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Top 5 Best Sling Backpacks And Purses Review 2021

It’s the season to meet your travel buddies and go on a long trip to explore the mountain ranges! But are you tired of carrying the heavy backpacks at your back? No worries! We’ve got a definitive solution for you in this guide below. Let’s find out Top 5 Best Sling Backpacks And Purses Review 2021!

Many studies have depicted that carrying a heavy backpack at your back can cause shoulder and back problems. And if the weight is not distributed correctly, the situation will be much worse. It can even lead to thoracic outlet syndrome due to neck muscle strain. You’ll be happy to know that you can save yourself from all this by wearing a sling backpack. 

Yes! The 90’s trend is back with a little upgrade! A sling backpack is a bag that you can wear over one shoulder across the front. It is something kind of a revival because these backpacks were common in the past as well. People can carry the essentials, including gadgets, passports, cellphones, tablets, and other valuables, more functionally and handily. 

When it comes to ergonomic ability, the sling backpacks and purses are a win-win. They can be worn diagonally to distribute the weight properly. 

There are various types of sling backpacks in different designs and storage capacities. Hence, these are used for diverse purposes, including work, travel, weekend trips, or the traditional ones by the natives. After carefully examining and filtering all the best sling backpacks and purses, we’ve got a few of them. Let’s explore!

Best Sling Backpacks and Purses:

1. Waterfly Crossbody Sling backpack:

 Waterfly Crossbody Sling backpack:


Organized and Clean:

Do you plan to travel with your family or friends but lack a storage bag? Here we’ve got you a fantastic choice for your next trip. This Waterfly Crossbody comes in perfect dimensions to keep everything organized. The front zipper will help you place your iPad mini, iPhone, power banks, and many more gadgets safely. There are small partitions that can hold makeup items, tissues, toys, and more in an orderly way. Additionally, a 6-inches side pocket can hold your water bottle.

Earphone jack:

Listening to songs on the go is not a problem anymore! You don’t need to hold the MP3p player or phone in your hand as you can connect with an earphone jack in the front. Enjoy music anytime and anywhere with your hands-free.

Adjustable Shoulder Strap:

There are a total of 3 D-rings available on the shoulder strap by which you can connect the strings. This way, it’ll help you distribute the weight evenly on your back according to your body shape. 

Moreover, you can change the direction preference so you can wear it on the left or right shoulder. There is another unique function that these shoulder straps hold. There is a small pocket on the shoulder strap that can carry your phone under 7-inches.


Traveling, hiking, and even walking with a backpack is not an easy job! Therefore, to avoid seating and discomfort, this backpack is made up of breathable material.


  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Multiple D-rings
  • Hidden earphone jack
  • Various compartments in front pockets


  • Not washable in the machine

2. KAVU Rope Sling Bag:

KAVU Rope Sling Bag


Rugged and Sturdy:

What is the purpose of wearing a backpack if it cannot hold your bulky items and provides a robust experience? That’s where this KAVU Rope sling bag will not disappoint. It is made up of the durable 600D polyester material. It can withstand the harsh weather condition and will not wear out even on daily usage.

Sleek Look:

Looks matter and we care for it! KAVU presents you with the best sling backpacks and purses designed with a modern and modest look. This backpack is also one of them that will enhance the aesthetic appearance and make you look smart.

Tons of Storage:

As already mentioned, this bag is one of the KAVU’s best sling backpacks and purses signature crossbody collection. It’s sleek and compact design cannot hold it back from storing a variety of items. It features an ample storage capacity with two main compartments. Moreover, another two internal pockets can hold your gadgets, cellphones, makeup items, and more.

Comfortable and Durable:

This KAVU’s backpack can last years with its rugged and durable construction. Wear it diagonally on your shoulder and distribute the weight on your back to avoid muscle strain. The front portion also features a cell phone pocket. This pocket will let you free your hands while walking, hiking, and more.

Multiple Patterns:

A unique feature for this backpack is its various colorful patterns and styles. Moreover, you can also match the strings’ colors to your outfits.


  • 100% polyester
  • Textile lining
  • Easy to wash with hands
  • 2 Compartments with multiple pockets


  • Many complain about zippers

3. Outdoor Master Sling Bag:

Outdoor Master Sling Bag


Compact but Spacious:

Outdoor Master sling backpacks are their own definition! The same is the case with this Master Cross-Body Sling Bag, which is famous for its compact style. But what a win-win situation as it can store enough valuables still being small in shape. It even has room for a camera or a 12-inches laptop. This feature makes it a perfect choice for all the travel, urban, & outdoor trips.

Cross Body Design:

It’s a sling backpack, and hence obviously, it would be a cross-body design. But what’s unique in this design is it’s even weight distribution and perfect center of gravity. This way, you can wear the backpack for a long time while walking, hiking, or traveling.

Anti-Theft Options:

What made this sling bag different from others is the anti-theft pockets. It features the hidden pockets that help you get rid of the unusual thefts on the go.

Reversible Straps:

No matter whether you’re a leftie or righty! You can wear the backpack either way. The soft shoulder straps will help you wear the bag for prolonged hours, and you can adjust the straps at different lengths as well. The 12″ shoulder strap for every person to adapt it according to his/her body shape.

Breathable Material:

The bag comes with a mesh design on the backside, which features the breathable material. This way, there’ll be no sweating and discomfort even after hours of wearing this sling bag.


