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5 Factors To Consider buying a beach chair for vacation

A beach chair is one of the essential equipment that you need to have a relaxing day at the beach like other beach gears like a beach bed and beach canopy. The necessity of the beach chair has undoubtedly given an impetus to its demand. As a result, the features available are numerous. It can be daunting to choose among so many options. As a consumer, the question which would be arising in your mind is how to buy the perfect beach chair?

We will today answer this question for you. We will share with you a few parameters which you should compare the beach chairs on. Once you compare them on these few parameters, choosing the right option is easier than ever. We also post one guide on how to buy the best beach canopy for everybody to prepare their beach gears easier and save a lot of time and money.

1. Portability:

Of course, you would not be using the beach chair at your home. You have to take it with you to the beach whenever you go. You need to take portability into account while choosing the chair.

Firstly, it should be foldable. Secondly, you have to look at its form factor once folded. The more compact it is in the folded form, the better it is. If it is lightweight, that is an added advantage as well.

All these factors determine its portability, which is what you should consider before choosing one.

2. Construction quality:

There are two prime factors to keep in mind when speaking about the construction quality of the beach chair. The first one is the frame material.

The frame materials will most likely be aluminum. It is because it can handle moisture and is lightweight. If it is steel, the durability is equally excellent. However, the steel chair is a bit more durable as compared to aluminum ones. Needless to say, when you’re taking the frame, it should be made from aluminum or steel.

Secondly, you have to look at the fabric in use as well. It can be polyester, nylon, and so on. Polyester, nylon, as well as canvas all three are highly durable materials, which means that the feature will stand the test of time.

You have to look at the materials in use and then choose the beach chair.

3. Adjustability:

Not everyone prefers the chair in the same position. Some of you might prefer a reclined position where someone might prefer an upright position. That is why, when comparing the different features, it is better to prefer one which allows you to adjust the position. Such a beach chair would be versatile and suitable for almost everyone.

4. Storage space:

No, we aren’t speaking about the huge storage space. However, the chair can consist of multiple storage options like:

• Drink holders

• Storage pouch

• And so on

The small storage space can certainly make things easy for you on the beach. It will allow you to store your drinks by the side or simply keep a book beneath your chair on the pouch. While this feature might not be necessary, a beach chair with this feature can be convenient. That is why it is another parameter that you should look out for when it comes to buying such chair.

5. Weight carrying capacity:

Are you buying a beach chair for children or adults?

The distinction would be the weight carrying capacity of the feature. If it is for kids, the weight carrying capacity would be around 100 lbs. If it is for adults, the weight carrying capacity would be about 200 lbs or more. The one which you choose would be dependent on the person for whom you are buying it. Considering the weight carrying capacity of the beach chair is a must. It will help you in choosing the perfect for your use.

So, are you still on the fence about buying a beach chair?

You need to use the buying guide above to pick the right one. Once you do so, choosing the most reliable and durable beach chair is not going to be a problem.