Decription on exclusive pumping:

In some cases, it may prevent moms from taking care of the baby. If the mom’s baby cannot or will not be locked for some reason, she may think that she has no choice but to use infant formula. However, there is another option, and it does not seem to get the support or recognition it deserves-just pumping.

In most cases, moms who decide to smoke exclusively do not do so “indiscreetly”. She realizes the irreplaceable benefits of milk, and she wants the baby to have the best milk, so for her, the most reasonable conclusion is to pump the milk through the bottle and provide it to the baby.

Sadly, many people (including health care providers) will tell their mom that this is a crazy idea, “it will never work”; “your milk will run out”; or will say “you can’t keep up at all” “. Without the support and information she needs, mom may simply give up.

Those who do not give up often face other problems that need to be overcome. They usually feel like they are in class and are excluded from the group of ordinary moms who usually form a “support group” for breastfeeding moms or formula-feeding moms.

They may feel that they have to explain “why” they “feed bottle” breast milk, and even ask their healthcare provider often. . “Breast milk is still a bottle” is formulated with “Bottle”.

Although everyone agrees that feeding infants directly from breast milk has irreplaceable benefits, everyone must also agree that breast milk itself is irreplaceable. Whether breast milk is provided or not, whenever possible, you should breastfeed as much as possible.

There is no room for tolerance or internal needs-the mom “doing everything possible” and trying to be “normal” is not a failure-she just does what she can in her own situation. A very dedicated mom, they are determined to do their best to work hard for their baby and deserve their respect and support.

Watch this video”The Basics of Exclusively Pumping That You NEED to Know!!”(18 mins 19 seconds)

Here are some tips and information about best breast pump for exclusive pumping in 2021:

1.Medela Advanced Pump In Style

For good reason, Medela is the number one recommended breast pump in the United States.

They do put a lot of thought and energy into the packaging of breast pumps to ensure that women have everything they need to pump successfully.

Advanced pumps are the perfect all-in-one system for dedicated pumps. The kit includes a microfiber tote bag (other options can be found on the Medela website), a small cooler with a contoured ice bag, 4 lidded storage bottles, and a pump and flange.

All of these are very user-friendly and easy to clean. Great first time mom!

Two-stage expression technology and adjustable inspiratory speed can achieve double suction and optimal drainage. All plastic parts in contact with breast milk do not contain BPA, and you can also choose to use batteries instead of AC adapters (excluding 8 AA batteries).

Only one flange size -24 mm- is included, but other flange sizes are available on Amazon or directly through Medela.

It does have an open system (the only open system on my list), so you really need to pay attention to the moisture accumulated in the tube and clean it regularly with other parts.

The sound of the motor is also loud, which can be a big problem for moms planning to pump up in the nursery where the baby may fall asleep.


Comes with everything you need to pump and store
Two-phase expression technology for optimal drainage
Battery option can be used anytime, anywhere
Built into a convenient bag


The open system accumulates water in the tube
Noisy motor

2.Elvie Pump

Elvie breast pumps are completely different from other breast pumps. Most breast pumps are connected to a set of pump parts and milk bottles via tubing. The Elvie breast pump is actually a wireless breast pump that can be inserted into a bra (hence actually two separate breast pumps). The pumped milk enters a small collection bottle at the bottom.


fluidity! This is huge. You can do almost anything while pumping, because everything is in the bra, and there is no hanging bottle on the chest.
It is quieter than most pumps, almost completely quiet.
It is integrated with an application (the application can track how long you have pumped and can tell you how much milk was pumped), so you don’t have to track these things yourself.


price. It is expensive (although you can make it partially covered by Aeroflow).
The pump has three flange sizes – 21mm, 24mm and 28mm. If you need a larger or smaller size, the pump will not be for you.
(Note: Willow is a similar wireless breast pump. You can read the comparison between the two breast pumps here.)

3.Motif Luna

Motif Luna is very similar to Spectra S2 in terms of functionality and price.


Luna is a very effective and powerful pump. Many women who have used this product in our Facebook group have found that this product removes milk faster than other used pumps.
It has LEDs and a backlight; some users find that by using them at night instead of turning on the night lights, they can return to sleep more quickly.
In addition to the vacuum speed (pulling strength of the pump), you can also change the circulation speed (pulling frequency of the pump).


Because such pumps are not so popular, it is difficult to find replacement parts in stores.
It has no rechargeable battery, so it is recommended that you carry the battery pack with you.

4.Spectra Baby USA Hospital Grade Breast Pump

Spectra Baby USA – S2 Plus ranks second on the list of most pump moms. This is an affordable hospital grade pump that can be easily pumped no matter the day or night.

The lightweight (only 5 pounds!) compact pump has a digital display and is easy to read and push buttons without adjusting the speed and suction through the dial. It also uses a 2-phase expression technique to imitate the baby’s eating habits.

The pump is easy to use in nurseries regardless of the time of day or night. The motor is very quiet, the built-in night light, and even has an automatic power off function, which will trigger after 60 minutes of inactivity to prevent falling asleep after pumping.

Together with the pump, you will get 2 wide-neck collection bottles with lid (without BPA/DEHP) and two flange sizes (24 and 28 mm). These are also easy to clean.

The biggest disadvantage of this pump is that there is no battery to choose from.


Closed system prevents moisture from growing in mold and mildew
Hospital-level suction
Digital display and simple buttons instead of dial
2 flange sizes (24 and 28 mm)


No option to use battery

BelleMa Effective Pro

It has many functions similar to Spectra S2, including closed system, two-phase expression, silent motor and LCD screen display.

However, this pump has several unique and important functions.

The first is IDC technology. This allows you to control each side of the breast pump separately, thus giving you three suction methods: right, left or both.

This also allows you to adjust the suction power on each side separately for a customized suction experience.

The second function is the memory function, which can remember your preferences and previous settings. This saves you the trouble of trying to reset or adjust the default settings to the desired settings.

In addition to these functions, the pump kit includes a 24 mm flange with a comfortable silicone cushion, two wide-necked flasks with a converter to make it suitable for conventional bottleneck sizes, and a 10V AC adapter.

There is no built-in option to run the pump on the battery, but there is a rechargeable battery pack and USB charger for you to purchase separately.

Please note that several users have stated that the pump stops working after 3-4 months of heavy use (10-12 times per day; more due to exclusive pumping).

The motor has a one-year warranty and can provide you with a replacement unit, but you only have 30 days to return the product and get a full refund.


IDC technology allows you to control each side separately
Closed system keeps pipes clean
Remember previous settings
Comfortable flange
Optional rechargeable battery


Battery pack sold separately
The motor may not be able to withstand long-term use


Choosing the best breast pump for an exclusive breast pump is tricky, especially when there are many brands that claim to be the best breast pump.

However, to ensure that you get the best exclusive breast pump, you need to carefully check what you need to consider when buying the best breast pump. Hope this article can help you distinguish all the listed brands and choose the best breast pump for exclusive breast pumping.