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Top 5 Best Anti Theft backpack Review 2020

Best Anti Theft backpack Review: You’re going to enjoy the most calming view of the world at some remote corner of Europe, with arms open wide, a big smile on your face, the sun rising from East- but wait! Where is your wallet that contains your passport, cash, cards, and phone? It’ll be the most stressful situation for you. But don’t worry as we’ve got a solution for you in this guide. Keep reading!

No matter whether you’re a regular or a seasonal traveler, the safety of your precious items must be your priority. The world is not innocent to let you enjoy your trips and leave you alone. 

The crowded gatherings, busy stations, and the travel fatigue in your body makes your valuables vulnerable to theft. You’ll be amazed to know that only in Germany, 1,894,889 pickpocket thefts occurred each year during traveling. You can save yourself, we’ll tell you how.

Regular backpacks are suitable for traveling. They keep your hands empty while you record the beautiful sightseeing with your camera. But when it comes to security, they fall down the standards. That’s where an anti-theft backpack fits in! It is more than just a regular bag that ensures extra safety and security for the traveler’s luggage. 

Some best anti-theft backpacks are loaded with smart features, including the secret pockets, RFID protection, locks, and built-in steel cables to prevent the thefts. 

Hence, if you need an anti theft backpack for your next trip, you landed in the right place! Here we got some best anti-theft backpacks that have earned high user ratings and expert’s recommendations. Let’s have a look!

5 Best Anti-Theft Backpacks:

1. Travel Laptop Anti theft Backpack:

Travel Laptop Anti theft Backpack


Keep Stuff Organized:

This business anti theft backpack keeps all your stuff in place via featuring a lot of internal space with several pockets. It contains a separate 15.6-inches laptop compartment where you can keep the 15, 14, and 13-inch MacBook or laptop easily. 

Apart from this compartment, a spacious central packing place has enough room to keep all your essential items, including clothes, electronics, shoes, and more. At the front, you’ll get the pen pockets and many other small pockets for gadgets.

Comfortable yet Sturdy:

An airflow design keeps your back sweat-free when you wear this for long times. Multi-panel padding helps you in proper ventilation that gives stable support at the back. The shoulder straps finished through the breathable material that also reduces the hectic feel. A top handle enables you to carry it in hand.

Fully Functional to Use:

A luggage strap gives ease while you’re traveling. At the airports or stations, you can fit the bag on your luggage with these straps. A hidden anti-theft pocket at the backside keeps all your valuables, safe, and secure.

USB Port:

USB ports in this anti-theft backpack help you to free your hands. You don’t need to carry the power bank in your hands as it gives easy access to the power bank present inside the backpack. Enjoy the trips with no need to worry about the charging spots!

Durable and Rugged:

This backpack is precisely engineered via water-resistant, durable material that prevents it from the wear and tear. The polyester fabric can endure the hardships of travel and last longer. You can use it even daily for professional use in the office or for traveling.


  • Comfy and safe to use
  • Breathable shoulder
  • USB port design
  • Multiple pockets with laptop compartment


  • Laptop padding is not up to the mark

2. Oscaurt Laptop/Business Anti Theft Backpack:

Oscaurt Laptop/Business Anti Theft Backpack


Anti-Theft Options:

Anti-theft pockets are just not enough to prevent such incidents! This Oscaurt anti-theft backpack is featuring something more than that. It has the anti-scratch fabric, which is resistant to all the blades’ cuts. Moreover, this business or college backpack has the hidden zippers that can save your valuables. A secret pocket at the back serves the purpose of an anti-theft pocket.

No Need for Charging Spots:

Traveling these days includes the camera and mobile phone gadgets as everyone is recording the memories. Travelers look for the charging spots everywhere, or they need to hold the power bank in their hands. Now, there is no need for this! This backpack features the USB charging port that directly connects to the power bank inside.

Perfect for Electronics:

You can store the components separately in this business backpack to keep them organized and safe. Hence, this backpack is considered an ideal choice for your valuable electronic gadgets. Another convenient feature is the storage pockets in the front that store pens, phones, wallet, and other small items.

A 15.6 inches laptop compartment adds more worth to this backpack. The whole chamber is shockproof as well as features the elastic bands to keep the laptop firmly in place.

No Hectic Feel:

Wearing a backpack all day can cause fatigue in your shoulders and back. Oscaurt has a solution to this problem too! This backpack comes with the adjustable shoulder straps that come with foamy padding inside for a soft feel. The EVA material at the back prevents any sort of sweating and discomfort.


  • Minimalistic simple design
  • USB charging port
  • Anti-cut fabric with hidden zippers
  • EVA material at the back


  •  Not suitable for high-school stuff

3. KOPACK Waterproof Anti Theft Backpack:

KOPACK Waterproof Anti Theft Backpack


Hidden Pockets and Zippers:

There are no zippers and pockets in front can be seen that prevents theft while traveling. All the zippers and pockets are hidden where you can keep all the valuables, including passport, mobile, wallet, and more.

Compact Style:

No one wants to carry a large backpack! No worries as this KOPACK backpack has the 17.7 inches of height with a 15-inch laptop compartment inside. Moreover, it features a slim and sleek look that you can even slide the bag under the airline seat.

Waterproof Fabric:

Durability and water-resistant features add more worth to this product. There is no need to worry about the weather when traveling as all your valuable gadgets, documents and clothes are safe. Apart from this, rain cover comes along with this backpack. It is present at the bottom to prevent water seeping inside. An ABS base gives a tidy look and increases durability.

