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Top 10 Best Pop up tent to buy [reviews] buying guide FAQs 2021

Best Pop up tent: Camping is one of the best ways to go closer to Mother Nature. It is the finest way to explore the Acres of beautiful land in the countryside area. Whether you go on camping with friends or solo it is a great way to get you restored.  You spend quality time with the ones close to your heart and get relaxed, farther from the fast busy depressed life.

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Camping is often considered the best way to solve our relationship issue, and to convert a toxic relationship to a healthy one. For those who have to follow a strict schedule and find less to no time for kids, it is the time to strengthen the bond with your kids unless it is too late. If you take part in the famous Burning Man Festival, you need one of best tents for burning man to camp for 9 days.

When you are on camping, there are a few things that you need to check on to enjoy your trip. The most essential and integral important among them are your tents. Your tent can make or break your whole camping experience, it gives you shelter from bad weather and hottest sun.

The tents are not just for camping. They are also be used on the beach, to enjoy a music festival at the beach. But, the tents are difficult to set up, it takes time to figure out which pole connects to which fitting.

To keep the pressure down and to make you relax more, you need to opt-with pop-up tents. Pop-up tents unfold in a flip and make a perfect tent. Most of the pop up tents can be set up within seconds. They are easy to carry along, as they fold in a carrying case, and in no time, without fussing around, they make a great shelter.

So, it is hard to find out which pop-up tent suits your needs. In this detailed guide, we are going to put up a list of the best pop up tents to help you find the one that falls right on your criterion. Read through the guide, and check which one is your pick.

Our Picks of Top 10 Best pop up tent Product Reviews in 2021

1) Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup

Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup

If you are planning to hit camping with friends or family and looking for a tent that helps you to make a temporary home outside the home, opt-with Coleman designed Cabin instant tent setup. If you are not new to camping and have been exploring before, you might have heard Coleman’s name. The brand is synonymous with quality camping products manufacturing. Its name has earned a unique place in the camping gears world; its produced products have set the bar higher for others.

This particular six-person tent makes an ideal option to camp with friends or family. It set up instantly and offers you quality relaxed time after a big day out.

This tent is named as a set-up tent rather than a pop-up tent. But its set up is as quicker and faster as other pop-up tents. It sets in less than 30 seconds and offers you seamless maneuverability due to its improved packing and carrying system.

The tent shares 10 x 9 ft. With 6 ft. Center roomy interior and easily fits 2 queen-sized air beds. It shares double-thick fabric that stands years after years, without getting tired or broken easily.

The tent also shares an integrated rainfly that offers improved protection in rainy weather. On rainy nights due to its cutting-edge Weather Tech System, you stay dried and protected under the tent. It shares tub like floors with corner welds and covered seams that keep water away to enjoy dry weather out.

The tent also shares dark roomy technology. The latest tech blocks 90-percent of the sunlight coming out of the tent and lets you cozy environment inside.

The last but not the least feature that makes the tent stands heads and a shoulder above the rest is its easy storage and maneuverability. When you are backing home, packs the tent into an expandable carrying bag that protects all essentials inside until you are off on your next camping.

  • Easy storage and transportation
  • Keeps interior dry and prevent from water
  • Easy setup
  • Spacious space inside fits 2 queen size beds
  • Darkroom to make you enjoy a sound sleep
  • Welded corners
  • Double-thick fabric stands long
  • Some users complained about the leaking issue

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2) Quechua Waterproof Pop up Camping Tent

Quechua Waterproof Pop up Camping Tent

Most pop-up tents do not ‘pop-up’ and often come integrated with limited features that make their useless. If you have been facing limited features issues, and looking for a features-rich pop-up tent, then you should give serious consideration to this product.

The top and most acclaimed feature of this tent is its quick setup. As per many users, and my own experience as well, the tent just takes two seconds in setting-up. It shares a dismantling free-standing structure to help users quickly pull it up and get it up to help you enjoy superior protection. Not only just the setup, but its fold-up will also be quicker than others, due to its easy guide system. It is portable, weighs just 7.30 pounds, which helps you to carry this pop-up tent on your shoulder without feeling the weight.

The next most praised feature of this 2-person pop-up tent is its darkness. It helps campers to get rest even on sunny-days without getting disturbed due to sunlight and heat. It shares a black patented exterior fabric that blocks 99-percent sunlight and renders a cozy interior environment.

Even at nights, you good a good night’s sleep, with zero condensations. It shares a flysheet with 2-sides panels that you can extend, helps you to have improved air-circulations.

