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New York | Brunch With My Baby | Kid-friendly places to eat, play and explore

About Brunch With My Baby

About BWMB
Brunchwithmybaby.com is a parenting lifestyle platform that features kid-friendly places to eat, play and explore in New York City. We provide a much-needed resource for New York parents looking to dine out at stylish and delicious restaurants with their babies or toddlers. Our site expanded to include restaurant reviews in Sydney, Australia, in June 2013, and Singapore, in October 2013.

What “Kid-Friendly” Means to Us
“Kid-Friendly” doesn’t have to mean a menu of chicken fingers, grilled cheese (though of course that’s always nice, on occasion) and a free toy. It can mean a welcoming atmosphere, or extra-helpful waitstaff who discreetly bring you extra napkins and a plastic cup of water before you’ve even asked. It could mean that there are lots of other kids at the restaurant as well, or that there is a great playground across the street. It’s all the little things that make taking a kid out to eat not so stressful and even, dare we say, fun.

Why We Are Different

  • We personally visit and vouch for each restaurant featured. We don’t alert restaurants to our presence, so the dining experience is authentic.
  • We provide information you can’t find on any other restaurant review resource, like the availability of high chairs or booster seats, stroller storage, changing tables, and whether it is easy to bring a stroller there or if you should bring a carrier instead.
  • We love food. Good food. We focus on restaurants that we would have eaten at before we had babies and that we would want to visit again.

Why You Should Work With Us

  • We have a very dedicated readership. Most of our users are repeat visitors that follow our posts regularly.
  • We have integrity and are highly professional. As career writers and editors, our work is clean, well-edited and fact-checked thoroughly. We make and attend to deadlines.
  • We are currently the only dedicated resource focusing on dining out with kids in New York City.
  • Our audience is a hybrid niche of foodies and parents, making it perfect for specific brand and product-targeting. Our audience loves kids, but they also love food and travel.
  • We’re fun and sassy in addition to being professionals. (We’re pretty sure you’ll enjoy working with us.)

How it All Began
Brunch With My Baby began when Christine and Alexis met at a Brooklyn moms’ group with their super-tiny babies. Neither of their kids were the sleeping kind, and since they figured that a nap wasn’t happening anyway, they decided to try to enjoy as much of NYC as possible (with their babies in tow). During a trip to the Guggenheim, the two moms ended up stopping at the Carlisle for a quick drink. They looked at each other and said, “We should do this more often,” and so they began to document their adventures in eating with kids so that other parents could be inspired to do venture out to their old foodie-stomping grounds too. In June of 2013, the site expanded to cover Sydney, Australia — another city with stylish parents who love to brunch. In October 2013, Brunch With My Baby launched in Singapore, a vibrant foodie country, under the editorship of Beverly Burgess.

Brunch With My Baby is PR-friendly. Please email us at brunchwithmybaby@gmail.com (NYC or SYD) and brunchwithmybabySG@gmail.com (Singapore) with suggestions for giveaways, discounts or branded content, or to request a copy of our media kit.

The Puppets Take Queens

It’s no secret that Queens is up and coming on the real estate and art scene, and the true tale of this is when you see more and more kids classes and activities popping up. Living in Astoria is amazing, but we still aren’t quite up to par with other family-friendly neighborhoods in Brooklyn and Manhattan. This might be good for our wallets (for a while!), and all the commutes with a stroller might be good for my biceps, but I don’t know one mom who won’t welcome more options here in the local area.

#Puppetsburg Invades Queens

We were of course excited to check out the newest show on the street – Puppetsburg at the Creek and Cave.

This isn’t your usual puppet show – Puppetsburg originated in Brooklyn, so you know their puppets are unique. Puppsters they call them, with characters like Hipster Pig. Yes, even puppets are evolving into New Yorkers these days.

The show is intimate and interactive. All the puppet characters like to come into the crowd to meet their little viewers. There is singing, dancing, bubbles, and even a tightrope walking act accomplished by a hipster cow.

Where to See the Show

Puppetsburg will continue shows through the summer on Mondays at 4pm at The Creek & The Cave.

You can see them on Tuesdays & Thursdays in Williamsburg, and a number of Tribeca and additional Manhattan locations will open in the fall.

They also love to come into residential building to host shows – so who knows, we might see them at Shore Towers right here in Astoria soon, too!

To learn more, visit puppetsburg.com.

Exploring the Creek and the Cave

If you go next door (or behind the black curtain), you will find a cute little Mexican shop that has plenty of delicious and affordable finger foods for kids after they’ve working up an appetite from all that jumping around. Every table is served homemade nachos and salsa, sure to keep curious hands busy until the food arrives. We loved sharing the chicken and black bean quesadilla, and seafood tacos.

FUN FACT: There is room to leave the stroller, but I recommend exploring the basement. Hidden down those stairs is a beautiful outdoor eating area that has plenty of seating, delicious cocktails for the adults and pretty little twinkling lights for the toddlers to gaze up at.

Note – the bathrooms are small and there is no changing table.

The Creek and The Cave
10-93 Jackson Avenue, LIC,
Queens (take the 7 train to Vernon Blvd.)

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