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Pampers VS Huggies: Which Is Best Diaper Brand In 2021

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of comparing one brand to another and just wish to know the editor’s pick, we have chosen Pampers as the best diaper brand in the market. We have put out our verdict by keeping several factors under consideration, such as design, visual appeal, least rashes, liner, wetness indicator, fit, absorbency, and overall comfort level.

Pampers VS Huggies: Being a new parent can be quite challenging. There seems to be a long list of things that you have to do for your newborn baby. There are so many baby diaper brands out there with their individual version of routine products. Since babies don’t come with an instruction manual, one of the most significant considerations to make is the diaper that your baby will use.

When diaper shopping, there are two most popular brands in the market that you are most likely to encounter. These brands are Pampers and Huggies. Both of them are great-quality, well-made, cost-effective, and reliable diapers, but there seems to be an endless debate on which one is the best: pampers or huggies diaper .

Choosing the right diaper for your baby is really important because it prevents mess and leakages while making sure that your baby is comfortable and happy during day and night. In this extensive guide of huggies versus pampers, we are going to compare both brands and help you make a wise and well-informed decision.

Our Top Picks: Pampers VS Huggies Diaper

  Product  Rating  Weight limit
  Pampers Swaddlers Disposable Baby Diapers Newborn/Size 1  4.5/5  8-14 lb.
  Huggies Little Snugglers Baby Diapers, Size 1  4.5/5  Up to 14 lb.
huggies little snugglers vs pampers swaddlers
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Huggies OR Pampers for newborns?

Huggies and Pampers are two leading diaper brands that most new parents prefer buying these days. With each of them, you are sure to have the right quality and fit for your baby even after their newborn and infant phase.

However, both of them are always in a race to be at the top position. Many hospitals, nurseries, and new parents only have a preference for these two brands, which helps them outperform their rival brands by a hefty margin. Although they both are excellent brands and can cater to your baby’s requirements, they still do not perform 100% in all aspects.

We will assess these baby diaper brands‘ performance on different criteria to find a suitable match for your issues by this Pampers VS Huggies Diapers.



Let’s talk about the baby diaper brand we suggest for our readers, i.e., Pampers.

One of the most trusted diaper brands all over the world is Pampers. They are loved by most people because their collection is not just dedicated to newborn babies, unlike other brands whose sole emphasis is on newborn’s comfort and fit.

Every creator and manufacturer at Pampers believes that babies bring out the best in us, so they strive to do nothing except make your baby’s life better and easier. They know as a parent, you are in search of the best diaper and wipes out there to keep your baby clean, dry, and comfy. With pampers, say goodbye to all your worries because your baby’s safety is their utmost priority. For years, they are helping millions of people and their babies to enjoy their first days by protecting them against newborn problems.

The best baby diapers are designed and manufactured to include plant-based, dermatologically tested ingredients that are clinically proven to be hypoallergenic and gentle towards your baby and toddler’s sensitive skin. Every diaper is made without using artificial fragrances, chlorine, bleach, rubber latex, paragons, and other known allergens identified harmful for newborn babies.

Another thing to love about Pampers is the unmatched skincare and dryness and the fact that your baby will never get rashes or irritation.  Pampers have the ability to keep your baby dry while keeping their skin thoroughly protected. There will be no extra moisture on your baby’s skin because babies cannot sit in damp for long; they may develop painful irritation and rashes.

Pampers diapers come with revolutionary extra absorbing channels that help distribute the wetness evenly onto the surface and keep your baby dry. Their diaper pants feature Magic Gel that can lock the wetness and give your baby up to 12 hours of comfort and dryness. The flexible waistband in Pampers Pull-On Cruisers 360° Fit Disposable Baby Diapers can easily adapt to your baby’s movement and give him/her a comfortable fit underneath their clothes.

Moreover, they are packed with advanced features like leg cuffs and breathable soft belts to facilitate proper ventilation and keep your baby’s skin soft and fresh. Baby moisturizer and baby lotion help nourish your little one’s skin and keep it safe from irritation and diaper rash.

