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Best double stroller under $100

Best double stroller under $100: When buying an ideal stroller for two children, it becomes a minefield. No matter how close your child is in age, height or weight, it seems impossible to do it.

However, many parents believe that strollers that cost less than $100 may have safety issues and may put their children at risk. However, this is a wrong concept! High-priced strollers carry a lot of functions and accessories, making them bulky.

Therefore, purchasing products that meet your requirements is the most important consideration. The following is an introduction to the main functions of the 3 best double strollers with a price of less than $100.

Top 3 Best double stroller under $100

1.Baby Trend Sit N Station Double

Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double, Carbon

Children can sit on the front and rear seats of this stroller or stand on the back seat platform
The movable rear seat converts the stroller into a traditional Sit N Stand. Accept two baby car seats: car…
It can be quickly folded with one hand, easy to use, and can store large baskets. Sit upright in the front or rear seats…

Weight and dimensions

It measures 49 inches x 21.5 inches x 43 inches and weighs 35 pounds when empty.

Convertible frame

One of the best things about this trolley is that it offers many different options in terms of seating position. The most basic form of stroller has a standing pole, a front seat and a rear seat.

If you want to use the stroller in a sitting position, you can move the rear seat away to access the standing armrest. You can also remove one or two seats and use the stroller seat to convert the stroller into a travel system to replace them.

In this case, you can also choose whether the seat faces forward or backward.


The special seats can be placed in different positions independently to ensure the comfort of children. The stroller is designed so that even in a reclined position, the front seat does not affect the space and comfort of the child in the standing or rear seat. The seat is also equipped with a 5-point seat belt to ensure comfort and make it more comfortable.

  • Due to the tandem design, it is easy to manipulate even in a narrow space.
  • Both seats are very comfortable.
  • It provides a convenient food tray for children and a parent tray for the push rod.
  • You can use it as a tandem stroller or a sitting-standing stroller
  • It has a large landing gear device.
  • Cons
  • The seat is difficult to clean, and continuous contact with water can damage the cardboard below.
  • This is heavy and troublesome, especially for strollers with two children.
  • The seat is difficult to clean, and continuous contact with water can damage the cardboard below.
  • This is heavy and troublesome, especially for strollers with two children.

2.Kolcraft Cloud – the best stroller under 100

Kolcraft Cloud – the best stroller under 100

Kolcraft Cloud-100 Best Stroller for Under-the-Years Kolcraft Cloud is a famous baby products company. They provide lightweight and compact umbrella carts that can go out with your little ones. The Kolcraft Cloud side-by-side twin umbrella stroller is a great choice for twin families or parents with two children.

Even if you don’t always push both children together, you can use a double umbrella stroller because you can use the empty seat to hold bags and other supplies.

Technical features:

The stroller has an independent reclining seat and independent sunshade, which can customize the environment of each child.

It can work normally on all terrains, and has an expandable canopy for maximum coverage.

It can stand upright after folding. This is a very important feature, and parents who often travel alone will appreciate it. Similarly, parents who take public transportation will fall in love with them, for example, they don’t have to hold it after boarding a bus.

This model is equipped with a mother cup holder, a three-point safety belt system and a compact size that can easily pass through a single door.

  • It has all-terrain wheels with front suspension.
  • It is light and compact.
  • Comes with an excellent size storage basket.
  • The seat can be reclined.
  • The cup holder is too small and only suitable for smaller bottles.
  • For people 5 to 10 inches and above, the handlebars are relatively low.

Why are you buying this?

If your child is really close in age, then the Kolcraft Cloud compact double umbrella stroller is perfect for you. The stroller is lighter and easier to use. When you need to park, the wheel lock is both beautiful and strong, and seems flexible enough to overcome bumps.

3.Delta Children’s City Side by Side Stroller

Delta Children's City Side by Side Stroller

Side by side stroller on the street of Delta Children’s City, black
Lightweight frame, compact umbrella folding for easy storage and travel
Can be secured by a standard 30-inch wide door opening, 3-point safety belt
Parent cup holder with 2 fixed points, durable sporty color fabric

Safety features

Both seats are equipped with a three-point seat belt with padded straps to keep the child on the seat during the entire ride. It also has a fixed awning with surveillance windows and ventilation holes.

Weight and dimensions

It weighs 20 pounds and measures 30 inches by 33 inches by 36.5 inches.


The stroller has four sets of high-quality compact twin wheels with rubber traction. The front wheel is designed with 360-degree rotation and can be used on different surfaces to improve maneuverability.

Despite the side-by-side double stroller design, the stroller is also designed to easily pass through standard doors and corridors.

  • It is easy to manipulate.
  • It provides a lot of storage space.
  • Easy to clean child seat.
  • Monitor the child’s Peekaboo window.
  • Rugged wheels.
  • Especially in the case of two children on the boat, this is troublesome and difficult to push.
  • There is no separation between the two seats.


In general, all budget-friendly strollers have some common features, that is, light weight, easy to fold, easy to travel, etc. They also have unique characteristics. Now, depending on your final decision and the correct match with the requirements, this will tell which stroller will be the winner!