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The Game Engine Podcast – Game Development, by Devs, for Devs.

Welcome to the Game Engine Podcast Blog! In this post, we’ll give you a brief overview of the latest episodes and some exciting topics discussed in each show. Let’s dive right in!

Ep 50: Definition of Gamification

In this episode, hosts Andrew and Paul explore the elusive definition of gamification. They invite listeners to share their thoughts on gamification and its implications for various industries. Contact them via email, Twitter, Facebook, or Google+, and don’t forget to rate and review the podcast on iTunes!

Ep 49: Dance as a Metaphor for Games

Paul and guest Anurag from SeeThrough Studios join Andrew to draw parallels between dance and game design concepts such as connections, leading/following, improvisation, and pacing. Share your insights by reaching out to the team through social media platforms.

Ep 48: Supanova, and Showing off your game

Andrew, Saul, Paul, and special guest Rebecca from Convict Interactive discuss their experiences at Supanova, a pop culture expo where local indie studios presented their creations. Learn about showing your games in public places and get in touch with the team to share your own experiences.

Episodes 47a & 47b: How and Why Games are great for Education

Hosts Andrew and Paul welcome Ben Sand from Brainworth to discuss the power of gaming in education. They first delve into why games are an effective way to teach real-world skills and then move on to exploring strategies for creating educational games. Participate in the discussion by sharing what games have taught you via email, Twitter, Facebook, or Google+.

Keep up with the Game Engine Podcast by visiting their website, subscribing to their RSS feed, or following them on iTunes. Feel free to reach out to the team with questions, comments, or suggestions—they’d love to hear from you!

Happy listening, and stay tuned for more updates from the Game Engine Network!

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