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[Ultimate] BeautyBio R45 Review 2021

Before starting the product review, let’s talk about the manufacture of R45. BeautyBio was founded back in2011, and its former name is Beauty BioScience. Dr. Terry James, the Chief Biochemist, co-founded this company with his daughter Jamie O’Banion. Jamie is the CEO and co-founder of this venture.

BeautyBio R45 Review

Jamie done conducted research on some of the high-selling brands of the skincare industry. The results were shocking as most of the high-value and bestselling products were lying to their customers.

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The products didn’t have many ingredients, and they were claiming to provide results based on false researches. Jamie took things in her hands, and with the collaboration of her father, she managed to bring forth the most potent and infused with a number of active ingredient skincare products.

The result-driven products infused with a higher number of active ingredients made their way to the top-selling ramp and made the company famous in the industry.

Till 2016 micro-needling technology was used by dermatologists and facialists, and every session was charged a handsome price. The company offered the product, which allowed the user to get the clinically provide same results at home by using it for mere 60 seconds. The product rattled the industry, and the company progressed because of fair and clinically proven results.

The focus of the company from its inception has been to provide target-oriented, safe, and transparent skincare products that are infused with safe-to-use active ingredients.

Why is BeautyBio Different?

A large number of the active ingredient in every product, the scientifically proven results or transparency in ingredients are not the only things which make the BeautyBio different from the rest of the key players in the industry.

Why is BeautyBio Different?

Rather the most important difference is that the company avoids all the conventional skincare ingredients available as raw material for the skincare products.

The company focuses on continuous evolution by scientifically formulating new molecules and active ingredients that are safe to use for all different skin types san there are no side effects of the products.

They have been investing energies and resources in finding out the perfect solution and active ingredient formulas that are safe to use and provide clinically proven results. All the users worldwide love the results they get from the skincare products made by BeautyBio.

BeautyBio R45 the Reversal Retinol Cream

R45 is not your conventional retinol serum. The product is entirely different, and the patented formula offers you more than you can imagine from the reversal retinol cream.

BeautyBio R45 the Reversal Retinol Cream

Most of the retinol serums and creams available in the market cannot be used in the area under your eyes. This particular area is responsible for making you look younger and vibrant if it gets proper treatment.

And with the conventional retinol serums, there is a limitation as the harmful ingredients can harm your delicate skin, and you might have to go for clinical treatment after using the harsh formula on those areas.

R45, on the other hand, is the most robust formula that is safe to use on the delicate area under the eyes. You don’t have to worry about any harmful chemicals in the formula.

The product is entirely safe and clinically tested to provide you with the most astonishing results in the skincare industry. The robust and powerful formula requires you to use it only twice a year.

You don’t need to keep using the formula every single day. Spend 45 days of regular use, and the results will astonish you with the absence of all the aging symptoms and details on your face.

Ingredients in R45


The most robust form of ingredient that has been there in the skincare industry is Retinol, or vitamin A. manufacturers have been using the ingredient because of the miraculous results against the UV damage.

Retinol for before and after

This ingredient helps the skin to fight wrinkles by getting the required energy, and it also helps the skin to create an even tone all around the surface. But the continuous use of this ingredient, to some extent, can lead to some skin issues and problems for people.

But with R45, you don’t have to worry about using it for months. All you need to do is use this 45-day treatment pack only two to three times a year. The remarkable product works great on fine line thanks to the active ingredient and the miraculous quality of Retinol.

Regeneration Complex and GFS

There is a 5 ml serum which you get in a separate bottle. The bottle contains Regeneration Complex and GFS (Growth Factor Stimulant) Serum. It provides a soft and velvety texture to the serum and provides you with the required amount of moisture.

Regeneration Complex and GFS

Without the particular amount of moisture, it will be very difficult for you to apply and rub the serum and cream on your face and get the maximum out of the product.

It is suggested that you use the R45 serum with the GloPro micro-needling to get the desired results, and with the help of GloPro, you can get all the ingredients absorbed to the lower levels of your skin, which will provide you more than 200 times absorption for miraculous results.


Dimethicone is responsible for breaking down the retinol, so you get the safe to use retinol for all types of skins. Most of the time, retinol in its original form is not safe for regular use for human skin.


That’s why when you use the products with harsh retinol; you get skin-related issues which make it difficult for you to keep up the routine and save your skin.


BeautyBio has come up with an innovative solution to the harshness of retinol by offering you a serum with the dimethicone that breakdowns the retinol, and you get safe to use vitamin A for your skin every day for the entire 45 days routine.

Retinyl palmitate

These active ingredients work alongside retinol and provide you with remarkable results after the first few days. When you use the R45 with retinyl palmitate, this ingredient helps your skin even out the tone on all the different areas of your face.

Retinyl palmitate

This ingredient is also responsible for removing the dark patches and helps you fight the aging symptoms in the most wonderful way without causing any irritation to your skin, cell burn, or harsh impact on sensitive cells.


