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Top 9 Best Fat Tire Electric Bike Under $1500 in 2023

Best Fat Tire Electric Bike Under $1500: The past few years have seen an increase in the popularity of electric bikes. And rightly so. They have a lot of benefits. But perhaps, the major one is that they are great for the environment. With climate change rising at an alarming rate, all of us have to play our parts. We have to reduce the carbon footprint we leave behind. And using an electric bike helps you do precisely that. Thanks to the popularity of electric bikes, manufacturers have started getting innovative around them.

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For instance, you can now use electric bikes for climbing mountains and cycling as well. It would be best to consider a few factors before buying an electric bike (more on that later). But the primary factor has to be the tires of the bike. You want one that has fat tires. As the name suggests, best fat tire electric bikes under $1500 are larger as compared to bikes with regular tires. It has many benefits that you will witness once you start using an electric bike with fat tires.

If you still have not decided which fat tire electric bike to buy, then consider reading this article until the end. We will discuss the best fat tire electric bike under $1500.

List of Top 9 Best Fat Tire Electric Bike Under $1500 Product Reviews in 2023

1.Best All-Around Affordable Electric Bike:CORE-5

Best All-Around Affordable Electric Bike:CORE-5

Another solid bike in the budget-friendly category is CORE-5.  It is one of the most affordable electric bikes out there, jam-packed with advanced features and high-tech components. Its single-speed and ultra-lightweight also makes it one of the top contenders in the market for a reliable, durable e-bike. So, if you also love buying sleek and stealthy-looking bikes under budget, consider buying CORE-5 to get the most value for money.

This bike is designed and manufactured for everyone who wants to go fast. So, whether you like to use throttle mode or pedal assist mode, know that the bike’s speed is instantly apparent. This speed is powered through a 500W rear hub motor, fast-rolling tire, and a massive 44t chainring to keep the bike going.  Thanks to this potent motor and prompt engagement, it will not take you long to reach above 20mph speed in a few seconds.

While CORE-5 is not about delivering high distance records, you can still reach up to 22 miles with a 21mph average speed. However, it is important to note here that the assist levels are different from one another, particularly when you charge from levels 3 to 4 and 5. The manufacturers have set the assistance levels in a way that is sure to feel natural and pleasing while pedaling. They are very well-calibrated, and each one of them feels spot-on to what it should work and feel like. Not only is the bike fast, but the riding performance also remains unaffected by sharp corners and dips.

Apart from the product itself, the overall geometry of CORE-5 is made for speed. You will feel in control under all speeds, as the way it puts you behind the handlebars is pretty inspiring. The upright positioning helps you distribute your weight evenly across the bike in a more natural way. It comes with Kenda Kwick Seven .5 tires to offer suitable traction and fast-rolling. These tires serve as a good medium between traction, speed, and volume.

The CORE-5 is also very comfortable, which is mostly due to the 640mm swept-back handlebars and Selle Royal Freeway Plush Gel Saddle. Both of these contact points are sure to keep you riding comfortably long for a longer time. The upright positioning also plays a great role when it comes to overall bike comfort. You can consistently distribute your weight among the rear and front wheels to make the bike respond well at faster speeds.

Another notable feature of CORE-5 is the 48V Shengyi geared rear hub motor enough to reach around 28mph. Though you might notice the motor working hard on higher pedal assists levels, it will never exceed its potentials under any circumstance. Also, a 48V (10.4Ah) Retention Eel Pro utilizes a smart battery management system and LG cells to improve the battery life and performance. Though the battery only delivers 10.4amp hours, it is still quite impressive for its size.

The CORE-5 features an adjustable speed LCD display to offer you all the necessary information you need to know while riding. It is located at the left of the handlebars and arranges for a simple interface. Moreover, you will find Tektro 160mm mechanical disc brakes to deliver more stopping power to the bike. They feature an electric cutoff sensor to make sure that the motor does not lift you forward while slowing down. Lastly, what makes CORE-5 a prominent product on the list is its sleek design. The frame is very beautiful and low profile to give you an outstanding visual appeal.