Pampers Swaddlers Disposable Baby Diapers Newborn/Size 1 (8-14 pounds) have 5-star skin protection for your newborn. These are the best tape-style diapers in the market that are made from ultra-soft material and have a cotton-like softness for your baby’s delicate skin. The wetness indicator can turn blue to show when your baby needs a diaper change.

List Of Product Line

Pampers Diapers
Pampers Diapers

There are 5 products in the Pampers brand line, all of which are high-rated and best-selling ones right now.

Pampers Swaddlers

These best pampers diapers for newborn are solely made for newborn babies, especially those who are still in the hospital. The weight range is from 1.5-3 kg for small babies. These diapers are considered the softest ones in the market as they are safe and effective for sensitive skin. The best feature is the color-changing wetness indicator at the front.

Pampers Baby Dry

Pampers baby dry diapers are mostly for bigger babies and newborns. You can even use them for your small toddlers. 3 absorbency layers help prevent leakage and give ultimate comfort for up to 12 hours. For visual appeal, cute cartoon characters are at the front with stretchy sides for snug fit and comfort.

Pampers Cruisers

For babies and toddlers who are always on the go, there are Pampers Cruisers. The Pampers Cruisers Disposable Baby Diapers comes with a comfortable fit so your toddler can play around with ease. These best baby diapers are not bulky, so don’t get in the way of your baby’s movement.

Pampers Easy-Up

Parents who wish to start potty training their toddlers can use Pampers easy-up diapers. They are designed in a way so you can pull them up and down like normal underwear or rip off during nappy change. There are many styles and designs available and features a wetness indicator, so you know if your toddler has wet his diaper.

Pampers UnderJams

If you are looking for the best bed-wetting product, Pampers UnderJams can be a lifesaver. They can be used for kids up to 35 kg of weight and those who are either potty trained or need help going to the bathroom at night. 



The first time you hold your baby, the rest of the world stops, and your life is forever changed. At Huggies, the makers understand that there is nothing stronger than a parent-baby bond, and that’s why they design their best baby diapers to help you feel the same way. Throughout your journey to parenthood, this baby diaper brand is sure to offer you more than just baby products. They are always there to assist you, so you are ready to enjoy every moment of your newborn’s life.

A baby has to wear a diaper all day long. As a parent, nothing should concern you more than the way a diaper feels against his/her skin. The entire product line of Huggies diapers is free of elemental chlorine and natural rubber latex. Also, they are EU allergen, paraben, and completely fragrance-free.

From the first day of your baby to the last day of potty training, Huggies diapers are the best and most gentle choice for your baby to use every step of the way.  

Huggies Little Snugglers Baby Diapers, Size 1 can keep your baby’s skin very gentle and soft, just like it was the day of his birth. The simple formula is dermatologically tested to ensure that the diapers are hypoallergenic, alcohol, fragrance, and paraben-free. With its Gentle Absorb Liners, Double Grip Strips, and Leak Lock Protection Technology, Huggies is constantly motivated to bring the most comfort and safety to your precious baby.

While most of the hospitals and parents have Pampers as their first choice, Huggies is quickly gaining everyone’s attention and becoming the new favorite. The packaging is indeed more attractive, brighter, and vivid red to advocate activity, playfulness, and action. The only drawback is the use of plastic-like materials and plastic-made fastener strips.

List Of Product Line

Huggies Diapers
Huggies Diapers

Huggies have 6 products in their line, which we are going to discuss one by one to help you decide.

Huggies Little Snugglers

These best huggies diapers are available in preemie size to size 6 (6 pounds-35 pounds). The best part about little snugglers is that they feature an umbilical cord cut out.

Preemie to size 2 diapers comes with soft pillows, and gentle absorb liner to deliver a soft layer of protection between the mess and your newborn’s skin. Every size is available with a wetness indicator and a soft outer cover to keep your little one comfortable throughout day and night. The pocketed waistband holds the mess and gives good protection to your baby’s skin with its fragrance and lotion-free formula. 

Huggies Little Movers

The Huggies Little Movers Baby Diapers are a perfect choice for parents who want to give a snug fit to their growing babies. The comfortable fit of these best huggies diapers can easily flex with your little one’s movement and activities through size 3 to size 6 (16-35 pounds). For comfortable activities and movement on the go, there is a wetness indicator and Dry-Touch Liner Technology to absorb moisture on contact. 

