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Top 7 Best Folding Electric Bikes under $1500 in 2021

Best Folding Electric Bikes under $1500: Electric bikes have brought a revolution in the history of the traditional bikes. They are the easiest and the most suitable bikes to hover on any challenging terrain effortlessly. These motor-assisted counterparts prevent you from strenuous pedaling and bring convenience to your everyday commuting. Due to their great performance, longevity, and portability, these bikes are much costlier than the regular bikes, but it does not mean that you cannot get a good deal in a few bucks.

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The market is flooded with a lot of electric folding bikes, but there are certain factors you should ponder over considerately in order to choose the bike under your budget. In order to make this challenge a bit easier for you, we have scribbled a list of best electric folding bikes under $1500, along with a comprehensive buying guide that will definitely help you to shortlist the most reasonable model for you.

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Our picks of Top 7 Best Folding Electric Bikes under $1500

1. Best Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike Under 1500: SDU Folding Electric Bike

SDU Foldable Electric Bike

The fat-tire bikes are made for riding you through the sandy terrains and the snowy surfaces. They offer greater stability and grip on the challenging terrains because of the specialized fat tires that are made to deliver traction and better performance.  SDU offers one of the highly-rated foldable models among the fat tire bikes featuring a 500W powerful motor, a 10Ah battery, and a seven-speed derailleur. It has an easy to use dashboard that adds fun to your riding experience.

The bike has a very strong Carbon-steel fork that is suitable to commute on the hilly and bumpy roads. Featuring the front and rear disc braking system, the bike ensures your safety on the tough terrains. It has a great load capacity that can afford to withstand the weight of 300lbs.

This full-suspension bike offers you a maximum speed of 23 mph. It has a three step easy folding mechanism that packs the bike up just in few minutes in a very compact size.The anti-slip wear-resistant, sturdy 26-inch fat tires make it a secure and suitable choice for the users.

  • Great stopping power
  • Suitable for bumpy and hilly terrains
  • Professional transmission system
  • Foldable and portable
  • Powerful battery
  • N/a

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2.Best Portable Electic Bike Under 1500: LOKE Electric Folding Bike

LOKE Electric Folding Bike

This is another amazing electric bike that has a 3-step quick folding mechanism. The portable electric bike makes it easy for you to carry it o the long trips and store it anywhere at your convenience. The bike is made for all the terrains, including the rough hilly surfaces to the soft and snowy ones. The bike is easy to propel and has a great stopping capability that ensures a smooth and safe ride.

The high-speed brushless motor combined with a 48V 10Ah powerful battery delivers the exceptional performance your always long for. The bike consists of high-strength slip-resistant tires to offer great traction and stability on the surface. Moreover, it is equipped with an LCD located in the middle. It shows the distance covered, battery status, ground speed, and other stats, etc. The bike has a high-strength aluminum alloy frame construction equipped with the bright LEDs and taillights to enjoy a safe ride in the dark.

  • Bright LEDs and taillights
  • Powerful battery and brushless high-strength motor
  • Great stopping capability
  • Slip-resistant tires
  • Sturdy construction
  • It is a bit costly

3.Best Folding Electric Bike Under 1000: Tenflyer Electric Folding Bike for Adults

Tenflyer Electric Folding Bike for Adults

This bike is a very reasonable choice under a few bucks. It has all the significant features; a good folding e-bike must have, including a quick folding mechanism that makes it easy to carry and transport. The bike becomes very compact and is suitable for RVing and camping etc. It is made to handle hilly areas and difficult roads because of its sturdy Shimano seven-speed gears.

Tenflyer electric folding bike is durable and comfortable, having a lightweight construction that is suitable for most of the rides. The bike is easy to assemble and comes with a user-friendly dashboard having an LCD that shows battery status, running speed and real time speedometer. 

This American icon is a cost-efficient way of transportation and provides great convenience and comfort while riding, It is equipped with a powerful 350 watt motor backed by a limited lifetime warranty making it a considerable choice.

  • Suitable for small hills and tough roads
  • Very lightweight and compact
  • Takes a small space
  • Easy to assemble
  • The handlebars are not adjustable.

