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Enfamil newborn vs infant: [The Real Differences] 2021

Are you a new parent?

Do you wish to change the formula you give to your child?

 Wondering what the difference is between the Enfamil newborn and infant formulas?

Well, we have the information of enfamil newborn vs infant that you need to make the right decision for your child.

Babies need breast milk as the very best option as they grow. The fact is indisputable.

But various reasons may make a mother resort to using the formulas to feed their babies.

The formula contains vitamins, fats, minerals, carbohydrates, water, and proteins.

They are helpful for the child to grow healthy. Babies need varying care when they are going through the various stages of growth from birth.

The formulas are also categorized for nutritional value and benefits. Your child needs them at the various stages of their growth.

Enfamil newborn vs infant:Nutrients are per 100 calories (5 fl oz)

Infant Formula Newborn Formula
PROTEIN (g) 2 2.1
FAT (g) 5.3 5.3
CARBOHYDRATE (g) 11.3 11.2
VITAMIN A (IU) 300 300
VITAMIN D (IU) 75 75
VITAMIN K (mcg) 9 9
VITAMIN THIAMIN B1 (mcg) 80 80
VITAMIN B6 (mcg) 60 60
VITAMIN B12 (mcg) 0.3 0.3
NIACIN (mcg) 1000 1000
FOLACIN (mcg) 16 16
PANTOTHENIC ACID (mcg) 500 500
BIOTIN (mcg) 3 3
ASCORBIC ACID (mg) 12 12
CHOLINE (mg) 24 24
INOSITOL (mg) 24 24
CALCIUM (mg) 78 78
PHOSPHORUS (mg) 43 43
MAGNESIUM (mg) 8 8
IRON (mg) 1.8 1.8
ZINC (mg) 1 1
MANGANESE (mcg) 15 15
COPPER (mcg) 75 75
IODINE (mcg) 15 15
SELENIUM (mcg) 2.8 2.8
SODIUM (mg) 27 27
POTASSIUM (mg) 108 108
CHLORIDE (mg) 63 63

*Reference: enfamil.com

Categories of Formulas

Categories of Baby Formulas

Preterm formulas

The market offers solutions for premature babies. The preterm formulas are here. They are usually for babies between 34 and 36 weeks old.

Transition formulas

These formulas serve those babies who were born preterm.

 The babies are now transitioning from that stage, heading towards their term stage. The methods carry less phosphorus and calcium than the preterm methods.

Term formulas

The final category is the term formulas. These are formulas made to be able to get the same nutrients and texture of the mother’s natural milk. They are most suited for mothers.

These should be perfect for moms who cannot breastfeed their babies for one reason or the other. They are very suitable alternatives to the mother’s breast milk.

The market offers a variety of brands for the babies’ formulas. There are some important matters that you start using any of these formulas.

You need to get professional advice from your child’s pediatrician. They can give you recommendations suitable for the baby at the stage they are in growth.

Enfamil Product line

Enfamil Product line

Enfamil product line is by far considered to be the best choice in the market, according to our research. The product line has several categories of baby formulas.

These formulas are beneficial at the various stages of the growth of a baby. The product line helps the mothers to make the correct decision when it comes to the right baby formula.

stages of chrild growth and development

The two primary methods that generally confuse mothers. They are the Enfamil Newborn and the Enfamil Infant. Let us start by looking at these two formulas.

Then we can compare them to be able to understand enfamil newborn vs infant.

The Enfamil product line provides the closest match for breast milk.

The Enfamil formula is rich in higher DHA content than any other method in the market. DHA helps in making the immune system much healthier. They also help in neuron-developmental outcomes.

The Enfamil product line provides the safest and most reasonable way for mothers. If you are not breastfeeding your children, it should be an alternative method.

It can be able to supplement the breast milk they give to the babies.

Following is our expert’s analysis on enfamil newborn vs infant.

Enfamil Infant Formula of Enfamil newborn vs infant

Enfamil Infant Formula

This formula is for infants between zero and twelve months. We recommended for these ages.

They can help improve the child’s learning ability and potential as they grow. Enfamil infant meets the nutritional requirements of infants within the specified age bracket.

It is contrary to the Enfamil newborn. This formula contains proteins of a group that is different and are less broken down.

 The reason why this protein is less broken down is to make sure that it is suitable for a tender stomach.

The Enfamil infant formula meets the specific needs of babies from birth to one year old. It provides nutritional value meant to help in the nourishment of the baby’s brain.

The nutritional content includes DHA, choline, and iron. The formula is closest to the mother’s mature milk in comparison to the Enfamil newborn.

It imitates the breast milk immediately at birth. In this regard, the infant formula is perfect for those mothers. These moms may be looking for a means to be able to supplement breastfeeding.

The Enfamil infant formula also provides mechanisms. They work throughout the baby’s digestive tract, where about 70% of the immune system is present.

 The boosted immunity is because of the presence of the blend of dual prebiotics.

The Infant formula is easy and convenient to use. The mothers prefer it because it does not form too many bubbles as other formulas.