It is a waterproof pop-up tent that helps you to stay protected in heavy showers. It has passed the waterproof test and offers superior water-protection.

Its corners are tightly sealed; you would not see a single drop of water entering your tent in heavy showers.

All in all, the tent is a great product for 2-persons. It offers an improved camping experience and lets you explore the countryside without carrying too much weight.

  • Quick setup and dismantling
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Waterproof, withstand heavy showers
  • The darkness inside the tent blocks 99-percent sunlight
  • Rainfly and side panels prevent from condensations
  • Pricey
  • Best suited for one person due to less interior space

3) Hui Lingyang 4-person pop-up tent

 Hui Lingyang 4-person pop-up tent

If you are looking for a durable made pop-up tent that withstands roughness without getting torn, this is a great option to go with. This tent shares sturdy construction, made from 190T polyester that protects from heavy winds. The tent is not recommended for rainy weather unless you get a dedicated tarp to throw over it.

The tent is a breeze to set up. You just take it out from the bag and set-it-up in a second. It pops pretty much the same moment you take it out, without putting any effort at all.

The tent is advertised as a four-person tent. But, I think, it suits 2 adults and two kids. For adults would be stuffed like poultry with less to no space for breathing. It is great to fit for two adults and two kids, adults can be fit right more than three.

The breathability of the tent is on par. You would not feel condensations at all due to mesh windows. The mesh windows let you get fresh air, without leaving the tent at all.

Moreover, due to the two large doors, you can step out easily, or open them to get fresh air. On top of that, the bottom vents also add extra ventilation, preventing condensation.

The tent also comes with a vestibule area. The area lets the users put their muddy gears inside the tent without actually putting inside. This separate area will be a great place to put your muddy gears and take them along when you are going out.

Alongside a vestibule area, there is a large storage bag. The storage bag lets you store your most important camping gear, without taking them on the area where you are sleeping.

The tent has shared two sides zipper.  You can go out from any side of the tent, and close the doors from either side without any big issue.

  • Integrated Vestibule area
  • Large storage bag
  • Improved breathability due to large doors and mesh windows
  • Sturdy made
  • Withstand roughness
  • Not waterproof
  • Less inside space

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4) MOON LENCE Instant Pop up Tent

MOON LENCE Instant Pop up Tent

If you are planning to hit camping with your large family, you must not overlook Moon Lence Instant Pop-up tent. This is a four-person tent but can fit five sleeping bags easily. Yes, if you are going to put a mattress inside it wills four.

The tent has an amazing line of features to showcase. It is a breeze to set up, just press the top part down and the tent will pop-up. It would not take more than a few minutes to pull it down, literally around 3-4 minutes.

It comes with easy to carry a carry bag. That makes it a breeze to take around. You can literally take it around, folds into a tiny piece of product, and fit it anywhere in your home. It weighs around 10-pounds, guesses a 4-person tent weighs just 10-pounds.

The tent makes an ideal option for a large family or group of people due to its stunning line of useful features. Such as it shares a well-meditated design that suits a group of people. It comes with a storage bag that possesses premium and expensive possessions. It shares a hook at the ceiling to hang a light, and above than this, it shares multiple mesh windows.

It shares a wide door, that lets even a fat person move in and out quite smoothly without hitting or stocking.

It is a sturdy made quality construction sharing a pop-up tent. Its fabric is waterproof, with a 210D oxford groundsheet. The zippers on the windows make it easier to open and close from both sides.

It is a great water-resistance. It offers a dry inside environment for a long time and withstands heavy showers. It is going to be proved a great shelter in heavy rainfall. You without getting submerge your possessions in water, enjoy a dry inside. Its corners are well-sealed, would not let the water come into it.

  • Breeze to setup
  • Waterproof
  • Great line of useful features
  • Zippers windows
  • Wide doors
  • Height could have been improved

5) WolfWise Easy Pop-up Beach Tent

WolfWise Easy Pop-up Beach Tent

If you are looking for a beach pop-up tent, do not overlook this item. It is the best option for the people looking for an ultra-lightweight beach tent due to its weight. It weighs just 3.8 pounds and comes with a carry bag that users can wear like a backpack for easier maneuverability. You can wear the bag like a backpack and travel around without any issue.

It is famous for beach camping due to its innovative design. It comes with four sandbags, users are supposed to fill those bags with the sands and then you secure them with stakes. This is how the tent gets set up, the sandbags sewen onto the tent; they are easy to fill up and emptied. Its installation and dismantling are breezes, get it out from the bag and it is all set up there.

