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About Infosmack

Infosmack is the leading podcast for Enterprise Technology. Greg Knieriemen, Marc Farley and Christina Weil discuss current events and strategies around the data center with the leaders in the industry without taking ourselves too seriously. Topics include data storage, cloud computing, networking, storage virtualization, server virtualization, backup and disaster recovery.

Disclosure: Infosmack does not receive support directly or indirectly from vendors or guests. Vendor relationships are disclosed on the podcast.

Marc Farley

Marc first became interested in computing while studying Physics at the University of Washington. His first job in the industry was at IBM as a Systems Engineer in Minneapolis, MN, his home town. Within two years, he had worn out his welcome at IBM and fled to the relatively balmy climate of Chicago where he got started in the network storage industry at Palindrome Corporation. Five years later, Palindrome was acquired by Seagate and Marc moved to San Jose, California to work for Hitachi Data Systems as a product manager. He has lived in San Jose ever since working for a number of startups and running his own consulting company. He is currently working for Hewlett Packard as a social media specialist and media diva.

Marc became well-known throughout the industry in 2000 after the publication of his book, Building Storage Networks. Since then, he has enjoyed a certain level of celebrity in the industry which he has used to parlay for such plum industry roles as co-host of the Infosmack podcast.

Marc’s other interests include his family, his cats, music, biking, hiking, skiing, eating and traveling.

Greg Knieriemen

Greg’s interest in technology began with simple application development in college at Cleveland State University which led to becoming a database developer at Ernst & Young. Through his role at E&Y, Greg also deployed early internet applications to facilitate internal communications within the firm. While gaining his MBA, he joined IOtech, a developer of data acquisition and control products (now part of National Instruments). In 2000 Greg joined Chi Corporation, a national data storage and virtualization integrator, as a Vice President and solution evangelist working with Chi’s sales and engineering teams.

The Infosmack Podcast was started after a fluke meeting at the bar between Marc and Greg at Storage Networking World Spring 2009 and has spiraled out of control ever since.

Infosmack Live! at Dell Storage Forum in Orlando June 7

Infosmack Live! will be recording on Tuesday, June 7th at 8:00pm from the Raglan Road Irish Pub at Downtown Disney in conjunction with the Dell Storage Forum. Infosmack co-hosts Greg Knieriemen and Christina Weil will be on site hosting the podcast.

For details on the Dell Storage Forum taking place June 5 – 11, please visit DellStorageForum.com and request an invite today!

DISCLOSURE: Dell is providing travel and accommodations for Infosmack.

Infosmack Podcast #87 – Big Data Means Nothing

Infosmack 87 – Big Data Means Nothing. Hosts Greg Knieriemen and Marc Farley with the Diva of Disruptive Technologies, Christina Weil. Our special guest this week is Steve Duplessie of the Enterprise Strategy Group. In this week’s episode we discuss…

  • Catching up with Steve Duplessie and the Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG)
  • Steve’s prediction for the next big acquisition
  • Michael Dell’s words of wisdom
  • What is the big picture for Dell?
  • The IBM and Dell problem
  • Popping a hole in big data – Why is Everyone so Fired Up About Big Data?
  • It’s not about the value of data, it’s all about fighting Oracle
  • Master data management
  • Big data means nothing, it’s been there for a long time

Disclosure: Infosmack does not receive support directly or indirectly from vendors or guests.
Vendor relationships are disclosed on the podcast.

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