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Top 10 Best Lego Helicopters [Your Kids Love] Reviews

Are you looking for the best Lego helicopter for your kid but do not know where to begin? Check out this comprehensive article to get the most suitable product for your money.

Lego is the master of reinvention and delivers the chances of constant discovery to the buyers so they can create something new every time. With their high-quality products, the brand is consistently innovating, never comprising on their goods.

Since the invention of aircraft, the airplanes and helicopters have augmented the company’s horizon and imagination. The Lego helicopters are designed and manufactured to improve your child’s resourcefulness and fuel them up with the most creative ideas. Now, you have many options to explore and go beyond your thinking with the most amazing Lego flying machines.

However, with so many products available in the market, it might be a bit hard to choose the right product. In this article, we will discuss some of the best Lego helicopters out there to help you make a well-informed decision.

Our Picks of Top 10 Best Lego Helicopters Product Reviews in 2023

01 – LEGO Jurassic World Blue’s Helicopter Pursuit 75928 Building Kit (397 Pieces)

LEGO Jurassic World Blues Helicopter Pursuit

The LEGO Jurassic World Blue’s Helicopter Pursuit 75928 Building Kit is indeed one of the most thrilling products by the brand. Let your child unite Owen with his faithful Velociraptor in this amazing helicopter pursuit playset. In the game, the Blue is in the cage. A helicopter is attached to the cage with six stud shooters, rotating blades, and two searchlights. Play to set off in the quad bike (with trailer) and then fire your crossbow to rescue your favorite dinosaur and retrieve the laying eggs.

The best thing about this Lego helicopter set is that it comes with three mini-figures and a velociraptor blue figurine. The three mini-figures include Owen, a pilot, and Wheatley. The kit features an open-door helicopter with a belly hook, rotating blades, space for a storage chest, dual searchlights, a stud shooter, and a cage with folding sides. Also, there is a frame with an attachment for a helicopter cable and a quad bike with the spare tire.

Simply turn the handles to start the helicopter blades, place blue in her trap, shoot Owen’s crossbow stud shooter at the helicopter to make it land there, and then release Blue from the cage. The weapons that come with the building kit include a handgun stud shooter, a tranquilizer gun with a syringe, and a crossbow stud shooter. The accessory elements are a dinosaur tooth, Owen’s backpack, dinosaur eggs, and a chicken leg.

Why We Recommend LEGO Jurassic World Blue’s Helicopter Pursuit 75928, Building Kit

This building kit has some nice details to it. It is jam-packed with features that improve the level of playability and creativity of the set. From the figurines to the lights, there is so much going on with the set that every player is sure to cherish for a very long time.

02 – LEGO Marvel Avengers Hulk Helicopter Rescue 76144 Building Kit (482 Pieces)

LEGO Marvel Avengers Hulk Helicopter Rescue

With the LEGO Marvel Avengers Hulk Helicopter Rescue 76144, your kids will feel like they are a part of Marvel Avengers: End game movie. They can enjoy multiple ways to play with the building kit and improve their imagination and level of creativity. The players can role-play as Rescue, Black Widow, and Hulk using this missile shooting helicopter-making toy while re-imagining the movie’s battle scenes against the enemies’ posable Leviathan and Chitauri.

The game set includes four mini-figures. The figurines are a helicopter with triple stud shooters, a cool Hulk action figure, and a function to drop hulk into the battlefield. Plus, there is a stud-shooting flyer, the Chituaris’ Leviathan flyer, to stage amazing aerial encounters.  The Rescue (also known as Pepper Pots) features power blasts for action play and a Hulk figurine with an Infinity Gauntlet glove and four collectible infinity stones. For more infinity stones, you can opt for a similar building kit, i.e., Avengers Compound Battle Set 76131.

The cool action models and figures are extremely fun to make. They are great for group as well as solo playing. This extraordinary 482 piece building toy makes for an ideal gift option for kids aged 8 and above. The helicopter toy measures up to 11cm (height) 2.5cm (length) and 19cm (width).  The biggest advantage is that all the models and characters go extremely well with every other Marv Lego set for better super-hero role-play action.

Why We Recommend LEGO Marvel Avengers Hulk Helicopter Rescue 76144, Building Kit

This helicopter Lego set makes a fanciful gift for children to supplement their imagination and creativity in the exciting world of Marvel villains and superheroes. There are so many ways to play the game and open up a thrilling domain of action adventures for kids.