  • Simple, clean, and efficient
  • Smooth welded 6061 alloy fork
  • Rigid and consistent steer path
  • Comfortable grips and saddle
  • Ergonomic handlebars
  • A little heavy for some buyers

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2. Best Value Electric Bike: 500 SERIES

Best Value Electric Bike: 500 SERIES

The 500 SERIES have caused a massive stir in the field of electric bikes. Thanks to the furnishing high-end specifications, the brand has tried to offer the buyers something that gives good value for money as compared to other products in the market. With the most appealing design and advanced features, the 500 SERIES has brought the Ride1UP brand to the fame that it has today.  It is a very well-constructed bike that is sure to deliver a lot than just stylish looks.  The presence of high-quality parts delivers you a fun riding experience with as little effort as possible.

Like all the other bikes by the company, the 500 SERIES is made of a strong aluminum alloy frame. The best thing about the frame is that it is reasonably clean with a semi-built-in battery and two unique designs. You can either go for a step-through or cross-over design, with the second one introducing a slanting top tube to account for convenient off/on. The bike is also available in different colors and a clean frame option or accessories with fenders and rack. The riser handlebar here comes with a swept-back design to deliver an upright riding geometry to the user. When combined with a well-cushioned, height-adjustable Selle Royal Freeway Saddle, 500 SERIES gives the most comfortable ride possible.

A front spring fork is present to soak impacts on rough rides. Another detail that most people love about 500 SERIES is its color-coordinating leather handlebar grips and saddle. An illuminating headlight is located above the front wheel for convenient nighttime riding. The kickstand is situated towards the bike’s rear to avoid pedal block while reversing. The bike weighs around 53 pounds and can easily accommodate up to 275 pounds of weight and riders of height between 5’1”-6’2”.

The 500 SERIES bike is powered via a 48V geared hub Shengyi motor with 750W peak power. You can reach a top speed of up to 20mph on throttle mode, but if you wish to go even faster, opt for PAS mode, where the top speed is around 28mph. Another benefit with the motor is 60nm torque to make riding on hilly roads and terrains a breeze.

With a left thumb throttle, you can enjoy hassle-free riding without moving an inch. However, for an active ride, there are nine pedal assist modes available to keep the ride as per your preference. The display is located on the handlebar with easy-to-use and intuitive controls to help change the settings as desired. The display is also backlit, so you can enjoy a crystal clear view of riding statistics. The LCD gives important data like bike speed, pedal assist level, and battery level to give you complete control of the ride.

It also features a 500Wh, 48V, 13Ah Reention Dorado ID plus battery and LG cells. This battery is semi-integrated in the frame, with some parts visibly coming out of the downtube. There are two keys to lock the battery within the frame while mounting, which is an excellent security feature for when you have to leave the bike unattended.

The bike features Tektro Aries mechanical disc brakes where the levers have a rubberized edge for an ergonomic grasp for fast speed. For this bike, the manufacturers opted for Kenda Kwick Seven-5 tires, which are slightly wider than the standard road bike tires. There is a puncture-proof lining on the tires to prevent unnecessary flats and accidents.

  • Reliable and powerful motor
  • Nine levels pedal assist
  • Two frame options
  • Easy to read display
  • Easy to operate kickstand
  • The fork with 500 SERIES lacks lockout

3. Best ultimate electric bike experience: 700 SERIES

Best ultimate electric bike experience: 700 SERIES

Electric bikes are in demand for the past few years, due to which many brands and models are coming forward to deliver high-performing bikes at a reasonably lower price range. Ride1UP is one of the most famous brands of such startups, and their 700 SERIES is the most effective project so far.  Since the first ride, you will know that the bike is of high quality and manufactured to last long. There is an exciting list of features and unique components that are enough to attract riders looking for a comfortable and good-performing e-bike.

Unlike other product lines by the brand, the 700 SERIES features a more modern-looking aluminum frame with an internal battery and internal cable routing. Overall, this frame is very lightweight, strong, stiff and available for buyers in two outstanding color choices: steel and gunmetal grey. The 700 SERIES bike is also accessible with both step-over or step-through frames that you can select as per your convenience and preference.  The only difference between the two is that the step-through bikes are suitable for short riders and an even better option for people with hip, leg, or knee injuries.

You will get a 100mm suspension fork at the bike’s front with a hydraulic lockout for improved comfort and overall riding experience. When you are riding on a smooth road, just lock it to prevent losing the drive and momentum. As far as speed is concerned, the 700 SERIES is the most dominant bike of all time. When it comes to urban road trips, the bike is sure to ride as fast as a car with the utmost comfort possible.

