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How breastfeeding pumps rescue working moms?

Doctors recommend that new moms breastfeed their children for at least the first few months. The suggestion was accepted without any complaints because it seemed natural to do so.

What better way to ensure good nutrition for babies?

But with lifestyle changes, many lactating moms find it difficult to feed their babies throughout the day. Therefore, they resort to the combination of breastfeeding and breast pumps.

This is a good choice for working moms. She just wants the baby to keep the mom’s milk, but she cannot do this because she has to work in the office for a long time.

Some moms’ nipples are cracked and very dry, or infected with nipples. Therefore, breastfeeding is not possible for at least a period of time.

Another good thing about breastfeeding and breastfeeding is that you can ensure that babies get the necessary antibodies through breast milk to prevent many infections and diseases that may occur in the earliest years of children.

Now, moms who combine them need to understand the technology of using pumps. The correct pump must be selected in proportion to the time (hours) the mother wants to leave the baby.

The nipple should be pulled out and released 50 times within a minute.

There are three types of pumps. Women who choose to breastfeed and pumping machines can choose their own options:

(A) The cheapest and most comfortable manual or foot pump is sufficient for occasional use, but it is recommended not to use it continuously. A working mother would not find it practical. Because it is portable, it is convenient when the mother wants to go out with a baby’s father or travel to a nearby store. In addition, it can reduce the early congestion pressure of the baby and prepare the breast before breastfeeding.

(B) The electric breast pump obtains power from the socket or the battery or a combination of both. There are fully automatic versions and semi-automatic versions. Its price is reasonable, and it is ideal for moms who are forced to stay away from their babies no more than 20 hours a week.

(C) The third type is a hospital-grade breastfeeding pump. Very easy to use, quality is paramount. The pumping action is quick and natural. It can be purchased or rented for a limited time. However, if the mother wishes to continue breastfeeding and pumping methods for more than three months, it is recommended that she buy rather than rent a pump.