03 – LEGO City Ambulance Helicopter 60179 Building Kit, New 2019 (190 Pieces)

LEGO City Ambulance Helicopters

Lego helicopter sets are considered a classic gift and toy for many reasons. They can bring imaginative and building play to attract young player’s attention. So, if you are also shopping for your picky toddler and wish to gift him/her the first Lego set, consider investing your money in LEGO City Ambulance Helicopter 60179 Building Kit.

You can never go wrong with this helicopter Lego building kit and its ingenuity.  Whether you already have other Lego sets or just starting out with the experience, this kit has almost everything your kid needs to enjoy complicated Lego creations. With this set, the kid can join the Lego city rescue team and fly the given helicopter ambulance.

This mountain rescue toy is best suited for kids aged 5-12 years who are looking for ways to enjoy new challenges. It features a hatch on the back, spinning rotors, room for a stretcher, landing gear, snowboard, three figurines, and radio elements.  The mini-figures include a doctor, a pilot, and a snowboarder.  Just spin the rotor to start the helicopter, open the hatch and fit the stretcher inside the back to play the game.  The accessory elements of this 190 pieces building toy kit consist of a radio, a stretcher, and a snowboard.

Why We Recommend LEGO City Ambulance Helicopter 60179, Building Kit

The LEGO City Ambulance Helicopter 60179 Building Kit delivers far better developmental advantages for young kids and teenagers.  Like all the other Lego sets, this toy set is impactful and is an excellent way to promote creativity in an individual’s mindset.

04 – LEGO NINJAGO ShuriCopter 70673 Kids Toy Helicopter Building Set with Ninja Minifigures and Toy Ninja Weapons (361 Pieces)


Another Lego helicopter set every Lego lover recommends for kids role-play is the LEGO NINJAGO ShuriCopter 70673 Kids Toy Helicopter Building Set. The player plays as NINJAGO heroes Zane and Jay in the action-packed battles only for the scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu through this ninja helicopter playset.

What buyers love about this playset is the massive number of accessories and features. It comes with a ShuriCopter vehicle, a mini-figure cockpit, rotor spinning function, landing wheels with two spinning shuriken slicers, and a six-stud rapid shooter on every helicopter wing.

With this building kit, your kid will enjoy remaking scenes from the world-famous NINJAGO TV show and role-play their stories with the given high-quality accessories. The assorted weapons, three mini-figures, and accessory elements like the Lego NINJAGO Spinjitzu spinner toy add up the overall enjoyable experience of the game.  It is sure to give the Lego builders the best building experience of their life with the instruction PLUS accessible from the Lego life application for tablets and smartphones.

The easy-to-use, convenient, and natural building instructions let the kids zoom, revolve, and envision their creative side using the special ghost mode while playing. Instruction PLUS is also useful for very young players looking for guidance through the building process and to achieve more sense of independence. This 361 pieces ninja helicopter toy is best suitable for girls and boys aged 8 and above.

Why We Recommend LEGO NINJAGO ShuriCopter 70673 Kids Toy Helicopter Building Set

This Lego building set has not changed a bit even after so many years. It is a very simple set that encourages children to build toys of their choice with easy-to-follow instructions. The compatible smartphone application is another major plus, which is otherwise not available with many helicopter sets.

05 – LEGO City Police Helicopter Transport 60244 Police Toy, Cool Building Set for Kids, New 2020 (317 Pieces)

LEGO City Police Helicopter Transport

If your kid is into action toys and wishes to get a building set close to the real world, it is time for you to get him the LEGO City Police Helicopter Transport 60244 Police Toy. This Lego city building kit comes with a ripcord helicopter that truly flies and is the most exciting feature of the game. Your young crime fighter is sure to have so much fun assisting the police officer Rooky Partnur in the game to catch the infamous villain Frankie Lupelli and put him behind bars.

Another great thing about this best Lego flying helicopter is that it includes a motorbike, a police helicopter transporter truck, a mobile police cell, and a crook’s ATV. The package has an easy-to-follow building guide, as well as an Instruction Plus application for better building guidance and zoom/rotate viewing tools.

