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Recommended 8 Microwave meals for seniors 2020

Even though many older adults have caregivers, most of them operate during the day. Quickly frozen and microwaved meals should, therefore, be readily available when the caregiver is not around to prepare meals. In case you are looking for some ideas, here is a list of microwave meals for seniors:

i) Mediterranean quinoa burger

This fantastic burger is rich in fiber and protein. It can be easily prepared and frozen for months. It makes a good meal for seniors, who can easily pull the burger of the freezer and microwave it when nobody is around. Read microwave tips for seniors.

ii) Comforting vegetable soup

We all know that vegetable soup is one of the best all-season meals. Vegetable soup is easy to make. It can be frozen in individual serving dishes so that seniors have an easy time thawing and heating in the microwave.

iii) Slow cooker chicken fajitas

For seniors with low lactose tolerance, these fajitas make a good meal. Slow cooker chicken fajitas are devoid of gluten, dairy, and egg products. They are to prepare and can be frozen for convenience. All a senior needs to do is to heat the fajitas in a microwave and enjoy a good meal.

iv) Turkey tetrazzini

The turkey tetrazzini is one of the few meals that allow you to modify its ingredients as much as you can. It is a freeze and serves a dish that can last for up to two months. You can also use whole grain and fat-free ingredients that make it suitable for seniors.

v) Mini vegetable lasagna cups

Did you know that you can create your own lasagna cups? With the right recipe for seniors, you will only take a couple of hours to make a big batch. You can serve some to the senior once it is ready and freeze the rest for easier access.

vi) Chicken and vegetables had pies.

Who doesn’t like pies? The Chicken and vegetable hand pies are a tasty meal made of whole grains, vegetables, and chicken. The good news is, this meal can be made in easily-frozen batches that can last for up to six months.

vii) Apple Cinnamon baked French Toast

Apple Cinnamon baked French Toast serves several meals. It can be eaten for breakfast, brunch, or even dinner. It is rich in fiber and protein thanks to the organic egg, apples, and flaxseed concentration. This meal can be prepared in advance and frozen for seniors to heat in a microwave when the caregiver is not around.

ix) Signature, spicy, smoky-sweet chili

Most people are usually worried about the ground beef used to make this tasty meal. Ground turkey can serve as a healthy substitute, especially for the elderly. This sweet chili can be quickly frozen and later heated in a microwave by seniors for a healthy, delicious meal.


Most seniors cannot cook for themselves. Microwave meals should, therefore, be available to ensure that they do not starve when no one is around to cook or prepare meals for them. You can easily pick a meal from our extensive list in case you were looking for some microwave meals for seniors.

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