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Green Candidate for President Visits Colorado

Elaine Brown, an announced candidate for the Green Party nomination for President visited Denver yesterday.

Last night Brown gave a speech at Regis University.

Early in the day, she met with local Greens.

The following is an account of the meeting from Tony D’Lallo:

On March 21st at the Common Grounds Cafe in downtown Denver, five members of the Green Party of Colorado met with Elaine Brown who is vying for the Green Party’s presidential nomination.

Ms. Brown’s background in politics extends back to the early 70’s where she was the first and only female leader of the Black Panther Party. When asked about her ties to the new Black Panther Party, she explained that she denounces it because of the direction it took by not serving the poor and focusing on divisive policies that are anti-Semitic.

Her main goal for the Green Party is to build membership and draw the disenfranchised and oppressed. She stated, “The goal is to bring numbers up and create a mass based political party.” Ms. Brown believes that the Green Party has the mechanism in place to be used for the disfranchised and outcast.

During the meeting she entertained questions ranging from education policy to immigration. Her passionate views on the U.S. criminal justice system and racism may capture the attention of minority voters in the 2008 presidential election should she be chosen as the U.S. Green Party’s candidate.

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