  • Breathable back
  • Spacious design
  • Reversible shoulder straps
  • Wear it as chest, sling or cross-body


  • Fewer slots in the internal portion

4. CANVAS Sling Bag:

CANVAS Sling Bag


Versatile Bag:

Next in our list of best sling backpacks and purses, here is the CANVAS sling backpack. This bag is famous for its versatile options. It comes with the multiple zipper pockets and adjustable strap design, enabling you to use it for travel and daily use. Hence, providing you numerous options, you can wear it as a chest bag, cross body, or shoulder bag-any way you like it!

Spacious Design:

We’re talking about the versatility in the previous section. Versatility is not just in terms of wearing and usage but storage as well. You can store multiple gadgets and valuables in this sling bag that helps every kind of person to use it. For example, you can carry your books, tablet, water bottles, and any other valuable item you need.


No one wants to wear a bag as heavy as a stone! Here comes the lightweight design and sleek look of this CANVAS sling bag. It is finished through the lightweight canvas material that holds the ability to endure the wear and tear. Also, this canvas material is durable and water-resistant to a great extent. Additionally, the lightweight yet durable zippers with brown tags enhance the style and look.

Anti-Theft Pockets:

You can use this sling bag in the metro, buses, airplanes, and other crowded places with no worries. The hidden anti-theft pockets keep all your valuables, including passport, cell phone, and other gadgets safe and secure.


  • Hidden anti-theft pockets
  • Water-bottle holder
  • Shiny zipper with brown tags
  • Easy to wash the canvas


  • Tiny zip for the outer pocket

5. Lecxci Outdoor Chest Sling Bag:

Lecxci Outdoor Chest Sling Bag


Perfect for Travelers:

Are you a biker, hiker, or love traveling? Then this Sling backpack is one the best we’ve got for you in this best sling backpacks and purses list. Multiple features enable it to be a perfect choice, including the anti-automatic-out-buckle, accessible storage, and a breathable back.

Various Sizes:

No one from your family will be unarmed from this perfect sling bag. It comes in multiple sizes ranging from small to large. The smaller sizes are stable for children and women. At the same time, the other ones are perfect to be carried by men.

Durable & Water-Proof:

This sling bag is finished through the sturdy and durable nylon material, which is super soft yet gives a rugged appearance. The benefits of Nylon include that it is lightweight and scratch-resistant. It means that you can take out the backpack in a harsh environment and use it daily without worry.

No Sweating:

Wearing a bag all day can lead to sweating and an uncomfortable feel. This Lecxci Outdoor bag features a breathable material along with a perfect design that supports enough airflow. A breathable sponge mesh at the back with perfectly elastic shoulder straps improves your carrying ability.

Hold all you want:

Being user-friendly, this backpack can free your hands by holding all things! Keep your gadgets, cellphones, small-sized tablets, makeup items, and more in the bag. A small shoulder pocket will hold your cellphone or tickets for easy and fast access.


  • Soft, breathable mesh at back
  • Sweat-resistant design
  • 100% waterproof
  • Zipper closure


  • Phone pouch is small 

Comparison Chart:

ProductsBrandMaterialDimensionsKey Features
1. Waterfly Crossbody Sling backpackWaterflyPolyester Lining18 x 9 x 38 cmEarphone jackReversible shoulder straps3 D-rings
2. KAVU Rope Sling BagKAVU600D Polyester20 x 11 x 3 inchesComfortableTwo main compartmentsSleek lookPerfect for school stuff as well
3. Outdoor Master Sling BagOutdoorMaster 11.8 x 4 x 17.7 inchesCan hold 12-inches laptopWater bottle pocketAnti-theft pockets
4. CANVAS Sling BagKL928 CANVASCanvas/ Polyester lining10 X 7 X 16 inchesLightweight and stylishWater-resistant canvasSoft and comfy to wearAnti-theft pockets
5. Lecxci Outdoor Chest Sling BagLecxciWaterproof Nylon (100%) / Polyester lining6.5 × 2.98 ×13.17 InchesImportedSoft lookUltra-lightweightScratch-resistant

Buying Guide:

Whether you need a sling backpack for your sports gadgets, travel needs, or carry your valuables while wandering the city, it’s always compulsory to know what to look for in the best sling bag. Here we’ll walk you through all those factors that you need to consider before buying the best sling backpacks and purses.

Factors to consider before buying a sling bag:


Everyone knows that we, as humans got diverse shapes and sizes. Therefore, not one bag can fit for all! Therefore, make sure that the sling backpack you’re buying features the adjustable straps and a comfy design to reduce the strain in your back muscles.

Organizing ability:

There’s no benefit of a backpack that cannot organize your stuff. Fortunately, most of the sling bags can do it seamlessly by featuring multiple compartments and small pockets to hold your gadgets. There’s nothing worse than having a wallet that resembles the departmental store from inside. Make sure the bag has enough organizing ability!


If you’re a traveler who loves hiking and exploring new places, you might know the importance of waterproof and water-resistant materials. Always try to buy the sling backpacks or purses with at-least a water-resistant material if not 100% waterproof. Moreover, many brands have water repellent layers to save your stuff from rain.

Easy Access Pockets:

Sling backpacks must contain easy to access pockets. Otherwise, they are of no use. We all crave organization! No one wants to have a messed up stuff in the bag. Easy to access pockets on the shoulder strap can hold your phone, tickets, and other essentials.


Wearing heavy bags all day at your shoulder can be a cause of shoulder and back pain. But here we’ve got the solution for you! Sling backpacks and purses can ease muscle pressure by providing an even weight distribution. Keep your hands on these bags and wander around with your hands-free!