4.Best Folding Electric Bike Under 1000: FIIDO D3S Folding E-Bike

FIIDO D3S Folding E-Bike

This electric bike is a uniquely designed for an easy day to day transportation. This folding e-bike is lightweight and strong, featuring a foldable mechanism that makes it super-light, portable, and compact. It has an induction front light and the rear taillight that make riding in the dark safe and secure.

The bike has a robust carbon-steel frame construction that is made to withstand the greater weight. The front and rear disc brakes have great stopping capabilities, which ensure prompt stoppage to avoid any accident. The 6 speed gear e-bike has three operating modes i.e. electric mode, the pedal-assist mode and the regular biking mode.

The bike has a 250W powerful motor that ensures the maximum speed of 15Mph/km. It is equipped with a FIIDO smart chip technology that offers efficient controls.

  • Robust frame construction
  • Lightweight bike with a quick foldable mechanism
  • Offers effortless riding
  • Great stopping capability
  • N/a

5.ENGWE 20-inch folding electric bike

ENGWE 20-inch folding electric bike

It is another fat tire bike in our list of best folding electric bikes under $1500. This bike offers manual as well as electric riding to bikers giving them freedom to choose their way of commutation according to their convenience. This bike is equipped with a high-strength removable battery that powers the motor to offer you an enjoyable ride.

ENGWE 20-inch folding electric bike has a lightweight design that is made to offer efficient riding on the challenging roads. It is equipped with a high-strength aluminum alloy frame and front suspension fork for a reliable ride and stability on the road.

 The most notable feature of this electric bike is its comfortable saddle and handlebars that offer maximum comfort in the long riding trips. The front and rear disc brakes ensure the capability to stop promptly in order to avoid road accidents.

  • High-performance brushless motor
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Lightweight design
  • N/a

6.ENGWE 500W 20 inch Fat Tire Electric Bicycle

ENGWE 500W 20 inch Fat Tire Electric Bicycle

The first electric bike on our list is by the brand Engwe. It has everything that you would look for in the best fat tire electric bike under $1500: it has an aluminum frame that ensures durability. It has a mechanical lock front suspension shock for additional security. It has an adjustable seat and hand bar so you can adjust it according to your height. In short, if you are looking for a bike that checks all the boxes, then you would be glad to have bought this one. Another highlight of the bike is its motor. The 500W motor assists you in traveling up to 22 miles per hour.

If you are looking for more mileage, you can use the battery. You can charge the battery when it is at its designated space. Or you can take it out and then charge it. The ability to choose the speed at which the bike runs is another excellent quality of the bike. You can drive it at full speed or take your time to enjoy the scenery and go slow. The seat may be of leather, but it is very comfortable to sit on. You wouldn’t feel a thing when you are riding on it. Finally, the bike comes 85% assembled. You would not have to put a lot of effort to complete it.

  • · It has an aluminum frame
  • · It has additional security
  • · It is comfortable to ride
  • · The battery is of lithium

7. ECOTRIC Fat Tire Folding Electric Mountain Bike

Speedrid Folding Electric Bike Fat Tire Electric Bike

The last bike on our list is also by the brand Ecotric. This should not surprise you. The brand makes excellent electric bikes. The bike’s charging time is incredibly impressive. You can charge it completely in just 6-8 hours. It runs at 20 miles per hour, which is a lot considering the price of the bike.

Apart from its excellent performance, the bike also has a stylish design that you can use to impress your friends. Additionally, you can also fold the bike. This is an excellent feature that aids you keep the bike safe from dust and wear and tear when you are not using it.

  • · It takes 6-8 hours to charge
  • · You can fold it easily
  • · It is excellent for handling different terrains
  • · The bike was difficult to assemble

A Quick Buying Guide for the folding electric bike under $1500

Here are a few most important factors you should go through in order to buy a reasonable folding bike under $1500.

Electric Bike versus Regular Bike

The electric bike is the most updated version of the traditional bike. It has all the parts a regular bike is equipped with. However, there are certain components that differentiate it from an ordinary bike.  The bike has a similar look but consists of a large rechargeable battery that powers its mechanical motor to run through the surface.

Some people think that these bikes are like scooters; however, they are just regular bikes with the battery-powered motor. These bikes have the same design as the ordinary bikes i.e., the handlebars, the frame construction, and the pedals and brakes except the mechanical drive system.

