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Breastfeeding for working moms step-by-step method

Many people want to know how I fully breastfeed all children for more than a year (each child) while working full time. I think determination is the key, and knowing our priorities is also important.

For me, breastfeeding my baby is very important to my priorities and nothing can stop me. In this article, I will introduce how to plan, manage, store, and express my breast milk during full-time work.

1. Collecting breast milk immediately

This is because babies under 1 month do not drink alcohol, but during this time my milk supply usually exceeds the water they can drink, so this is a good time to start storing breast milk for babies.

After each feeding, I will squeeze out the remaining milk. If the baby does not wake up 3 hours after the last breastfeeding to drink alcohol, even in the middle of the night, I will express breast milk. This will also help prevent congestion.

So it killed two birds with a stone. Many moms worry that if they express milk if the baby wakes up after expressing milk, they will not have enough milk. No need to worry, because we need to remember that the more milk we extract, the more milk the body produces.

On rainy days, such as when stress is too much at work or lack of sleep, we should always store more than we think the baby needs. Breast milk is very precious, don’t dump it unnecessarily.

2. Breast milk can be frozen for 3 months

If you have a deeper refrigerator, you can store it for 6 months. So I want to put the date label of my milking on all my bottles.

I will also store breast milk in equal amounts, such as 3 ounces per bottle, which is the amount my baby will drink at the beginning of the third month of returning to work. And I will make sure to organize the refrigerator so that I can have a first-in-first-out system when using milk.

I estimate that my baby will drink about 4 ounces in 5 or 6 months. Therefore, I went back and calculated that I expected 4 ounces per bottle.

3. Introducing the bottled breast milk to the baby

The important key here is that the person who feeds the baby with a bottle should not be the mom. This is to avoid nipple confusion.

So I usually let my husband or mom-in-law feed her breast milk with a bottle, but I hide in some places. This is because if the baby knows that I am nearby, she will no longer drink from the bottle. I never breastfeed babies. If I am nearby, I always feed my children directly.

Once we are consistent, the baby will get used to the idea that when the mom is away, she will have to take it from the bottle without fuss.

4. Make sure to pump water every three hours

This means that I will draw 3 times at work. Even if I hold a meeting and extend it to four hours at one of the meetings, I will still make sure that I am fit 3 times by shortening the time between two draws.

It is important to be consistent and maintain frequency to prevent a reduction in milk supply.

Ruth Bonnemare is an experienced mom who likes to consult and train young families. She is a famous chef in her hometown. She likes to study healthy life and health food all over the world.

She also provides counseling on breastfeeding and supports young moms to breastfeed at work.

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