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Best activities for working moms

For a working mom, life is too busy! Between work and life responsibilities, the days passed in an instant. Many working moms worry that they don’t have enough time with their children and want to know if this will cause developmental delay.

Even many of them feel guilty about working full-time or are anxious about choosing to work out in the gym or have dinner with friends. We will discuss more information about indoor and outdoor recreation and fitness activities for working moms and children!

A recent study revealed the impact of the time a mother spends working with her child on several things. It includes children’s academic performance, behavior and emotional well-being.

This is not to eliminate the importance of time with children, but to emphasize that the quality of time is much more important than the quantity of time.

Children need to spend a good time with their mothers. This is most beneficial to the child, and as the child grows, it will have a positive impact on the child. This is not an endless time; it all depends on how you choose to spend a truly important time.

more importantly? In addition to giving your children plenty of time, in a busy work schedule, you will not waste even a little time on yourself and your health, which may cause various health problems.

Therefore, in order to eliminate all your worries, we have carried out some wonderful entertainment and fitness activities with your children to spend a good time, keep yourself healthy and decompress.

1.Check out your local library.

Almost every city or county has at least one. We are in Kingsville and there are three within 30 minutes of driving, as far as I know. Even the smallest library seems to have various {free! } Events, such as storytime, handicrafts and Lego bricks.

We found an event in the Bishop branch of the Nueces National Public Library. The event will be tried at 4:30 pm, but I found that the start time of the event is 6:00 pm, even Saturday.

2. Farmer’s market.

They are very popular these days and seem to be usually held on weekends, such as the farmers market in Kingsville. I find that just strolling and enjoying the outdoors is a good choice, but for many other reasons, this is also a great place for family vacations.

There will usually be music and sometimes activities for the children, such as building bird feeders. They will also like to explore all the different handicrafts, food {samples…snack time for lazy moms, right? } And displays, such as the bees on the honey booth!

3. Fitness class

Another idea is to find evening and weekend home fitness classes in your area. The local “Sports Mom” ​​course is one of our favorite new activities on Saturday morning!

You can learn more on the “South Texas Moms in Motion” page, or check out Fit4Mom by Corpus Christi. I find this is a great way to share my love of fitness with my little child, while at the same time doing a good job for myself and let her take a nap!

This is also a fun way to meet other healthy mothers in the area. If you want to know more about expectations, please read my review of the first batch of “Moms in Motion” courses.

4.Imitation or funny dress up competition

Choose any character you like.

Maybe it’s your famous singer, TV personality, Queen or King of England?

It’s so funny to see how bad you are. Or, you can prepare a fun costume for the party.

5. Share personal goals on the whiteboard

People said to write down the whiteboard and write down their personal health goals.

For example, “I will attend a yoga class”, “I will become a vegetarian next month”, etc.

These healthy goals will also inspire others. This means a win-win situation.

6. Music and dance

There is hardly anyone who does not like music. When we listen to music, our minds release feel-good hormone dopamine.

Music is a therapy that lowers blood pressure, enhances concentration, and relieves depression.

Play music and start dancing without being embarrassed by your movements, just dance like a child.

7. Sing your heart

Someone said: “Without music…life would be a mistake”

You can sing even if you can’t sing. Just let your heart sing. You can also make your own lyrics.

Singing for at least 10 minutes a day can reduce stress, clear your sinuses, improve posture, and even help you live longer.