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Top 5 Best Hardside Luggage Review 2020

Best Hardside Luggage Review: The luggage bag you’re using to take with you on weekend trips, and traveling to explore the world is as essential as the valuables inside. Whenever you’re traveling with the fragile or precious items, you might be handing them over to the airline workers, taxi drivers, and more.

The safety of those items will always remain stuck in your head. No need to worry now! We’ve got you covered with the solution to all such problems in this guide below. Keep reading!

One thing to take care of is the susceptibility of your luggage that it doesn’t crack on tossing over during the whole transportation. How can a luggage bag prevent your valuables inside if it breaks itself? Here is the perfect choice for you i.e., hardside luggage.

Hardside luggage is equipped with multiple features to protect your valuables. Most of these contain the polycarbonate material that gives a flex. This flex can quickly recover from hard impacts. Also, the material is scratch-resistant, giving you a longer life span of the bags.

Choosing the best hardside luggage is not a piece of cake! It’s a matter of safety and protection for your valuables. Therefore, after filtering hundreds of products, we have come with the best hardside luggage in this guide. This luggage will be a safe and trusted companion for you in your journeys. Let’s explore!

Best Hardside Luggage Review

1. Samsonite Omni PC Hardside Luggage:

Samsonite Omni PC Hardside Luggage


Ample Storage:

Traveling to far off places for weekend trips requires a lot of things to carry along. You need to pack every daily life item that you use. No worries now! This Samsonite Omni PC is one of the best hardside luggage that gives packing dimensions of 24″ X 17.5″ X 11.5″. It means its 24-inches size can carry all the valuables that make it an ideal choice for the longer trips!


If you travel on any airline more often, you might have noticed the scratches on your luggage after every trip. That’s the most irritating part of your traveling, as you have made an immense investment in your luggage. Here is the Samsonite Omni PC that uses micro-diamond polycarbonate material. It’ll enhance the aesthetic appearance as well as make the bag scratch-resistant. 

Safe and Secure:

Samsonite has come up with a solution to thefts as well! This Omni PC hardside luggage is equipped with TSA locks (side-mounted) to avoid thefts during traveling. Only you and TSA agents can access the lock. 

Easy to Carry:

Maneuverability is a significant concern in luggage. This hardside luggage has four directional spinner wheels that let you move it quickly on the floor. Its lightweight ability and free movement enhance the user’s experience. 

Multiple Compartments:

It features a book opening design that gives easy access to all the internal compartments. The inner chamber contains a mesh divider and cross straps to hold your luggage inside. A zipped pocket will let you place the small items separately to organize the stuff. 


  • Side-mounted TSA locks
  • All directional Spinner wheels
  • Micro-diamond polycarbonate material 
  • Ten years limited warranty


  • Undersized wheels 

2. American Tourister Moonlight Hardside Luggage:

American Tourister Moonlight Hardside Luggage


Stay Light:

Carrying your luggage can be a hectic task to do, especially when your luggage is large-sized. This American Tourister is a perfect sized bag with the overall dimensions of 22″ x 15″ x 9.5″. You can utilize the 21-inches in packing your valuables and hence stay light on your journey with the limited luggage. 

Easy Access:

American Tourister never stop to impress! The same is the case here with this Moonlight hardside luggage. It brings easy access to your items inside via a book opening case shape. The inside compartment has the mesh divider with a zipper pocket to keep all the kinds of stuff organized and well-placed. 

Secure Straps:

You might be traveling with the fragile items or the precious stuff in your luggage. We care for you! Inside is the cross straps that keep your stuff well in place. A zipper modesty pocket is also there to keep smaller items. 

Smooth Mobility:

Multi-directional wheels are featured in this luggage to keep the maneuverability easy and secure. Four spinner wheels offer 360-direction movement to effortless mobility. 

