-assembled and is easily chargeable.


  • Heavier in weight because of fat tires, but makes your journey memorable.

Buying Guide – How to Choose the Best E-Bikes

  1. Look out for the Rechargeable Batteries: – E-bikes usually run on rechargeable batteries; therefore it is imperative to look out for the battery capacity. It is an important factor because some batteries take more time to charge, and is not durable for covering larger distances.
  2. Check the Adjustability: – Another important feature of the lookout is to check the seat and saddle. These should be adjustable; otherwise, you will feel irritated and get tired. Also, check for a display screen, and a detachable wheel so you can enjoy your ride.
  3. Look out for the Warranty: – Affordable e-bikes are everywhere these days, but you should purchase the one which provides you with a warranty. The reputable companies offer at least a warranty of one year or more, so choose wisely. 

Final Thoughts:

We have tried our level best to come up with the top 3 E-bikes which make your travelling experience unforgettable and remarkable. If you’re purchasing an e-bike for the first time, we would suggest you do proper research, and always buy from a reputable brand to avoid inconvenience in future.

Buying an electric bike under $1000 isn’t a difficult job if you invest your time in the right direction. Also, read the top reviews and testimonials available on different platforms. We hope you will find this article helpful and useful.

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