It is also effortless to switch its use from the Newborn method to the infant formula.

Composition of Enfamil Infant Formula

Enfamil infant formula spot points

The Enfamil Infant Formula is most useful for those babies who are between 3 months to 1 year. It contains slightly lower levels of vitamin-D.

Enfamil newborn contains 60 IU for every 100 calories. It also has a whey ration of 60:40. It has protein levels of 2 grams for every 100 calories.

Features of Enfamil Infant Formula

• Comes with triple health guard

• The ingredients are not genetically engineered or modified

• It has 2x OMEGA 3 DHA, which helps the child in maximizing their learning potential.

• Also contains a clinically established, unique prebiotics blend. They aim at supporting and improving the immunity of the infant as they grow.

Advantages of Enfamil Infant Formula

• The Enfamil Infant formula comes packaged with nutrients. The baby needs them for the growth of the entire body, bones, and the brain.

• Its manufacturing makes it be the same as the mother’s milk

• Pediatricians recommend it for infants above three months

Enfamil Infant Formula and Enfamil newborn are suitable and desired for babies.

Disadvantages of Enfamil Infant Formula

• This formula may not be suitable for all the infants

• Some of the infants may have gas problems after in taking this formula

• The Enfamil formula may not be ideal for lactose-intolerant infants.

• May lead to the baby’s stomach up-sets.

• It is much more expensive than the Enfamil newborn.

Enfamil Newborn Formula of Enfamil newborn vs infant

Enfamil Newborn Formula

Enfamil changed the name of Enfamil Newborn to Enfamil Premium Newborn Infant.

Its dominance remains well known in the market as one of the best formulas that are available in the market.

Most of the pediatricians recommend the method for the majority of the parents to use.

At the time of a child’s birth, the first breast milk is colostrum, which is very special for the born.

This milk is nutritious and comes rich in nutrients and vitamins. They are essential to the child at this stage.

Nutritional requirements divide the babies into three different categories. The categories include newborns, infants, and toddlers.

Each category requires various types and capacities of nutrients. They can help them to grow healthy.

There are cases where the parent may decide not to breastfeed the child due to various reasons.

These situations like health complications, undergoing treatment, or out of choice. It is quite essential to find an option for providing these vital nutrients in the baby.

 Enfamil Premium Newborn Infant Formula delivers the solution to this problem.

The design of the Enfamil Newborn formula is to . They contain the composition of nutritional value like breast milk.

It can mimic the structure of the colostrum. They can ensure the baby gets the desired nutritional value that they need.

Enfamil Newborn formula contains inositol. It can interact with the neurotransmitter pathways and the central nervous system.

 They can protect the baby against certain types of mental illness.

It is not safe to use a microwave oven to warm the Enfamil Newborn formula. Making it warn in this way may result in severe burns and severe injuries.

Your baby should consume the prepared or refrigerated formula within 24 hours.

 The baby cannot use the prepared formula if refrigerated for more than two hours.

You can’t freeze the prepared formula. Once feeding of the baby begins, you should use the method for only one hour, or else you should get rid of it.

Composition of Enfamil Newborn Formula

The parent is not to use the formula for the baby’s entire life. It is for the first three months of the child’s life.

It contains high levels of Vitamin D and approximately 75 IU in every 100 calories.

The formula contains easy to digest proteins. It is perfect for those transitioning the baby to the formula form breast milk.

Vitamin D is a need to help the child as his body grows. The protein level in the formula is 2.1 grams for every 100 calories.

 It also contains 22.2 ounces of powder formula, 27 mg of sodium. More contents are like 11.2 grams of carbohydrates, 78 mg of calcium, 108 mg of potassium, and 17 mg of DHA.

formula caculator

Features of Enfamil Newborn Formula

• It has the Unique Triple Health Guard blend. It comes with 30 nutrients that are very useful for the growth of the baby.

• Contains twice the Omega-3 DHA as compared to the other brands.

• Includes an exclusive prebiotics blend. The clinic proved to function in support of the immune system.

• The Enfamil Newborn also comes packaged with brain nourishing inositol. It is a potential block for building and growing the child’s brain. It is a carbohydrate that is the third most plentiful in the mother’s breast milk.

• It also contains DHA found in natural breast milk. It is very important, especially in fostering the learning ability of the child up to the age of 5 years.

Advantages of Enfamil Newborn Formula

• Its design mimics the mother’s milk

• The formula comes packed with DHA and nutrients

• It provides an option, especially for cannot breastfeed or for prematurely born babies.

Pediatricians recommend it for baby use

• It makes use of lactose as a sweetener, which is the highest quality of sugar for formulas.

• A healthy ration of fat, protein, and carbs.

Disadvantages of Enfamil Newborn Formula

• It may not be suitable for those children who are lactose intolerant.

• You cannot put the Enfamil Newborn formula into a microwave.

• It gets spoiled very fast once it has preparation is complete.