I have checked many other beach tents with sandbags. Their bags are easy to fill up but a nightmare to empty them out. Emptying it out is actually easier than filling it up, without wasting any effort, you get your back dismantled.

It is very airy with large doors and windows. No sign of condensation would be there, this is exactly a beach tent, and this is how beach tents are made.

The tent offers improved water protection. You are camping at the beach does not mean you want water everywhere, inside the tent as well. The tent protects you and your possessions from water and offers a completely dry and safe environment. Other than being dry, the tent also offers protection UV rays. You enjoy your day at the beach without harming the skin on sunny-days inside it.

The tent withstands light rains. Its material is water repellant, and it would not let rains and water drench your belongings. Yes, it would not withstand heavy rains, and it would be recommended to throw a tarp over it.

Moreover, the tent comes in hands at a very affordable price. You have no need to spend your hard-earned money onto something that goes beyond your budget. Get the right gear, within your budget range with all features on board.

  • Very airy
  • Breeze to setup
  • Protects inside belonging from water and light rains
  • Affordable price
  • Innovative design
  • Easier to dismantle
  • Would do not withstand heavy rain
  • Less inside space

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6) WolfWise 6.6FT Portable Pop Up Shower Privacy Tent

WolfWise 6.6FT Portable Pop Up Shower Privacy Tent

If you are looking for a privacy tent that helps you changing clothes or getting showers for long camping trips, this is the right product.

Privacy tents make group camping easier and seamless. You get a private space to get showered and change clothes. It is not a regular pop up camping tent but a privacy tent with a very affordable price range.

The tent comes in two versions. First is a single privacy tent and the second is a double privacy tent. The latter comes with a zipper in the middle to make two separate sections. The double privacy tent helps large groups to fast operations. We see people on trips fighting each other over who gets showers first, this is the solution.

It comes with a clothesline where you can hang your towels and other clothes without getting them drenched. It also shares a waterproof storage pouch to help you store your premium essentials. It comes with zippered windows to help you have improved airflow, and get refreshed without getting condensed due to sealed airflow. The biggest advantage is, no one would be able to see inside the tent, no peeping from any side.

The tent shares 6 feet six inches in height. Most of the people would be able to get a smoother experience; the size fits most of the people with a few exceptions.

The ten shares a waterproof polyester construction. There is also a silver lining on the inside to protect from UV rays. The lining reflects 99-percent of the sun rays and keeps the interior of the tent cozy cool in hot summer days.

The tent shares a carry bag that users can wear like a backpack. It adds greatly to convenience and users can easily put the tent into the bag and carry around without any issue.

  • Good height
  • Zipper Windows
  • Improved airflow
  • UV rays resistant
  • Easy to setup
  • Offers great privacy
  • Hanging clothes option
  • It is not for sleeping

7) Coleman 2-Person Pop-Up Tent

Coleman 2-Person Pop-Up Tent

If you are looking for a full waterproof pop-up tent for two persons, the Coleman 2-person pop up tent can make a great option. It is a full waterproof pop up tent from the floor to the roof and seams to corners. It is made of polyester and shares an extra coating for water-resistant. The pop-up tent from Coleman is an excellent tent for rainy days camping, it offers great wind and storm resistance due to its quality construction and sturdy frames design.

It shares a unique top construction. With a lining mesh, which enacts more like a window to help you get improved airflow while stopping bugs from you? You can roll up the main fabric of the tent, and with just mesh can enjoy sun rays in winter days.

It is a perfect pop up tent for those who never camped. It is very easy to set up, with preassembled poles, you just take it out from the bag and it is already setup.

The tent offers a spacious interior. When they say it a two-person tent, they really mean it. The tent fits two adults’ sleeping bags inside without any hassle. Yes, it would not take another person in, with two sleeping bags; no inch of space is spared.

The tent comes in hands at an affordable price range. It comes in hands for less than $50, which makes it a great option for beginners with no big budgets to spend on.

The only drawback of the pop-up tent is that it does not give protection from UV rays. It is not a beach tent, neither for those who need it for hot sunny days. It is a tent for those who occasionally camp, and trip out in nature.  It makes an ideal choice for beginners, as it would not cost them arms and legs to let them step out to explore nature.

  • Splendid water resistant
  • Suitable for two adults
  • Comes in hands at a cheap price
  • Unique top construction
  • Top mesh to let air in
  • No UV rays protection

8) Abco Tech Pop Up Tent

Abco Tech Pop Up Tent

If you are looking for a summer camp to make your summer camping worth sharing experience, look no further. This Abco designed Tech pop up tent shares a great line of features and specs to make your camping an extraordinary experience. It comes with double doors on each side with mesh on the front and back. Due to its double doors and windows design, the airflow is improved and users get to enjoy great breathability with more sunshine in.