Another great thing about little movers is its contoured shape and snug fit waistband design to move along the baby’s movement.

Huggies Snug And Dry Diapers

These best huggies diapers are known to absorb wetness quickly, thanks to their 4 layer design that offers more than 12 hours of constant protection and keeps your baby dry and comfortable. The fun mickey mouse design and wetness indictor are a plus point for Huggies Snug & Dry Baby Diapers, Size 3.

Huggies Overnight Diapers

We all know how hard it is to diaper a growing baby at night! For such circumstances, the most popular choice by parents is Huggies overnight diapers. These best baby diapers can keep your sheets dry as they are very thick and features extra layers of absorbency to make sure your baby enjoys his sleep without leaking anywhere on the bed. 

Huggies Pull-Ups

 This product line is most suitable for when you want to start potty training your toddler. These pull-up pants can keep your baby dry during accidents while still giving them an opportunity to learn when to go to the lavatory by themselves. 

Huggies Little Swimmers Swimpants

Never let your baby’s mess muddle with the pool water. These Swimpants are designed and made with a distinctive absorbent material that doesn’t swell underwater and keep your baby focused on having fun. There is no chance of leakage thanks to the extra protective leakage guards that are added, especially for pool fun, and to keep messes at the bark.   

Moreover, they are highly comfortable. These pants are made with super-stretchy, adjustable material for a snug fit to your baby inside and outside the water.

Which Diaper Is Better for Pampers VS Huggies Diapers? Comparison Of Differences And Similarities


Fit is one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a baby diaper. Typically, the kgs onset is a good indicator when it comes to diaper fit, but it may not be accurate in every case. Just like all adults, babies have their own size and physique. Some babies have round tummies while others have chubby legs. So make sure you get a diaper that can give good coverage to your baby and avoid excretions from leaking out.

This is the part where it can become very tricky to select the product line with the best fit among Pampers and Huggies. For us, both baby diaper brands are a winner in their own aspects.

Pampers, for us, are more like skinny jeans of diapers. They are more streamlined, and while most of the babies fit in them, only some can fit perfectly. Huggies diapers, on the contrary, are more well-positioned and comfortable. There is plenty of room for your baby to move around. They also feature extra side flap and an elastic waistband to suit babies of all sizes and shapes. The waistband, in particular, helps well with mess overflow during initial days. So if you think your baby is more on the plumper side, Huggies diapers have to be your best bet.

Level of comfort

For new parents, knowing the comfort level of any baby diaper brand is almost impossible. Usually, a diaper comfort depends upon a newborn’s inclination and willingness to be in the diaper without crying or being fussy.

It is evident that comfort plays a key role in diaper war. Huggies and Pampers are both almost equal to one another in this aspect.

Pamper diapers like Pampers Baby Dry Disposable Baby Diapers are enriched with soft and fluffy material to be softer on your baby’s sensitive skin. This feature makes them the most breathable and porous product on the market, which ultimately means they are the best in terms of comfort.

Huggies diapers, on the other hand, have a slick plastic material which makes them an ideal choice against leakages but less appealing in the comfort department. Also, parents who use Huggies diapers complain about more rashes than users who have put together their faith and confidence over Pampers. The only good thing about Huggies is their contoured shape that can easily fit babies of all size ranges.

Design (Tabs And Fastenings)

The size of newborn babies is more or less similar for both brands. The design is almost identical with a few exceptions here and there (presence of closure tab shape and waistband).  Both diaper brands work the same, but some users are facing issues with Huggies tabs. 

Pampers tabs are not visually as appealing as Huggies diapers, but they are considered more solid and reliable. They are designed to stay locked in their position even after you open the diaper and pull out its tabs. The placement of these tabs makes sure that the diaper is fully wrapped around your little one and that his hips are fully covered.  They have a Velcro-like feel, which helps keeps the diaper firmly in its place, especially with small, fussy babies.

As far as the Huggies tabs are concerned, they are not a part of the diaper itself. Rather, they are hardly attached to the nappy’s side, which may be a cause of a problem when laying the diaper on your baby. What more? The tabs can flop and bend in the diaper and might create more hassle for the parents who are constantly trying to keep the diaper into one place.

