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How to increase milk supply fast?

One of the most frustrating situations a breastfeeding mother can undergo is failing to produce enough milk for the baby. Even though this condition is quite prevalent, it can be handled effectively. Read more to find out how to increase milk supply fast.

7 methods of increasing milk supply fast

i) Eat healthy(a balanced diet)

Your body will only produce more milk if you take a lot of nutrients. It would be best not to go on a diet unless it is breastfeeding friendly. In case you are wondering why, here is a simple answer. You need more nutritious calories as opposed to a non-breastfeeding mother, and the only way to get these is by eating healthy food.

Therefore, ensure that you get a lot of proteins and good fats such as butter and avocado. You should also eat fresh vegetables and a number of seeds. For proteins and good fats, eggs cooked in butter will do the magic.

ii) Be available for your baby.

You will best boost your milk supply fast if you nurse on demand. Be available for your baby every time he or she wants to feed. Also, allow the baby to suckle directly from the breasts and not a bottle. Suckling directly gives you and your baby optimal skin to skin time, which is essential for the production of oxytocin, a vital hormone for milk production.

iii) Drink plenty of water

Breastfeeding mums are usually encouraged to drink a lot of water, which is essential, especially in the early days. The last thing you want is to experience massive constipation, hemorrhoids, and small fissures. Plenty of water ups your energy, concentration, and focus, which is necessary for milk production. However, keep away from energy or commercial sports drinks, which contain too much sugar. You have to stay healthy as you breastfeed.

iv) Power pump

You can also increase your milk supply first through power pumping. You should power pump for 10-20 minutes after every feeding session. How does it work? Pumping drains most of your breastmilk, forcing the body to produce more. Make sure that you pump evenly, preferably 2-3 days in a row.

v) Breast massage

You can massage your breast when nursing or pumping if you are low on milk supply. Massaging your breast as you breastfeed or pump pushes out more milk, which ups your overall milk production and supply. However, it has to be done well.

vi) Rest more

Having a newborn baby can be hectic. Therefore, utilize every chance you have to get some rest. Get a good night’s sleep or a gracious afternoon nap, which will help you get back your body to normal and improve your milk supply. Your body resets as you sleep.

vii) Offer both breasts

Do not give your bay only one breast when you breastfeed. Giving both breasts stimulates the body to produce more milk. You can also offer one side and pump the other. The body will produce more milk once it senses the level going down.


Do not make your baby suffer due to low milk production. Just employ the routines we have discussed for a full, happy baby.

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