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Latest 100 best quotes about giving birth to your first child

Giving birth to your first child can be very scary. It’s because you have only heard about it and never experienced it by yourself. Giving birth is always one of the most memorable moments of your life and you should be determined and empowered while giving birth to your first child to back your decision of becoming a mother. Here are the best 100 giving birth and pregnancy delivery quotes which will empower you and get you going during labor.

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Our Picks of Top 100 Best Quotes About Giving Birth To Your First Child

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giving birth quotes

1. Giving birth to your first child is the closest you can ever come to magic.

2. Giving birth to your child doesn’t only give you a cute little baby to love for the rest of your life but it also strengthens your bond with your husband as a couple.

3. Having your first child feel like smelling the lilies from the spiritual garden.

Giving birth quotes 1

4. A woman who has just given birth to her first child is like an angel sent on earth by God to shower a newborn baby with pure love and affection.

5. Newborn babies are like little suns as they bring light and warmth into your life. 

6. Every newborn baby is a signal of God that life should keep going on. 

7. Carrying her first child is the biggest reward that God can give to a woman. 

Giving birth quotes 2

8. Having your first baby changes your life in a way that you can never even dream of.

9. A baby fills a void in your heart that you always thought was already filled. 

10. You will never know the amount of love you can give to somebody until you give birth to your first child. 

11. Only your first born baby can teach you how resilient your spirit can be.

12. Feeling fat lasts only 9 months while the joy of becoming a new mom lasts forever.

Giving birth quotes 3

13. After the birth of your first child, you can think of your pregnancy stretch marks as battle scars which you get battling to meet your first child. 

14. A newborn baby is the beginning of a dream of possibilities. 

15. Giving birth to your first child is not only about making a baby but it is also about making you strong and capable who know her true inner strength. 

16. Your first born baby may hold your hand for only a little while but it will hold your heart for the rest of your life. 

17. The strength of motherhood is sometimes greater than natural laws. 

Giving birth quotes 4

18. A mother borns the moment a woman gives birth to her first child. 

19. Nobody can possibly define the euphoria that you feel when your first born baby recognizes you for the very first time.

20. A baby never outgrows its need to be loved. 

21. A child may outgrow a mother’s lap but it can never outgrow her heart.

22. A mother’s job means getting paid with kisses and hugs. 

Giving birth quotes 5

23. Your first born baby’s arms are the most precious jewel that you can ever have around your neck. 

24. You start understanding life once a baby starts to grow inside your belly.

25. My newborn baby is my favorite reason to lose sleep.

26. If you don’t believe in love at first sight, wait until you give birth to your first baby.

27. Every newborn baby is its mother’s definition of perfect.

Giving birth quotes 6

28. I am pretty sure that the day I gave birth to my first child, angels clapped and the moon danced with the stars.

29. There is a really cute boy who has stolen my heart. He calls me “Mom”.

30. You can have just one first born child. You can love all of your children as much as you can but there is always something unique about the first one. 

31. Lucky are those couples whose first child are daughters. 

32. If I have to pick the best day of my life, it will be the day I gave birth to my first child without any second thoughts. 

Giving birth quotes 7

33. Giving birth to a child is the second most painful thing in the world. The first one is being burned alive. 

34. Giving your first birth should not be your greatest fear but your biggest achievement. 

35. Giving birth to your first child is easier than being worried about it.

36. Giving birth to your first child is not the end of your pregnancy but the beginning of your legacy. 

37. A newborn baby is like a tiny piece of heaven sent from God.

Giving birth quotes 8

38. Giving birth to your first child marks the beginning of a wonderful life ahead.

39. The first breath of every child takes away the breath of its parents.

40. A woman will never know how much her husband loves her until she sees how much he loves their first born baby.

41. Giving birth to your first child is the most precious gift of God which you will cherish forever.

42. You know you are pregnant with your first baby if you have just recently understood the meaning of peezing. 

Giving birth quotes 9

43. Childbirth is both physical and spiritual achievement. Its an ultimate perfection of human love. 

44. First, you will have each other and then after your first baby, you will have everything. 

45. Giving birth to your first child is giving birth to new possibilities within yourselves.

46. If your first kid drops a pacifier, you sterilize it but if your second kid drops it, you call your dog to fetch it. 

47. Giving birth is one of the most profound initiations to spirituality woman can have. 

Giving birth quotes 10

48. It takes power in giving birth and then loving someone you have never met more than yourself. 

49. Every tattoo lover mom knows that giving birth is easier than having a tattoo. 

50. Giving birth is nothing but a set of muscular contractions in order to create a passage for the baby and then the mother is born.