It features a Shengyi geared rear hub motor with 750W power and 60nm torque. This type of setup makes this product a classic e-bike and helps reach 28mph with pedal assistance mode and 20mph with throttle mode. The 672Wh battery is present within the downtube and is sure to deliver a 30-50 mile range.

Another notable feature that sets apart 700 SERIES from other products out there is the color LCD screen. You can enjoy multiple options to fine-tune the pedal assistance by selecting the number of assist levels, the top speed, and the amount of assistance needed at every level. By altering these settings, you can easily increase the overall range of your bike.

The 700 SERIES does not disappoint as well when it comes to the brakes or the drivetrain. With Shimano Altus, groupsets deliver eight wide-range gears, which is indeed a good entry-level choice for many riders. However, know that even though the eight gears offer easy pedaling, you will still need motor assistance while riding steep hills.

Another pleasant surprise to look forward to with the 700 SERIES bike is the Tektro hydraulic disc brakes. Thanks to this feature, the precision, stopping power, and maintenance are far better than cable-actuated brakes. For the rubbers, the brand has decided to go with Schwalbe supermoto x 27.5″ x 2.4″ tires. They ensure outstanding grip under all circumstances and even superior comfort.

The 700 SERIES also comes with a wide range of accessories. With this bike, you get to enjoy front/back fenders, a kickstand, and a strong rear rack. The best thing about the rear rack is that it is adequately large to carry around a child seat or two full-sized panniers. The bike is also ready for safe night rides with bright back and front lights powered via battery.

  • Durable and comfortable
  • Powerful battery
  • Many extra accessories
  • Two frame types
  • Stylish appearance
  • Requires assembling upon reaching

4. Best 750w Lightweight Electric Bike: LMT’D

Best 750w Lightweight Electric Bike: LMT'D

If your preference is to get a bike that packs more punch, try Ride1UP LMT’D to get the best of both quality and cost. According to many buyers, it is a very well-constructed urban bike with high-grade components as compared to a regular value e-bike. The overall look and profile of the LMT’D is sure to boost your urban cycling experience without restricting your ride to the city roads. Since it is a mixture of functional and rugged features, you can also ride it over mild off-road terrains with ease.

The e-bike is made using a strong aluminum alloy frame and a high-quality front air suspension 80mm travel fork. This feature helps you ride smoothly on bumps and potholes. This interesting and unique design allows you to adjust the pressure as needed to keep the suspension in sync with your riding style and weight.  For the fame design, there are two variants available, i.e., step-through and cross-over build.

The cross-over frame has a slanting top tube to reduce the stand-over height up to 29″ for easy on/offs. As a result, you are always riding in an upright position for a more comfortable traveling experience. There are ergonomic rubber grips on the bars to make sure the ride is always under your control. The quick-release seat is also adjustable and comes with rubber bumps on the underside for added cushioning on bumps.

With the frame integrated battery, the LMT’D offers a clean design with reinforced internal cable routing. The bike is equipped with a powerful 750W geared hub motor with 1000W peak power when it comes to the motor. Due to this motor, you can experience a hard-hitting engine performance and reach a top speed of up to 20mph on throttle mode. For speed lovers, the pedal-assist mode gives 100nm torque to climb hills or ride against heavy winds. Also, there are nine different PAS levels to choose from.

It has an easy-to-read 2.2-inches color display situated on the left side of the handlebar to give fast access to your riding information like wattage, battery capacity, and battery percentage. The powerful motor s complemented with a high-capacity 672Wh battery pack. Unlike other bikes with mounted batteries, the LMT’D has the battery incorporated in the downtube for a neat and seamless appearance. This battery is removable and has a lock and key for when the bike is not in use.

The LMT’D is also equipped with the most reliable braking system with front/rear Tektro 180mm dual-piston hydraulic disc brakes. Unlike standard mechanical brakes, this system is more responsive, gives reliable stoppage, and does not require a lot of maintenance. Apart from this braking system, the bike delivers smooth shifting among the given eight gears. The brake levers here are adjustable, so you can easily push them outwards or inwards based on the size of your hands to enjoy a comfortable grip.