Expanded Size:

Luggage serves the problem of ruining your clothes creases. Neatly pressed items will have a destroyed appearance on arriving at your location. Here is the Moonlight hardside expandable luggage that presents you with the 1.5-inches expansion slot. If you have more luggage, you can expand it; otherwise, keep your items pressed in compressed size.


  • 21-inches compact size
  • 1.5 inches expansion slot
  • Lightweight and durable 
  • Mesh divider with a zipper pocket
  • Push-button lock handles 


  • Not scratch resistant 

3. AmazonBasics Carry-on Hardside Luggage:

AmazonBasics Carry-on Hardside Luggage


Compact Size:

Do you want to travel on international trips or weekend vacation? This AmazonBasics best hardside luggage will be the best choice in the smaller budget. This 21-inches luggage is compact and lets you follow the airline guidelines about the maximum weight carrying. 


Protecting your valuables on long vacation trips is an easy task to do now! This AmazonBasics luggage is finished through the protective hard-shell with a scratch-resistant finish. The whole material is high-grade ABS plastic that enhances the stretch and gives it the flexibility to bear the harder impacts. 

Storage is easy:

Let’s get into the internal chamber now! Internally, the bag is fully lined with the 150D polyester material to give it a rugged feel. Moreover, there is a large compartment inside with straps to keep your stuff organized. Storage of smaller items is no more a problem now with three zippered pockets inside. 

Not enough? Expand:

This hardside luggage can expand up to 15% of its capacity. Therefore, you can keep the stuff you want only. There is no need to fill the bag, unlike other luggage where you need to cover the whole storage to keep things safe during tossing over. 

Double Spinner Wheels:

Four dual spinner wheels provide seamless mobility with their 360-degrees movement. Rollover to any side with a single hand. 

Easy to handle:

Most of the luggage seems to have handled problems in the past. This AmazonBasics is one of the best hardside luggage that has arrived with a solution. Its telescopic handle is easy to carry along for comfortable maneuverability. Moreover, a short handle is also there for your convenience. 


  • Scratch-resistant hard shell
  • 150D polyester lining 
  • Telescopic handle 
  • Four double spinner wheels 


  • Size might be large for carry-on on domestic flights

4. Kenneth Cole Reaction Hardside Expandable Luggage:

Kenneth Cole Reaction Hardside Expandable Luggage


Protective Hard-shell:

You don’t need to worry about the fragile items inside your luggage, as this Kenneth Cole Reaction has come up with a hard-shell study case. There are molded corner guard reinforcements that keep the bag safe from all the harder impacts. 

Secure Zippers:

Kenneth Cole Reaction makes sure that all your belongings will arrive at the destination safely and securely. The bag features the long-lasting zippers and a hard-shell case to keep a peace of mind to all its users. 


Most of the airlines have luggage limitations. This luggage has a very less weight itself. Therefore, all you need to pay is for your valuable items and not for the additional luggage weight. Its lightweight construction will save you the airport fees and any inconvenience in carrying this!

Double Spinner Wheels:

Dual spinner wheels are there to ensure that you get smooth and seamless movement while on the station or airport and even on the roads. Relieve the pressure from your arms and get a free-rolling action. 

Spacious and Safe:

Internal compartments feature full space to hold all your gadgets, clothes, and more efficiently. Moreover, the garment resistant straps are there to keep things well-placed during tossing over. There is a large U-shaped pocket that makes this luggage different from others. It allows users to have double side packing. 

Push Button Handle:

For a convenient movement, a retractable push-button lock handle is here to help. A telescopic trolley handle collapses down and comes out in a single turn. 


  • Spacious internal compartment 
  • 8-wheels movement 
  • Garment resistant straps 
  • Sleek and stylish look 


  • Not scratch resistant 

5. DELSEY Paris Helium Aero Hardside Luggage:

DELSEY Paris Helium Aero Hardside Luggage


Lightweight and Durable:

No need to care about overweight luggage now! This DELSEY Paris Helium keep s your material safe and secure with the 100% Polycarbonate material that is impact-proof and gives a flex feel. Moreover, a deep metallic finish gives it a firmness and rigidity.

