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How to Change a Baby Boy’s Poopy Diaper?

A newborn baby boy brings happiness to a family. But ensuring proper care of the child involves lots of hard work. It has been found by the researchers that newborn babies on an average use ten diapers every day. When you are new mom, changing the diapers of your baby boy is a necessity. At first, many moms are looking at this as a chore that needs to be done. However, it should be treated as an exceptional time between the parent and the child. It is an intimate time shared between the two. The baby feels the love, care and support of the mother, and in return, the mom knows that she is needed and loved as well. Here is how to change a baby boy’s poopy diaper.

There is an entire process of changing poopy diapers, with step by step instructions, which are easy to find all over the internet. However, I’d like to focus more on this aspect of bonding between the parents and the child. I say, parent, as sometimes dads take part in the diapering a baby as well.

One of the main aspects of this time together is teaching the baby the main basics of safety and health. As the child grows, these basics will be ingrained in them, and by the time the toddler is independent, he or she will be able to understand some aspects of proper hygiene. It helps the baby become conscious of their body and that it needs to be clean.

Another aspect that the boy will learn is proper toilet training. Most kids at the daycare already know what to do when they have to pee; however, there are some that were not potty trained yet and might be still using a diaper. Luckily most daycare centres have a diaper changing station that should help easily with this task.
A crucial aspect of changing the baby’s diapers is ensuring the proper safety of the child. If the toddler is a bit bigger, he or she might be jumping around and be hyperactive, which can easily lead to accidental falls. So if you are using a changing station, make sure that it is at least 2 inches wide, so your child is safely tugged in the middle of the table without him rolling out of it.

Put your baby on changing tables and open the clip of the diaper. Remove the poopy diaper and clean the lower part of the baby with wet wipes and remember to wipe the scrotum. Now apply talcum powder or glycerin which suits your baby. After that put your baby on the new diaper and clip it firmly. Promptly dispose of the used diaper. And while changing diaper make sure that your baby is buckled up with the strip of the changing table and does not fall from the table.

Baby boys usually wriggle during the time of changing diapers. To accomplish diaper changing successfully you need to distract him/her while changing it. Giving the baby toys to keep him attracted on it is the right way of distracting the baby. That is how to change a baby boy’s poopy diaper, let it not be a tough task to you any more.