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About Hand Craft & Design

Hand Craft & Design was born from the meeting of two personalities and their entrepreneurial spirit, Anouchka and Laurent COLIN.

Anouchka Colin, originally from the world of fashion in Paris and Milan with training in Fine Arts, has shifted her focus to decoration and interior architecture in the early 90s. She has designed and realized numerous interiors with her husband, Laurent Colin, blending her experience with materials and color, creative vision for volume, and great attention to detail.

Laurent COLIN, a design graduate, gained extensive knowledge of materials and their use in high-end interior decoration projects during his 17 years with Farnese, an Italian international group specialized in luxury interior decoration in Paris, Rome, and Milan. He treated projects across Europe, Russia, and the USA.

Their complementary skills led to the creation of Hand Craft & Design in 2008, a company specializing in consultation, layout, fitting out, and interior decoration for upscale projects. We are constantly searching for unique and atypical properties that can be transformed into living spaces. Our expertise allows us to assist you in your renovation project, from basic interior layout advice to turnkey solutions.

Our various projects showcased on our website, including ‘Apartment, Family House, Garage Converted into Loft, and City Home’, located in Paris, La Rochelle, and Oléron, demonstrate our true know-how and expertise, ready to serve you.

Oleron island family house

Discovery : “A nineteenth century house – farm winery of Oleron island, in the heart of Oleron tipical village, with an huge potential.

A house full of history, turn by a blacksmith farrier, became a family oyster farmers from father to sons for generations.
We have put together the house and the farm winery. Thinking, transform and convert the new volumes, into “real” modern living spaces.

“Nothing is created, everything is transformed”

A desire to keep tracks of the past in this resolutely contemporary renovation, adapted to our way of life of today.

After a year of restoration whithout interruption, the processing has transformed the bourgeois house and its farm-winery into a family house « maison de famille », with modern living spaces, bright and easygoing, where everyone can have their private space.

This house became the showcase of our expertise. This achievement is a testament to the quality of life of the French countryside to the sea : Oleron island.

Enjoy the tour

Eagle’s nest under the roof of Paris

Made rooms in a row, under the roof of a gorgeous Haussmann building, in the earth of Paris.

We have turn the dark and confined spaces, into modern living spaces, bright and easygoing, with stunning view over the rooftops of Paris. Just magical to live.

The Garage became a Loft

An old north located Paris garage activity with an attached vacant lot : Just think and everything to do.

A crazy idea and a desire to turn these empty spaces in Loft, to live our family passions.

A first project carry out with energy. The beginning of a happy family adventure …
The photos are speaking for themselves.

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