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The Bedari Foundation

About The Bedari Foundation

A private family foundation dedicated to using its experience and resources to enable significant cultural shifts in the fields of community displacement, environmental conservation, and mental health and wellness.


The Bedari Foundation is a private family foundation dedicated to using its experience and resources to enable significant cultural shifts in the fields of mental health and wellness and environmental conservation. The foundation’s vision is that humanity can cultivate the deeper sense of self-awareness and spirituality required to reassess underlying attitudes, beliefs and responsibilities about ourselves and our planet.


The Bedari Foundation strives to instill the mindfulness necessary to help solve mental health issues such as addiction, depression and trauma and environmental issues such as depletion of species, global warming and over-consumption. The Foundation champions and encourages a philosophy of interconnected well-being and invests in and supports programs that further these ideals through action and education.


Concept Description
ADVOCACY Strive whole-heartedly for what we believe in
AWARENESS Our consciousness determines the shape of our future
COLLABORATION Community wisdom guides us
INTEGRITY Honesty, humility, and respect guide our work
INTENTION Humanity’s destiny is shaped by our deepest desires and intentions
VISION No dream is too big for humanity to pursue


The Karingani Reserve, a new 350,000 acre positive impact sanctuary in southwestern Mozambique bordering South Africa’s Kruger National Park, unites two countries in a borderless reserve and opens up Mozambique to a new type of conservation economics.

The Bedari Foundation has partnered with Singita and will provide critical resources in the domains of community, conservation, infrastructure development, reserve establishment and wildlife management all of which are necessary to protect Mozambique’s at risk environments for the benefit of future generations.

This large scale project establishes a permanently enlarged ecological conservation area that not only greatly increases dedicated wildlife management but also sustainable protection through community education and involvement and infrastructure development.


Bhutan is at a pivotal moment in its history. Nestled in the Himalayas, this small country has long held a deep commitment to conservation. However, as it opens its doors to modernity, Bhutan confronts a new reality. Climate change and rising demand for resources are brining unprecedented threats to the environment.

Fortunately, few nations on earth have managed to protect their natural wealth in a way that Bhutan has and fewer still share its dedication to conservation in the future. Against this back drop, The Bedari Foundation has partnered with the Royal Government of Bhutan and the World Wildlife Fund to create a fund that will provide long-term protection for important ecosystems in Bhutan.

Known as Bhutan for Life, the initiative will provide a $40 million transition fund until 2030 to manage a network of protected areas and wildlife corridors.

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