As far as the wheels and tires and concerned, the LMT’D rolls on high-quality Schwalbe Super Moto-X tires. These are slightly heavy and thick than standard road bike tires, which means you will not notice the bumps and dents on the road while riding. There is a decent amount of treading as well to help you maintain riding confidence, particularly while making sharp turns. You can even ride off-road trails with the lights without any problem.

  • The right mixture of components
  • Powerful motor
  • Comfortable geometry
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Charging the battery takes only 2 hours
  • Lacks fenders or lights

5.ENGWE 500W 20 inch Fat Tire Electric Bicycle

ENGWE 500W 20 inch Fat Tire Electric Bicycle

The first electric bike on our list is by the brand Engwe. It has everything that you would look for in the best fat tire electric bike under $1500: it has an aluminum frame that ensures durability. It has a mechanical lock front suspension shock for additional security. It has an adjustable seat and hand bar so you can adjust it according to your height. In short, if you are looking for a bike that checks all the boxes, then you would be glad to have bought this one. Another highlight of the bike is its motor. The 500W motor assists you in traveling up to 22 miles per hour.

If you are looking for more mileage, you can use the battery. You can charge the battery when it is at its designated space. Or you can take it out and then charge it. The ability to choose the speed at which the bike runs is another excellent quality of the bike. You can drive it at full speed or take your time to enjoy the scenery and go slow. The seat may be of leather, but it is very comfortable to sit on. You wouldn’t feel a thing when you are riding on it. Finally, the bike comes 85% assembled. You would not have to put a lot of effort to complete it.

  • · It has an aluminum frame
  • · It has additional security
  • · It is comfortable to ride
  • · The battery is of lithium

6. Speedrid Electric Bike Fat Tire Ebike 26″

Speedrid Electric Bike Fat Tire Ebike 26"

The next bike on our list by the brand Speedrid has exceptional features. And a lot of them. The one feature that takes the cake is the 500w motor. As soon as you start the bike, you will immediately feel how powerful the beast is. Whether you are traveling on sand or mud. You would not find a reason to complain when riding this electric bike. The credit for that goes to the four-inch-thick tires. Thanks to the tires, you can use it on both rough and plain surfaces. It comes with an LCD screen that shows essential things like the battery left before the bike entirely runs out of juice.

Speaking of the battery, if you worry about someone stealing it, you don’t have to. As you can charge the battery while fitted inside the bike, there is no chance of stealing it. It can run up to 22 miles per charge. At this speed, you can reach your destination within a few minutes. Another quality we would like to discuss the bike is that the rims are of double layer aluminum alloy. This especially makes the bike durable. If all of those features weren’t enough, the bike also comes with a seven-speed professional transmission system.

You can select the speed depending on the type of road you are driving on.

  • · It has a powerful motor
  • · The LCD screen shows essential statistics
  • · It can run up to 22 miles per hour
  • · Comes in just one color

7.ECOTRIC Powerful Fat Tire Electric Bicycle 26″

ECOTRIC Powerful Fat Tire Electric Bicycle 26"

As much as technology has progressed, there are still many people who are afraid to incorporate it into their lives. If you have always been skeptical of technology being not safe enough, then this bike by the brand Ecotric will change your mind. It consists of two excellent braking systems: outage braking system and hydraulic disc brake. Both the systems work together to ensure your ride is as smooth and safe as possible. You might worry about something happening to the battery of the bike when you put it on charge away from your eyes.

Luckily, you would not have to face any such problem with this bike. You can take the battery with you. Be it in your office or your house; you can charge the battery in front of your eyes, without having to worry about someone stealing the battery. The suspension fork is especially good at handling different surfaces. It can quickly adapt to snow or sand surfaces. The bike also comes with a headlamp to make the journey more convenient for you if you travel during the night. If you think the bike might not be suitable for you, you can check the size information the brand has put online.

Not a lot of manufacturers go through such extreme lengths to satisfy their customers. Ecotric gets a thumbs up from us in this regard.

  • The braking system is quite efficient
  • · The suspension fork does a great job
  • · The information chart is handy
  • · The LED screen is not durable

8. DJ Fat Bike 750W 48V 13Ah Power Electric Bicycle

DJ Fat Bike 750W 48V 13Ah Power Electric Bicycle

Every bike on the list has superb safety features, no doubt. But not every brand can claim that it has passed the highest quality and safety standards. Luckily, the next bike on our list by the brand DJ can make this bold claim. Every part of the bike- the bike’s frame, the motor, and the battery pack- meets the standards. Apart from that, the bike has other excellent features that we should discuss. It has a strong motor of 750W that you can stretch up to 1000W. The motor is especially helpful for climbing steep and long mountains.

