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Affordable and Reliable Source for CDs and DVDs – CD IGREK

CDs and DVDs are a great way to store and access various types of content such as movies, games, music, software, and educational materials. However, finding a reliable source that offers these products at affordable prices can be challenging. That’s where CD IGREK comes in – a company that provides high-quality CDs and DVDs at reasonable prices with excellent customer service.

One of the unique features of CD IGREK is their wholesale pricing on CDs and DVDs, which starts from just 30 pieces per order. Additionally, they offer retail sales starting from one piece, making it an ideal choice for both individual consumers and businesses looking to purchase these items in bulk. Their extensive catalog includes popular films, new game releases, mp3 music, video mp4, informative encyclopedias, functional software, high-definition DVDs, classic and contemporary cinema, and even classy erotic content (without crossing into pornography). With such a wide range of options available, customers are sure to find something that suits their needs and preferences.

The ordering process is straightforward and easy to follow. Customers can download the complete price list for CD-Rom and DVD discs from the website, select the desired items, and place an order. The minimum wholesale quantity for CD-Rom discs is 30 pieces, while for DVD discs, it is also 30 pieces. Prices mentioned do not include boxes or packaging. It’s worth noting that larger orders may qualify for lower prices, so interested parties should contact CD IGREK directly for more information.

Retail purchases of single or multiple CDs or DVDs can be made through the online shop, which stocks a vast selection of products from leading domestic manufacturers. New and returning clients alike can enjoy discounts, including a 5% reduction on orders of ten or more discs and a 10% discount on orders of twenty or more discs. Larger orders will have customized pricing based on negotiation.

To place an order, simply choose the required items, fill out the compact disk request form found at the end of the price list, and click ‘Send Order’. For details regarding order processing, please refer to the ‘How to Place an Order’ section on the website.

CD IGREK accepts payments via WebMoney, offering international shipping for orders containing three or more CDs/DVDs. Domestic shipments within Belarus can consist of any number of discs, regardless of payment method or delivery type. Unfortunately, due to temporary circumstances, CD IGREK cannot currently accept orders for discs from Navigator; however, updates regarding this situation will be provided when available.

In addition to selling quality CDs and DVDs, CD IGREK also shares valuable resources related to business and astrology. Moreover, they offer free electronic books, like “1000 and 1 Variant of Business Management. Book One,” exclusively for visitors to their site. They also feature interesting articles about film and entertainment, such as reviews of recent blockbusters like “Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace.”

In conclusion, CD IGREK stands out as a trustworthy and cost-effective provider of CDs and DVDs, catering to both individual consumers and businesses seeking bulk purchases. With their user-friendly ordering system, competitive pricing, and diverse product catalog, CD IGREK truly deserves consideration as your go-to destination for all things CD and DVD-related.

Regional coding of DVDs

Most DVD Video discs have regional coding, which is a code that prohibits the use of a disc bought in one region (for example, the US) in another region (like Russia). This practice helps control the release of films for home viewing in different countries based on various factors such as time differences in movie releases and distribution rights in specific markets.

Regional Coding of DVDs

Movie studios are interested in controlling film releases for home entertainment separately for each country due to differences in the timing of cinema and video releases around the world. A film may already be available on licensed video in the US but only beginning its theatrical run in Europe. The general rule of releasing products on video only after completing the cinematic release can be violated. Additionally, movie studios sell distribution rights in various regions to different distributors, who may require market localization. To enforce this control, a code was introduced when establishing the DVD standard to prevent disc playback outside the intended geographical zone. Each player also receives a code corresponding to the region where it will be sold. Players will not play disks with mismatched codes. Therefore, a disk purchased in one country cannot be played on a player acquired in another.

These regional codes are optional and depend solely on the discretion and needs of the disc producer. A disk without a code will play on any player in any country. Essentially, there is just one byte in the disk header checked by the player before playing.

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