Why We Recommend LEGO City Police Helicopter Transport 60244 Police Toy

The LEGO City Police Helicopter Transport 60244 Police Toy set can deliver an enjoyable, fun-filled build-and-play experience for the kids. It has realistic vehicles, fun characters, and detailed buildings to promote open-ended and imaginative role-play for kids five years and above.

06 – LEGO City Police Helicopter Chase 60243 Police Playset, Building Sets for Kids, New 2020 (212 Pieces)

LEGO City Police Helicopter Chase

If your kid has a passion for role-playing and enjoys playing games of the sort, the LEGO City Police Helicopter Chase 60243 Police Playset could be his/her ultimate gaming companion this year. This building kit is a multi-vehicle set that features a cool ATV quad bike, a motorbike, a helicopter toy, and a getaway truck toy so you can enjoy the best car-chase police action of your life.

Another great thing about this helicopter toy is that the package comes with a potent magnet to lift the criminal’s getaway vehicle and has ample room for all the mini-figurines to fly along. The four mini-figures included in the box are a crook, a police officer, a snake rattler, and Sam Grizzled. Plus, there are three diamonds for defense, a handcuff, and a crowbar.

Thanks to the LEGO City Police Helicopter Chase 60243 Police Playset, your young law enforcer can join Lego city TV heroes and protect his city from the master criminals. And using the motorcycle, toy getaway truck, and police ATV in the mix for all the action-filled ventures.  This Lego police helicopter set is all set to deliver a delightful building and playing experience with characters and models depicting real city life in a very enjoyable, fun, and visionary manner.

What more? You will find the building instructions for the set in the toy box. Also, you can go online and download the application Instruction Plus for an interactive buying guide and zoom/rotating views of the game. The best Lego helicopter police kit consists of 212 pieces where the helicopter is over 11cm high, 26cm wide, and 30cm long. The getaway truck toy measures 5cm high, 10cm long, and 5cm wide.

Why We Recommend LEGO City Police Helicopter Chase 60243 Police Playset

This police playset is highly recommended for kids with an avid imagination. The Lego set is sure to spark imagination in your child while offering him infinite build and play fun. Moreover, it serves as an ideal, action-filled holiday or birthday gift for kids 5 years and above.

07 – LEGO Technic Rescue Helicopter 42092 Building Kit (325 Pieces)

LEGO Technic Rescue Helicopter

The LEGO Technic Rescue Helicopter 42092 Building Kit is a red and white colored helicopter set with a wide range of working features. These features include four opening doors, working rotor blades, working winch with stretcher, and movable cockpit controls. Your kid can build the set with the given 325 pieces and have the best time of his life with his friends.

To play with the set, you can set up for the build as per your requirements.  You can either go for separating every part, to begin with, or look for separate pieces while playing. Right from the beginning, this kit has a very enjoyable construct.  The overall process is very nice because the set feels very strong in the player’s hands.

The build has two sections, i.e., the tail and the body. The overall mechanics are also very nice and very well-linked with the playing set. Another thing that most people find pleasing about LEGO Technic Rescue Helicopter 42092 Building Kit is that the designers have gone a bit far to use colored and trans-clear pieces to hide exposed areas on the helicopter. These pieces serve as light and also give a decent finish to the product.

Many additional stickers are also present to complete the look of the set. The extra stretcher is simple, looks efficient, and is a good play feature to the set. As far as the play features are concerned, you can turn the blades by the gear and control the gear using the winch on the side.

Why We Recommend LEGO Technic Rescue Helicopter 42092, Building Kit

The LEGO Technic Rescue Helicopter 42092 Building Kit is a two in one Lego toy helicopter that the player can easily rebuild into a concept plane for more imaginative gameplay. They can use the kit and make more with every other original Lego set and Lego bricks for further creative building with friends.

08 – LEGO Creator 3 in 1 Twin Rotor Helicopter 31096 Building Kit (569 Pieces)

LEGO Creator 3 in 1 Twin Rotor Helicopter

This building kit is all set to prepare you for the fast-moving sea and air adventures. It is one of the coolest Lego toy sets for kids in the market that features realistic functionality and other advanced features. The twin-rotor helicopter features massive synchronized rotors, sliding side doors, a tinted cockpit with two seats, and one opening rear cargo bay.

To start with the game, simply twist the gear wheel and spin the rotors. Now us the given working winch to provide the included ROV submarine. With this three-in-one playset, your child will get to enjoy three different and exceptional creative play experiences. They can make the twin-rotor helicopter and then build it again in a hovercraft or toy jet for further high-speed action.