Advantages of a foldable e-bike 

Advantages of a foldable e-bike


Foldable E-bikes are preferred due to many reasons. The most significant of them is portability and convenience. These bikes can be carried anywhere because they are easily foldable. Whether you have to go to the beach or commuting to a long trip, these bikes prove to be a lightweight and sturdy companion than the ordinary hefty bikes.

They are super-fast  

These bikes are fast and can take you to cover long distances in less time. Riding on an e-bike is effortless because you need not pedal very fast. Just a small push pedals the bike fast due to the motor-assistance. They can get you quicker to your destination in considerably less time.


These bikes offer great convenience. They are equipped with a long-lasting rechargeable and removable lithium-ion battery that can be recharged anywhere at your convenience. You can detach the battery from the bike and take it indoors to recharge it. The reasonable battery takes about 4-5 hours to recharge and offers about 5-6 hours of battery time. However, battery time depends upon several factors that we will look at in the next section.


The electric bikes are cost-efficient. They are a cheaper way of commutation as compared to a motor vehicle that needs fuel i.e., Petrol or diesel to ride. The price of Petrol and diesel are volatile, so you may encounter price surges in the long-run. However, the e-bikes are operated with a long-lasting rechargeable battery that gives a great battery time depending upon the level of assistance.


These bikes are an eco-friendly counterpart than the Petrol or diesel-powered motor vehicles. They spread considerably less pollution than cars and scooters, thus save the earth from pollution.

Come in a variety of types.

Nowadays, e-bikes are present in a variety of types. There is an e-bike for every type of rides. Whether you have to ride uphill or you want to take it to the snow or sandy beach, there is a suitable type for you that can make your experience safe and enjoyable without spending a fortune. Mountain e-bikes, Fat tire e-bikes, road bikes, cargo-bikes, city bikes, and full-suspension bikes are some of the types.

Easy to get

In some countries, getting the motor vehicle registered and the licensing formalities are too complicated and time-consuming but riding an e-bike does not require you to get a license, so an e-bike is a cheap way of transportation in every way.

Components of an E-bike

E-bikes are too similar to common bikes, but the main difference is the electrical drive system. The drive system of an e-bike consists of three key components i.e., the motor, the battery, and the sensors.


The motor of an e-bike is the main component of the mechanical drive system. There are three types of the motor according to the position it is located at. The front hub motor is located on the front wheel while the rear hub motor is located at the rear wheel. This motor is better than the front hub motor because it offers better traction and stability to the rider. The central-drive motor is located in the mid of the frame. It makes you feel more like a normal bike and offers a reasonable road grip. It increases your pedaling energy and transfers it through the drive system to propel the bike.

The battery

These motor-assisted bikes are powered by the large lithium-ion batteries. These batteries are located at the storage rack or at the lower side of the bike. The batteries are rechargeable and removable so that you may be able to recharge them conveniently.


There are two types of sensors in the e-bikes i.e., the torque sensor or the speed sensor.

Factors to consider 


Convenience is the most significant factor in a foldable e-bike that makes a difference in your everyday commuting. Look for an e-bike that is lightweight and compact. Make sure that it takes a small space so that you may be able to carry it around easily and place it under the cupboard or at any narrow space.


The general rule states that the larger the battery is, the more powerful it will be its performance, so the heavy batteries are long-lasting and have a better capacity. However, you should buy the bike according to your commuting needs.  

Performance and features

Performance is the key reason why you choose a certain bike. You should try a test ride and then decide whether the battery, motor, and other parts perform well or not. However, other features include speed, range, type, and comfort that can influence your decision.


Warranty confirms the durability and reliability of any product. Make sure to look for a reasonable warranty by the manufacturer so that you may be able to make a claim in case of damage to the mechanical parts.


Buying a reasonable folding electric bike under $1500 is not a big deal. You can find the one easily in your price, but it is important to determine your needs first and make the decision accordingly. In the below reviews, we have shortlisted many types of bikes under $1500 that offer reasonable performance and utility.

Final Words 

So, these were the best folding electric bikes under $1500 that cost you not only a few bucks but also offers great utility and performance an enthusiast biker always looks for. All the models are exceptions and offer great convenience in everyday commuting. Moreover, the buying guide will help you to make a reasonable decision to choose the right one among the plenty of options.