51. Giving birth is a matter of a moment but a unique one.

52. There’s a secret in our culture, not that giving birth is painful but it’s that women are strong.

Giving birth quotes 11

53. Giving birth is the epicenter of a woman’s power.

54. The best way to understand the meaning of the miracle, you must witness the birth of your first child.

55. A woman’s soul in labor leaves its body and travel to stars to collect the soul of her baby and return to earth with it.

56. Giving birth is proof that your body can stand against almost any pain.

57. A woman looks nothing less than a goddess while giving birth to her first child.

Giving birth quotes 12

58. The quickest way to get the attention of your newborn baby is to sit down and look relaxed and comfortable.

59. You will never know the meaning of true love until you see into the eyes of your first child.

60. The true happiness is watching the toothless smile of your first baby.

61. Giving birth to your first child is just magical. No other experience can match the happiness that you get after giving birth to your first child.

62. Giving birth isn’t something that you suffer but it is something that you actively do and exult in. 

63. You can never feel the way you feel for your first baby.

Giving birth quotes 13

64. Dear guys, if you think condoms are uncomfortable, ask a woman how uncomfortable it is while giving birth to a baby.

65. Take your lower lip and force it over your head, that’s how it is like to give birth to a baby. 

66. Every woman gives birth to a baby, I gave birth to an angel. 

67. The best feeling is when your first baby holds your hand for the first time. 

Giving birth quotes 14

68. The only word that perfectly describes giving birth to a baby is miracle.

69. Giving birth to your first child is also the birth of you as parents and your responsibilities 

70. I am proud of a lot of things but nothing beats giving birth to my first child. 

71. Giving birth is a priestess work. A woman risks her own life so that a new life can cross over. 

72. Giving birth to your first time is one of the most empowering experience for a woman,

Giving birth quotes 15

73. Giving birth to your first child is the most amazing thing, so dreamy but so real. 

74. Birth of a child opens the door to heaven for the mother. 

75. No force is equal to that of a woman determined to give birth to her first child. 

76. It will be after the birth of your first child that you will be taught a new language called smile by your child. 

77. A woman can never get tired of loving her first baby whom she has recently given birth to. 

78. Giving birth to a baby is like plucking a flower from heaven. 

79. Pure happiness can only be found in the smile of a lady who has just given birth to her first child. 

80. If you feel angels are unreal, wait until you give birth to your first child. 

81. Raising a child is much more important than giving birth to one. 

82. Of all the things that you will ever hold in your hands, your first child will be the most precious and prettiest one. 

83. If you have never been a mom, you just can’t imagine how someone so tiny can bring warmth, happiness, and charm to your life. 

84. A mother’s favorite thing is the smell of her newborn baby’s breath. 

85. If you look deep into your first baby’s eyes, you will see a glimpse of heaven. 

86. Giving birth is probably the most heavenly thing one can do on earth.

87. Giving birth to your baby and then loving it for the rest of its life earns you a key to heaven. 

88. The little feet of your first baby makes the biggest footprints on your heart.

89. You cannot buy happiness but you can give birth to your first baby. 

90. Having your first baby will completely change your perspective about why you wake up daily. 

91. Your purpose should exceed the pain when you give birth to your first child. 

92. Just like a person know how to breathe, a woman knows how to give birth to a baby. 

93. your newborn baby will fill a gap in your heart that you never even thought was there. 

94. When you give birth to your first child, you give birth to your greatest joy. 

95. The joy that your first child brings to your life can never be equaled by anything in the world. 

96. A mother’s love for her baby overflows even the greatest of oceans. 

97. Giving birth to your first baby can be scary at first but once you are determined to get a glimpse of a new life that you have been nurturing inside your body for nine months, every pain washes away. 

98. There is nothing more satisfying than giving birth to your first baby. 

99. Don’t fear to give birth, understand the purpose of it. 

100. God gives an immense amount of power to a woman when she gives birth to a child and never takes it back. 


These were the 100 best giving birth quotes on the internet.

These will definitely give you a lot of strength and joy about what you are soon going to witness and how it is going to change your life for good for the rest of your life.

You can also send these to your wife or friend who is going to give birth to her first child.

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