The best Lego helicopter military also includes a pilot mini-figurine ready to embark on the best adventure of his being. If your child prefers playing with colorful toys, check out the available blue, orange, white, gray, and black color scheme. As for the product dimensions, the twin-rotor helicopter is over 17cm high, 37cm long, and 33cm wide. The jet toy is 8cm high, 26cm long, and 27cm wide.

Why We Recommend LEGO Creator 3in1 Twin Rotor Helicopter 31096, Building Kit

This Lego helicopter building set is best for kids who like to build and rebuild. It can either be made into a twin-rotor helicopter or a superfast jet/hovercraft for more action-filled adventures. Also, it has lots and lots of realistic features that kids of all ages are sure to love and cherish.  

09 – LEGO City Jungle Explorers Jungle Cargo Helicopter 60158 Building Kit (201 Piece)

LEGO City Jungle Explorers Jungle Cargo Helicopter

Play and get deep into the Lego city jungle with the all-new LEGO City Jungle Explorers Jungle Cargo Helicopter 60158 Building Kit. This jungle helicopter features spinning rotors, a mini-figure cockpit, a working winch, and an ATV with ample space for a mini-figure. Also, there is a temple and a treasure box with moving leaf enlightening a golden-colored chalice.

The package includes two mini-figures, i.e., a pilot and an explorer, plus a spider figurine. The gameplay is also very simple and easy to understand. Simply hook the helicopter winch to the ATV and head to fly in the jungle.  To lower the ATV to the ground, just turn the knob and push the leaf aside to reveal the gold cup.

The helicopters with the rotors measure 9cm high, 24cm long, and 18cm wide. The ATV, on the other hand, is 4cm high, 6cm long, and 4cm wide. The temple is 5cm high, 3cm wide, and 9cm deep. As for the accessory elements, the given parts include a machete and a box.

While playing with this Lego set, your child can imagine flying above a green, deep jungle with a high-quality jungle explorer helicopter. The components and accessories of the helicopter offer an action-based and realistic playing experience to the kids that they are sure to enjoy alone and with their friends for a very long time.

Why We Recommend LEGO City Jungle Explorers Jungle Cargo Helicopter 60158, Building Kit

This building set allows your little builder to hunt and investigate the temple while taking up new challenges in a creative manner. This set is a great option for a group as well as independent play as it engages kids in a unique setting to get them close to the real jungle. Also, it is a great gift choice for kids who like to play with real-world toys.

10 – LEGO Friends Vet Clinic Rescue Helicopter 41692 Building Kit; Makes Great Birthday for Kids, New 2021 (249 Pieces)

LEGO Friends Vet Clinic Rescue Helicopter

Does your child have a passion and love for pets? Invest your money in the LEGO Friends Vet Clinic Rescue Helicopter 41692 Building Kit and allow them to enjoy days of exciting pet-filled stories. This animal building kit comes with a very cute lakeside jetty, a heart-shaped island, and a picnic set on which your bunny is stuck.

The players who love cool vehicles will get in a spin for the most colorful toy ever and land it on the land to rescue the little rabbit. The kit is kitted with a baby bottle, a stretcher, syringe, and revolving rotors. This Lego friend set features all the relatable characters and cute baby animal toys. To help animal lovers show their nurturing, loving, and caring dispositions.

Thanks to its versatility, your kid can keep playing limitless animal-rescuing stories while trying to save the stranded bunny. They can also pretend to have a little picnic with the pet rabbit or fly into the action to rescue other animals from the island. This building set is compatible with all the vet clinic rescue toys to deliver an exciting world of caring Lego friends play.

Why We Recommend LEGO Friends Vet Clinic Rescue Helicopter 41692, Building Kit

It is the best gift for kids for hours and hours of fun using the brick-built helicopter. Your child can indulge his caring side through a thrilling play, improve their building skills and enhance their creative confidence with this set.

Final Thoughts There you go. These are some of our best Lego helicopters for the year.  Colorful and very easy to use, the Lego helicopter sets have endured the tests of time thanks to their infinite and open-ended possibilities. The magic of these building kits is sure to capture your little one’s heart and help them improve their focus, concentration, spatial awareness, fine motor skills, and creative problem-solving.

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