Another drawback with Huggies’ tabs is that they are over a stretchy, flimsy material that a forgetful parent can pull right off the diaper. The round shape suggests less tab surface hold over waistband, which is inappropriate for active babies as the tabs may become loose or need constant fastening to ensure no accidents.

Pampers for us is the clear winner in tabs when walking babies and toddlers are concerned. For small babies, Huggies takes the spot.

The appearance or Visual Appeal

Huggies Overnites Nighttime Diapers comes with really cute Disney Pooh bear characters and has colorful prints all over the nappy area. Many parents just love this brand only for its cuteness factor. Pamper nappies have simple, easy designs, so they are visually less appealing. While most of the parents are okay with a simple design, a lot of them want the diaper to look cute on the baby.  

Odor Masking Agents

No parent likes to keep their baby in a smelly diaper, especially if it’s not too full. Many nappies have a weird smell in them, but as long as you cannot smell pee or poop, you are good to go! Pamper diapers have the best odor masking agents in them, and there is no doubt about it. Huggies diapers may leave a lingering smell in the air of urine and poo even if the diaper is not completely soaked. 


Another most important factor to consider when purchasing a baby diaper is its absorbency. There is no use of spending money over a diaper brand if it does not last for at least 4 hours. Many diaper brands today utilize SAP, i.e., super absorbent polymer that can absorb 800 times more moisture than its weight.

Which is best : pampers or huggies for boys or girls?

pampers or huggies for boys

During absorbency tests, Pampers Easy Ups Pull On Disposable Potty Training Underwear for Girls and Boys has always been the most favorite brand as it can prevent more leakage as compared to Huggies diapers. Moreover, Pampers has a snug fit and small leg holes, which means lesser periods of wetness on the bottom and fewer rashes. 

The biggest complaint against Huggies diapers is its leak-proof liner and the inner layer of absorbent crystal that may leak out. Many parents have also found small blue-colored beads on their little one’s skin while changing their diapers.

Pampers can naturally absorb leakage due to its thicker material, so many parents and hospital staff prefer these in this category. The only complaint about pampers is of chemical-like smell when the nappy is fully saturated with messes. 

Material Quality

Make sure that the diaper you are about to put on your baby is gentle and extremely soft on their skin. It should also be durable enough to hold the mess and maintain leakages.

Pampers are made from a highly soft material that you all would be pleased to use for your baby’s daily requirements. The wide legs and high back give Pampers Diapers more coverage and no leaking. The side tabs are stretchy for comfort and snug fit and can be used to hold the nappy together.  However, they can easily tear apart.

Although Huggies nappies are not as strong as Pampers, they are still of excellent quality material to suit the baby’s sensitive skin. These diapers may feel a little thick to you, but know that it guarantees durability and good absorbency. The waistband and leg width of Huggies Overnites Nighttime Diapers is sure to give a snug fit to your baby while being flexible and stretchy.

Advanced Features

Umbilical Cord Clearance

huggies diapers little snugglers umbilical cord cut out
huggies diapers little snugglers umbilical cord cut out

Huggies is the clear winner in this aspect. The umbilical cord cut out for Huggies has better belly clearance as compared to Pampers.

Pampers diapers are quite loose above the waist, but this feature is still good enough to prevent the umbilical cord from irritation.

Wetness Indicator

Both brand diapers come with wetness indicators. You can see the indicator in the form of a yellow line that extends from the middle of the diaper and runs from front to backside. When the diaper starts to soak, the line turns blue.

Although it is a great feature, a lot of parents don’t find it as useful as it is supposed to be. It is hard to ignore the smelly and heavy wet diaper, so no indicator is required for them. It is a pointless benefit for many but has the ability to slowly grow on the parents.


The entire product line by Pampers is devoid of the extra quilted layer but can still soak up moisture and wetness almost immediately. Also, there is no trace or presence of silica with Pampers, but some parents report unpleasant chemical-like smell when baby pees in it.

