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Elf Foundation – Where We are Creating Rooms of Magic!

About Elf Foundation

The Elf Foundation is a non-profit charity that brings the enchantment of uplifting music and film to sick children around the country.

We create Rooms of Magic – private entertainment theaters – for children’s hospitals so that countless special kids can look forward to a delightful evening of laughter and intrigue.

Our long-term vision is to encourage our network of Special Elves within each community to spend a little bit of time with these extraordinary children. We like to think of it as bringing the school field trip to the hospital! The fun begins when a group comes together and shares ideas and topics with the children and then joins the kids and their families for a night at the movies. Think how special the rewards are for these exceptional children to get a bit of your valuable time and what better reward is there than an evening of movie magic!

Our mission is simply not achievable without the generosity of individuals and corporations – donations are the lifeblood of our organization. Our corporate sponsors are leaders in every aspect of their business – innovative products, leading-edge technology, superb customer service – in addition to leading by example when it comes to corporate philanthropy.

Thanks to our generous Corporate Sponsors

Absolute Multimedia
Acoustic Innovations
cgrafx, Inc
Dolby Laboratories
EH Publishing
ELAN Systems
Escient Technologies
Harman Industries
Hillcrest Hi-Fi
InFocus Corporation
Klipsch Audio Technology
M&K Sound
Marketing Matters
Monster Cable
QSC Audio
Stiernberg Consulting
Straight Wire
Terk Technologies
THX Lucasfilm
Westworld Marketing

MUSC Room of Magic Breaks Ground

The Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) is getting a special gift that will bring magic and joy to the children who receive medical attention at this esteemed institution. A 300-seat teaching venue is being transformed into a state-of-the-art movie theater, thanks to the efforts of Russ Pritchard and his team at Charleston’s Audio Warehouse. This project is part of the Elf Foundation Rooms of Magic program, which aims to create dream spaces for children in hospitals across the country.

The newly renovated space will feature a nearly 20-foot wide Stewart Filmscreen projection screen, making it an ideal setting for screening educational content or popular movies for the young patients. To ensure top-notch audio quality, QSC has donated five large amplifiers to drive a powerful Klipsch Loudspeaker array, while Lexicon’s MC-12 preamp-processor promises crystal-clear sound. An Escient Technologies PowerPlay DVD controller handles disc playback, and Cinepro’s PowerSequencer 120 manages electrical power distribution. Additionally, Westworld Marketing in Agora Hills, CA, has kindly provided all necessary cabling and wiring for the installation.

According to Vanessa Hill, Transplant Liaison for the medical university, “When Russ Pritchard approached me with the Elf Foundation’s vision for patients, I was overjoyed. The consideration of MUSC proves to be a perfect venue to incorporate your dreams for the smiles of children throughout the hospital.” Indeed, the new theater will serve as a source of comfort and delight for countless young patients undergoing treatment at MUSC.

In honor of Dr. P.R. Rajagopalan, Director of the Kidney Transplant Program and Professor of Surgery, the theater will bear his name – the MUSC Raja Theater. Affectionately known as the Father of Transplant for the medical center, Dr. Rajagopalan embodies compassionate care and dedication to healing. Naming the theater after him serves as a testament to the transformative impact he has had on countless lives and reinforces the commitment to nurturing wellbeing during challenging times.

This heartwarming endeavor highlights the importance of creating uplifting environments for children in healthcare settings. Through the combined efforts of the Elf Foundation Rooms of Magic, Audio Warehouse, and various industry partners, the MUSC Raja Theater will undoubtedly bring smiles, laughter, and respite to many deserving young individuals.

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