USB Charging:

Charging your smartphones, tablets, and any other USB enabled gadgets is a breeze now. Connect the power back inside the backpack and connect the device on the other side to keep your hands free.

TSA Friendly:

The backpack serves another feature that it has a flat open design to store every kind of item you can. It has multiple compartments to store clothes, laptops, tablets, phones, and much more. A shockproof liner keeps all these gadgets safe from any travel accident.

Visible Stripes:

Do you love cycling at night in the streets? No problem! Two reflective stripes are present at the front so that vehicles coming from behind notices you.


  • Built-in USB ports
  • ABS strong bass
  • Flat-open design
  • Water-resistant material


  • Straps are huge

4. Tzowla Travel Anti Theft Backpack:

Tzowla Travel Anti Theft Backpack


Quality at its Best:

Tzowla never disappoints! This time, Tzowla has come up with the travel best Anti-theft backpacks that help you to keep all your valuables safe and secure. Not just this, but the manufacturer gives the lifetime quality assurance for Tzowla authentic backpacks that prove the worth.

Anti-theft Design:

Are you tired of these thieves who always stole something valuable and left you stranded in a foreign country without a phone and passport? Not anymore! Tzowla’s best anti-theft backpacks have the password locks installed. Along with this, the hidden zippers and anti-theft pockets further assures your safety.

USB + Headset Ports:

A built-in cable design makes sure that your hands remain empty while traveling. Keep your mobile phone in the pocket and connect it with the USB ports in your backpack to charge conveniently. Moreover, keep a music player inside your bag, which you can connect via the headphone jack to listen to music on the go.

Durable Backpack:

Durability increases the versatility of this backpack, and you can use it for various purposes. The high-quality polyester material keeps you content in the rainy weather, and you don’t need to worry about the valuables. Wide-shoulder straps make sure that you don’t feel hectic wearing this backpack all day.


  • Large capacity with multiple pockets
  • USB port and headphone jack
  • Metal hidden zippers
  • Lifetime quality assurance  


  • Zippers could be improved

5. SOLDIERKNIFE Durable Anti Theft Backpack:

SOLDIERKNIFE Durable Anti Theft Backpack


Comfortable to Wear:

Adjustable shoulder straps and breathable fiber make it a perfect choice for all travelers who need to wear this bag all day. The sponge mesh design at the back makes sure that there is proper airflow, and you’ll get a sweat-free experience.

Another breathable sponge mesh is added at the back portion of this backpack to relieve the stress. It gives the whole bag a soft touch, and the enhanced padding supports the heat dissipation process. A foamy handle helps to carry the backpack. 

Safe and Secure:

The safe and secure feature enables this backpack to find its place in the best anti-theft backpacks list. A small anti-theft pocket is added at the backend to make sure that all your valuables, i.e., passport, mobile phone, tablets, are safe.

Fully Functional:

The backpack offers versatile functions. It has a luggage strap to keep this backpack on your luggage at the airports. Moreover, a breast strap provides a secure grip on your bag while running or walking and distributes the weight evenly. A shockproof belt on the inside keeps your laptop protected.

USB Port:

This anti theft backpack offers you a much more convenient way to charge your gadget on the go. A built-in USB port provides you with an easily accessible charging point.


  • Comfy and breathable
  • S-curved shoulder straps
  • Fully padded and mesh design
  • Suitable for professional as well as school use


  • Waterproof ability is less

Comparison Chart:

ProductsDimensionsWeightMaterialAnti-theft pocketsLaptop compartment
1. Travel Laptop Anti-theft Backpack18 x 12 x 7.8 inches1.56 lbs.Water-resistant durable polyester✓ (15.6-inches)
2. Oscaurt Laptop/Business Anti-Theft Backpack11.00 x 5.00 x 17.00 inches2.30 lbs.Water-resistant, anti-scratch material, EVA at back✓ (15.6-inches)
3. KOPACK Waterproof Anti Theft Backpack11.80 x 17.70 x 5.50 inches1.94 lbs.Water resistant, ABS base✓ (15.6-inches)
4. Tzowla Travel Anti-Theft Backpack19.29×11.8×5.43 Inches1.85 lbs.Polyester / Nylon✓ (15.6-inches)
5. SOLDIERKNIFE Durable Anti-Theft Backpack18.9×7.9×12.6 Inches1.8 poundsNylon✓ (15.6-inches)

Buying Guide:

We’re living in a world where we can’t leave out belongings and valuable items aside. In this regard, an anti theft backpack is the only solution for this. Here in this guide, we’ll move you through all the factors that you must take care of while buying the best anti theft backpacks for you.

Factors to consider while buying anti-theft backpacks:

Comfort and Convenience:

Carrying a bag all day long is not an easy job to do! You’ll sweat and feel fatigued shoulders. That’s why comfort is the priority. Make sure that the backpack is fully padded with foam and features a mesh design to provide airflow. Shoulder straps must be broad and appropriately shaped as well.

Anti Theft Features:

Make sure to opt for a bag pack that serves its purpose in a well-manner. A safety pocket must be repent at the backend to secure your valuables. Moreover, a laptop compartment is a must to have for secure traveling. Hidden zippers are a plus to have as well.


What’s the purpose of buying a backpack if it doesn’t last long or bear the wear and tear? Make sure the bag is entirely secure from all sides with the durable and water-resistant polyester material. Fortunately, most of the best anti-theft backpacks are of high-quality and water-resistant to a great extent.


That’s for this best anti-thefts backpacks guide. We’ve tried to cover up all the points and influential factors about the anti-theft backpacks. No one in this world wants to be a victim of pickpocketing or any such theft. A high quality, fully secure anti-theft bag is the only solution!