It comes with an external cover to let sunshine enter in. Just roll the cover-up and get some morning sun rays touching your face morning in the wilderness.

The tent shares a decent interior space. It fits two people, two adults sleeping bag without a tad space left. You would not be able to put two queen size mattresses, mere two adults sleeping bags with on space left around.

It is not a very tall tent; taller people might face issues in getting used to it.

Another great thing about this bag is its carry bag. It comes with a big carry bag to fit the bag with other extra gears into it. You do not have to worry about putting your bag into a camping bag. If you have a big massive bag, it can also attach the carry bag.

The tent folds into a tiny piece. It takes very little space in the home as well. The bag when folded would be actually one of those things you do not have to think about storage.  This is an ideal pop up bag; you can store it without thinking about storing it at all.

The tent also offers improved UV protection. The tent is actually a pure beach tent that is made with the features to prevent UV rays from reaching you out. You do not have to apply any sun protection in case using this bag, pop it up, and start using it.

It is not the right fit for summer camping but if it is not raining. If it rains, the tent becomes a mess and makes you get belonging directed.

  • Double door design
  • Windows mesh on front and back
  • Sets up easily
  • Improved UV protection
  • Fits two mattresses easily
  • No water resistance
  • Not for taller people

9) Peaktop Outdoor 3-4 Person Automatic Pop up Camping Tent

Peaktop Outdoor 3-4 Person Automatic Pop up Camping Tent

If you are looking for a camping tent for 3-4 person that offers superior protection in rainy days and make you feel protected inside, get hands-on Peak top Outdoor automatic pop up camping tent. Its bottom is made from waterproof PU oxford fabric while it also integrated two layers of polyester over the top.

It is a complete waterproof tent that helps you enjoy camping regardless of the type of weather. The tent withstands heavy rains and helps you get complete rest inside without getting drenched.

It is a pop-up tent; it takes less than 2 minutes to set up. Just take it out from the carry case, and it pops into shape in seconds. You have no need to follow through a long detailed setup procedure; it is designed in a way to pop into shape right after getting out from the case.

The tubes that take the tent into the place are made of fiberglass. And you know about fiberglass, it is one of the strongest and durable materials to construct the tubes.

The pop up comes with a zipper, they are on both the sides, users can access the zippers from either of the sides of the tent. The windows covers are made inside, you can roll them up to enjoy beautiful scenery outside.

The best camping tent comes integrated with two wide doors. These two wide doors let you go out and come in the tent without striking other things around. Other than that, the wide doors also help users to have improved ventilation; it would not let you condense inside.

The tent also shares a mesh vent, with a Velcro closure, this feature helpful to get a gaze of the beautiful scenery around and get some fresh air.

The tent integrates a big storage bag inside the tent. The bag lets you keep your things collected in one place. You can put your important possessions into it with extra safety.

The tent shares a spacious inside space. Two adults and two kids can easily fit into it. Yes, with sleeping bags, without sleeping bags, on a queen mattress, 3 adults would be able to fit in, leaving no inches left around.

I have been personally using this tent for my camping trips. I would suggest the bag is the right fit for two adults; they will be able to enjoy good night’s sleep with extra space around their queen mattress.

  • The two wide doors
  • Interior mesh to improved airflow
  • Interior storage bag
  • Double-sided zippers
  • Its floor is completely waterproof
  • The roof shares double layers two prevent from heavy showers
  • No UV protection

10) Zaltana Pop up Tent

Zaltana Pop up Tent

If you love hitting camping alone, and looking for a solo pop up tent, you are at the right product. Zaltana Pop up tent is one of the ultra-lightweight pop up tents which is easy to pack and carry around. Whether you are exploring the countryside area or desired to hit trekking alone, the tent is going to be the best companion.

This tent keeps you dry and protected due to its double-layer polyester design and an inner lining. Due to its sturdy construction, and quality material used in construction, the tent can be used in cold weather and keep you perfectly warm. This tent lets you go anywhere without any issue, and you just to carry 5-pounds of weight on your shoulders.

The tent is lightweight does not mean it is not strong. It is made using quality material, keep you protected and dry inside even in the toughest weather conditions. It shares fiberglass frames that hold the shape evenly in heavy rain and storm.

Its double-layer construction renders optimum air-flow and prevents from condensations. You get improved ventilation, safe breathing, and comfortable night sleep.

