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What is the difference between Similac sensitive and Pro sensitive?

What is the difference between Similac sensitive and Pro sensitive?

Infants formulas are an excellent alternative to breastfeeding for babies. With this, not just that babies get the important nutrients, but also it is easy to feed them the formula. Well, there are so many companies with so many options. Choosing the right one which can be effective yet gentle on your baby, so they can grow healthy and strong..

Below, there is a detailed guide of Similac sensitive vs Pro sensitive so that you can choose only the best for your baby!

Reading enfamil newborn vs infant post, it should be helpful for you to have some ideas on choosing the right enfamil formula for your baby.

What is Similac sensitive?

Similac sensitive

Similac Sensitive is quite different than other formulas. It is basically for reducing the fussiness, which is caused by gas and spitting up. Some babies have a sensitive stomachs, especially to the milk proteins. This formula is basically for those babies, which includes all the vital nutrition.

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Right Nutrients

For the parents, feeding the right nutrients to their babies is the most important point. With the help of Similac Sensitive, you don’t have to be concern yourself over that anymore. The formula includes all right mixture of vitamins and minerals. This mixture helps your baby to grow stronger and healthy.

In this formula, the baby get DHA which is for brain development. Also, to improve the eyesight, it includes Lutein. To boost the growth, Vitamin E is also in this formula so your infant can get all the important and right nutrients.

The similac sensitive is Close to breastfeeding

Similac sensitive have the close to breastfeeding and breast milk formula. Also, it’s not something that is easy to find in other infant formulas in the market. Similac sensitive includes 2’FL HMO, which is the right balance that your baby gets from breastfeeding.

The company worked for 15 years and research to find something which can help in strengthening the immune system in babies, similar to the milk. Well, this might be helpful for the mothers who contently worry about whether their kids are getting what they suppose to get from breastfeeding or not.

Gentle on babies’ stomach

Similac is for those babies who have lactose sensitivity which might be the concern for lots of mothers out there. Lactose sensitivity is an inability of digesting the natural sugar or lactose, mostly found in dairy foods. For the adults, well, there are other options to get the nutrients. But for the babies who basically depend on breastfeeding and infant formulas, this might be the real hassle.

In Similac sensitive, the milk protein is added, isolated from the milk. It means that your baby is not consuming the natural sugar or lactose as its already removed from it. Due to this, the formula is gentler on the immune system, and babies can digest it well.

Variations and size

Like others, you also get different forms like powder and ready to feed liquid. To feed the powder form, you need to mix it with the water. For the liquid, it can be eaten right away as you can pour it in the baby bottle.

There are sizes available too. If you are using it as a supplement, then there are smaller sizes. Remember that the powered form should be eaten within a month once you open the container. Well if you are feeding the formulas only to your baby, then you can buy a bigger size. So it can be an easier solution for saving money.

Simple to understand

If you are choosing the formula for the newborn or simply switching from breastfeeding, it can be a hassle to know how to get this formula prepared in the right way. To keep that easy, the container comes with detailed directions as well as a scoop so you can get the right amount of proportions.

Concern to notice: The formula works well if your baby has mild tolerance issues. In case of worse symptoms other than gas or mild fussiness, this formula will be not enough to tame it. Ask the pediatrician before you go further.

Also, in some cases, the formula can cause constipation which can be frustrating. The taste of this formula might be a little stronger in odor or taste, but it depends on your baby.

What is Pro sensitive?

Similac  Pro sensitive

There is not a big difference Similac sensitive vs Pro sensitive, they both have certain similar traits. This one is also an ideal option to consider it as a substitute for breastfeeding.

Similar to the Similac sensitive, This one is also advertised for the babies and toddlers with lactose intolerance. Regular formulas can be hard to digest for the babies, which can cause gas in the stomach. It can be the reason why your baby is crying and making a fuss.

Boost the immune system

One of the benefits of human milk is the probiotics that are present in it. These probiotics are helpful for babies to grow well. Duplicating the same thing with the same benefits is difficult. However, the company found the way after spending years in research. The formula contains 2′- FL HMO, which helps in growing the immune system in babies. Also, the good bacteria help in better digestion and growth.

Ideal blend in nutrition

For better health and growth, the human body requires different nutrients. Especially the kids who are below age 5. its a crucial part when the brain develops. Also, this is the important stage when the babies need the exact amount of nutrients that you get in Similac pro sensitive.

This one has DHA, which is an essential prime requirement for brain development. It includes vitamins, lutein, etc. for overall health growth, including eyesight.

No artificial hormones

There are lots of milk formulas where they have added artificial growth hormones. It boosts the growth much faster but is not a natural way. Nor this is healthy or do any good, apart from that there might be a negative effect on the babies too. With Pro sensitive, you get the natural and healthy elements making sure that your baby is growing in a natural way.

No use of palm oil

According to the studies, palm oil can be the reason for causing cancer. Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about it as in this formula; there is no use of palm oil and its one of the safest options that you can consider.

Which one to choose: Similac sensitive vs Pro sensitive

Well, both are somehow similar, but there are some important differences that can help in understanding which one is better and for whom. But before that, it’s essential to understand, both are the excellent choices to consider if you are looking for supplements for babies or going to switching for good.

Ingredients are different

In babies, there are some normal behaviors like being gassy and fussy. However, if it’s happening more than you thought, then it’s a sign to choose something which can be gentle on their stomach.

Similac sensitive and Pro sensitive both are designed for solving that issue in babies. They both can help in developing heather and a stronger immune system.

But in Similac sensitive, the formula is standard. Well, it means that you definitely get the Optogro special blended perfectly with DHA, vitamin E, and lutein to support growth-related to eye and brain. But it does not include the prebiotic that supports the digestion health and maintain it.

Pro sensitive whereas has prebiotic and also the OptiGro special blend. In this formula, you get the HMO also stands for Human Milk Oligosaccharide. It’s a natural probiotic found in human milk—also it’s extremely good for the immune system.

For babies, HMO is highly important, but it can be not digestible for them. It is counted as the third richest solid component after lactose and fat.

Nutrients value in both

In this comparison between Similac sensitive vs Pro sensitive, nutrients value is actually very similar. It includes a similar level of linoleic acid, fat, proteins, vitamin and minerals. However, there is a small difference when it comes to the level of carbohydrate.

Similac sensitive has sugar at a higher level as the carbohydrate level is 11.1 grams. Above that, it includes the corn syrup, which is listed on its ingredient. It also includes soy oil, safflower oil, and milk protein isolated. However, the corn syrup used in this is for replacing the removed lactose and have 100% glucose.

Well in Pro sensitive, the carbohydrate level is much lower, you only get 10.9 grams. However, other ingredients are listed the same as Similac sensitive.

Also, it’s important to know that kids or infants who have soy allergy and galactosemia is not recommended to consume Similac sensitive and Pro sensitive. Both contain soy oil which is not suitable for these conditions.

As for choosing, Pro sensitive is recommended as compared to similar sensitive.

This one comes with HMO and prebiotic, which is extremely important for the babies. Not just that, it also has a lower level of sugar. So you can choose this one for your baby without any worry!