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Best Jobs for Working Moms with breastfeeding

It is undeniable that working moms live a busy life. Usually, it is difficult to balance their lives between professional and personal lives.

Are you a mom looking for work? Do you want to get more work-life balance and reduce the time spent on babysitters?

As many working moms know, some occupations are more conducive to fulfilling these obligations than others. To this end, we have made a list of some of the best jobs for working moms in terms of flexibility, ability to work from home, the potential for making money, and other factors.

Working moms may need the following jobs because they have at least one of the following characteristics: high salary, part-time job; flexible timetable; ability to work part-time at home; paid maternity leave; and/or good daycare benefits.

Continue reading to learn about eight beneficial jobs that can help you embrace momhood and professional success.

List of best jobs for working moms with breastfeeding

1.Accountant or auditor

Accountants and auditors ensure accuracy while preparing financial statements for clients, and their careers are stable, making them ideal for working moms. These positions also have high earning potential. According to BLS, rapid career development means that there is a high demand for skilled technicians in the industry.


Professionals who are proficient in math and numbers can find reliable jobs that balance employer and client accounts. The busy time of these professionals is usually less busy, depending on where they are in the financial cycle.

Many bookkeeping jobs will allow you to work from home at least part of the time at home, making this occupation a flexible career choice for working moms.

3.Elementary school teacher

As a matter of course, moms like children, and as an elementary school teacher, you can spend your working time around you. This is also a great career for working moms, because your working hours are about the same as your children, with the same or roughly the same vacation or vacation time. (Of course, many teachers can work after school, but it can usually be done at home.)

4.Event planning

Many event planners can work with suppliers to coordinate details and promote other events. Although they may need to meet with customers and others and participate in events in person, they usually play a big role in setting up their own schedule.

5.Hair stylist or makeup artist

Because beauty may never disappear, a beautician (hairdresser, makeup artist, beautician, etc.) is always needed. The beautician can work at home, work outside the salon, take time off when needed, set the time on his own, and work according to his preferences. They can also specialize in weddings or other formal events, which usually cost more than working strictly in the salon.
The average hourly rate for a hairdresser, hairstylist, or beautician is less than $10 per hour.


Maybe you want to leave the house a little and earn some extra cash. If so, please consider becoming a waitress or bartender, as both will earn tips immediately. The average server salary is $5.30 per hour. In addition, most restaurants always require a weekend server, so you can plan to be with your family during the week and work shifts on the weekend.

7.Virtual assistant

Are there serious organizational skills? Consider becoming a virtual assistant. Tasks can include sending emails, organizing travel, and other management tasks for entrepreneurs and executives. Salaries vary, on average about $15 per hour.

8.Dental hygienist

Dental hygienists often do odd jobs, which allows children’s football matches and doctor appointments to still be available. But it is the high salary potential of this job that makes moms smile.


Women are born to raise people, so it is not surprising that many moms are attracted to Chinese medicine and the rehabilitation industry. Independent practitioners usually set their own time.

10.Market Research Analyst

Moms usually have to pay attention to details to ensure the safety, health and progress of their children as planned. They can use this valuable skill to help marketing companies identify important parts of the company based on available market data. Many contractors work from home.


Since healthcare is a 24/7 industry, moms can work in shifts around the swimming pool and school schedule. Maternity bonus: You can share the time of ultrasound examination with the expectant mom.

12.Pilates/Yoga Instructor

Many Pilates/Yoga trainers are self-employed, so it is possible to do part-time and flexible schedules. Instructors in the gym or studio can exchange courses to help each other tend to unexpected commitments.

13.Fitness coach

The Bureau of Labor Statistics said that keeping others in shape while helping others lose weight is a fast-growing profession. The flexible schedule and generous salary potential make this an attractive job for motivated moms.

14.Primary school teachers

If you are quick-thinking, creative, and like to be around children, your job as a primary school teacher may make sense. You can stay about the same time as your child and spend summer and school holidays.


It is a big challenge for working moms back to the office, so the one suitable job is very important for them to have flex time to do breastfeeding or pump milk. One perfect career is one gift for working mom. I hope the above list can help you.

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