Its inner tent area is completed covered by rainfly. So, even in heavy rains, you would not touch a single drop of water inside the tent. Its nylon floor keeps you all dry for a long time.

More than that, the Zaltana build pop up tent is affordable to buy. It comes in hands at an affordable price, and makes you buy the product without spending arms and legs.

  • Nylon Floor
  • Inner tent covers with rainfly
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Set up in seconds
  • Strong, withhold heavy rains and storms
  • Fiberglass frames
  • Breathability could have been improved

What to look at when buying a pop-up tent?

Pop up tents are great options for exploring the wilderness. They let you camp without following through a big setting-up process. They are often recommended to occasional or festival campers. But, with time their quality has been improved, and now they can safely be used by regular or avid campers. But, there are some attributes you need to have a special look for. These are a few considerations you should keep in mind while choosing a pop-up tent.

Weather Protection:

Pop up tents are made to be lightweight and portable. To construct them, lightweight material is used which means they are not good to use for heavy winds and showers. So, to use them in heavy rain and storm, use a trap on the floor as well over the floor to enjoy extra rain protection.

But these things will take away quick set up and you may have to spend time to get these things gone.

There are a few pop-up tents that come with the weather protection features. These tents integrated extra features to withstand extra windy conditions. So, look for extra weather protection features to help you stay dry and protected.


Pop up tents come in variant sizes. But most of them are of one to four-person tents. Keep in mind, manufacturer’s idea for a 4-person tent and your idea cannot be the same. Most of the time, the tents designed for four persons fit just three. So, whenever you buy a tent, buy one with one extra person in mind, this will let you have a sound sleep without feeling condensed.

If you are a large group of people, it will be a good idea to get multiple smaller tents than having one large. It is not ideal to have everyone under the same roof.

With small multiple tents, everyone will have their space and privacy to enjoy the wilderness.

Pop up tents most of the time are not made for large groups of people, even if they are, do not get with the option, and always go with multiple small tents with 2-3 people in each.


Ventilation is one of the core attributes to look into your next buy. With proper ventilation, you get improved airflow within the tent to enjoy the cozy weather. As most of the time, pop up tents is used during summer, so a tent with no proper ventilation may end up giving condensations.

When buying a pop-up tent, look for larger windows, big doors, and mesh integration to have improved ventilation.


The tent’s material is one of the crucial aspects to give detailed consideration. The material of the tent can make or break your deal. When you are out there to buy a tent, there are few areas where you will have to compromise on, but keep in mind, do not compromise on the quality of the material with which the tent is made of.

It is up to you which type of material you are hunting for. Canvas tents are going to be heavier compare to nylon tents, but they retain heat and are more durable.

Most of the pop-up tents are made of nylon and polyester to keep the weight and cost down. Yes, they are not durable; they do not withstand roughness and breaks apart easily.

In the material section, keep in mind to look UV coating or lining in the tent. They will protect you against the UV rays without putting extra weight.


Portability is one of the most important and crucial factors to look into if you are buying a solo pop up tent. The factor is not important if you are a car camper and would not go out of the campground.

But, if you love exploring, being lost in the wilderness; trekking, backpacking, hiking, then extra pounds can make or break the deal. Here portability counts and you must look for something which is portable and carried easily around.

So, look for a tent which is under 10-pounds. By the way, most of the pop-up tents are made lightweight; they are portable and help you carry the tent around without any big issue.

Doors and Windows:

If you are desired to buy a pop-up tent, try to buy the one with as many doors and windows as possible. The door lets the users enter the tent, and if you have just one door for a 3-4 person tent, these numbers of people will be entering and exiting using the same door which makes lots of issues. With double or triple door options, users can go out and enter from either side.

Other than that, doors improved the airflow through the tent. By opening the door, you allow the wind to blow through the tent and make camping easier.

It is important to look that your door comes with mesh and windows. This feature allows you to sleep with the opened door without letting bugs inside. The extra air will make the inside airy and breathy without any warms inside.

FAQs section:


Whether you need a camp for the beach, or something rugged shelter to pitch in the deep jungle, our list has something to offer you. Not all pop-up tents are good for difficult weather, so before buying one, keep it sure to look for the features that you want.

Pop up tents are great shelters for picnics, beach days, or in the backyard. You get them instantly set-up, just take them out and they are set up already.

Keep in mind, pop up tents are made portable. They should be easy to carry around and take around.

Before giving a final shot to a product, keep in mind to check how to buy section. Because this section educates you about buying the tent available as per your needs and consideration.

We are hopeful that this guide will help you find the best option as you need. And if you think the guide has helped you in making your decision better, please share this guide with others.