You would not have to buy any extra part of the bike. It comes with all the components required for you to run it smoothly. The battery comes with a feature that prevents it from being over-charged. This is an excellent feature as charging a battery after it is full can damage it over time. It is worth mentioning that the brand has excellent customer service. The helpful customer service representative would be more than delighted to help you if you are facing any problem. It can be challenging to find a bike with such unique features and at this price. So, it would be best if you made the most of it.

  • It passes all the safety standards
  • · It has an excellent motor
  • · DJ’s customer service is cooperative
  • · It is not suitable for short people

9. Speedrid Ebikes for Adults, Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike with 500W Motor

Speedrid Ebikes for Adults, Fat Tire  Folding Electric Bike with 500W Motor

The last bike on our list is also by the brand Speedrid. This should not surprise you. The brand makes excellent electric bikes. The bike’s charging time is incredibly impressive. You can charge it completely in just 6-8 hours. It runs at 20 miles per hour, which is a lot considering the price of the bike.

Apart from its excellent performance, the bike also has a stylish design that you can use to impress your friends. Additionally, you can also fold the bike. This is an excellent feature that aids you keep the bike safe from dust and wear and tear when you are not using it.

  • · It takes 6-8 hours to charge
  • · You can fold it easily
  • · It is excellent for handling different terrains
  • · The bike was difficult to assemble

Best Fat Tire Electric Bike Under $1500 Buyer’s Guide

With the number of electric bikes out there, it can be overwhelming to choose one. That’s where we come in. We have compiled a list of essential factors you should consider. It would narrow down your choices to just a few. Let’s see what those factors are:

Size and Tread of Tires:

The whole point of reading this article is that you are looking for the best fat tire electric bike under $1500. You might think that is all you need to know to make the purchasing process go smoother. But you’re mistaken. Considering the size and tread of tires also play a critical role. You might want to buy an electric bike that has wide tires. It is important to remember that while wide tires provide more stability, it also means the bike will run slower.

Another advantage of a bike with wide tires is that you would easily drive over uneven terrain. Should you choose to run your bike over a hard surface, such as stones or bricks, it would not be as smooth. It would also drain the battery faster since the bike would be putting more effort into driving on a hard surface. The trick here is to buy a bike that has wide enough tires to provide support. And it should have enough treads to drive on all surfaces smoothly.

Your commute area:

Expanding more on the previous point, you must consider the area you intend to commute by bike. If you are buying one for everyday commute to the office, you need a bike that runs smoothly on normal roads. If you intend to drive it for adventures, such as climbing mountains and other activities, you should buy one good for rugged roads. Don’t end up buying one type of bike when you needed another. Take your time to identify the type of bike that would suit you.


Considering a strong battery and motor applies to most electronic items. Not just to an electric bike. One common thing with all of them is the more the motor weighs, the harder it is to control the bike because it becomes heavy. Since you are looking for a bike with fat tires, your bike will be heavier than bikes with average tires. And to pull a heavy electric bike, your battery needs to be strong enough to do so without suffering damage. You might not consider the weight an essential factor, but when you have to carry it with you for the everyday commute, you would wish that you had a lighter bike.


The motor is another critical factor for you to consider. There are two types of motors you should look into: power assist motor and full-power motor. You can attach or detach both of them. The former motor is best if you want to keep your mind off of things and focus on driving. When the terrain gets tougher for the bike to handle, the full-power motor will manage it. The power-assisted motor, on the other hand, only kicks in when the terrain is tough.


If you want to look cool while riding an electric bike, you must consider the design or the bike’s appearance. Thanks to their popularity, manufacturers around the world are trying their best to make the best kind of bikes that not only function well but look great too. The good thing is you can buy from a variety of options.

Wrapping it up

We hope you find what you were looking for. Buying anything, let alone an electric bike is not an easy task. Fortunately, with little effort, you can make a wise buying decision. We have listed the best fat tire electric bikes under $1500, so it would be easier for you to decide. Go buy one today but remember to drive responsibly.