• The method can only valid for use within one hour of starting to feed the baby; otherwise, it can not be useful.

Comparison: Enfamil Newborn vs Infant Formulas


The Infant formula contains 60 IU of vitamin D.

The Enfamil newborn contains 75 IU.

These are the main difference between Enfamil newborn vs infant formulas on nutritional content.

Their protein content also differs slightly. The infant formula is 2 and the Newborn method in 2.1 capacity.

Most of the other nutritional sizes are the same. The Enfamil newborn and infant both contain DHA. It is very important in the learning ability of the children as they grow.

The nutritional capacity and content of a given formula are vital for the mother. It helps you understand what your child is getting and how they are benefiting from the method.

The Enfamil newborn is perfect for babies who are still in need of more nutrients and nourishing.

The baby can always be able to use the infant formula. Again, all should be dependent on the advice from your baby’s pediatrician.

Baby Age

It is important to always factor in the age and nutritional needs of the baby before you source the formula. Newborn babies need higher nutritional content.

 For the older babies advancing to 1 year, this may not appropriate. The Enfamil infant is best for those babies who have gone above three months.


The Enfamil infant is a lot more costly than the Enfamil newborn. This factor is essential for mothers.

 These moms are trying to work with something more cost-effective. Even though the ages of use are clear cut, the products to a large extent are interchangeable.


The two Enfamil products comprise of a non-GMO formula. The Enfamil product line has ensured that consumption is beneficial to organic content.

The GMO formulas typically contain chemicals that may be harsh to the health of the baby. They may also contain other foreign substances. They may not be appropriate for the growing child.

Mothers must steer away from GMO products, especially for nursing babies.

GMO products have tendencies to cause some health issues and diseases. They are like diabetes, cancer, and other life-threatening diseases.

Formulas’ smell and taste

On taste, the Enfamil infant formula tastes much better than the Newborn formula.

The methods have a slight bitterness that is not common in other baby-formulas.

The reason why the smell is essential is that the babies are rather sensitive not only on taste but also on smell.

The babies may refuse to consume the formula for the smell they do not like. It is important for you as the mother or parent to pick the formula that is readily absorbed by your baby.


The capacity content for both is 22.2 ounces in every reusable powder tab. This reusable tab makes the refilling of the baby formula much easier.

Differences in Summary

1. Enfamil newborn meets nutritional needs for the newborn child. At the same time, Infant fulfills the needs of children who are a few months old.

2. Enfamil infant concentrates more on the grasping of information. In contrast, newborn concentrates on milestones in early in life, like focusing.

3. The two products are, at times, suited for specific children. Some do not react well with a particular Enfamil. If this is so, it is advisable to switch it for them.

4. Enfamil infant is in one powder pack for serving and cans with concentrated liquid.

5. Enfamil newborn is abundant in and provides easy-digested proteins.

 It also has a level of vitamin-D that is constant as compared to Enfamil infant.

It is lower in the level of vitamin-D that it provides. Its nutritional value is very close to that of pure breast milk.

6. The ratio of whey to casein for the Enfamil premium Newborn Formula is 80:20. The proportion of whey to casein for the Enfamil Infant formula is 60:40.

Transitioning from Enfamil Newborn to Enfamil Infant

When you start using the Enfamil newborn, it is important to catch the right time to transition to Infant. You should change to infant formula as the baby grows to the fourth month.

This transition is necessary. The Enfamil newborn formula is only for a baby between 0-3 months old.

formulas stages used as examples

There are no clear instructions present for switching from newborn formula to infant.

The important thing is monitoring the baby changes after speaking with the pediatrician. Changes are like fussiness increased gassing.

The more consumption of the formula is likely to occur. In case of any unprecedented changes, it is vital to seek the help of the pediatrician.

To avoid any problems from Enfamil newborn to an infant, some mothers do it gradually.

 The parents do this by mixing the two formulas. The child can start getting used to the infant formula with time.

We can give more significant amounts of Enfamil newborn for the transition. You can increase the amount of Enfamil infant slowly, and reduce the other formula.


In conclusion about this Enfamil newborn vs infant, Enfamil produces by far the best baby formulas you can find in the market today.

The truth is that both these products are perfect, depending on your choice of use for them.

The newborn may fit your need today, but tomorrow you may need to change to the infant formula. Both of them serve their purposes very effectively, and both have their pros and cons.

The formula for newborn babies is the Enfamil newborn. At the same time, the method for a child who is a bit older is the Enfamil infant.

In any case, you feel like sticking to only one plan, then, it is advisable to go for the Enfamil infant formula. The problem is that you will still go to add vitamin-D supplements.

When you are nursing a child, they must get the best formula possible. It is, thus, imperative for you to always seek the advice of your baby’s pediatrician. Seeking expert advice is one of the most important things.

You may find that your baby has more needs. You can watch the baby reacts to the formula. This will help you to choose the right method.

In some cases, the baby experiences complications such as diarrhea and constipation. The difficulties may be in response to the administered method, and a change or stop may be necessary.

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