On the other hand, Huggies liner features Dry-Touch technology that is sure to pull moisture and dampness away from the baby. However, it may give the appearance of extra quilting on the inside of the diaper. Moreover, Huggies use silica gel to lock the wetness inside. The leakage of these silica gels is a common objection from many users.

Huggies VS Pampers Price Comparison

The price range for both Huggies and Pampers depends upon several factors. Both diapers are available in a variety of patterns and sizes, so it can be a bit daunting to compare each aspect or feature.  Both brands are a little expensive as compared to their other competitor products in the market, so you can say that it is one expensive brand versus another.

Pampers usually cost about $0.3 to $0.35 per nappy, whereas Huggies cost slightly less with $0.24 to $0.3 per diaper.

Based on this pricing, a pack of Pampers Cruisers will cost you about $10.9 for 31 pieces, Swaddlers will cost $10.99 for 36 pieces, and Underjams will cost $17.9 for 27 pieces. Huggies Little snugglers cost $19.7 for 76 pieces, Snug And Dry cost about $19.4 for 80 pieces, and Little Movers cost around $27.9 for 70 pieces. So you can see the result: pampers versus huggies diapers.

Stand Out Features And Elements

Pampers Swaddlers VS Huggies Little Snugglers

Both the diapers are almost similar in terms of design. They have tabs on a stretchy material, and both come with a wetness indicator, but only Pampers offer XS size for preemie babies during hospital usage. With Huggies Little Snugglers and Huggies Special Delivery Hypoallergenic Baby Diapers, the fit and sizing for newborns can cause leaks, and you are also likely to find gel beads because of Dry-Touch liner and use of silica gel to absorb wetness.

Which is the rated higher: pampers swaddlers vs huggies ?

Pamper Swaddlers also rate higher than Huggies when newborns are concerned, but they lack an added layer for better absorbency. Parents are in awe of the soft interior that has a cotton feel to it.

Pampers Baby Dry VS Huggies Snug And Dry

When compared, both product lines give up to 12 hours of continuous protection, protection against leakage, and a comfortable elasticized waistband.  Among parents, Pampers baby dry is more popular because of its snug fit and fast absorbency.

Huggies snug and dry has fragile tabs that you can easily pull off the nappy. These diapers may have gaps between the nappy liner and legs that may cause leaks for babies with skinny legs. 

Huggies Little Movers VS Pampers Cruisers

Once your child begins to grow, you must look for a diaper range that moves along their movement and activities. To deliver precise leak protection, both Pampers Cruisers and Huggies Little Movers are loved by parents of toddlers.

Huggies diapers provide better protection against leakage and are very absorbent. Pamper Cruisers have excellent absorbency, great protection against leakages, and soft, cloth-like feel to them.

Best Day Time Diaper: huggies versus pampers diapers?

Which is the best diaper during day time: huggies versus pampers diapers ?

Having a durable diaper during the daytime is very important, and so the last thing on your mind should be to worry about your baby who wishes to spend his day playing around the house. The best diaper to use during day time is Pampers Baby Dry. It is best because it delivers more coverage to keep your baby dry and comfortable longer and best for active babies who want to explore everything in their reach.

Another reason to choose Pampers Baby Dry is its contoured and snug fit, which helps prevent leakage before any accident happens. These diapers are not bulky and also don’t get in the way of your baby’s constant movement.

Best Night Time Diaper: huggies versus pampers?

For us, Pampers Overnight Diapers are the best for night time use. They have better absorbency as compared to Huggies Overnights and also offer less leakage while your baby is sleeping. With their lack of leaks, contoured legs, waistband, and snug fit, these diapers have everything you are looking for to keep your little one comfortable through the night. 

Our Verdict on Pampers VS Huggies Diapers

Huggies and Pampers are considered clones of each other. While Huggies have great quality and all the advanced perks, they still cannot propel above Pampers in terms of absorbency, comfort, and functionality.

For us, Pampers is a little superior to Huggies and other competitors in the market for many reasons. They have softer fabric, durable, and easy to use tabs, no extra cushioning and snug fit to keep out leaks. Though they are a little pricier than Huggies everything else you get with them is completely worth it. For pampers versus huggies diapers, above information should be enough for you to make decision to choose the best baby diaper brand for your baby.