Seamless Movement:

Move quickly at the stations or airports with a double wheel seamless movement. Total eight wheels are employed for stability and traction you need for secure maneuverability, zero pressure on your arm, and a smooth flow!

Large Spacious Compartment:

DELSEY Paris Helium is one of the hardside luggage that can be proven from its spacious internal compartment. With body dimensions of 29×19.5×12.5 inches, you can carry all your valuables and essentials along with you. Additional 2-inches storage capacity can be enjoyed upon expansion.


This carry-on bag gives you the utmost comfort via its reliable features that give it a firm place on the best hardside luggage list. You can lock the secure handle system at two positions, and a TSA-accepted lock provides access only to the TSA agents.

Secure Packing:

Keep all your items well-placed and secured in an adequately spacious internal compartment. The inner chamber is also lined with durable material and contains multiple pockets for smaller stuff. Web straps and a zipper divider enhances the feasibility.  


  • 100% polycarbonate
  • Four twin spinner wheels
  • 2-inches expansion 
  • Superior maneuverability 


  • No corner guards 

Comparison Chart:

ProductsBrandPacking DimensionsWeightMaterialKey features
1. Samsonite Omni PC Hardside LuggageSamsonite24” X 17.5” X 11.5”8.3 poundsMicro-diamond polycarbonate24’’ sizeFour directional wheelsLightweightScratch-resistant
2. American Tourister Moonlight Hardside LuggageAmerican Tourister20″ x 14″ x 9″8.2 poundsABS plasticCompact size360-degrees Spinner wheelsPush button lock handles
3. AmazonBasics Hardside Carry-on Hardside LuggageAmazon Basics13.3 x 9.6 x 18.5 Inches7.34 lbs.ABS hard-shell with polyester liningLightweightStrong zippers4 double wheels15% expandable
4. Kenneth Cole Reaction Hardside Expandable LuggageKenneth Cole Reaction18.50 x 12.00 x 26.00 inches9.79 lbs.ABS plastic, Tear-resistant lining2-inch expandingTear-resistant interiorPush button telescopic handle
5. DELSY Paris Helium Aero Hardside LuggageDELSEY Paris29×19.5×12.5 inches12.5 lbs.100% polycarbonate with deep metallic finish4-twin wheelsWeb straps and zipper dividerTSA lock

Buying Guide:

These days, hardside luggage comes in a variety of options and features. Every feature plays its role in transportation, storage, packing and secure movement. Here, we’ll guide you about all the factors that you need to consider before buying the best hardside luggage for your next trip. 

Factors you need to consider before buying the best hardside luggage:

Dimensions – Pack what you need!

The suitcase comes in a variety of shapes and sizes that will help you choose what suits you! You should keep in mind the purpose and region of traveling to buy the best hardside luggage. Here are some tips. 

  • 18-20″: This size is perfect for all the international carry-on as it is under airlines’ limitations.
  • 21-22″: This size is fit for all the domestic level flights. 
  • 23-24″: This size in hardside luggage is for the users who want to have some extra room. 

Wheels – Seamless Movement:

There are mainly two options for you when it comes to wheel. Some brands offer two, while others provide four wheels. Furthermore, there is another category for single and double wheels. Make sure to have enough wheels according to your luggage size for enough stability and traction. 

Telescopic Handles:

Hardside luggage is easier to manage when there are firm telescopic handles are employed. Make sure to walk with the suitcase to check whether it hits your heel or not while walking. Moreover, handles should have multiple locking positions to synchronize with your height. 


If you want a piece of luggage that fits all your needs. But on traveling back, you might have more items with you! Expandable hardside luggage will be the best option in this case. 


Safety and protection of your valuables is a priority for everyone while traveling. We have recommended some best hardside luggage in this regard to letting you have a safe and smooth journey and arrive at the destination with all your belongings.