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Best 20 inch Electric Folding Bike 500 Watts 2021

Electric folding bikes 2021 are gaining more and more popularity with every passing day, that too for a very good reason. No other product in the market can match their convenience and make your traveling fast and less hectic. More and more brands are struggling to launch their best models in the market, which can make the buying process very intimidating.

Let’s discuss some of the best 20-inch electric folding bike 500 watts with their pros and cons.

Our Top Picks of Best 20 inch Electric Folding Bike 500 Watts 2021

1.Speedrid Ebikes for Adults, Electric Folding Bike Fat Tire Ebike

Speedrid Ebikes for Adults
Motor500 W
Frame MaterialAluminum Alloy
Wheel Size20 Inches
Brake StyleDisc
Item Weight28.5 Kilograms
Speed15.5 m/h

This electric folding bike has the benefits of both an e-bike and a foldable bike. You can use this product for your individual needs no matter how far you have to go, how bumpy the road is and how much speed you want to keep.

The LJ Electric Folding Bike is a solid choice for all those commuters who like to keep different accessories with them while traveling. The frame of the bike is made of durable and high-quality 1.6 mm aluminum alloy. It features a double disc brake system that stops the e-bike efficiently and effectively during emergency brakes.

The best thing about this best folding e-bike 500W is its night light feature. You can adjust the night light up and down at your convenience. The irradiation that might occur during the process will not hurt your eyes and will surely make nighttime riding safer for you and other people on the road.  

Some other unique and new features of the bike are digital display control, power display, and intuitive digital display. It also features an electric speed display, cruise range display, six-speed power display, and e-car fault self-timer display. These features allow you to see your statistics and numbers at a single glance.

It uses a high-performance lithium-ion battery i.e. 48 V, 8 Ah battery to improve the capacity of the bike. This power supply is very durable and can easily adapt to a number of complicated slopes. The top speed range is up to 250 km/h. The tires are 20-inch 4.0 wide so give faster-riding speed. The large-size tires deliver a strong grip and efficient shock absorption.

  • Dual hall speed sensor
  • Front and rear disc brakes
  • Aluminum alloy frame
  • Lacks a rack mount

2.Eahora X7 N 750W Snow Beach Electric Bikes

Eahora X7 N 750W Snow Beach Electric Bikes
MOTOR48V 500W High-Speed Brushless Motor
WHEEL20 X 4.0 Fat Tire
DISPLAYElectric Power Smart Display

Eahora is one of the most prominent and leading names in the e-bike industry. For years, they have been making their green energy electric bikes to save the environment and bring the ultimate convenience to the customers. Their motto is to make fun rides for everyone, which is quite evident by the quality of their products.

The biggest advantage of the Eahora Fat Tire Electric Bike is its high-quality material construction and affordable price rate. This aluminum folding e-bike is reasonably priced, thanks to the direct consumer pricing technique. It is lightweight, long-lasting, and energy-efficient. The lithium-ion cell battery comes in a sealed and removable pack that accounts for exceptional dexterity.

Another notable feature of this best 20-inch 500W folding e-bike is excellent gear shift system and brakes. This electric bike features rear expansion brakes and standard front brakes with 7 speed Shimano transition system. You can choose any speed while riding as per your commuting requirement and routine needs. These perfectly crafted brakes are there to ensure your complete safety.

It has a very strong driving force with a 500W rear hub motor battery. The ergonomic design is 90% pre-assembled. The organic hand bar, anti-slip wear-resistant tires, and adjustable seats are some of the most distinctive features of this product. The tires are 20-inch and 4.0 wide. These all-road fat tires are more than safe for you to travel with confidence. They are of high-quality and are fast, balanced, and stable for your regular cycling.

  • High-speed brushless motor
  • Lightweight but long-lasting
  • Variable speed control
  • The range could be better

3.SOHOO 48V 500W13AH 20″ x4.0 Adult Folding Fat Tire Snow E-Bike Mountain Electric Bicycle

SOHOO 48V500W13AH 20" x4.0 Adult Folding Fat Tire Snow E-Bike Mountain Electric Bicycle
WHEEL20 X 4.0 Fat Tire
SPEED27 m/h

If you are looking for a magical combination of functionality and affordability, look no further than SOHOO Electric Mountain Bike. This company makes some of the most reliable, durable, and best folding electric bikes in the industry. With uniqueness and usability in their bikes, it is about to become the most dominant force in the arena. Over the past few years, SOHOO has seized the opportunity and like always, came out with one of the most stylish and inexpensive products for the customers.

Apart from the bike, the package comes with five accessories i.e. battery, frame fork, charger rims, controller, pedals, and tires. The brake system of the bike includes aluminum alloy disc brakes and aluminum power-off brakes. The suitable height is from 160-180 cm. you can adjust the height of the seat as per your height and traveling requirements.

The frame material is of aluminum alloy that is quite reliable, long-lasting, and durable. A 40H rim is present for prompt working and efficient usability. It features an aluminum alloy lockable suspension fork to deliver maximum grip and a smooth-riding experience.

The over-protected charger is specific for lithium-ion batteries. The total charging time is 4-8 hours. Once fully charged, the SOHOO Electric Mountain Bike can give30-60 km/ hour range. The maximum speed of this bike is 30 km/hour that is quite great as compared to other products in the market with a similar price range. The wheel size is 20-inches 4.0 wide. The complimentary gift box includes a mudguard, set of different tools, pump, and lock.

  • Durable framework
  • Adjustable height
  • Thumb shifter and brake lever
  • The folding mechanism needs improvement


There you go! These are some of our best 20-inch electric folding bike 500 watts. Almost every product on the list is high-rated and best-selling in the market, the winner is LJ Electric Folding Bike Fat Tire 20 4″ with 48V 500W 15Ah Lithium-Ion Battery. It has the best practical points among all that makes it one of the most versatile products out there.

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