The most important ingredient in the health care routine for fighting the aging sign is the presence of peptides.  The amino acid chains help generate collagen and lipid in your skin that add firmness to your skin, resulting in reduced wrinkles, the firm, and fresh-looking skin makes you look younger, and the fresh skin will stay the same for months to come.


How R45 works?

R45 by BeautyBio is a miraculous anti-aging formula. The product is famous for providing top-rated clonally proven results. And women from all around the world have felt the visible difference in their skin after regular use.

How R45 works?

The anti-aging formula is transparent, and there are no hidden catches or side effects of this product. The company’s co-founders have given more than a decade to come up with miraculous products that provide astonishing results without harming the skin.

The facial skin is soft and sensitive, and the formula of this product, with the help of active ingredients, keeps the skin safe from various side effects linked to the anti-aging serums and creams.

You don’t need to add extra moisturizers to go with the product package. The product pack comes with three different duos. And every duo pack defines a particular stage in the regeneration process.

The R45 is proven to provide remarkable results in various clinical studies. There are no hidden ingredients and no false claims when you talk about the BeautyBio product, and the R45 is no exception at all.

There are various benefits associated with the regular use of the products, but the most significant ones which are the problem of various people around are as follow:

Skin spots

Melanin is responsible for providing you with the color complexion you currently have. But when your skin cells increase the melanin production in certain areas, you will get skin spots, which also come in different sizes and shapes.

Skin spots

In most cases, the skin spots are the tiny humps on your skin. And the presence of UVs and sunlight increases this process, and the catalyst makes your skin looks older, and you become uncomfortable.

With the regular use of R45 from BeautyBio, the melanin production is reduced, and the peptide and retinoid work amazingly in increasing the cell regeneration process.

These ingredients will help your skin heal from the melanin effect, and the natural collagen and lipid in your skin will make it look more firm and neat. The uneven skin will start the journey of returning to normal after the regular use of the product for 45 days.


Wrinkles are a sign of aging skin. The reasons behind wrinkles on the face may wary, but the most common ones are aging, extended sun exposure, pollution, and toxin accumulation. All of these factors are not under the extreme control of the person.


And nature has created a defense mechanism in the skin for fighting wrinkles and aging. This system works by producing collagen. Collagen works by building the new cells and filling the gaps and rifts caused by aging and dying cells to create wrinkles on the skin and make you look older.

But as you grow older, the collagen production decreases with every passing day. In most cases, the collagen production starts decreasing from the normal level once you have hit 30 years of age.

And if you eat unhealthy food and there is a substantial amount of toxin in your skin, the wrinkles sign will start appearing even before that.

Thankfully BeautyBio has made the product after strenuous research that is safe from the harmful effects and provides clinically proven results in clearing the wrinkles from your face, neck, and under eyes. The retinol used in R45 is safe to use under the skin, unlike most anti-aging serums and creams.


You have tiny pores on your skin that remain hidden because of the firm and strong skin. But when you grow old, the skin will start sagging, and it will make the pores look bigger, and the tiny holes on your skin will make you feel uncomfortable.

The wider pores are also a perfect recipe for skin infection as they will accommodate the dirt and dust particles, and the combination of dirt with oil will create blisters, inflammation, or some other skin related issue; in some severe cases, the wider pores are also linked to skin cancer.

When you grow old, the collagen and elastin production affects badly, and the mitigation in the production results in sagging of the skin and wider pores generation.

When you use R45 daily, the peptide and retinol will increase the collagen generating, and your skin will become firm and elastic to reduce the size of pores and give you fresh, healthy, and younger-looking skin.

Uneven skin tone

Increased melanin, reduced collagen and elastin, growing age, and various other factors cause your skin to generate uneven colored patches on your face. These patches will make you feel comfortable, and the lack of confidence will make you stay behind from the spot you deserve.

The active ingredients in R45 provide the required energy and formula for clinically proven results in uneven skin tone. The regular use of the product will make your skin rejuvenated, and you would become younger than before with vibrancy and a natural glow.

How to use R45

Step 1

Wash your face, cleansing and pat dry is imperative.

Step 2

Take 1-2 pumps of Reversal Phase 1 Regeneration Complex (Side A) + GFS Serum (Side B) and apply on the face.

Step 3

Once Phase 1 is complete.

Start Phase 2 all the way to Phase 3.

Do not start with Phase 2 or Phase 3 until you have finished Phase 1.

Step 4

Use your favorite moisturizer afterward.

Wrapping up

R45 by BeautyBio is the most famous product in the skincare market for fighting aging skin symptoms and issues. The product contains retinol and various other active ingredients to remove the harmful effects of retinol to make you use it regularly for 45 days.

The peptides and Retinyl palmitate provide you with collagen generation for the firm and smooth-looking skin. R45 is safe from all the harmful chemicals and ingredients that are common in other skincare products.

You get safe to use product that is scientifically proven effective in various tests conducted by third parties to ensure the effectiveness of this product in elevating the aging skin symptoms and issues.

You get redemption from pores, uneven skin, wrinkles, and skin spots starting from the first week. With two to three times a year of use, you will see the miraculous results with soft and younger-looking skin with a radiant glow.

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